Grow Your Paparazzi Jewelry Team

So you are wanting to grow your team?!  That’s AWESOME!!  Let’s chat about why you should and how you can get started growing your team!

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Building a team with Paparazzi is a great way to help other people as well as expanding your business.

Why should I want to build a team?

When you have a team, you can reach greater ranks in Paparazzi, get achievements like the Crown Clubs and you get a downline bonus check every month that will only add to the money you are already getting with your personal sales.

As you are growing leaders in your business, you get to connect with other women who are fun, excited and motivated in their business.  It is really fun to make new friends and get to know people because of Paparazzi.

This is something I talk about a lot because I wasn’t a super popular kid and that is something I didn’t expect when I joined Paparazzi.  I don’t think I would have believed it if someone HAD told me!  Paparazzi has given me friends, great relationships, an increase in our family funds and a way to take amazing vacations with my husband!

While the reasons your friends and customers will want to join can be as various as they are, a lot of times they will also discover that Paparazzi is more than just $5 jewelry.

Another great reason to build your team is because you have the opportunity to help other women too.  You can be the person that helps them get out of debt or helps them find a way to put food on the table.  Or maybe they are able to work less and be with their kids more. Whatever the reason, you can be the person that helps them change their lives!

You are probably thinking, “I don’t know the first thing about being a leader or training someone.”  Not a problem!  This episode will get you started on the right foot!

So now that we’ve covered WHY you SHOULD want to grow your team, let’s cover the HOW.

Whether you’ve been with Paparazzi for several years or are just getting started, sharing the business doesn’t have to be complicated.  Usually I just say something like, “Girl, you just love this jewelry SO much, have you ever thought of just joining?!  Your passion would be contagious and I’m sure your friends would love looking as amazing as you do!”

See, that simple!  I think a lot of times, we over-complicate the process and make it a lot more difficult than it has to be!

Here are a few tricks that I’ve learned that help me out…

Ask questions

Start out by asking them what questions THEY have about Paparazzi.  This may be the only thing that you need to do.  Most people only have a concern or two before they are ready to jump in!  Talk about those and get them started!

There are some people who like numbers, facts and data to look over.  Share with them the Compensation Plan.  Be sure to add your consultant information to the top so that they know who to contact when they are ready to join your team.

Don’t over complicate this!  It really is as easy as talking.  If you get asked a question you don’t know or get stumped, tell them that you don’t know, BUT you can find out and let them know.  You don’t have to have all the answers before you get going! Your potential team member will love that you will look into their question and get back with them!   This shows them that you care and that you WILL find them the answers they need.

Be interested in them!

Learn about their personal life.  Do they have kids?  Family?  Are they married?  Are they new to the area?  Do they stay at home?  Do they work outside the home?  Do they like jewelry?  What is it about Paparazzi that they like most?  How could Paparazzi make the biggest difference in their lives?

These are all great questions that will help you get you get to know that person better.  Be sure to keep things conversational and not like an interview.  You want them to get a feel for who you are at the same time AND not sound scripted.

Listen before you talk

When I get excited or nervous….and sometimes just because I’m awake, I like to talk.   and talk and talk and talk. When you are chatting with someone about joining Paparazzi, the BIGGEST “secret” I can tell you is to LISTEN!  Ask questions, like we talked about a minute ago but you really want to focus on listening more and talking LESS.  When they ask you a questions, answer it and then ask them another question.

This leads me right into my next point…

Speak to what speaks to them

People join Paparazzi for all kinds of reasons.  Sometimes its because they need girl time.  Other times its just for the money.  And still others just want to travel the world with a group of amazing people and see Paparazzi as a way to do just that.  When you are talking about the benefits of joining Paparazzi, you need to focus most on the aspect that is most appealing to them.

If you have someone who wants to be fashionable at all times but is on a tight budget and you talk to her about traveling the whole time, she might walk away confused and unsure if Paparazzi is the right fit for her.  If, on the other hand, you talk about how the styles change all the time and how Paparazzi has the latest colors, fashions and trends, you are speaking right to her heart and she is more likely to jump right in!

My favorite question to figure out what their heart wants is:

“What is it about the Paparazzi business that is most exciting to you?”

This leaves it wide open to see what is in their hearts and what will motivate them more to join.

Walk the Walk

When you are wanting to build a team, the BEST way to attract people to you is to be an amazing example of a Paparazzi consultant.  Wear your jewelry, take it with you while you are out and about.  When you sell a little or a lot, TELL people about it.  You don’t have to brag, but simply sharing those little things will start to get your friends and family thinking that they want to have that kind of success too!  Or maybe they will share what you are doing with the people they know and you will get referrals.  It all starts from those little seeds you sew every day, so be sure you are planting seeds that you want to harvest!

Be consistent with the parties, events, and posting you do.  Work your business consistently over time will be what gets you the results.  I know it can be discouraging when you have been posting and posting and no one seems to be buying, but just keep it up!  Have a party.  Get some new blood in your sales group.  Shake things up a little bit.  But keep with it.  When you push through those difficult times, that’s when you will find the tremendous, amazing, Elite kind of growth that we all want to achieve.


Paparazzi jewelry compensation plan

Paparazzi jewelry compensation plan

Show Challenge:

Do you know someone who might want to join your team?  Talk to them and see if they have any questions about Paparazzi.  You never know, that might be your first team member!

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Get UN-Comfortable

Have you heard of this thing called your comfort zone?  Let’s chat about how your comfort zone could be hindering your business and what you can do to change it.

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We each have a way of protecting ourselves from things that could potentially be dangerous. This dates back to caveman times when things that were new or frightening could be potentially life threatening. In our lives today, our comfort zones will kill our businesses!

Let’s quickly define what a comfort zone is.  A Comfort Zone is a place where we feel secure, happy and content.  It is a place where things don’t often change or cause us stress or anxiety.  This space can be mental or physical.

While a comfort zone isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it isn’t necessarily a good thing either.  Within a comfort zone, there is no change.  Things pretty much always stay the same.  If you are living the life of your dreams, this place might be your happiness, but MOST people find that they aren’t happy with things just as they are and in order to change life as it is right now, you need to stretch your comfort zone.

Stretching your comfort zone

Think of your comfort zone as a rubber band.  This band is to help keep you in that place of optimal anxiety where stress and change are minimal.  What would happen in you were to run as fast as you could with that rubber band attached to your back?  SNAP!  Right back into place, right back where you came from.  But what would happen instead of you took half a step further than you have been?  There would still be resistance and a bit of discomfort, but eventually, the rubber band would stretch out just a bit and you would have expanded your area of comfort.

There is a place called Optimal Anxiety.  This is the place where you are slightly uncomfortable, but not extremely uncomfortable.  In this area, your stress levels are slightly elevated, but you are also changing things up.  You are getting outside of the normal and the everyday into undiscovered areas.  THIS is the place where all the magic is going to happen!!

How do you know that you are in the area of Optimal Anxiety?  Think of an athlete before a big game or a politician or keynote speaker before the game or performance.  They feel a bit of stress, a tiny amount or pressure to perform, but they aren’t so afraid of the task at hand that they are paralyzed by fear.  The stress and slight burst of adrenaline that they are experiencing actually helps to focus them in on the task at hand and preform at their best.

For you, this might be a challenge that helps you to meet new people or do something that you wouldn’t normally do.  Something like giving away a piece of free jewelry or giving a compliment to 5 people a week can push you outside your comfort zone by pushing you to talk to new people.

Have you heard of the rejection guy?  This guy set a goal to get rejected for 100 days.  100 days!!!  He asked random people things like “Can I play soccer in your back yard?”  and he also asked if he could borrow a dog from the Humane Society for a day.  Some of his rejections were completely crazy, but there were some GREAT lessons he learned from the experiment and it’s totally inspiring.  If you want some help in getting outside your comfort zone, check out some of his videos or his book Rejection Proof.

Let’s do a quick experiment.  Fold your arms across your chest like you would if you were saying a prayer.  Notice which arm is on top and which is on the bottom.  Now trade.  Does it feel weird?  It totally does, right?!  Keep ‘um folded…

After a few minutes, you will adjust to the new way to fold your arms, and while it might not be your favorite still, it won’t be AS uncomfortable.  THIS is your goal!  You want to start to stretch and grow your comfort zone so that you are constantly growing and developing!

This way, you won’t get stuck in a rut.  It keeps you growing and learning and trying new things!  If I had stayed in my comfort zone, I would never have joined Paparazzi.  I would never be talking to strangers about $5 jewelry.  I would have missed out on so many friendships and opportunities AND I wouldn’t have traveled to amazing international destinations.  What would you be missing out on if you always stayed inside your comfort zone?

Now, let’s think about what would happen if you stretched your comfort zone a little bit more?!  Would you grow your team?  Would you be hitting new ranks or getting a massive paycheck?  The sky is the limit!

So let’s do it!! What are you going to do this week to break out of the normal?


100 Days of Rejection Therapy

Call Challenge:

The challenge for this episode is to choose 2 ways that you are going to stretch your comfort zone this week and then DO them!  A few suggestions are:

-give 5 compliments to people

-give away 2 pieces of jewelry

-go to a networking event in your area

-call a potential host an ask her to do a party for you

-call someone you thing would be a GREAT paparazzi consultant ans ask if it is something she would be interested in

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Taking Payments

Will that be paper or plastic?  What kind of payments should you accept in your Paparazzi Accessories business?

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Be a beginner quote


One of the first things you want to look at as you start your Paparazzi Accessories business is how people are going to be able to pay you. Here are the 3 most popular payment methods outlined and what you need to consider with each.


Cash is my personal favorite form of payment.  It is quick, easy and there is not doubt that it is going to be accepted!  One thing you DO have to be prepared for when taking cash is having change.  I like to have 1-$10 bill, 10 – 1’s, and then 8- 5’s. A grand total of about $60.  I rarely run out of change with this amount in my pocket.


It is a PROVEN fact that if you take credit cards, shoppers will spend more!  Have you ever gotten to a party or a store with only $15 and the thing you fall in LOVE with is $25?  You just HAVE to have it but don’t want to run to the ATM?  I think taking credit cards is completely worth the small fee that you have to pay in order to still get your customers what they want/need and increase spending at your parties and events.

How Can you Take Credit Cards?

To take a credit card, you will need a smart phone or a tablet or ipad with internet access.  There are 2 companies that make it REALLY easy to accept credit cards.  Let’s look at both.

Square:  Order reader for free online.  Pay 2.75% per swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. No monthly fees, no commitments. Daily deposits into your bank account. Manually enter card information and pay 3.5% + 15¢ per transaction.

Paypal: Order reader for free online.  Pay 2.75% per swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (US cards only).  No monthly fees, no commitments.  Deposits into your bank account upon request (takes 3-5 days).  Debit card for funds available with immediate access and 1% cash back on all purchases with Debit Card. Keyed in cards have a fee of 3.5% + $0.15.

It is totally up to you which you want to use.  I personally prefer Paypal because I can ship out products to my customers that are far away and get a discount on shipping through them (that is a totally different call topic!)  Both are really comparable and many Paparazzi Accessories Consultants use both.  I just recommend choosing one so that you can take credit cards at your parties or events.


This payment method is TOTALLY up to you.  Personally, I don’t take checks at all.  With cash and credit, you have your money up front.  With a check, you are trusting that the customer will have enough money in their bank when you go to cash it.  And if they don’t, you get a $25 return check fee!  And, checks can be returned up to 4 weeks later.  To me, the risk is too high.  That being said, if you want to trust your great-aunt Sally with her check, it is totally up to you!

Printable Resource:

Credit Cards Accepted Here Printable Sign

Call Challenge:

Print out the Credit Cards Accepted Sign (link above) on card stock and laminate if possible.  Get it ready to use at your next party or show!

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