Alicia Williams: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader

Today I’m joined by Alicia Williams.  Now, if you have heard the name around, you know that she is a Rock Star in Paparazzi.  One of the newest Elite Leaders in Paparazzi and I’m super excited to welcome her to the call today.

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Alicia Williams - Paparazzi Jewelry Elite LeaderToday I’m joined by Alicia Williams.  Now, if you have heard the name around, you know that she is a Rock Star in Paparazzi.  One of the newest Elite Leaders in Paparazzi and I’m super excited to welcome her to the call today.

Let me tell you bit about Alicia here.  Alicia started Paparazzi back in April of 2015.  She has 3 beautiful children ages 12, 9 and 7.  Two boys and a girl.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  She works as a college administrator with a background in administration.  She manages all the faculty and staff.  Her favorite thing to do is reading, spending time with family and, of course, shopping.  Who doesn’t love shopping, right?!

She became an Elite leader in less than a year. Amazing, right?  Her business continues to grow month over month and she has hit all kinds of ranks and achievements in such a short time.  I believe back in February, I thought I saw her having 50 personally sponsored active consultants in a month! Right, Alicia?

Alicia:  In February, yes!

Awnya: Amazing.  I was looking at the leader boards and I was like, “This girl is on FIRE!”  There is no other way to describe it.  Alicia is Executive Producer, which is of course, the Elite rank and she is Crown 25.

Welcome to the call Alicia!  Did I leave anything out?

Alicia:  Oh!  That I’m married!  I’ve been several years now.

Awnya:  That is important!  We don’t want to forget him!

Alicia:  Other than that, no, everything is great.  So excited to be on the call with everyone today and looking forward to sharing a few nuggets and hopefully you guys can take quite a few things away and learn a little bit about me at the same time.

Awnya:  We are super excited to have you.  Let’s jump right into the questions

How did you get started with Paparazzi?

Alicia: So initially, I had heard about Paparazzi.  Paparazzi is not my first rodeo with direct sales and network marketing.  I was participating with another business as a vendor at an event.  I had seen Paparazzi maybe 1-3 times at different events here and there.  Never really gave it any thought.  Really never paid it any attention until one of my close friends, who joined Paparazzi a month before, kinda introduced it to me again and gave me some background information.

But I have to honestly say, when she first initially gave me the background information, I was heavily involved in the other business.  I said to myself, “No, I’m not taking anything else on my plate.  My schedule was already hectic.  I have so much going on with the kids and my job is very demanding.  Where would I find the time to add another business to my plate?

Then I thought about it when she explained what it is, “You know, it’s $5 jewelry,” and initially- I have to be honest everyone.  Hear me today.  Hear from the words of Alicia.  “If its $5, is it really quality?  Do you know what type of jewelry that I wear?”

Honestly, that is what I said to my friend.  And I was like, “It can’t be quality jewelry.” So. okay.  I thought about it after our initial conversation, maybe a couple days later I thought about it some more.  Kinda talked it over with my husband.  He just said, “Do you want to add this to your plate?”  Well, the first thing that I thought about was, “I do love jewelry. I do love accessories.  Anything fashion, all things girly. That is going to be me.  That screams Alicia all day long.”

So after talking with her a couple times, I didn’t even say anything to her on that particular day.  I just signed up.  But the reason why I actually signed up was because I had to put my business hat on.  As always, I’m very professional in all things I do and I always think of the business side of things.  “How will this impact me? What can I actually get for this business?  What is this business going to do for me?”

And I thought about, “Hum.  Five dollars.  Who couldn’t sell $5 jewelry?”  Honestly, I told her- and when I say her, I’m speaking of my close friend, those of you who know, Tyronica Carter who is also a Premier Producer in the company as well.  I told her, I said.  I’m just gonna tell you right out of the bat.  “If I come on board, I’m going to kill the game.” And these are my words right out the bag.

 I was joking, but I knew that it was a no brainier.  I thought about it and I put away the quality of the jewelry.  “I will see what the quality of the jewelry is.” and no matter what the quality was, I was going to make this work for me.  And I actually did just that.

Awnya: I love so many things about your why.  The thing that I just want to highlight and bring out to everybody listening is that you kinda had your plan.  You had what you were doing. You had a business, had your life, your job and  everything. God put it in your path.  And he said, “You know what, here you go.” and took you down a new direction.  One you weren’t expecting, but it happened in the right time but what a blessing!

What is your Why?

Alicia: I had no idea what was going to happen.  My initial why, if it’s okay, we can go into the next one.

Awnya: absolutely.

Alicia:  My initial why was just simply to provide a life for my family that we didn’t need a vacation from, because with everything going on, you know, was completely hectic. All I ever talked about was, “I need a vacation, I need a vacation.”  Well, I knew that with Paparazzi, after some quick research just kinda looking at the successes of some of the other leaders and the things that they were doing, I knew that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

I kept saying, “This is a gold mine. This is a gold mine.  This is going to come easy and natural to me simply because I love fashion.  I love accessories.  I love jewelry and I love working with women.  I love to help them feel and look good about themselves.  And to think that I could do it by starting with $5, that was like a no brainer to me.

So, to simply show other women that this opportunity was something that I could not simply pass by.  Something that they should not simply pass by themselves and show them that you can take this opportunity and make it work for you.

That was a huge part of my why.  My family.  And then showing other women that they can do this too just with accessories.  A lot of people don’t understand that a lot of women walk around and don’t have the self-confidence, but to put a piece of jewelry on them can take them from A to Z.  That to me is just amazing, so I get excited about this every time I talk about it.

A: I love it!

Alicia:  That’s a huge part of my why.

Awnya:  I love how you said in there that your why has changed.  This is something that keeps coming up in the Elite interviews.  That your why at the time you joined is not your same why that you have today because naturally it has to grow.  It has to change.  It has to evolve.  And yeah, you know, you still want to live a life you don’t have to take a vacation from, unless it’s a Paparazzi vacation and then you want to take that right?!

Alicia: Exactly.

Awnya:  But, now your why also encompasses helping others and sharing the jewelry and making other people feel beautiful. I love that.  Is there anything in that that you wanted to highlight?

Alicia: Simply empowering women to greatness.  A lot of women know the potential that they have inside of them and sometimes it takes another woman or another individual to pull that out in them and help lead them along.

Awnya:  We are going to take a little bit of a shift right here.

We’re going to talk about your worst Paparazzi moment.  That moment you felt like giving up and then we’re going to talk about why you didn’t and what you learned from that.

Awnya: So take us to that, draw us a picture, put is in that story with you.

Alicia: You know, we are all human.  Nothing is perfect in life. When you are juggling so many things…even as an Elite leader…  On my journey so much was happening.  When you are in my position as a college administrator, you have so much on you.  I was trying to juggle, which I still am.  Finding the balance was very, very, very, VERY hard for me because the vision had changed.  Which means more responsibilities came on and I had to find a balance. As Trent would talk about, “What does your day to day look like.  What does your hour to hour look like?”

And I literally, because I’m someone who is very organized and structured, I had to really take a different twist to that and say “Okay, I’ve got to map it out to where I can continue to do my job and be the mother in life I need to be and also be the successful business woman that I know I can be.”

Not that I was not going to be because I had no doubt that I would achieve the success I desire.  Because if you speak it, if you speak things into existence and you put the work behind it.

One of the scriptures I like to speak about is “Faith without works is dead.” So, you know, my faith is very strong, but I also needed to match my faith towards my work ethic to say that I can achieve anything that I desire.  Trying to balance that and I had a moment in time to where I was going through an extreme audit with my school and everything was based off of what I was doing but it was also around the time where I was trying to hit Elite.

And I was like, “Oh God, if you could just give me the strength to get through these next few days, with this audit coming.”   But also too, I had to find the time.  You know, I will tell a lot of my team members, “Sleep is for the broke. We don’t have time to sleep right now.  We need to focus on how we are going to achieve the goals that we desire.”

So I would stay up many late nights and get up early mornings to help myself and my team achieve what we ultimately desired.  That was to reach our goals for that current month. So it was just so hard to just juggle that and I really feel like I was just literally going to pass out.  So that was a very tough time for me in those, literally, within the last… I call it the 36 hour grind.

And everything kinda transpired.  I was like, “I don’t know how I’m going to do this,” but when you serve an awesome God and trust that he will get you through, that was enough for me.  That was enough for me.

So that was one of my very hard Paparazzi moments that I made it through.

Awnya:  You know, we all are going to have those moments. That’s the difference between a Star Consultant and an Elite Consultant is that you push through.  You do what you gotta do.  I love what you said “Faith without works in dead.”  There is something that I’ve been living my life by lately that is very similar.  It is “God will not do for us, that which we can do for ourselves.”  Meaning, that if I sit in my bed every day and I’m saying “God, please make me an Elite Leader.  God please build my team.  God, please I want to recruit 35 people in a month.”  Do you think he is going to do that for me?

No.  Because I gotta get my butt out of bed. I gotta go out my door. I need to open my mouth and share $5 jewelry with the world and that’s when he’s going to bring those people into my life.  That is when he is going to help me.  But if I’m not doing anything to move my feet forward, he’s not gonna do it for me.  I had to highlight that again because it’s just so perfect.

So many times, I’ll even sit by myself and be like, “Why am I not getting these goals that I want? And then I have to think, “What am I doing here? Am I doing everything that I physically, possibly can do to get there?” Just like what you said in your story there, 36 hours no sleep.  Oh. My. Gosh! But you did it and now you are on the other side of it.

Now what is the lesson that YOU want us to take from this?

Alicia:  You can achieve what you desire.  The questions is: Are you willing to put in the work to make it happen?  Are you willing to make the sacrifices?  Because I hear all the time, and I tell people all the time, “Yes, you see my story. You read about my story. You hear me. You see my posts, so you see all of the glory, but you truly don’t know the story behind everything that I’ve done.”

So you know, a lot of times, they get caught up in it, and they say, “Alicia, I want to hit this rank. I want to hit this particular rank.” Well, the first question I’m going to ask you is, “Are you willing to put in the work that it’s going to take to achieve this?”  That’s one of the first questions.  So, you’ve got to be prepared to make some sacrifices if you truly want to have the success that you desire.

So for me, it was making the sacrifice to lose that sleep because you are going to lose some sleep. That’s life. Anything you want, you’re going to have to make those sacrifices along the way.

Awnya:  So I have a little story to tell you right along these same lines.  We just bought a house and the backyard is completely dirt and weeds.  We decided when we were looking at this house, we thought the tramp out in the back yard.  The trampoline would be awesome.  But we don’t just want it above ground because it’s safer, blah, blah, blah.  So the place that our house is situated we have 6 backyard neighbors and no access to the street, so getting a tractor in the backyard to dig this hole is practically impossible.  We could probably crane lift it in there, but whatever.

So I’m determined to get this trampoline into my backyard.  So the last couple mornings, I’ve been getting out of bed. I’ve been going in the backyard with a shovel and a wheelbarrow and digging this hole.  Is it easy?  No. My husband thinks I’m quite insane for wanting to do that.  He just wanted to scrap the whole idea and I’m like, “No, I am determined.  I want this to happen.”

Now, let’s be real here.  If I’m digging it shovel by shovel full, it might take me 9 months.  But in 9 months, when they see the tramp in the ground, are they going to know each and every shovel full that it took to get it in the ground?  Are they going to look back and see all the rocks I had to dig out when my shovel was hitting them?  And the sweat and the tears?  You know, all of that background?  No!  They are just going to see the trampoline in the ground and be like, “That’s really pretty.”  So, you have to be willing to put in that work.  You have to be willing to grind.  You have to be willing to fall down sometimes in order to get what you want to get.

Alicia:  Yes!

What is a habit that contributes to your success?

Alicia:  I am very huge on follow up.  We live in a time where social media is the “it” thing.  Whether you are on Twitter.  Whether you’re on Periscope.  Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, any of those.  I’m very big with marketing myself.  You are…and I’m probably going to come back to this somewhere on the lines… being your own best marketing brand, your marketing tools. I love Paparazzi.  I love the back office photos, but a lot of times, people want to see YOU in the jewelry. How you are going to rock it.  I get asked quite a few times, “Alicia, how would you rock this particular piece?” So they can see what it actually looks like on an individual that they recognize and they know.

So I follow, and it’s a part of one of my to-do lists. I have this daily checkoff that I strategically use this every single day.  I call it “Alicia’s Entrepreneur To Do List”.  I actually spoke about it on the Franks call a couple weeks ago.  And I literally live by those 10 things.  Those 10 things have become a habit for me every day.  Because they have become a habit for me, it has led me on the road to success in this business in less than a year.

So I have to give props where props are due because I put a plan in place and I do my best to teach my girls the same things.  If you put whatever the plan is… because Paparazzi has laid out the Habits of Success, so I incorporated that as well… but I have also incorporated the to do list that I do.  Many of you guys can go and see it on the Frank Divas group but I will share it with you too so you can provide it to anyone who may be interested in utilizing it.  But that has been my habit to success.  That has contributed to a major portion because it’s something that I pride myself on doing every single day.  I literally do all 10 of them every single day.

Now, does it become very hard to do sometimes?  Yes, but that is the sacrifice I’ve made so I can have the success that I desires.

Awnya:  I just have to highlight.  TEN habits of success.  You Rock Stars are so lucky that you get all these 10 habits.  Now, don’t think you have to start day 1 doing all 10 because that’s kind of overwhelming. So start doing 1 on day 1.  And do that for a week.  Week 2 do 2 of them.  Week 3 do 3 of them.  You know, as long as you are making forward progression, that’s awesome!  And thank you for sharing that with us.  I will link that up in the resources.  So ya’all, you have to head over to because you’re gonna want to get your hands on that.

What advice would you give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant just starting out in the business?

Alicia: I actually spoke about it just a few minutes ago.  I didn’t realize it was so close to this particular question.  Be your own best marketing tool.  Your own passion and excitement for what you do is going to become contagious to others.  Something I always say is…I’m not sure if you hear it in my tone or my voice.  I get very hyped.  I get very excited when I talk about Paparazzi.

As a brand new consultant, love what you do.  As you love what you do, it’s going to show.  Others are going to see it and they are going to want to know, “She’s super, duper happy, she seems to be super, duper excited.  She seems to be doing very well.  I want to know more about what she’s doing.  People are more inclined to buy into what you are doing when they see that happiness and joy that’s inside you.

So I would say, be your own best marketing brand. Your passion, your love for what you do will become contagious to others.

Awnya:  That excitement is so key in my opinion.  When you have that excitement, people get excited too and they want to be like, “What’s that all about?  I like that excitement, let me know more about this.”  So embrace that excitement.

Especially starting out as a brand new Paparazzi consultant, there’s a lot emotions like fear, doubt, excitement and happiness.  So just embrace that excitement and that energy and get out there and share it!

Alicia:  Can I add something to that? It’s to be you.  To be you.  Understand that yes, you are selling a product, but don’t be a sales person.  No one wants to come in contact with a sales person.  Be you.  Share the experience.  Share why you decided to become a part of this.

So in turn, it gives them an opportunity.  And make that personal connection why it would be beneficial to them.  That is very important to build that personal connection or relationship with others.  And share why this opportunity was right for you and why it could potentially be for them as well.

Awnya:  That is so perfect!  Cuz you do you better than anyone else.  If Alicia would have come into this business and said, “You know what?!  I’m going to be like Betty Sue over here and that’s how I’m going to do my business,” she wouldn’t have had the same success that she is having.  She did her and she did it well because nobody can do you like you. And that is how she is rocking out her business.  Not because she’s doing things like everybody else.  It’s because she found her own way and her own path and she is rockin it.  Right girl!?

Alicia: That’s right!

If you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who is feeling kinda stuck in their business to get them moving and heading in the right direction again, what would that be?

Alicia:  You know, I’m such a realist and a lot of times, people don’t become very successful.  I’m very bold and say things very black and white, and there’s no pun intended to offend anyone.  But I love to say, “Hunny, get over yourself.  It’s not about you.  The moment that you realize that, you will see a change in your results.”

So, you’ve got to get over the whole thing about “Why is this not happening for me?” If you focus on helping others, you will begin to see a difference in your business.  If you treat your business like a business, you are going to get results like a business.  So a lot of times, I have to tell a lot of people, “Step back.  Step back and I need you to do an assessment of yourself because you could be blocking or sabotaging your own business.  You could be your own reason for why you are stuck.  Is there something that you personally could be doing?  So I want you to step back and take a true assessment of yourself and see what you can change about the way that you are doing things.”

Cuz it’s not about the customers.  The customers are out there.  But what can Alicia change about herself to draw more costumers to her? Is it because she isn’t excited enough?  Could I share my story a little bit more?  Could I plug a little bit more into social media a couple times a day?  Think about the things you could do differently that will bring about different results.

Awnya: There was like 3 words that I’m going to reiterate because they just totally struck me to my core.  You said, “Focus on others,”  If you are sitting home, in your brain, being like “Oh, why isn’t this working for me? I’ve tried everything.  Blah, blah, blah.”  Then your focus is on who? It is on yourself!  You need to get out of your head.  Get out of your pity party and focus on others.  Maybe give somebody a piece of $5 Jewelry because that is all about them.  You’re giving it to them.

So, shift your focus to be on others and your business is gonna start to grow again.  I just loved that!!

Alicia:  I know a lot of times it takes people back when I say, “Get over yourself.” Sometimes they get a shocked look on their face but it’s not to be mean in any way. I want you to stop thinking about you and think about how you can help others.  I can almost assure you, your results are going to be different if you shift your mindset.

Awnya:  Absolutely!  I think you said something about this a little bit earlier, when you are serving people, when you are helping them, when the focus is on them, you aren’t going to be sales-y.  You’re not going to be pushy because you are there to help them and serve them and as a result, they are going to be attracted to you.  And it’s going to grow your business. So it’s a win-win.

Alicia:  It sure is a win-win, honey!  You can’t loose with this!

Alicia, what is a quote that inspires you?

Alicia:  I love my God and I have to say:

I can do all things quote

No business is easy.  Nothing that we desire to truly have in life comes easy.  But if I put my trust in HIM, put my faith in Him, I know I can do anything and all things.  That is what keeps me going every single day, you know.  It’s something that pops up on my cell phone.  I actually have it around the house in places that I see as a constant reminder to say to myself.  No matter what, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Awnya: And he doesn’t always show you that path does He?

Alicia: Oh no!

Awnya:  You have to be going down the path.  And yeah, He’s going to give you the strength and you can do ANYTHING but sometimes it might seem a little bit dark.  You might not know exactly where you are going, but you just gotta have that faith and move forward.  Put one foot in front of the other and he’ll give you the strength to go where you need to go.   Love that!  That’s one of my favorites too!

What is a book you would say is a MUST read and why?

Alicia: I’m such an avid reader.  One that truly sticks out – so a part of my Alicia’s Entrepreneur To-Do list on a daily basis.  I usually like to take about 30 minutes out. I think it’s very important to have that personally development for yourself.  I love Go Pro by Eric Worre – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.  You know, this isn’t network marketing.  This is direct sales, but I think he really, truly gives a true essence of – and it’s a  really thin book so it’s something that for even for those non-readers, people who don’t like to read- It’s a great read.  It’s more in a bullet format with some details of how you can truly achieve the success that you desire just by incorporating these steps.

I suggest that many of you go out there and get it!  You know, even if you aren’t a leader, trust me on this – You will thank yourself later.  Your business with thank you later for it.

Awnya:  Last questions, you ready?  Here on the Papa Rock Stars podcast, we like to give a weekly call challenge, so…

What is 1 thing you would challenge the listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?

Alicia: The next 7 days?  Let’s see.  So this week- I would say, so Facebook has this new thing – in social media.  Go live.  Get out there.  Don’t just do your normal post this week.  Change up your game, change up your strategy.  You consistently post about “Join my team,” you know, and you put your little URL link attached to it.  Do something different by – let me get out there and let me talk to the people.  They want to see something live.  Share a live video.  Even if it’s just a couple minutes.  Share your success story.  Share your why.  Let the nonbelievers see what this business has done for you and what it can do for them too as well.  But go out there!

I love to be authentic.  I love to be real.  I don’t like to hide behind posts.  I love to talk to people.  I know everybody is not as extrovert like me, ‘”m very outgoing.  But even for those introverts, I’m going to challenge you this week and go out there this week and do a short Live video just simply sharing just what your why is for Paparazzi.  Share a success story even if it’s just, “Hey, you know, I took my jewelry to work this week and let me just share with you how I just made $45.  That $45 is going to fill up my gas tank for the week.”

People are looking for things that are real.  If you truly want to have the success that you desire in this business, be real with people.  Show them what actually happened.  Show them your reality with this particular business.  That is my challenge for you, Papa Rock Stars.

Awnya:  There you go guys, go live this week on Facebook!  And let’s see those videos.  Hashtag them #PapaRockStars Challenge so that other people can see your videos. So then we can support each other as a Paparazzi family!  I cannot wait to see them!

Alicia:  Me too!! If I could say one last thing, Awnya if that’s okay.  Whatever you do, whatever you do- Do not Give Up.  I will say this a million times.  My journey is not your journey.  Your chapter 1 is not my chapter 20.  So whatever you do, don’t give up. Stay the course.  Keep the faith and keep grinding.  Girl bosses!  All of you entrepreneurs out there, I know that you can do it!   You just have to simply believe.

If you believe in yourself, your 1/2 way there.  Go ahead and rock it out the rest of this week you guys.  Thank you, Awnya, for the call.  I’m looking forward to what all of these Rock Stars are going to do with this business – as a matter of fact we have 3 days left in the month, so let’s see what you are going to do in these next 36 hours.  I call it the 36 hour grind.  Let’s see what’s going to happen in the next 36 hours!!


Must read book: Go Pro by Eric Worre – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Alicia’s Entrepreneur To Do List

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We each have a way of protecting ourselves from things that could potentially be dangerous. This dates back to caveman times when things that were new or frightening could be potentially life threatening. In our lives today, our comfort zones will kill our businesses!

Let’s quickly define what a comfort zone is.  A Comfort Zone is a place where we feel secure, happy and content.  It is a place where things don’t often change or cause us stress or anxiety.  This space can be mental or physical.

While a comfort zone isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it isn’t necessarily a good thing either.  Within a comfort zone, there is no change.  Things pretty much always stay the same.  If you are living the life of your dreams, this place might be your happiness, but MOST people find that they aren’t happy with things just as they are and in order to change life as it is right now, you need to stretch your comfort zone.

Stretching your comfort zone

Think of your comfort zone as a rubber band.  This band is to help keep you in that place of optimal anxiety where stress and change are minimal.  What would happen in you were to run as fast as you could with that rubber band attached to your back?  SNAP!  Right back into place, right back where you came from.  But what would happen instead of you took half a step further than you have been?  There would still be resistance and a bit of discomfort, but eventually, the rubber band would stretch out just a bit and you would have expanded your area of comfort.

There is a place called Optimal Anxiety.  This is the place where you are slightly uncomfortable, but not extremely uncomfortable.  In this area, your stress levels are slightly elevated, but you are also changing things up.  You are getting outside of the normal and the everyday into undiscovered areas.  THIS is the place where all the magic is going to happen!!

How do you know that you are in the area of Optimal Anxiety?  Think of an athlete before a big game or a politician or keynote speaker before the game or performance.  They feel a bit of stress, a tiny amount or pressure to perform, but they aren’t so afraid of the task at hand that they are paralyzed by fear.  The stress and slight burst of adrenaline that they are experiencing actually helps to focus them in on the task at hand and preform at their best.

For you, this might be a challenge that helps you to meet new people or do something that you wouldn’t normally do.  Something like giving away a piece of free jewelry or giving a compliment to 5 people a week can push you outside your comfort zone by pushing you to talk to new people.

Have you heard of the rejection guy?  This guy set a goal to get rejected for 100 days.  100 days!!!  He asked random people things like “Can I play soccer in your back yard?”  and he also asked if he could borrow a dog from the Humane Society for a day.  Some of his rejections were completely crazy, but there were some GREAT lessons he learned from the experiment and it’s totally inspiring.  If you want some help in getting outside your comfort zone, check out some of his videos or his book Rejection Proof.

Let’s do a quick experiment.  Fold your arms across your chest like you would if you were saying a prayer.  Notice which arm is on top and which is on the bottom.  Now trade.  Does it feel weird?  It totally does, right?!  Keep ‘um folded…

After a few minutes, you will adjust to the new way to fold your arms, and while it might not be your favorite still, it won’t be AS uncomfortable.  THIS is your goal!  You want to start to stretch and grow your comfort zone so that you are constantly growing and developing!

This way, you won’t get stuck in a rut.  It keeps you growing and learning and trying new things!  If I had stayed in my comfort zone, I would never have joined Paparazzi.  I would never be talking to strangers about $5 jewelry.  I would have missed out on so many friendships and opportunities AND I wouldn’t have traveled to amazing international destinations.  What would you be missing out on if you always stayed inside your comfort zone?

Now, let’s think about what would happen if you stretched your comfort zone a little bit more?!  Would you grow your team?  Would you be hitting new ranks or getting a massive paycheck?  The sky is the limit!

So let’s do it!! What are you going to do this week to break out of the normal?


100 Days of Rejection Therapy

Call Challenge:

The challenge for this episode is to choose 2 ways that you are going to stretch your comfort zone this week and then DO them!  A few suggestions are:

-give 5 compliments to people

-give away 2 pieces of jewelry

-go to a networking event in your area

-call a potential host an ask her to do a party for you

-call someone you thing would be a GREAT paparazzi consultant ans ask if it is something she would be interested in

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Miss Marilyn Chivetta: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader

I am more than excited to announce my co-host for today, Miss Marilyn.  She is one of the most energetic and loving people that you will ever meet in Paparazzi and you are in for a treat today with her interview.

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Miss Marilyn: Paparazzi Jewelry elite leader quote


Marilyn Chivetta: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Marilyn Chivetta: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite LeaderMiss Marilyn is Amazing! She is Crown Club 10 member.  She has a team of Blessed Bombshells that has 666 team members, as of this recording.  She is WAY anxious to get past the number 666 but it will happen.  Miss Marilyn has won Rock the Runway 2 times and Zi Boutique Blitz 2 times.  (this is something that Paparazzi has phased out, but basically she got to go shopping the Zi boutique at convention before anyone else.)

She hit Directory her 1st month, and Producer her 3rd month, and then in her 4th month she won a free trip to the Caribbean. She was on fire, she is currently on fire.  She just goes nuts with Paparazzi.

Now, one of the cool things with Paparazzi and something that is near and dear to my heart is the necklace, The Marilyn.  It is one of the honors bestowed on the Paparazzi Rock the Runway models in 2015.  Marilyn has a necklace named after her.  I’m sure you’ll see a lot of people sporting “The Marilyn” at convention, but it was only available at convention last year.  It’s locked up.  It’s in the vault, but I’m sure you’ll see it because it was a popular necklace.

Miss Marilyn is one of the newest Elite leaders.  She hit Elite in February 2016.  The thing that is super neat to me and is so inspiring is, number one, it was February.  There is only 28 days in February. February is THE hardest month to rank, any rank.  Miss Marilyn and the Bombshells DOUBLE ranked in February.  They went from Producer to Executive Producer – they double ranked, Miss Marilyn actually even knows the day and time – you want to know this?  February 25th at 5pm.  And then the team went on to exceed what they needed for Elite by a lot.

Miss Marilyn thought it was kind of a fluke, even though she got the rank, but they did it again in March and they have been on fire ever since.

Did I leave anything out?

Marilyn:  That was fabulous!

Why did you get started with Paparazzi? 

Marilyn: I did not mean to start with Paparazzi.  It was all a big accident.  So I had no intention of being in Direct Sales or any of it because I hated Network Marketing.  I had a store, which is a much longer story, and I was looking for something to sell because we were thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and my oldest son was missing and my car was broken down.  My little boy was crying about 2 hours a day, screaming and hitting the floor and kicking his legs.  Life was in shambles.  I had $300 left and to be honest with you I was gonna kill myself that night.

And then I found this jewelry that had a tag. I realize that this sounds completely insane now that I know all you sane people.  I know that people like think about things and stuff and they like do research and don’t just go, “Oh, I like the tag.  It has a pink crown and it’s called Paparazzi. My favorite colors are pink and black, so I think I’ll order 100 pieces of jewelry with my last $300.”

Like that’s completely insane. I know that now. At the time it made perfect sense.  It was a leap of faith.  I know that it was the Holy Spirit guiding me. Then I literally would tell people to go away because I was not building a team.  There are girls, my personally sponsored that are still on the team, that will tell you that I told them to go away and that I wasn’t building a team.

So my team just kinda built its self.  I LOVED the jewelry.  I loved jewelry.  So then our founders and you, and all my other really close friends in Paparazzi just kinda loved me through it.  Every time I showed up everyone was happy to see me and really nice and I love the jewelry.

Everybody is so supportive and encouraging.  Then I finally got it.  I’ve always known that this is God’s plan but it kinda like didn’t make any sense because I hate direct sales. I hate network marketing.  The one thing I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever do in my entire life. I would never do direct sales.

Awnya: The thing that I love is you didn’t realize what you were getting into.  The pink crown is cute.  I love the crown on the tag.  I believe God places things in our lives for a reason and at the right time.  I think that he just knew that you needed this when you needed it and he put it right in your life, knowing that the pink crown would speak to you.  And it would be the answer to everything that you needed in your life.

Marilyn:  Isn’t it crazy?!  Crazy meaning like – “What a GREAT thing.  Go GOD!”  Paparazzi saved my life.  Direct sales.  The one thing I didn’t want to do.

What is your Paparazzi Why?

Marilyn:  For me, it has become, and my best friend said this, “This is a ministry.  And you love serving others.  You love doing acts of kindness.  You love helping other people.  That’s what this is!  It’s perfect for you!”  So I thought my why was to save my store, which is really my charity.  Save my charity, which it was and is.  But really, now it has evolved into, I LOVE serving others.  I love nothing more than going to Starbucks and sitting with the Bombshells.  I love just sitting and serving others and helping other people.  I believe that is what my why has turned into.   Its faith based leadership and faith based service.  And that truly is my why.

Although, I love the fact that I get to hang out with Maveric and travel and work from my phone.  Really my why is serving others and seeing the difference it makes in their lives.  You and I both know, there are bombshells whose lives have dramatically changed within 2 months, sometimes 1 month.

Or they’ve changed from being full of depression and anxiety.  Even things as heavy as that.  So to me, I believe that’s my calling now, and that’s why God put this in my life.  I always say, “It has nothing to do with the jewelry.” Of course, it stems from the jewelry but it has nothing to do with the jewelry.  It’s about serving others and changing people’s lives and creating a community.

Awnya: Can you all hear why I love Miss Marilyn so much??!  She is Elite.  She is one of the top 18 people in Paparazzi that is just KILLING it in her business and yet she is so humble and so generous and loving.  She is not sitting here being like, “Okay everybody.  You need to help me with this,” or, “I’m so awesome.”  She is about helping other people. It’s just inspiring.  It’s contagious.

I love Marilyn’s attitude towards life and towards service.  A couple weeks ago I did a call about not being pushy.  We talked about in that call how you have to have that shift in your attitude about talking to people about the jewelry and how you are pushing it on them because that’s not what we are doing with Paparazzi.

We’re sharing.  And it’s the same with the business opportunity.  You’re not pushing something on someone.  All you are doing is OFFERING it to them.  Marilyn totally exemplifies that in all that she does. In everything that she does is that service attitude and that helping people.  I just love that so much.

Marilyn: I love that word.  Offering.  Because that’s what I say.  I’m offering this to you.  Or I’m offering this jewelry to you.  It’s $5.

Awnya:  And that love.  I think people can feel that love.  They can feel that you don’t just want them in your team for numbers.  I mean, maybe other than the 666 to get to the 667, right?!

Marilyn: Right!  We need a 667.  The 666 makes me very uncomfortable.  I was telling Awnya before, when I had 66 personally sponsored I was like, “Auh!  Somebody sign up right now.  I don’t care.  Somebody sign up. I don’t even care if you want to do this business or not, we just need somebody to sign up.” I just do not like those numbers at all.

Awnya:  Let’s take a little bit of a shift. I know that you are a very positive person Miss Marilyn so this question might be a little bit difficult for you, but the reason I ask that is as consultants I think, especially not Elite consultants, people tend to get in their brains too much.  They think, “Oh the Elite, they’ve never had these problems.  They’ve never struggled. Everything has been smooth sailing, they just get there. They wave the magic wand and get to that Elite position.  They don’t know what it is to go through what I’m going through or to grind.”

So the reason that I like to go to this story of your worst Paparazzi moment is to show everybody, the Elite struggle too.  You guys have had your struggles.  You’ve had the worst moments, sometimes even worse than what I’ve had to deal with. You’ve struggled and pushed through and that’s why you are where you are today, because you get through those hard moments.  You don’t quit and you keep going.

So, Marilyn, draw us a picture, take us to that moment in time that was your worst moment in Paparazzi: 

Marilyn: Well, first, I love that you said that because it’s true, and especially right now.  I feel like that weighs really heavy on me.  All the new team members see right now is all the excitement and the fun and that I went to Leadership Summit and was treated like a movie star, spoiled rotten!  And then we will go to convention and I’ll get a crystal necklace and that’s what they are seeing, right?!

They weren’t here when my car didn’t work.  I went to convention my first year with no credit card and couldn’t get into my hotel room.  Even though we were doing great, I was still trying to save my shop, so I bought 3 pieces of the fall collection for $2.75 cuz that’s all I could afford and I was like crying at checkout cuz I couldn’t buy any jewelry.

Awnya: Three pieces?  Like one, two, three.  Three pieces, not thirty?

Marilyn:  Three pieces at 2.75.  Three pieces, that’s all that I got.  It’s been coming up lately because I feel like the new bombshells, when they struggle, they are like, “Well, you are Elite and you have no idea.” I’m like, “Oh honey. I’ve slept on the ground at the flea market.  It was 103 degrees”.

People forget that I had no one.  They see all the pictures now with 200 people in them, right?!  They don’t realize I had no friends, no family. Nobody when I started.  And I went to the flea market and slept on the ground to be around people.  Literally slept on the ground. Michelle Johnny remembers.  I would send her pictures.  She must have been horrified, right?!  I’m sleeping on the ground to get a spot at the flea market with my 4 year old.  It’s literally 103 degrees.

My car would break down, I don’t even know.  One day, Maveric, he’s starting to talk about it now, he’s like, “Do you remember we were at that event and the van, like the bottom of the van fell out and like we couldn’t get home?”

I just found a picture of him with his Handy Many tools trying to repair the car.  It was awful.  We just kept going.  My team always says, “Like Miss Marilyn says, ‘just keep going’.” And I say, “Just keep moving forward in Faith”.  I just didn’t let anything stop me.  Like anything.  I literally was locked out of my shop and it was being repossessed as I left for my first convention.

And nobody knows that.  I’ve never said that publicly, but some of my personally sponsored know.  I bought 3 pieces of jewelry.  I couldn’t afford to eat.  Any sane person wouldn’t have gone to their first convention, but I knew I had to be there and I went and did whatever it took.

So that, now, I remember getting to the desk and I couldn’t check in because I didn’t have a credit card or a debit card or anything.  And I literally could not check in to the hotel.  I remember looking down and seeing some of the Elite and going, “Oh, I should go ask them.  No, I would never.” I was mortified.

But my worst one, I had this little display thing that I had put together.  My first 15 minutes, wind came and the whole… remember I took my last $300, so I’m at the flea market with my last $300 and it’s 103 degrees.  The wind came and it blew it all over.  And everything went flying. All over.

This flea market, there’s thousands of people at the flea market, so probably 100 people were walking by.  For real.  Like this thick, dense group of people.  And this board falls over, the silver pegs go flying and jewelry goes flying all over.  And all over the people step back, like the Red Sea parting.  That’s like the vision I had in my mind after this.  And they all just stare at me and look at the ground and stare at the jewelry and no body helps me.  Every dime I have is laying all over the ground.  In that moment I could have picked everything up, put it in the box and given up, but I didn’t.

And now, I would never be in a situation where I didn’t have help or where I’m not surrounded by kind people.

What is the lesson that you want Paparazzi to take from this? 

Marilyn:  There is no difference between an Elite consultant and a star consultant.  The only thing is we don’t give up, No Matter What.  We don’t give up.  We don’t get stuck in our excuses.  And I’ve got 7000 excuses, all day, every day.  We just keep going.  And that is the lesson from that.

I picked everything up. Hung it back up.  Kept going.  And that’s what you have to do is just keep going and not let anything stop you.  Keep moving forward in faith no matter what.

Awnya: No matter what, that is huge.  I love in your story how there’s so many low points.  Like when you were sleeping on the floor and waiting to check in at the hotel at convention.  Like at convention people.  But she got there.  Can you say that?  Can you say that you would go somewhere where you maybe couldn’t even get into the hotel room?  That would be kinda scary!

Marilyn:  Like, make it happen.  No excuses.  I’m not going to miss this convention, even though I can’t afford to be here.  And I tell my team that when they give me all their excuses.  And I say, “You aren’t really reaching out to me with excuses.  And you think I’m going to live in your comfort zone with you?! Or I’m gonna hang out in your comfort zone with you?  After I slept on the ground?”  This business works!  You just have to keep going.

That’s it.  No excuses.  Don’t quit.  Make it happen.

Awnya:  I love that you touched on comfort zones there.  We could do a whole like 8 calls on comfort zones, but the thing I think about comfort zones is there’s no growth that happens in there.  There’s no fire.  There’s a quote:

comfort zones quote

So if you want to grow, get uncomfortable. Miss Marilyn was totally uncomfortable at the flea market sleeping on the ground with her kid or when the bottom fell out of the bottom of her van.  She kept going because she knew that something amazing was waiting on the other side.  Well, maybe not event that, but ya just knew that you had to push through and you had to keep going.

Cuz, you know, it can only get worse, but it’s not going to get better if you stay where you are at, right?!

Marilyn:  Right!  Yeah.  I didn’t even really understand.  THIS is totally uncomfortable for me.  Doing a podcast on network marketing.  Like who am I to talk about network marketing?  That’s the craziest thing ever.  I’m the person that hated it, which I know seems crazy.  “Ok, you’re an Elite consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.  Why would that be uncomfortable?”  Well, because it’s network marketing.  That’s not my comfort zone.

Which again sounds crazy, but everybody has their own thing going on in their head.  And you just have to keep pushing through it.  It’s mindset.  “I’m an Elite consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.  Who better to do an interview with you?!”  Like why do I not think THAT way. Get out of your comfort zone, change your mindset and watch your blessings blow you away.

Awnya: You know, another thing that totally surprises me by you saying that this is not in your comfort zone, many of you don’t know this about Miss Marilyn, but she was a performer before Paparazzi.  She was a fire-eater, if I’m not mistaken.  Right, Miss Marilyn?

Marilyn: Right.  A magician and a fire eater and an author.  Right. I’ve done some television and radio…

Awnya: So this should be right in your wheelhouse, but it’s totally not.

Marilyn:  Walking the runway was torture for me.  Modeling the Zi collection was torture.  It’s totally different to be yourself than to be a performer on stage.  It’s totally different.  WAY out of my comfort zone, which is an important thing to talk about.

People think, “Miss Marilyn is so comfortable in front of the camera.  Oh, Miss Marilyn can do anything.”  Misty is like, “You have no comfort zone.  You’re so fearless.”  I’m looking at her like, “What is wrong with you?!  Like, you are Cra-cra!  I am freaking out here at leadership summit.”

It’s me getting over myself and getting out of my own way.  Getting out of my comfort zone, and not blocking my blessings.  Changing my mindset, which is a struggle everyday if you are painfully shy, full of anxiety and suffer from depression.  It’s really a challenge.

So, every day I’m like, “God has put these people in my life.  They are my blessings from the box.”  Everybody in the company, not just the Blessed Bombshells.  I have to get out of my own way and serve others and honor Him.  I can’t do that in my comfort zone.

Which my comfort zone is where I am right now.  In my bedroom, probably writing.

What is a habit that you have that contributes to your success?

Marilyn: Don’t give up.  Truly my success does not come from me.  It is the Bombshells and they inspire me.  They don’t give up.  If they’ve got kids and husbands, they are working in the middle of the night and making it happen.  They truly are what is the consistency in my life. Their focus and drive and their inspiration.  And they’re consistent.  They are all of the things that I want to be.

Awnya:  I love that.  Consistency is key. If you are hit and miss, then your customers don’t know to rely on you.  Your team doesn’t know to rely on you.  You have to be consistent and whether your version of consistency is once a week or once a month or whatever, you have to let people know that

1- you are still in business

2- you have new jewelry

3- you have an opportunity for them to make money and have so much fun like you do as well.

You have to do that consistently otherwise people aren’t going to know that you’re in business and they are going to think that you are just trying something out or that it’s a whim.

Marilyn:  My consistency is being available to my team.  And I always wear the jewelry.  I have things that I’m consistent with, but I definitely get my inspiration from my team and they are the ones that have made this happen. They are just amazing.  I call them legends because what they did has never been done before.  And they truly are.  They do everything consistently and they’re coachable.  And that is key.  To be coachable.  The 2 C’s.  Look, we just created a theory.  Coachable and Consistent, is what I would say.

Awnya: You have to be open to new ideas.  If you are not coachable then that’s when pride comes in. We talked about this earlier in the call.  You have to have that humility.  It’s attractive.  People like that.

If you are out there like, “I’m the best thing since sliced bread,” people aren’t attracted to that because it’s not cool.  I don’t want to be around someone who thinks they are the coolest thing ever.  I want to be around somebody who is going to lift me up.  That comes from humility and from being coachable still.

I know a little a bit about you Miss Marilyn.  I’m going to throw you a little bit under the bus here.  Miss Marilyn had some really colorful displays.  I want to say it was last year that Misty, one of the founders, said, “Miss Marilyn, the jewelry needs to be the star of your displays, you need to go with black and white.”  And Marilyn was like, “No zebra print?!”

Marilyn: Right!  I about died.

Awnya:  Even though she was a little bit sad about losing that zebra print, she listened to Misty, cuz Misty knows what she’s talking about.  She was coachable and she changed things up.  And look at her now!  I mean, I can’t say that this one thing has changed her business, but it couldn’t hurt.

Marilyn: And I was shocked.  I’m looking at her, and I’m like, “What?!”  You know, all black??  How boring is that!  Like, what?!”

 So they have hashtags, Chani is sweet and Misty is sassy.  Chani is my security blanket and Misty pushes me out of my comfort zone.  And I don’t know how she knew I was coachable to tell me that.  Do you remember that I would post pictures and would be like, “Oh, I’m getting rid of the zebras.  Kill me now.”  Then I did my first event in April in 2015.  All black.  My mom went with me to that event and my mom is like Italian, over the top as well.  She’s like, “All black?” And I remember it was all morning….All black.  No hot pink.  No zebra.  Has everybody lost their minds?!  WE live for pink and zebra!

The only pink there was my feather boa.  Misty’s words are, “The jewelry should be the focal point.”  I changed it to the “star of the stage”  to wrap my head around it.  There’s a stage and the jewelry’s gonna star on it.  It makes total sense now, but at the time….

People just rebel and miss that because it goes back to that whole coachable thing.

What advice would you give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant?

Marilyn:  Wear the jewelry.  Take all of your costume jewelry and all your real jewelry, unless it’s sentimental.  Now I’m not saying to take the ring your grandmother gave you and put it away or the necklace that your husband gave you and put it away.
Awnya: Or your wedding ring.

Marilyn:  Right!  Or your wedding ring.  You are blessed to have a husband, rock that wedding ring.  BUT, other than that, take ALL your costume jewelry and only wear Paparazzi.  And watch your life completely change.

Awnya:  Now how many pieces do you tell people to wear regularly?  Robin says 5, try to wear 5.  How many do you suggest every day.

Marilyn.  I say 5 too, cuz 5 is my lucky number.  But I also say that you should wear 4 pieces and a hair accessory.  And if you don’t want to rock Hippie Headbands across your forehead, cuz we all went to convention last year and got everybody started wearing them. So I understand if that’s way outta people’s comfort zones.  Then take a flower, put it on your hat put it on your purse, put it on your shirt.

Oh!  I’ve put them on baseball hats, on Paparazzi hats.  I’m completely obsessed with Paparazzi, so I wouldn’t not wear a hair accessory at this point.  I’ve never worn anything but Paparazzi since the very first day I’ve opened that box, ever. You can go look at every single picture, ever.  And I always put a hair accessory somewhere.

Awnya: It’s so true too.  If you aren’t wearing the jewelry, how are people even supposed to know that you even have a jewelry business?  And how often do we hear of consultants selling necklaces right off their body? Or a bracelet?

I sold my favorite bracelet the other day.  I am still very sad about it because it’s not one I can buy again. I should know better than wearing my favorite things out in public, but I was buying my drink and the owner of the place said, “Oh my gosh, I love your bracelet.”  And I was like, “I sell it.  It’s $5.”  And she was like, “I need that in my life.” I was like, “Please no.   Don’t take my bracelet.” Then she says to me, “When can you come set up and sell you jewelry here in my shop?”  So I thought to myself, “selling jewelry in her shop and meeting all these people vs. $5 bracelet? Just give her the dang bracelet.”  But still, my heart broke.

Marilyn: I know!  It’s funny.  I try to wear blockbusters a lot.  Especially when I’m going somewhere new.  Like I have all these rules about how I’m going to wear all the jewelry.  Well, not really rules, but they are just kinda funny.  Same thing, you know.  “Oh, I’ll have to sell it off me. Ok, what am I going to wear today?  Cuz I don’t know these people” And I’m not going to say to somebody new, “No you can’t have it.” So how many of this bracelet do I have?  Can I put them in my purse and sell them out of my purse if everyone likes it?

Oh the struggle is real.  First world problems right?!

If you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their business, what would you tell them?

Marilyn: Put on some jewelry and go.  Just like what we just said, go where there’s some people.  And put on the BIGGEST piece of Paparazzi that you own.  Don’t like put a coat or a sweater over it.  Just go walk around and people will compliment you.

Awnya: You have to be where there’s people.  I mean, if you are sitting in your house, wearing you jewelry, you aren’t going to have those conversations.  You gotta get your butt out there and get working it.

Marilyn:  Make it happen. There is no reason to be stuck in this business or to be struggling.  If I can do this, for real, anybody can do this.  I have a head injury. I don’t even know what day it is most of the time.  If I can do this, anybody can do this.  The secret is to wear the jewelry and keep going.  Don’t get stuck in your excuses.

Awnya: I love what you said right there.  I’m gonna say it again.  Don’t get stuck in your excuses.

Marilyn: It’s truly the easiest business in the whole world.  The price point is fabulous.  And we get to party for a living.  And then Paparazzi spoils us.  Like, it’s crazy cool.  If you are stuck, you are in your own way.  Which is kinda cruel, but you know that I believe in this more than anything I’ve ever done in my entire life.

I eat breath, sleep, drink, walk, talk Paparazzi.  Like I live this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  There isn’t a moment I’m not thinking about Paparazzi, working on Paparazzi, thinking about my team, thinking about my friends in Paparazzi.  I LOVE this business, so when you tell me that it’s not working for you, I get so convicted.  It will work!  Get out of your way.

What is a quote you have that inspires you?

Marilyn:  That would be my mantra which is, “Claim Your Cleavage,” which also means, to claim your faith and it means:

believe in your dreams

It really is what gets me going every day and I say a Cleavage Creed to myself.  It truly inspires me to keep going and to star in my life because if you don’t star in your own life, who’s going to star in it for you?  You really just have to get out of your way. Claim your Cleavage.  Own who you are.  Believe in your dreams and make it happen.

What is a book you say is a must read and why?

Marilyn: The Bible.  The instructions are in there and my favorite quote from there is, “I can do all things with God who strengthen me.” because some days I’m like, “I do not know how to have a team with 666 people on it.  I do not know what to say to anybody.  I don’t even know what I’m doing.  I have no clue”.  You know?!  Then I just pray about it and I say that to myself, “I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me,” and I read from the bible and I just keep going.

Awnya: So now, here on the Papa Rock Stars Podcast, I like to give everybody a call challenge.  This week, I’m going to leave that up to you.

What is the 1 thing you would like for he listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?

Marilyn:  I want you to go out, and no judgement or anything, find 2 people this week and give them a piece of jewelry.  Take a picture of you with that person and tag Awnya and I on Facebook.  My wall is public you can tag yourself and anyone else.  Awnya’s is public too.  You can tag us, you should have no issues!

I want to see over 100 pictures of this act of kindness!  I believe that the more kindness you put out in the world, the more it comes back to you – that’s in the Cleavage Creed as well.  Be kind to all you meet and see.

2 pieces.  You can give out more if you want to, I try and do 5 a week. I know when I started, giving away 5 pieces of jewelry would have been a lot, so 2 pieces this week.  It doesn’t have to be to somebody that you think deserves it, it’s just something nice.  Just 2 people and just make their day by giving them a piece of Paparazzi.  And you change the world!

Awnya:  That is such a neat challenge.  I know I will be doing it!  I know Miss Marilyn, you do it every week.  Let’s see those pictures!!  And Rock it on!

Marilyn: Tag us on Facebook! Let’s get the kindness going!! For me, I call them dares. Bombshells do dares because we think we are sexy.  So I’m daring you to go give away 2 pieces of Paparazzi as an act of kindness so you are changing the world through kindness.  That is what our mission statement is all about, changing the world $5 at a time.

And tag Awnya and I on Facebook and let’s flood Facebook with kindness

Awnya:  I can’t wait to see it!  Thanks for listening in today!

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Andrea Hutcheson – Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader

I am joined today by Andrea Hutcheson and you guys are just going to love everything that she has to say.  She warms my heart from the inside out because she is just a warm and caring person.

Listen Now or Download:

Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Call Image:

Andrea quote


Andrea Hutcheson - Paparazzi Jewelry Elite LeaderAndrea is Executive Producer with Paparazzi, a brand new Elite Leader!  She is Crown Club 25 and she has reached Life of the Party Silver.  She has been with Paparazzi since July 2012.

Andrea is from Lima, Peru.  So you will see that beautiful, sun-kissed skin.  She always looks like she has a tan.  It’s great!  She has only been in the United States since 2008 and when she came, she didn’t really know English!  Talk about a barrier and a challenge that she had to overcome in her Paparazzi business!  She didn’t know English!  She had to learn that.

Her only family here is her mom, her brother and her husband.  Andrea is the leader of The United Fashionistas.  You can find her online at – I’ve found a lot of my party graphics on her website!

What is your Paparazzi Why?

Andrea:  So in 2012 I was going to college for Education and money was tight and we didn’t have any extra money because we were going through a financial situation.  I was still going to college.  My friend invited me to a party and it was a jewelry party.  In my head I go, “I can’t afford jewelry.  Why would I need jewelry?”

Before, I didn’t wear much jewelry, I didn’t care for jewelry.  I like looking girly but I didn’t really care for it.  So I told her I couldn’t afford it and she was like, “Well, it’s only $5.” And I was like, “$5?!!  It must be like junky jewelry.” She said “Let’s just go look at it.”

I didn’t have any money with me.  I think I had maybe $3 in my pocket.  I told myself I wasn’t going to spend any money, I would just watch the other people buying the jewelry.

I went in there and Rachel Smith was doing the party.   She was like showing all this jewelry and then she comes out and says “Oh!  I have more jewelry,” and then she brought out boxes of more jewelry.

I just stopped and looked at all the ladies going crazy over this $5 jewelry. It was really cute.  The necklaces came with earrings and I just looked and looked at them.   I was like “Man!  This is a mine of gold because people are loving this jewelry.”  Then I started asking her questions.

She didn’t even ask me about anything, I just started asking, “How much do you make? How much is commissions? How much is it to get started.”  And I was like “I’m interested, but I don’t have the money.  What can I do to get some money and get started.  Do you have anything to get some money?”  Any way I could get to this jewelry! Oh, and I think I bought a few Starlet Shimmer cuz they were a dollar.

I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I started selling a bunch of stuff that I had that I gathered for garage sales and I could get some cash.  I asked her if I could do a basket party and earn maybe 10% towards my kit and I did!  I did everything that I could to get my kit.  Back then it was like $300 for the lowest kit.

Once I started, I did my launch party and oh my word!  I didn’t know anybody. Just people from church and work.  I worked at the work study at the college.  I did my first party.  My apartment was so small.  We couldn’t even fit a cat.  Just kidding .  But we couldn’t fit a lot of people.

So I didn’t know how I was going to do a party if I couldn’t fit anybody here.  So I looked at places and I asked my friend.  I did my first party at a museum!  How cool is that?!  It was so awesome.  I didn’t even have to pay anything!  She said I could give a donation, so I gave her some necklaces!

It was so fun!  I had 20 people come and I sold around $400.  It was my first party and that was the end of July.  Then I got into the school year and I was like “Ok, I’m going to back off because I need to get into my studies,” but then I started into Facebook adding people.  I didn’t have any friends, people.  I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t have anybody on my Facebook account.  I had to start all over and I knew the only way I could do this was through social media for now because I was working 2 jobs and I was going to school.

So, of course I would still show it to people.  In August, I got my refund from the school.  It was $1000.  I was like, I truly believe in this product, I know it will sell, I know I will make this money back.  I am going to invest $1000 without my husband knowing.

My husband wanted to kill me. I told him, “I promise I will get that money back,” which I did.  I invested $1000, I invested every single penny I had made back into the business for 6 months.  Now, in January, we had a tire that blew up so we needed tires and I had to put some of my money in there.  That was a blessing, but I was serious on getting into the business in September and I think I became a Director in the month of November. It was officially November that I was a Director.  I recruited 4 people in that month, in November.  Then I was like, I don’t know how to be a leader, but I’ll do it.

I just wanted to sell the jewelry.  You know, I have such a passion for the jewelry because its $5, everybody can afford it.  You don’t feel guilty about telling people about it.  You can say “Hey, just skip the burger and buy a necklace and you’ll look pretty many times.”  I just love it.  So the passion that I have for this is amazing.

The reason why I do Paparazzi is because I want to help my family.  I want to help other women know about this opportunity because it’s a huge opportunity.  I never thought in a million years that I would be sitting here doing this full time, quitting my 3 jobs and well, of course, I’m not going to school anymore.

I do want to take some classes, but I’m so into Paparazzi right now that even my husband changed his mind about it.  He was like, “We can do this together.  I can quit my job,” and I was like, “This is too much a little bit.”  But I love it and I do it mainly for financial reasons.  I want to be debt free.

In the 4 years I’ve been doing Paparazzi, we’ve paid so much in debt.  We have been able to go on trips that I never thought.  This year has been crazy.  We’ve been traveling so much and it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the business.

You know, sometimes I can even go and get my nails done because I want to or I feel like it.  There is no more pressure on, “Do I have the money?”

You know, we have a bus ministry for my church and if I want to, we can go have pizza and spend $100 on the kids and not feel guilty about, “Do I have enough in my bank account or do I have to go hungry if I have to pay a bill or something.”  So this is my full time job and I love it.  And this is why I do it, I love seeing other women find their financial freedom as well.

Awnya: a few things I want to point out from your story, Andrea –

She had ALL of the objections that you commonly hear from your hostesses or from people wanting to join your team.

  • Andrea had a small apartment
  • she didn’t have any money, she was selling things at a yard sale to get money for her kit
  • She didn’t know a lot of people and I mean, we aren’t talking someone who just says that.  She just moved to the country and didn’t speak any English!  That was a pretty legit thing
  • And then you didn’t have a lot of time.  You had 2 jobs and you were going to school.

So she had all of those things.  Usually you only get 1 or 2 from someone who is thinking of joining or hosting a party and they are like, “Well I don’t think I have enough time cuz I’m working two jobs.”

Andrea had all of those things and she still wanted to do Paparazzi and believed in it enough that she figured it out and look at her now.  She is one of the Elite leaders with Paparazzi!

So people, you can do it!  Get over the small apartment, find a museum, find a restaurant, talk to a friend, use the park!  It’s summertime, you can just go outside, but if you want to make it happen, you can make it happen.  Do you have anything to add to that Andrea?

Andrea: If I can do it, anyone can do it.  Especially with 2 jobs.  People think that I was just at home with my husband working.  No.  Before I quit, I needed to make a certain amount with Paparazzi and it needed to come every month.  I told my husband I would do it.  And that’s when I quit.  I was like, “Okay, I’m done!  I can do this.”

What is your worst Paparazzi moment? 

Awnya:  I’ve gotten a little bit of flack a little bit of kickback from this question because we like to think positive,.  We don’t like to think back to those bad moments, but I love to asking the leaders especially because the consultants who are struggling and the consultants who are having a moment of doubt love hearing that you guys have struggled too and how you have overcome that.

Andrea:  Absolutely.  I tell this every single time I see somebody struggling.  That was the moment I learned.  When we fail at something, it’s not about quitting, it’s not about thinking about that moment. It’s about learning and overcoming that situation.  I still remember my worst Paparazzi moment – I was so excited about Paparazzi, I was doing social media, I was going out and telling everybody about Paparazzi.  I would pass our fliers to people at Walmart so that they can either come to my party or buy Paparazzi.

I remember I went 2 hours away for a show and it was $40.  It was a fashion show.  I gave jewelry to all the girls who were Rocking the Runway and I was supposed to set up.  I was excited, it was my first event.  I told my husband, “Honey, it’s going to be great, people here have money and we’re going to sell this $5 Jewelry.”

And I set up and I was excited.  There were a lot of vendors there.  In that moment, I think one of the necklaces broke.  You know people say that it broke, but it was just loose.  I don’t call it broke.  Cuz it’s fixable.  Something that’s not fixable is then broken.  It was fixable and I was ashamed a little bit, but how I reacted to it was different.  I was like, “Oh, I can fix it so just get another necklace.” I didn’t make a big deal of it.

At the end when they finished the Rock the Runway thing and people were leaving, they were not even stopping by the vendors.  I think there was a few that were just looking.  It was at the mall and nobody would buy anything.  I think I only sold a necklace and a bracelet.

My brother was with me and I was like, “Are you kidding me?!  Its $10 that I just made but I just lost $40 I lost 2 hours going, 2 hours I need to go back and gas.”  It was expensive.  I was like, “Oh my word!  It was horrible.  What am I going to tell my husband?  I was a failure, I didn’t sell anything but 2 things.  I lost all the necklaces I gave away to the girls.  It was horrible.”

Then, as I was driving home, after having to pack up all the jewelry and all the stands, my brother was helping, I was mad.  I was like, “How in the world did I come all the way here?”  When I got home, it was like midnight or one in the morning and I don’t like driving at night.

I even had – ok this is how bad I am at driving – I didn’t know how to drive when I first came to this country because we don’t use the cars cuz they are so expensive in Peru.  You have to be like a millionaire to have a car.  We ride the bus or we walk. So anyways I was driving and a police car pulls somebody over but that guy was in front of me, so I pull over and I was behind the police car.  I pulled in behind the police car!  So another police car comes behind me.  He goes, “What are you doing?” and I said, “I thought he pulled me over.” And he said, “Just go home.”  And I was like – we just started laughing.  I was like, “This is the worst!  Oh my goodness!”

I told my husband that I didn’t make any money and I pulled behind a police car and he was like, “Oh my word.”  The only thing he said – this is what I remember was, “It’s fine, just don’t do it again.  It’s ok, just keep going.” and I was like “Okay”.  It was the worst Paparazzi moment cuz I didn’t make any money and I drove 4 hours, you know.  It was just horrible.

An there’s going to be events that are not going to go the way you want them to, but what I learned about events is that you gotta go with a set of mind that you’re going to book parties and you’re going to find a lot of people that you can have contact with and that you are going to follow up.  That’s what I learned about events.  I was like, “I’m not going to worry about if I’m going to sell above making booth rent, you know. I’m not going to worry about it.  I’m just going to book parties.”  Since I’ve had that mindset, it’s been amazing.  It’s been like “you were feeling discouraged, you were like, You may not book a party, and I knew that’s where the money was going to be.”

And then in July of that year, 2013, I found the county fair and I made – it cost me $150 for 7 days.  I was like “I’d better not do it.  You know, it’s $150.” I just thought, “I’m just going to do it.” And I sold $1000 and booked 20 parties at that fair.  So you just gotta keep looking for the right event and you gotta get out there.  You gotta have the mindset that you are going to book parties instead of selling a bunch. Cuz that’s what events are, you have to get your name out.  You have to get to know people and you know make contacts.  And if you sell a lot, that’s great.

So that was my worst Paparazzi moment.

Awnya: That is a great point though.  People can tell when you are desperate for a sale, people can tell when you need to make a sale.  It comes through somehow in your body language or something.  They can sense that, but when you are focusing on booking parties, like, the sales are gonna come more naturally.  You’re going to get more business on what you are already getting at that event.  You are extending your business, so it’s just kind of a win, win.  Such a great point.

Andrea:  You have to have a really good attitude.  If you are going to sit on your bottom and just look mad because somebody else did something or you didn’t get a good spot or they booked another Paparazzi consultant even though you told them they can’t have another one.  People are going to sense that and your attitude is going to show though.  You gotta be smiling.  You gotta be standing up and talking to people.  It’s just people skills, I guess!

Awnya: It’s so true!  I can’t tell you how many events I do as a vendor and I go walk around really quick and there’s that lady with her arms folded in the back of the booth with the grumpy face on, just kind of glaring art everybody who goes by and you are like “OOOOOO.  I don’t even want to shop from you!”  So be sure to have your smile on!  Even if it’s a fake smile and you’ve had a crappy day, keep your smile on your face cuz you gotta fake it till you make it.  Then you will still be happy and it will be a good thing.  Don’t be the grumpy lady.

What is a habit that contributes to your success?  

Andrea: I believe its consistency.  Consistency is a huge key.  And we hear it over and over and over again.  You gotta be consistent, you gotta keep doing it but it’s so true! I can’t emphasize that anymore.  I always say to my team members, when you get new team members, you create your team group.  Every single day you post quotes, you post things that are going to help them, but nobody else likes anything or comments under your pictures and stuff.  It can get discouraging.  You can think, “I’m a horrible leader, they aren’t looking at everything I’m saying.”  The one thing you need to look at is, if you stop posting, they aren’t going to look at it.  They are going to think you quit or that you aren’t doing anything cuz you are the backbone of this business for them.

If you stop doing something, they’re going to stop.  And it’s the same thing with our businesses.  When I first started Paparazzi in 2012, I created my VIP group.  Back then, they didn’t have Facebook parties, so I would post every single day.  Every single day, no matter what.  I wouldn’t attack them with tons of jewelry, but I would post quotes, things that happen every day, what am wearing today, look at these cute jewelry that I just got and the fashion fix.

And you have to be consistent.  Every single day you have to work your business.  No matter how many hours you have.  I didn’t have 2 hours to work my business when I was going to school and working.  Still I would make those 2 hours and post post post every single day.  Now, for example, it’s been 4 years now that I’ve had my VIP group.

In May, we had a lot of issues, this year, I’ve been traveling a lot and it’s been hard for me to keep up the posting every single day.  In May we went through a lot and found out that Danny had cancer.  That kinda put me off and I didn’t post for a whole 2 weeks, and people were like, “Where’s Andrea?”  They were wondering where’s Andrea.  I didn’t tell them anything because I didn’t want to impose on them.  It was very very hard situation but you gotta keep posting.

Well, we found out that Danny doesn’t have cancer anymore.  Yay!! So I came back.  And I was like, “Do you miss me?” to my customers and they were really nice.  They were like, “We were praying for you.  We were following everything you posted,” and they’re back and I’m doing a huge sale this month and I’m having some parties booked, you know, getting back into it.

But you have to be consistent in everything.  You cannot just stop.  And people stop usually in the summer and that’s when you need to not stop.  They can’t stop in the summer because if you stop in the summer because everybody says the summer is to slow, low in sales.  It’s up to you!

I was looking at look my numbers and in July, I order over 1000 PV and I was like “Who is saying that?!”  June and July don’t need to be slow, it’s up to you!  How you treat those months will tell you how your fall is going to come.  When August and September comes, you are going to be stronger if you stay stronger in your summer months.

So I think consistency is key for any business.  You just gotta keep going no matter how you feel.  And same with team members, you gotta really keep up with them and you gotta follow up with people.  Yeah, there’s a lot of thing.

Awnya:  It’s what I call the Shiny object syndrome.  I do it in my life, I do it in my Paparazzi business.  Somebody will be like, “Oh my gosh, have you tried this?” And I’m like “Oh my gosh! It’s so exciting, it’s a shiny thing.”  So I go do that or I look at that or I hear somebody say, “Have you tried the new way to do Facebook parties?” And even though I should really just stick with the way I’m doing it, I’m like “Oh, if they are having success that way, then I should do it that way too.”

And I think it’s really easy to jump like that and think that if they have success that way then it needs to be that way.  So what I’m going to say to everybody listening, to Paparazzi, if you have something that works, stick with it, and be consistent.  And if someone is finding success some other way, good for them, but don’t be changing how you are doing things.  Don’t be looking at the newest and the greatest shiny objects.  I mean, stay up to date on the newest technology and stuff but don’t just jump from one thing to the next to the next.  When you are consistent, your customers are going to love that and they are going to count on that.  Your consultants and people that are even thinking about being a hostess or a customer or a consultant, they need that consistency.

Andrea: Exactly

Awnya:  They need that consistency from you.  It’s an example thing, right?!

Andrea: Right.  And it’s the same thing when they see you in person.  How are they going to believe that this is really a business?  Are they going to take you seriously if you aren’t just not doing what you are supposed to?

People see a different Andrea.  I guess not. I’m just crazy.  They see me and I hear that I’m nice and I’m not stuck up and I don’t look down on people.  I do make money with Paparazzi and they are like, “Oh my goodness I never thought you could make so much money with Paparazzi.  And I’m like, “Yeah I do and I work at home.”  But when you say you work at home, they thing you are playing with jewelry and stuff and it’s not true!  You do work!  It’s a lot of work.  They are going to see that.  They are gonna see if you are selling the jewelry and everything you do.

How do you think Andrea has the biggest parties on Facebook?  Because Andrea keeps working her network!  And people think that I just do Facebook parties, but I don’t.  I love home parties. The only thing I hate about home parties or events is setting up.  But I love doing them and I do them.  I have a big calendar full of events right now.  But I do them.  But everybody knows me because I’m very consistent on Facebook cuz that’s where I work.  I work on Facebook with Paparazzi!

Awnya:  Everyone can see that because it’s online so they know that you are there.  It’s harder for them to see that you are going to a home party.

A quick correlation I want to draw with what we are just talking about – I’m not a big gambler, so you might get that in this analogy, but I think it is so On Point with what we are talking about .

So if you are in Las Vegas and you are at one of the tables, and you are just killing it every single time.  Winning $1000.  Winning $1500.  Winning $800.  Are you just going to walk away and just go to the table where everyone is losing?  Of course not!  You’re going to stay there and you’re going to keep winning because Every. Single. Time. You are winning.  It’s not even actually gambling cuz you are just winning.  It would be ridiculous to go to another table and another table and another table where other people are losing or its a 50-50 shoot because you are WINNING.

Same thing with your Paparazzi business.  If you’ve found what works, stick to it.  Double down with where you are at, with what you are doing and keep your success going. Don’t pick up and go somewhere or try something that you don’t know that you’re going to have success in, like how you do your Facebook parties.  Don’t all of a sudden change your format because you heard that this is the new way to do it or jump over to Periscope.  If you are established on Facebook and doing your Facebook parties that way, don’t just drop all of that and go to Periscope because you don’t know if it’s going to work the same.  Now I’m not saying not to try new things, but don’t just abandon what you are doing for new things.

Andrea: Right.

If you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who is just starting out in their Paparazzi business, what advice would you give them? 

Andrea:  Invest.  Invest because a habit you need to have is consistency.  If you have a huge inventory, people are more likely to go with you because you have a big selection.  It is hard, it is hard.  I didn’t have money and I invested for 6 months.  My husband was about to kill me because he wasn’t seeing any money.  And I told him, “Honey, after I’m done, then you will see money, cuz then I don’t have to invest anymore.  All I have to do is buy the jewelry that I sold back.”

So I invested until I had 900 pieces, I wanted 900.  I don’t know why I didn’t want 1000, but I wanted 900 pieces.  Once I got that, it was so easy. I didn’t have to worry about if I had 2 home parties, if I was going to run out of inventory.  Back then, I used to do Facebook with my inventory.  When I do my flash sales, I still use my inventory.

You have to have inventory to sell.  You can’t do a party with 35 pieces.  You can do a party with 100, but it would be easier to do a basket party.  But what if out of the blue, some says, “I want to do a fundraiser for you.”  Oh my goodness!  500 pieces.  They are going to go with somebody else because you don’t have them.  You have to invest in any kind of business to grow.  This is your business.

What is it you are going to choose to do.  Are you going to just whine?  Some people just make money and they don’t invest it anymore.  They just use it for something else and then they are out of money and they only have 30 pieces.  Oh my!!  It’s horrible.  So yeah, my advice would be to invest.  Invest.  Invest.  And I’m not saying JUST invest.  You have to SELL it.  You can just invest as you are going.  Sell it and put it back, sell it, put it back until you have the amount that you want.

And don’t quit.  I mean, you can’t just give up.

Awnya:  That’s great advice!

What would you suggest to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their business.  What is 1 thing you would tell them to do to get their Paparazzi business rock’n again?

Andrea:  Start over.  It sounds harsh, but if you aren’t hitting Director anymore, if you hit Director once and you aren’t anymore, then start over. My goal every single month is to recruit 5 people and to sell at least 1000 pv.  You just have to have goals every single month.  You have to.  

If your team members aren’t working anymore, because it’s going to happen – do you know that out of 20 people that you have recruited, only 1 will be, maybe, only 1 will be the one that is going to be taking the business to the next level.  So I have personally sponsored 160.  Do you think those 160 are active?  Do you think those people who are on my team took me to Producer are the same that took me to Premier Producer or to Executive Producer?  

No!  They didn’t take me there.  I mean, they aren’t the same people because people quit.  People give up.  People don’t want to struggle anymore.  People don’t want to take this business to the next mile.  Go to the next step because they are facing trials but in any kind of work, you are going to face trials, but then the lights will come out!  

Can you imagine, Andrea, hit Director in November of 2012.  Andrea tried to hit Premier Director – back then it was Director, Premier Director and Producer.  But Andrea wanted to hit Premier Director. Andrea wanted it so bad and she worked so hard for over a year.  Andrea could not hit Premier Director.  

In 2013 in November, Andrea hit Producer!  From Director to Producer!  Can you image if Andrea would have stopped???!! Because she couldn’t hit Premier Director, because she couldn’t get there because one of her legs was bigger and she couldn’t hit it.  It was so hard because she wanted it SO bad. And BOOM!  It just happened.  Producer!  AHHH!  And I was like, “What?!”  It was crazy!!  

I don’t know, I still think if I would have just stopped in the middle of it, Andrea would have never quit her job, Andrea would have never been making the money that she’s making now.  

I still remember in February of 2013 when I sold 1000 pieces in 1 month, it was my 1st month that I sold 1000 pieces and Andrea had a check of over $3000. It was awesome.  And it was all because of sales.

It was exciting because as a person you feel rewarded because you’re doing it,  you know?!  When you are working with your team, and you start to hit Director and Producer, your team got you there.  And it shows that you have been working with you team because they got you there.  

When you sell so much that you hit Life of the Party, it’s such a rewarding feeling because you did it.  You made it happen.  You sold all those pieces, so I like those.  So I try my best even though I’m an Executive Producer now.  That doesn’t stop me from selling, except for last month.  Last month was a bummer.  That was because I was unfocused.  But you get back to it. I was going through so much, I was feeling stuck.  But I know that what I need to do is go back to basics and do it again.  And stop looking for new ways to earn money.  

Just like Awnya said, stop looking for new ways.  Find something that works for you and keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it.  

Awnya: Love it!  Don’t give up cuz you never know when success is around the next corner.  There is this image that I love, I look at it all the time:

Never give up image

It is so true!  You never know when you are going to go from Director to Producer in One month!!  That is so awesome. I love that!  

What is a quote that inspires you?

Andrea quote 2

It’s not about the money now.  It’s about seeing other people succeed and being able to quit their jobs and do what you are doing.  It’s not about the money.  Of course I want my husband to quit his job and do business with him and it will happen, but when someone said put God first and I keep my family together and I do my paparazzi business.  Just like anything, I put everything into it and everything will fall where it’s supposed to fall.

Awnya: You gotta have that balance.  Yeah, you don’t want to get off kilter, because Paparazzi is meant to accentuate our lives and make it better.  You don’t want to throw everything else out of whack.  Then the people who are important in your life will start screaming for attention, so find that balance.  That’s perfect!

What is a book you would say is a Must read and why?

Andrea:  Right now, I am reading John Maxwell’s book about Growth – The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

The next one would be Erick Worre, Go Pro.  When I read his story, I was like, “Oh my word, it’s so true!”  It’s about leadership and how you need to deal with people.  Seriously, at first I thought I was a bad leader.  I thought I wasn’t given the tools.  I wasn’t helping people get to where they wanted and I was blaming my job as a leader because they weren’t getting to where I wanted them to be.

But as a leader you have to learn, and I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t give people success.  You can’t do it for them.  You can’t do everything that you tell them to do for them.  You can only give them the tools and if they choose to do it, then yay them!  But if they don’t, you can’t blame yourself.

You have to work with people that want it.  You can’t invest your time in people that are so negative and that keep putting excuses on everything.  You are not going to find go-getters if you don’t go find them every single month.  So I learned that we have our products that sell.  We have a $5 product that sells and we have a product.  Everybody in Paparazzi has the same product that we have, but how you present it is different.

What if there was a battle between myself and another consultant who is not as active as I am and the person – the customer- has to choose who she wants to go with.  Let’s say the consultant doesn’t have the inventory that I have.  Right now I have 1300 – 2000.  Um, I’ve got an addiction.  So she doesn’t have the inventory that I have and she doesn’t have the courage and excitement that I have.  Even with my bad days, I’m excited.

And yes, sometimes I do fake it when I don’t feel good because I want my customers to be excited about what I’m selling.  So I’m going to present it differently than her.  I’m going to be like, “Oh my goodness, its’ $5 .  Look at this. OH!”  And I’ll put it on here, and I’ll show her on the mirror, but I’ll be different on how I present it.

We have the same compensation plan and we judge people and we say, “Why are you making more money than I am?” or “Why is their business growing so much?”  We have the same compensation plan!  We might be different colors, we might be men or women, but we still have the same compensation plan.  Why are you not making it work??

The third thing is it’s up to you.  If you are going to choose to keep going no matter if your leader is helping you, if your leader is there- you have to do it yourself.  I didn’t depend on my leader, I didn’t depend on nobody buy my family and God and myself.  I depended on me.  I was like “I have to get this.  I’m going to get it! I’m going to sell 1000 pieces.  I’m going to do this.”  It was because I wanted it.   I didn’t depend on no body.

You can’t depend on your leaders. I am sad if you have a horrible sponsor or somebody who doesn’t know or work much, but their roll is to give you the tools that you need.  They can only tell you what you can do and give you ideas, but it’s not up to them if you are successful or not.  Cuz I was seriously was like “Aaaaaaa!”  When I realized that I can only give them the tools, I can care for them, but I can’t invest my time on people that aren’t going to do anything with the business.

So it was harsh, but yeah. That would be my must reads.

You can go on YouTube too.  Every single day I watch a YouTube video that’s going to help me with marketing or help me to be a better leader.

Last question.  What is a parting piece of guidance for us? 

Oh my goodness.  Go to convention.  Yay!  So, ok you’re not going to believe this, but I didn’t go to convention till last year was my 1st year at convention and I have been with Paparazzi almost 4 years.   But the energy, the excitement, it was just amazing!  The people helping you, nobody judging you. It was awesome.  If you can spend money on going to convention, it’s so worth it.

You get excited, you see the new product, you see the new line.  And then you can come back and tell your customer about it, tell your team members about it.  I remember I went to convention last year and I bought like 500 pieces.  It was like 5 of each necklace and there was only 100 pieces so I had to buy like 5 of each.  I was like “What am I doing, I’m coming back with so many!  I think I told my husband to lend me $2500 and that was to pay for everything, convention, the trip and everything. And I told him I was going to pay him back within a week after convention.

And oh my goodness, the pressure, it was awesome.  There was so much adrenaline!  I was like Ok, I’m buying 500 pieces, I’m going to sell them and I’m going to make $2500 back and I’m not going to have to pay anything.  I had a party the week after I came back.  Before that I did a periscope and a video showing the all the jewelry I just bought.

I even took a picture of the guy.  They had to give me like 2 big boxes cuz I was taking it home, we were driving home.  And I think I sold 500 and some pieces at my party on Facebook and it was so awesome!  They were like, “I wanted to see more, I thought you were going to have more variety.” But even they like, “sold, sold, sold, sold, sold.”  And there was extra Solds even when I didn’t have anymore.  It was crazy!  It was so cool.

I guess I’m the kind of person that puts goals ahead of me every single month.  I have goals and my goal is like to beat the month before, but I always have to recruit 5 people.  The thing is that I don’t get discouraged if I don’t hit it because I’m 1 step closer than I was the month before, so when I don’t recruit 5 people but I recruit 3, I’m still having a party.  When I don’t’ sell 1000 pieces, but I sell like 700, I’m still having a party.  So, that’s the kind of person that I am I guess.  Not everybody is that way.  Some people get discouraged and I’m like “I know!” But I don’t. I’m like “I’m doing this!”

Awnya: I love that!  That is the BEST advice ever!  Go to convention!  The first year I was with Paparazzi, I’d signed up months before.  During the opening ceremony, I was literally having my daughter in the hospital.  I was giving birth, so there was not really any possible way I could go to that convention and I sat in my hospital room and I cried because I wanted to be at convention so bad! I was watching everything on Facebook and everybody on my phone and I was just so sad.

I was determined to go my 2nd year and I did and I made it there.  When I got there and was sitting in my seat for opening ceremony and everything started and just the energy and excitement!  And I mean, it’s not just hype people, this is soul-infusing excitement.  I was sitting there and just started crying.  And I’m not a crier.  I think I just said I cried like 3 times in that sentence, but I’m not a crier.  When my husband sees me crying he knows something’s truly wrong.

So I’m sitting in the opening ceremony, trying to dance but I am just crying because I knew that it was life changing.  And you will feel the exact same way if you go to convention.  It will totally transform your life. My husband even, a week or two after the first convention, said that I was a different person after convention.  He could tell that the fire was under me.  People aren’t just saying that this is life changing.  People aren’t just talking about this because its hype.  You gotta get there.  It will change your business.

That was the best advice, the vest parting wisdom you could give us!


John Maxwell, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

Erick Worre, Go Pro

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No Excuses

Do you have a mindset of a victim?  Are you limiting your own success?  Today we talk about how to get out of your own way to your path of success!

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Call Image:

adjust my crown - Paparazzi jewelry inspirational quote noexcuses - Trent Kirby quote


You might be thinking that this episode is really similar to the one about Limiting Beliefs that we talked about last week, and its true that the two are really similar.  It’s all about mindset and the thoughts that you are thinking.  Last week we discussed how something someone told you or even that you thought yourself could be causing you to doubt that you can reach the levels of success that you want.  This week, we are talking about another state of mind that can cause negative results in your life instead of positive ones.

It is having a victim mindset.  I just want to clarify before we start that we are talking about a MINDSET.  So now, let’s break it down.  Having a victim mindset means that things have happened to you and that’s why you are how you are.

One of the key factors in the victim mentality is feeling powerless.  Because they don’t feel in control of a situation or a result, the victim tends to place the cause onto something or someone else.  BLAME is a key word in this kind of mentality.  They haven’t reached this goal or that rank because of this, that or the other.

It is true that certain situations have consequences that we don’t see coming or that the results of someone else’s actions will leave us in a less than ideal position.  Can you change their actions?  Can you change what happened? This is exactly what causes the victim mindset.

The truth is, the victim is so busy thinking about how they have been wronged and what has happened to them that they aren’t looking for the opportunities or for a solution to the problem.  They wallow.  “It’s not my fault because…”  is a really common statement from someone with a victim mentality.

Does this sound like someone you know?  Does it sound like you?   I mean, crap happens to everyone, right?  Bad things happen to good people.  It’s what you DO after it though that makes the difference.  You CAN change how you react to any situation or event.  YOU have that choice!

For example, I’ve shared before about the hard times that my family experienced back in 2008-2009.  When the housing market crashed and my husband’s job wasn’t enough to support us, I went back to work full time.  Soon after, we found out I was pregnant (surprise!) and just a few weeks later I tore my placenta and when I was only 9 weeks pregnant, I got put on bed-rest.  No more working for me!!  We ended up short-selling our house (which is like a pre-foreclosure sale).  It was a crazy time and one gut-punch after another after another kept happening.

We ended up with a pile of debt, ruined credit and lots of broken promises from the realtor and mortgage companies that effected us for YEARS after!  Did we curl up in a corner and shout about how wronged we were?  Did we quit trying and just give up, go on welfare and declare that we were taking what we were owed because of what had happened?

Nope!!  We fought!  It took us 3 years to crawl out from the pile of debt we had accumulated trying to keep our heads above water and another 3 years after that to repair our credit.  It was hard.  We scrimped and saved and went without things. But we did it!!  And now we are better for it!  It gave us a determination.  A firm resolve.  It showed us that if we worked hard and fought for what we believed in, anything was possible.

You bring about the things in you life that you think about, talk about and dwell on.  If you are talking about wrongs and situations where you felt helpless, you will find more of that in your life.  If, instead, you focus on what you learned from a situation or how you can take POSITIVE action despite the situation, you will bring more positive into your life!

There is a powerful activity I’ve seen performed on stage at a major convention.  A member of the audience was chosen from the audience and brought on stage.  She was asked to say “I can’t.” three times with her arms held out to her side.  After saying it, the speaker was able to push her arms down easily.  Then he asked her to say “I can and I will” three times also with her arms held out to her sides.

After she did, the speaker tried to push her arms down.  he then tried a little harder.  And a third time.  The words that she stated actually caused her body to physically react in a stronger or weaker way!  How powerful is that?!  The words you say have power – more than you know!

One of the best and most powerful things I took home from Paparazzi Accessories convention in 2015 was the No Excuses motto.  It doesn’t leave room for the victim mindset!  You just do it.  Forget the past.  Forget what people say or expect.  You just DO it!

Trend Kirby, one of the 4 founders of Paparazzi sent out some of these tweets:

Can you see how having a “I can and I will” attitude can totally rock your business?!  Especially if you have the #noexcuses mindset to go along with it?!

The BEST thing that can happen to someone who is feeling like a victim is to take action.  Make a plan, get out of your own mind.  And then FOCUS!  Focus on your goals and what you can do to achieve them NO MATTER WHAT!!

Bad things might happen.  People might break promises or make things more difficult, but just take a step to the side, adjust your crown and make it happen!

Call Challenge:

This week, go book 3 parties!  Do it!!  If you already have some on the calendar, go book 3 more!  You can do it!!  #noexcuses

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Paparazzi Accessories Elite Leader Natalie Hadley

In today’s Elite Leader interview, I chat with Natalie Hadley.  Natalie is a beautiful inside and out and her passion for Paparazzi, the consultants and the jewelry is contagious!  She has some great advice and wisdom to share with us today in our training interview!

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Call Image:

Natalie Hadley quote


Natalie Hadley - Paparazzi Accessories Elite LeaderNatalie Hadley is an Executive Producer with Paparazzi Accessories.  She is a Crown Club 10 member.  She reached Life of the Party Bronze in 2015, the first year they did the Life of the Party awards.  She has a team of over 8000 people.  Natalie is going to share her story about Paparazzi and how she got into it in just a minute, but a few things that I wanted to share with you is that she put her husband through school and bought him a new car.  They go on fun family vacations and they got a new house because of Paparazzi.

How did you get started with Paparazzi and what’s your Why?

Natalie: Thanks Awnya!  Too sweet, you’re too sweet.  So I was in a tough position financially for years.  Finances were just really tight and really scrimping by.  My husband decided he wanted to go back to school.  He applied for the program a couple of times and he finally got in to be a respiratory therapist.  The programs like that in the medical field required him to do so many clinical hours and book work so he could only work 1 day a week.  So we had lived in a little home and we had to sell that and we moved in with my amazing in-laws.  It was up to me to provide for our family of 4.

A week later I was at a boutique at my neighbor’s house.  It was a multi-vendor boutique that had all those awesome vendors in it and one stuck out to me.  It was Paparazzi jewelry.  It had the most people there.  It was the most fun booth!  It was so fun!  Women were buying this jewelry.  Parties were being booked.  Sales were being made.  It was just awesome.  And to top it off, everything was only $5.  I could buy a couple pieces of jewelry and not feel bad about it.

I was so excited because I saw how well it did.  I signed up a week later.  I’m so glad that I did!  I booked my calendar out with home parties.  I built my displays.  I did home parties.  I could take my kids with me if I needed to and they could help me set up.  I just made sure I booked out parties.

It was so fun and so natural to talk to everybody.  It was easy and exciting and it was so much fun to recruit doing home parties.  I loved seeing women trying on necklaces and how they felt beautiful.  Nothing beats helping someone feel good about themselves.

So to me, it’s so much more than the finance aspect. Even though that’s been such a blessing through Paparazzi.  That’s my why and how I got started.

Awnya: We hear a lot of times in Paparazzi, “It’s so much more than $5 Jewelry”. And I think it’s so true.  For my life, I could not even vocalize all the things that Paparazzi is to me other than the $5 Jewelry.  It’s friendships and so much more!

Natalie: Yes!  Yes Agreed. 100% yes!

What is your Worst Paparazzi Moment?

Natalie: This is so funny.  So, like I said, I love to do home parties.  I was asked to set up outside a store here in Utah.  We sat our jewelry out at the store I went with another consultant and we set our jewelry up.  And we have awesome boards.  My boards have sand in them.  They can really withstand a windstorm.

Well, we had our boards set up in front of the store.  Wind came and just knocked – our boards were just full of jewelry and it knocked every single board down like flat on the boards face – if the board were to have a face.  And I thought, “I can freak out or I can just handle it and I can be positive and have a good attitude.” So I did.

I saw a lot of jewelry under there being broken.  Probably 30-40 pieces broken, but you know what?  It is a tax write off.  And I thought “Ok. You know what?  It’s paid for, it’s fine.  It’s written off.”   The cute customers and people around us helped us put it back together and I was able to fix some of those pieces.  We made some really good friends trying to fix the jewelry and customers were trying to help us put the jewelry back together.

And I thought, “Look!  Instead of freaking out, look how many positive things I can find from that and handle it with class rather than just get freaked out.”  You know, because that’s what I wanted to do.  We had lots of help and we got those boards up and you know what, it was fine.  We had plenty of jewelry.  We were able to save about half those pieces.

Awnya: Talk about making lemons into lemonade.  I mean, if you were sitting there and maybe one of the customers that helped you pick up the jewelry, maybe she’d been to a boutique a week ago and there was a different jewelry consultant there who was kinda grumpy but she was thinking “Hey, jewelry might be kinda my thing.”  Then she comes to this event and sees you letting that roll off your back and making the best of a bad situation.  Do you think she is more likely to sign up with you or that other consultant?  Well, it’s going to be you because of your attitude.  That’s contagious! People like that!  They don’t want the grumps.

Natalie:  That’s right.  I had to keep it together.  Ya know?!  And I thought, “Ok, no big deal.”  You know?!

Awnya: Absolutely!  And you never know when those people are watching you so it’s always a good idea to keep that good attitude and turn those lemons into lemonade.

What is a habit you have that contributes to your success:

Natalie:  Consistency.  There are so many things about Paparazzi.  It’s more than $5.  We can recruit, we can have teams, we can make money off sales.  So consistency to everything.  If you want to do home parties, Facebook parties, events.  Always be consistent and fill up your schedule.   I’ve always had a full schedule.

The only time I have not done a party is if I’m at convention or on a trip, of course paid for by Paparazzi, or a vacation with my family.  But just consistency.  It’s calling your team members.  Just being consistent when you post, if you do Facebook parties.  I would say I never have an empty calendar, ever.  I always have parties on the calendar. So consistency with parties.

Awnya:  Perfect!  Consistency with parties both live and with Facebook parties.

Natalie: Yep!  When I first started there were no Facebook parties yet.  So now I do more Facebook parties than home parties but I still do home parties.  I like to have one here at my home once a season.  I would say whether it be home, Facebook, events, whatever, always be consistent and always have some sort of selling opportunity on your calendar for sure.

Awnya: That’s great because if you don’t have those opportunities to show your customers what’s out there, they’re going to go somewhere else to shop.  So often with direct sales businesses, people change and fizzle out.  Life happens, we get that, but they don’t know for sure that you’re in business unless you’re having an open house or  unless you’re having a  party or  unless you’re doing business and letting them know.

Don’t just assume that they know that you’re still doing business, you gotta actually talk about it and let them know.  I love that you do a party once a season and that you are still doing Facebook parties.

You guys, Natalie has 8000 people on her team so she could really easily just sit back and let the Fashion Fix come every month and collect those paychecks but she is still out there actively working her business because number one, she loves her customers and number 2, it’s such a good example for her team.  She gets a good feel for what her customers want and get to talk to those people and always make new friends.

Never think that you are going to get to a level where you are just done because its constantly just having fun with $5 jewelry.

Natalie:  That’s totally right, yes!

What advice would you give to a brand new consultant?

Natalie:  I would say, get your displays ready.  Whatever avenue you want to take with Paparazzi and get that figured out and get a party on the calendar.  I always say, “Get 3 parties booked before your kit comes and plan your kit opening party.  Even if it’s just with your family or your friends.”  Do what you need to do to get your business up and running.  If you’re doing Facebook things, if you’re doing VIP group things.  Get the envelopes, get your scale.  Get everything you need to do so you can hit the group running with your business.

Don’t put off starting.  Start.

You want to get off to a good start.  If you don’t start right away, you may not ever start and that box might just sit there and stare at you, and you don’t want that!  It’s $5!  It’s exciting.  The energy with Paparazzi is unexplainable sometimes.  You have to experience that box opening and at convention.  The energy with this $5 jewelry is just amazing.  So do what you can to get your business up and running for sure.

Awnya:  One of the quotes that has really stood out to me lately is:

If you aren’t embarrassed by the thing you put out first, then you’ve waited too long.

The way that I think about that is – it’s not going to be perfect when you start your VIP group.  Your first parties and events are probably going to be train wrecks, when you look back at them.

I remember my first event and I didn’t have tape.  My son was helping me set up.  I had to run to Walmart to get zip ties for my boards cuz they were going to fall over on my customers.  I didn’t have enough display hooks.  I don’t even think I had enough bags.  It was a complete train wreck.  But I got out there and I did it.  So just get out there, if you are starting out.  Like what Natalie said, book 3 parties before your kit even gets to your door and don’t worry about being perfect, just worry about just getting it out there and letting the product speak for itself.

Natalie.  Exactly, exactly.  100%.

If you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their business, what advice would you give to them?

Natalie:  Start your business over.  If you have people signed up on your team, maybe it’s not the right season for them to do their business.  You know what?!  Start over, recruit more people.  You can still reach out to them and be their friend.  Still be nice but start your business over.  Start like if you were a Director.  Maybe you want to hit Premier Director.  Well, do the same things you did to hit that first rank.  Just never give up and like I said, if you are selling your jewelry, you’re meeting new people.  The key is to always be selling your jewelry so you can have more parties so you can get new recruits.  If you don’t have parties, it’s hard to get parties booked.

Also if you are stuck in a rut and you don’t have any parties.  Go through your parties on Facebook.  Go through and pull up past hosts see if they will re-book.  And don’t be scared to be told no. Go for the no.  Don’t be scared because from my experience, every 10 people I ask, I at least get 2 yesses.  Just keep going and keep going until you get a party and don’t give up.  Keep trying.  Keep trying.  That’s my advice.  So don’t give up.

Awnya: Back to the basics, right?  Go back to what got you to where you are.  The fundamentals to your business.  Booking parties.  Talking about Paparazzi and the $5 and the opportunity that’s there.  When you get back to that stuff, everything just falls into place.

Natalie: for sure.

What is a quote that inspires you, Natalie? 


Gordon B. Hinkely quote

I love that one.  It’s simple and it really goes with every aspect of your life and your business life.  Every day you can try to call more team members.  Try to develop a personal connection with your hosts.  In everything you do just try a little harder to do things a little better.  I love that.  So that’s one of my favorite quotes.

Awnya:  There is a quote that I heard that is “Compare and Despair.”  I love that one because when you are comparing yourself to others you are always going to be despairing.  You need to be comparing yourself to the version of yourself yesterday and trying to be better than that, which goes right along with your quote.

Make a better version of yourself every single day.  That’s the only person you should be comparing to and the only thing you should be trying to do is to improve yourself every day in your business and your personal life and just trying to be better.  And if you’re doing that, then you are going to grow your business, you’re gonna grow your life.

Natalie:  That’s right!

What is a challenge – an action step – that you would give to us to do in the next 7 days?

Natalie:  I know I’ve said this 2 times already on the call but get your parties booked for July.  Get a full calendar for July.  How you are going to do that is just like I said.  Go back, past hostesses, message them individually.  Your friends, your family.  Send them a text message.  Don’t ask them for a favor.  You’re doing them the favor by helping them earn free jewelry.

So I look at it from that aspect in your VIP groups. Message some of those awesome customers, “Hey you can get jewelry for free!”  As you go about your home parties or events bring your calendar with you.  Don’t be afraid to get those parties.

And have fun.  The more fun you make it, the more they are going to want to book with you.  Get to know your hosts.  Get to know your customers.  Because the more they know you, the less awkward it is to ask them when it’s time to book a party.

Booking actually begins the minute you step foot in the party or the minute you start your Facebook party. You need to be engaged in your parties. That’s where you are going to book your parties.

If you were to ask somebody that you didn’t really interact with to do a party, you know, they might say yes, but more times no, compared to the person that you really tried to connect with and build that genuine relationship.  This is fun!  Comment on their posts.  Have fun with them.  That is the key.  Get parties booked for July.  Have a full calendar in July.

Awnya:  I know everyone has a different version of a full calendar, but what, to you, is a full calendar?

Natalie:  I would say 3-4 selling opportunities a week.  So whether it be post every day in your VIP group or have a basket party going out and 3 Facebook parties or posting in your VIP group every single day.  Maybe 20 pictures a day.  Do something 3-4 times a week that would be a selling opportunities.

If that’s too much, it’s ok.  Cut it to 2.  Pull it back.  I love Paparazzi because you can make it work for you.  If you have 2 parties on the calendar, great!  If you have 1 party on the calendar, great!  Make it full.  Have something every single week to make it consistent.

Awnya: One thing I love about what you said is that you are offering to do parties for these people.  You’re not going on there and saying “You’re gonna do a party for me, you’re gonna do it Thursday night and it’s going to be at 7-o’clock”.  You are OFFERING these people the opportunity to share with their friends the amazing new jewelry.

Natalie:  That’s right

Awnya I think a lot of times, especially because we are sales people, we kinda forget that we aren’t pushing this stuff on people.  We are just giving them the opportunity to say yes or no.  And if you don’t offer then they are never going to have that opportunity.  So by messaging these people, you could even say something like:

 “Oh. My. Gosh, girl!  I have been thinking about you because the new spring jewelry is coming out.  I know your favorite color is Spearmint green and that is what we have.  Would you want to have a party and get some free spearmint green jewelry and show all your friends the new stuff?”

You aren’t saying “Put this in your shopping cart.  Buy it. And then make all your friends buy 10 pieces too.”  You are just offering an opportunity.  And then like what you said earlier, they can say yes, they can say no.  But if you don’t ask, then it’s always going to be a no.

Natalie:  Right, exactly.  Yep!

Awnya:  I have thoroughly enjoyed our time on the call today.  I have tons of notes and I’m sure all of the listeners have tons of notes.  Thank you for joining and sharing with us!!

 Natalie: You’re welcome!!

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