Katherine McCaskey – Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Interview

Katherine McCaskey is an amazing mom, team leaders and jewelry seller.  Let’s take a few minutes to learn her biggest advise and tips.

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Katherine McCaskey - Paparazzi jewelry Elite LeaderKatherine McCaskey - Paparazzi jewelry Elite Leader - pic 2

Today, I am super excited to welcome Katherine McCaskey.  Let me tell you a little bit about Katherine before we jump into all these juicy details.  She is from Minnesota, up there in the cold.  She started Paparazzi back in November 2011, so coming up on 6 years.  She and her team just hit A-Lister in March which is Amazing!

She started Paparazzi Part time and now they do it full time.  And she’s the mother of 4 beautiful children.  Katherine has hit Crown Club 25 and is officially Life of the Party-Silver but unofficially this month, they hit Life of the Party- Gold.

Katherine, did I leave anything out.

Katherine: No, I think you got it all.  I’m so excited.

Awnya:  Thanks for joining us!  Let’s jump into the first question!

How did you get started with Paparazzi?

Katherine:  I was actually at an event for another company and next to my table of the products I was selling was a bunch of jewelry.  And I didn’t want to look cuz I get sucked into all sorts of Direct Sales stuff.

At the event, tons of people were leaving with these bags and I’m like, “I’ve got to check this out.”  So then a long story short, I talked with my sponsor.  And it took her a few weeks of getting a hold of me and she kinda talked me into it cuz I had just started something else.  The more I thought about it and the price point and everything I was like, “I’m just gonna go for it.  $5 accessories?!  How can you go wrong?!”

People were just eating it up.  Here I was at my stand with my product and there was not much movement going on, so I basically just started by going to an event and my sponsor just stayed on me and bless her heart for staying on me otherwise I don’t know where I would be right now.

Awnya:  I love that.  The follow up is SOOOO so important.  Just keep checking in with people and just make sure that you’re helping them out with any questions.  And its’ amazing the things that come from that.

What is your why?  Why do you do Paparazzi?

Katherine:  I love this questions because my why, and I feel like so many other people’s why’s, changes. As you grow, it changes.  But my why going into this was to make money. I’d say that 99% of people who join Paparazzi want some side cash. Then there’s that small percentage that just want to have fun and meet people.  But as we’ve grown and as we’ve built relationships with our team, their why has become my why.

They want to grow and they want to make money, so my why is – I’m in it to help my team grow and succeed because I know the potential and I see what can happen and the success.  So now, my why is my team.  I get up in the morning, I do it for them.  I cheer them on.  Every single day.

That is my current why, right now.  I love it.  I do Paparazzi because I love it.  And how could you go wrong.  This stuff is awesome!

Awnya:  I love that you kind of encompassed all of that.  How it was when you started and what it is now.  And I’m sure some of it still is the money because, like you said, you guys do this full time now. But, it has changed to include you team which is amazing.  Let’s kind of take a little bit of a shift.  We’re going to switch to your worst Paparazzi moment.

Now if you are a new listener, let me just explain this questions for just a second.  Because we aren’t bashing, we aren’t being negative. But a lot of people, we see these Elite consultants and how amazing they are and their rock star teams and it’s really easy to think that they’ve never had a bad day.  They’ve never had a bad show.

So this questions is designed to show you guys, to show everybody, that the Elite consultants have had bad days.  They’ve had the worst moments.  Some of their moments are even worse than what we’ve had and yet they’ve pushed through.

So Katherine, what is your worst Paparazzi moment?

Katherine:  You know, I love how you explained it because in the 6 years, we’ve had a lot of worst moments.  We’ve had really bad parties.  I mean, parties – you have your good parties and your bad parties and not every party is going to be good.

But you know, the first couple of years until you really figure out what to do to make those parties great, we had a lot of slow parties.  And we were like, “Is this really worth it?  We can’t get people to join our parties.”  But then I just realized the more consistent I was, the better they get.  The better our show does.  So no matter if you are a star consultant or if you are at the top of the company, you are going to have bad parties, but you’re also going to have so many good ones.

And also events.  Oh my gosh.  For those of you that don’t know, we have a trailer – like a bling trailer – and we do a lot of outdoor events in the summer.  And also when we do our booths, we have a tent and so we have out pegboards also displayed.  We have come across 40 mph winds, we’ve had rain.  We’ve had boards knock over on people multiple times.

You can’t fight Mother Nature.  We’ve had our fair share of bad events – weather wise – but you’ve just got to keep going and use that momentum to find that next good one.   And if you can keep that positive attitude and you just keep on going for the nos and going for the “no” sales, you are actually going to get more sales that way and more contacts and build your networking circle.

Awnya:  One of the things I love that you said there is, “Use those bad moments as momentum to get to the next good ones.” That is like a gem right there!

Another thing I wanted to ask you a follow up question about is, you said that the “bad parties” helped you learn how to make your parties great.  So do you have a couple tips on how to make your parties great?

Katherine:  I look back and I tell my team to do this too.   I kinda go over the party and see, “Okay, what did I do leading up to the party?  How much did I post?  How much did I prep my guests?   Did I do a traditional FB event where I’m posting pictures?  Did you excite people leading days up?”

Wording is huge!  Think about – what would get you excited to attend a party?  Just kind of reviewing what you’ve done and thinking, “What can I do to make it better?  What can I do to make it better?”

Look at people around you?  What are they doing?

It’s all about trial and error and adding things.  You know, 6 year into this, we are still changing the way we do parties to this day to make them better and building more.  So it’s all changing and like I said, trying new things and overlooking what you’re doing.

Awnya:  That’s perfect.  A word that I love is iteration.  To me, it means that you’re taking whatever is working now but you’ve got to keep changing that and keep adapting no matter what.  And I love that you said that because, I mean, you’re Elite. And to see that there’s not just 1 way to do it.  There’s a hundred different ways.

It’s just whatever works best for you and your customers and you just have to keep trying to figure that out all the time and keep trying to do better.  I love that.

Katherine:  I will say, my sponsor quit a couple of months after we started and I really didn’t have another upline.  And I’m not one to really ask for help.  I figured everything out on my own.  If you really want it, you’re going to do your research and figure out how to get it done.

Because I’ve done it and other people have done it and there are ways to make things better so you just have to really want to do it and if you do it, you’re going to see amazing things happen.

Awnya: Value bomb.  Like, Mic drop.  We could end right there and I would have learned so much already from you.  Let’s go to the next question though.

What is a habit you have that contributes to your success?

Katherine:  I love this question because in this business, the key, if there is a secret you guys, the secret would be consistency in everything you do.  Facebook posting.  If you have a team group- you’re posting in there every day.  If you’re signing up new team members, you’re being consistent about following up with them.   I feel like habit and consistency are kinda the same thing.

But for me not being a consistent person going into this, it was a little bit of a struggle and I can tell with my numbers when I’m not consistent.   But I think the biggest habit I have that contributed to my success and will contribute yours as you grow a team, if you choose to, is building those relationships.  Get your team groups going as soon as you get your first team member.  Post daily motivational quotes.  Post a challenge.

When you are going 3, 4, 5 days without posting you’re gonna loose that relationship and a lot of people need that drive from you.  So I do feel like my habit of posting with my team has definitely helped keep things growing because you build a relationship that way.

And the same with your customers.  So a lot of you guys probably have your VIP group on Facebook that you post your jewelry in when you order it.  And if you don’t, you totally need to get one because Facebook is a gold mine.  If you’re posting, let’s say you post one day 3 accessories and then you go 5 days without it.  Those people in your group are going to forget that they are even in a jewelry group.  So just be consistent in everything you do, even though sometimes it feels like forever and you aren’t seeing the results.

Those girls that I work with that are consistent and I stay on top of them are seeing BIG things happen so consistency is the key to success – if there was a secret.

Awnya: I love that you say that, because 95% of the Elite interviews we have done, that is the exact same answer, so you guys.  Take note!  Consistency is the key!  It truly is!  If most of the Elite are saying it- it must be true right!

So what is some advice you would give to a brand new consultant just getting started in their Paparazzi business?

Katherine: I love this one because it happens all the time.  Every single day.  There is always someone out there who just doesn’t know where to go.  You ask for help.  I know, I have my team page.  People know they can come to me but not everybody does.  You need to make sure that you are reaching out to your sponsor and if your sponsor is not active, your next upline or leader.

If you don’t know who they are, you need to call corporate and figure that out because there is someone who will, you know, help you.  And if you are that uncomfortable with getting the help, then you need to challenge yourself.  Say, “Okay, you know what, I’m going LIVE once this week.” or “I’m going to go hand out 20 business cards.”  Challenge yourself.

Sometimes you feel like you are just out of your comfort zone and it gets uncomfortable when you think about these things but that truly what’s going to make it work.  So, when you are feeling stuck, that’s your sign to reach out for new ideas.

Awnya:  The thing that I loved right there that you just said was that you need to get outside of your comfort zone!  Because when you are in your comfort zone, nothing is going to change and that fear that you feel when you are getting outside of your comfort zone it is saying that something is new.  But it is also a sign that things are changing.

And if things don’t change then you are going to stay in the same place.  If things are changing, then they can get better.  So it’s a good thing to be outside of your comfort zone and to be challenging yourself and to be moving forward.  Even though its new territory and it’s kinda scary, it’s a good thing.

Now, if you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who is feeling totally stuck in their business, what would tell them to do?

Reach out for help.  Find your upline.  Figure out – write down and logging what you want to see out of this.  When you kind of have a number goal and figure out what you want to make, it kind of gives you a better idea of how to go forward.  And what you need to do.  Do you want to make $500 profit? How much jewelry do you need to sell?  Having that visual is a really good motivator, I think.

But also reaching out.  There’s always someone up the line or in your team groups that will help challenge you or get that momentum built back up.

Awnya:  And a lot times those people aren’t going to come looking for you.  If you need help, sometimes the signs aren’t there.  Whether it’s finding someone on YouTube that you can emulate or learn something from one of the Paparazzi leaders or, like you said, finding your upline or your across line or somebody to help inspire you and get you motivated, right?

Katherine:  Yes, they are out there.

What is a quote that inspires you?

Katherine:  So this one has stuck with me since I started team building.

Katherine McCaskey fav quoteAnd what I love about this is, I know with my team, I watch my team build team members and customers.  And, you know, team members go in to it really wanting to make it work and then they don’t want to do anything.  They ask for help and you tell them everything you can do for them.  You send them ideas and they don’t do anything with it.

You can’t force someone to order.  You can’t force a team member to party.  You can’t force somebody to sign up.  But as long as you are being a good sponsor and you are giving them all the resources, you’re doing your job.  It’s up to them to take it and run.  And not everybody does.

Some people start this and you’ll never hear from them again.  Sometimes I feel like they just feel bad and just don’t want to tell you that.  It’s not for everybody but as long as you’re there, that’s all that matters.  Just remember, don’t waste your time trying to force people work it because if they really want to, they will.   Especially if you have all the information and you know that they have all the knowledge they need to have going forward.

Awnya: What I love right there that you said, is that you gave them resources, you gave them things to inspire them.  But it’s not like you’re showing up at their doorstep saying, “Let’s go do a party.” “Let’s go do an event.” They still have to want it.  They still have to do it themselves.

What is a book you’d say is a must read and why?

Katherine:  I will admit, I am not a huge reader.  However, I have started more, especially getting into the Elite because we do get a lot of books.  I like magazines, like the gossip magazines and I don’t even read that much.  But I will say, the books I have read – and there are so many leadership books out there.  You can just google it.  And I highly recommend it because you will learn a lot more.  You think you know it all and you really don’t.

But the one that I really like is The 5 Love Languages.

Your customers, your team, your friends and your family, we all have different ways of living life and how we do things and how we love and how we like to be rewarded.  In The 5 love Languages, it kinda teaches you about each language and you can really start to put it with your team and your customers.

So, for example, not every one of your team members wants a phone call.  Some people like to be rewarded with a gift.  Some people just like to be acknowledged with a shout out.  So it really helps you kind of figure out the different people you are working with and how to cope with them and work with them.  So I definitely recommend the 5 love Languages, it’s really awesome.

Awnya:  So with your team do you have like a survey that you have them take or do you just get to know them and then figure out which love language they have or how do you apply that in your business?

Katherine:  I kinda just figure it out.  There is a questionnaire a long time ago that we got from corporate, but with our team size, it would be really hard to put it out there and then keep track of every single person.  However I have some from my personally sponsored.

The more you build your relationships and get to know them and you know your love languages, you just kind of figure them out.  Who they are, what they like and, yeah.

Awnya:  It’s more about that building relationships and just knowing who you are working with.  I love that.

Katherine:  Yes!  That is key!

Awnya:  It totally is.  Last question.  So here on the PapaRockStars Podcast, we like to do a weekly call challenge.

So what is 1 thing you would challenge the listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi businesses?

Katherine: I’m going to challenge you to do this in 48 hours, but you can do it in 7 days, but I extra challenge you guys to do it in 48 hours.

A couple of years ago when I was feeling stuck, I had someone from corporate challenge me.  She was like, “I want you to do a Facebook party.  I want you to give it your all.  I want you to make people excited.  I want you to do everything you can think to make this your best Facebook party ever.”  This was just a regular Facebook party.  She wanted me to have it done in 48 hours.

I had so much other stuff.  We had 4 kids.  I was like, “Oh my gosh.  What am I going to do?”  I could not-  I had to get it done.  I wasn’t going to not do it and come up with all these excuses.  I did it.  I sacrificed sleep- which is one thing you will do if you really want to grow a team fast or grow your business fast.

Let me tell you, it was my BEST party – times 4 – that I have ever done in my life because I gave it my all.  I sacrificed my time.  You know, we have time.  It’s just all how we fit it in.  There’s plenty of time to do all this stuff.  So I think back to how I did that in 48 hours, I’m challenging you guys.

You probably have heard from corporate and from your upline that Facebook LIVE is changing the way that Paparazzi is in the business.  It is exploding like never before.  It is multiplying sales.  So, it took me 3 months to start doing them. And it took me probably a good 10 times before I actually could go into it and not have to go *deep breath* cuz I was so nervous.

But I promise you, you will get over being nervous once you start doing them, they are actually a lot of fun.  And you make a lot of contacts and you make a lot more money than any other Facebook party out there.  So I challenge you to do a live party within the next 48 hours, if Awnya’s okay with that – changing those rules.  Putting the pressure on.

And if it really makes you uncomfortable doing it and you haven’t done one before.  Just get on your phone on your camera and just, you know, do a video camcorder.  Just to kinda get your feet in or whatever.  But just do it.  Don’t care about what other people think.  You know.  So, even if it’s just 10-15 pieces.  Just getting your foot in the door.  But I promise you, if you stay consistent and do them 2-3 times a week, you are going to build your network.

They key is to have your friends and family share.  Give out a free accessory if someone shares your video.  A lot of people be like, “I can’t afford to give out a free accessory.” but that one accessory can lead to so many customers.

I guess that’s my challenge.  That’s what I recommend doing.  Get on a schedule.  Like my husband said, if you get on a schedule, like when people get home, they turn on the 6 o’clock news.  So if you get on a schedule, your customers are going to get on that schedule too.  And they’re going to know, “Kat’s on at 6 pm tonight, I’m going to get myself some new bling.”  So get in a habit and use consistency and you could totally blow it up.

Yes, Facebook live is huge, but I also feel like it’s still really ground level.  Like yes, people are doing it, but there are billions of people to still be touched.  So if you get in on this now, while it’s starting, you are going to build a team like no tomorrow.  And customers.  And sales.

Awnya:  That’s amazing.  And you know, the Rock Stars who listen to this Podcast, they are always up for a challenge.  So I believe that they will totally rock the 48 hours that you gave them and there is going to be all kinds of LIVEs popping up because they are always up for a challenge.

Thank you for joining us on the podcast today.  I have pages of notes and I am so excited to implement what I have learned today.

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Treat Your Business Like a Business

Having a home based business can be tricky with balancing your home and family life as well as all the interruptions you can get while working at the kitchen table.  Today we are going to talk about how to work your business LIKE a business!

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Tiffany Peterson quote


The nice thing about a home business is that you can fit it into the cracks and around the life you already have.  You can be snuggling a sick kiddo on the couch while you text team members and post photos from your phone into your sales group.  You can do a live Facebook video in the carpool pickup lane at school and showcase jewelry and get sales while you are waiting or you can run a Facebook party while supervising 8-twelve year olds at a slumber party!

I LOVE that I can be a mom AND run a successful, growing online business.  BUT, one of the things I see SO often is that in the chaos that can sometimes be life, we forget to post.  We forget to connect with our customers and team.  I’m guilty of this exact thing!  So here are a few tips to make sure that you are running your business like a business!

1- Have business hours.  Set up a time each week that customers can drop by, shop and/or grab jewelry that they have ordered.  This makes it so they are working around your schedule and not the other way around.   Plus, its kinda like a set night where they know your jewelry is out so they can shop.  This will increase your sales and make it so you aren’t chasing people all over town to deliver their jewelry.

Have a night where you party.  I’ve shared before that I do online parties on Wednesday evenings.  My husband has a commitment every Wednesday night and so I know I will need to be home with my kiddos.  Instead of taking the night off, I figured I might as well party it up.  Yes, it’s a little crazy with all my littles running around, but I am still taking advantage of the time that I have to work my biz.

If home parties are your thing, decide on days/times that work for you and then mark those out on your calendar – I usually sit down with my hubby and we choose dates together.  That way he knows when he is on deck for all the kid-chauffeuring and I know when he will be there.  I won’t have to stress about finding a sitter and my hostesses have some great dates to choose from!

The biggest thing with these is find what works for you!!  Just know that you NEED to have “business hours”.  This is a business and even if you are working from home, business hours help others know when you are open and you can work it into your schedule.

2- Touch your business every day.  I know how life gets, but if you commit to touch your business everyday, you will find a way to squeeze it in.  I recommend trying to do something in each of the main areas of my business.  For me, that is:

  • My customers
  • My team
  • Potential team members
  • invoices
  • orders out

I know this SEEMS like a lot, but even if I only spend 5 minutes spread out during the day on each of these things, that’s only 25 minutes.  That really isn’t a whole lot of time.

Think of it this way – the things that you focus on and spend time on are going to grow.  They will expand.  They will.  It’s like an unwritten law of the universe.  If you are only spending a few minutes once or twice a week on your business, are you telling the universe you are serious about your business?  Are you sending the message that you want to grow and expand?  That you want to become and Elite leader?

If you have more time to work your business, that’s great, but be sure that you are touching your business a little bit every day.

3- Don’t be a paper pusher.  This is me to a T.  I like to organize, create flow charts and folders.  The school and office supply aisles at Walmart is my happy place.  Seriously.  It took me a long time to realize that the time I thought I was working I was actually shuffling papers around.  Moving things from one place to another.  I felt GREAT when I looked at my accomplishments, but my business wasn’t growing and I couldn’t figure out why.

Finally, at a training meeting, the speaker asked what my “Income Producing Activities” (IPA’s) were.  That stumped me and then sent me into some serious reflection.  The things I was NEEDING to do for my business weren’t the things that I was actually doing.  Is it bad to be organized?  Nope.  Just don’t make the same mistake I did and shuffle papers, create graphics, make charts and tracking forms, etc. and count that as time that you are working your business.  That is organizing.  So make time for that and then WORK your business.

4- Wear your uniform.  When you have a job, there is a dress code or uniform that you need to wear.  Some dress codes are more strict than others but they are there.  Brands, companies and organizations want you to be able to quickly and easily locate and recognize their employees.  Think of Hooters, Walmart, Target, Olive Garden, doctors offices, or McDonalds.  You can pretty quickly tell who works as these places and who does not.

You want that same kind of recognition for you and your business.  YOU are the jewelry lady (or man).  If you aren’t wearing any of what you tell, people might assume you aren’t in business anymore.  You want your friends and customers to know that you are rockin’ your business and that you love your product too!

And, when you are out running errands, if you are wearing your jewelry and someone complements you on it, give them your card and a free piece of jewelry.  You just found a new customer!

So wear your uniform.  Be a walking, talking display case!

5- Be professional but be human. This is a difficult combo to master.  You want people to know that you work from home, but you don’t want to do a live video with your dishes piled high in the sink and your kids beating on each other in the background.  Let your personality shine through in your videos and posts.  Let people get to know you – take a peek into your personal life.  Don’t get on to your sales group and rant about something political or about who made it to the Superbowl.  Keep things professional too.

I add personality into my Live Facebook videos by starting out with a corny joke.  My customers seem to like it and have even started messaging me with jokes I should use!  It keeps things light and makes me laugh (which is never a bad thing).  Share a little about yourself to help them see the person behind the business but remember that this is a glimpse, a taste – not the entire kitchen.

I’m sure I could go on and on about different things that you should do to treat your business more like a business, but to me, these are the most important.


Call Challenge:

Pick one thing from show today that really resonated with you.  Implement it into your business today, right now!

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Facebook LIVE videos training

Live videos are all the rage right now.  Facebook is showing live videos first in the newsfeed and friends are enjoying interacting and seeing your face.

But does the thought of going live make you break into cold sweats?  Let’s talk about some things you can do to prepare, research and plan out your live videos for maximum success.

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Facebook Live Paparazzi Party graphic



First – why are you going live?  Make sure that you have a purpose in mind for why you are going live.  Are you doing a facebook sale?  Sharing about your latest vacation?  Talking about a huge achievement your team just reached?  Make sure that you know what you want to share so your video stays on track and meaningful.

Second – be yourself.  Let your personality show through.  Be professional but not TOO professional.  When you let your personality show through, your friends, family and anyone who might be watching you will get more of a feel for WHO you are.  They do business with people they know, like and trust.  By letting your true you shine, you are more relatable.  It makes more of a personal connection and that makes it more likely that they will make a purchase or join your team!

Third – do your homework.  This is going to be the MAIN part of the show today because this is how I have become more comfortable with Live videos and how I continue to find new ideas to use in my videos.

Watch the leaders – live vidoes are taking Facebook, Instagram and Periscope by storm!!  There are definite leaders that are killing it on Live videos.  Take some time and watch the videos they are doing.  Take notes on the things you do like and the things that you don’t like as much.  These are working examples of what to do and do well.

Food Network Star – This might sound like a crazy tip, but I’m only getting started!  I stumbled across the show, Food Network Star.  On this show, contestants compete for the final spot by cooking, doing videos, live videos, using social media and learning out to present themselves on camera.  The point is to find the person who will get their own show on Food network.

As you watch the episodes, you can see the contestants do videos, hear immediate feedback from the judges and learn what will capture and keep the attention of your audience.  Now, there is some drama because it is “reality TV” but the feedback from those judges and learning what makes a likable, relatable TV star is priceless information.

Watch a few episodes, take notes and implement those tips into your live videos.

QVC – Another place you can do some AMAZING research is on QVC or any of the other home shopping networks.  There is a reason why these channels are making money.  Why brands who get featured on these networks see amazing EXPLOSIVE growth.  They have been practicing and honing their selling skills for YEARS.  They know how to get you to spend $375 on a toaster that will also make you orange juice and iron your shirts.   The truth is, it works!

Watch some QVC while you are doing some laundry or bagging orders.  Again, take notes on what works.

One night, while I was doing some laundry, I took my own advice and turned on the home shopping network.  I was interesting to listen to the descriptions and maybe pick up a few tips.  It was pretty interesting but one item in particular grabbed my attention.  It was an ugly, itchy looking horse hair poncho.  It was something I immediately disliked and couldn’t believe that people were playing $350 for it!

I listened to the lady tell about the thread count and they colors available and then the camera switched to a model actually wearing the poncho.  And then the magic happened.  The hostess said, “Tina, didn’t you just have a baby 4 weeks ago?” and the model nodded. “Can you believe how amazing she looks in this poncho?!” the hostess continued.  “It hides all that post-mommy belly and she looks stylish and trendy! “

All of a sudden, in my mind, I said, “I’ve had 7 babies!  I need that in my life!” And this is when the alarm bells started going off.  Only seconds before, I was dead set against this poncho and then I was ready to pull out my credit card and get me an itchy, scratchy, ugly, overpriced poncho.

This instant shift in my mind made me take a step back and evaluate what had just happened.  The hostess had created a NEED in my mind. She had stopped talking about the thread counts or possible colors – she had enticed me with covering the less than flattering parts of my body.  By pulling in those personal details of her model, my mind made a shift too.  It made a connection.

Doing this in your live videos will make a HUGE difference too!  Stop talking about the fact that everything is only $5.  That it is nickel and lead free.  Instead, mention that in passing and then focus on WHY they NEED the item you are showing!  Is it the perfect way to complete an outfit?  Maybe it is a Go-To accessory that looks great with any outfit.  Maybe it’s a pair of earrings that works well with a pair of jeans or a little black dress!

Highlight WHY they need what you are offering.  Make that personal connection and you will make more sales.

This is just ONE of the things I learned watching a few minutes of the Home shopping network.

Can you see how doing a few minutes of research can be super valuable to you in your live videos?

Now I’m not saying that you should become a Paparazzi infomercial, but you SHOULD learn how you can make your videos stand out from the other consultants who are doing live videos.  Set yourself apart from the crowd.

Fourth – Timing.  When you are doing your live videos, don’t forget that we offer a whole lot more than $5 Jewelry.  During your live videos is a great time to sprinkle in information about hosting a party or joining your team.  Now notice, I said SPRINKLE.  That means just a little bit of those things, not a lot!  It also doesn’t have to be anything super elaborate.  Just a quick mention so that it is something that they are thinking about or so if it has been something they are thinking about, your quick mention might prompt them to take action!

Fifth – Look professional – This is something that has been covered in several Paparazzi trainings, but it is worth talking about again.  These videos represent you and your Paparazzi business.  This is not the time to be sporting no bra, your pjs or your messy hair.  Be sure to look nice.  Put on some make up and be extra sure that you are wearing your Paparazzi jewelry!  This is your business and you need to represent it as such.

By looking professional, you are telling others that you are serious about your business.  That you care enough about what you do to dress up and show up.  This goes a lot ways with your customers.

Nearly 85% of all communication is non-verbal and you don’t want to be judged before you even have a chance to talk about the jewelry or show your customers any of the amazing pieces you have available.  So be sure to let your friends, family and customers know that you are serious about what you do by the way you are dressed.

With just a little research and a little trial and error, you will be a pro-live-video-er in no time flat!  Give it a shot.

Show Challenge:

Go live at least 1 time in the next week! Whether it is your first LIVE video or your 100th, go live and implement 1 of the tips you learned today!  For a bonus step, tag @PapaRockStarsPodcast in the comments of your video.

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Staying Out of Facebook Jail

How to avoid Facebook Jail

Have you gotten thrown in Facebook jail?  It seems to come without warning and makes it so you can’t post in groups, send messages or friend requests, or sometimes even post at all!!  Let’s talk about how you can avoid going to jail.

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to bling or not to bling   i party on Facebook - Paparazzi Jewelry


So first, let’s talk about what Facebook jail actually is.  If you have been there, you totally know what it is, but if you are new to Paparazzi, maybe you haven’t experienced the “joy” of Facebook jail yet.

Facebook jail basically locks you out of one or several of the features of Facebook.  The most common is posting in your groups, requesting friends, sending messages, or sending friend requests.  Usually you will get a notification that you are unable to do one or several of these things and/or an email.  The length of time you are in jail for varies.  Sometimes jail lasts for a few hours, sometimes a few months.  It totally depends on what you have done to get put in jail and if you have been there before.

Jail in real life or on Facebook is no good!  So let’s talk about some things you can do to avoid jail time….at least on Facebook.

1- Don’t be spammy!  So before we talk more about NOT being spammy, let’s talk about what spammy is.  Spam can be a lot of things.  It can be posting too many places with the exact same message.  It could be posting a slight variation of the same message posted in one place repeatedly.  It can be posting ALL the time about your business opportunity or sales.  It can be copying the same message other consultants are using and posting that.  It can be mass messaging people with the same message.   Bottom line, it is something that is overly done or overly un-personal.

Think about when you go to get the mail.  What do you usually get?  Bill, bill, bill.  Advertisement, credit card application, ad, and maybe (if you are lucky) another piece of junk mail like a magazine or flyer.  Is that fun to get?  Not really.  It’s more annoying and irritating.  It’s not something you want, ask for or even usually inquire back about.  It usually just goes into the trash.

Online, people are little more choosy about what they just “throw away”.  Sometimes, they will just scroll past a post or 2, but if you continue doing it, your friends are going to get irritated.  Soon enough, they will report it as spam.  Or if you are posting in groups repeatedly, a group member could also report you as spam.   Either way, you are wanting to ATTRACT people to your business and being spammy is going to do the exact opposite.

So how do you avoid being spammy?  Listen on!

2- ONE profile per person!  – There are a lot of different opinions on this particular piece of advice.  Facebook terms and conditions that you agree to when you join Facebook states that there is only ONE profile allowed per PERSON, not per email address.  If you are discovered running one, two, or 12 different profiles, Facebook will not put you in jail, they will DELETE all of them. If you are building a business on Facebook, you would loose all your parties, contacts, etc.

It’s also SUPER confusing to your friends, family and team.  When I search for someone that has several profiles…which one should I friend?  If I need to send a message to them….which profile should you use??

So, I stand by the rules of Facebook.  Have only 1 profile.  Better to play by the rules than be sorry.  I have never made a second profile and I haven’t been put into Facebook jail either…so by following these simple suggestions, your one and only profile will be all you need.

3- Don’t forget to be you! – Facebook really, really wants personal profiles to be just that – PERSONAL.  It’s okay to post about your business, but try to add a personal element.  Like have a picture of you bagging jewelry orders.  Take a selfie of you in your favorite new piece of jewelry.  Those kinds of posts show you AND your business, so they don’t raise as many red flags.

If you want to post something that is more business that personal, try to use a 9 to 1 ratio.  9 personal, 1 business.  You friends will still love you and so will Facebook.

4- posting in groups – Posting in groups (sales groups, yard sale groups, etc) is a fantastic way to grow your business.  First, NEVER, EVER EVER ever add someone to a group without permission.  Let me say this again – NEVER add someone to a group without asking and receiving permission first!

The only exception is if you make an event (like for a party) and  then adding the people that want to come to the party into the party group (or VIP group) for the actual live event.  When the RSVP that they are “going” it is a way of giving permission.  Just be sure to put in the event description that they actual event will be in the group and a link to the group so that way they know too.

Okay, so posting in groups – To truly avoid some serious jail time, don’t post graphics or pictures that a lot of other consultants are also posting.  A great example is when Paparazzi corporate sends out an email.  Sometimes they have some really cool graphics they have in those.  DON’T save that image and then post it right into your group.  Even if you only post it once, if 30,000 consultants post the same picture within 24 hours, Facebook will see it as spam.  Make your own collage or image and then post.

Groups are seen as more of a community by Facebook and they don’t really like people doing a lot of business in them.  I personally have a several groups for my team and a VIP sales group and LOVE them!  Be sure to post things that get the interaction up (games, contests, etc. ) and keep the conversation going.

5- posting on pages – Another way around this is to post the image directly to your fanpage and then SHARE it to your group, team page or group or personal profile.  Let’s look more at pages and why that is okay.  Facebook created pages FOR businesses!  It is expected that you will post things on your business pages that are less personal.  If you MUST post that one image that you got in an email and you have NO way to make your own or modify the image first, post it to your page and then share.  Then the “offending party” is the page and not you personally.  Even if the post is removed, you shouldn’t be put into jail.

Pages are also an excellent place to upload your albums of items for sale.  Even if you are going to post it into your sales group….since the post originated from your page, its not seen as you personally being spammy.  If you do load albums to your groups once a week or take them up and down, after a while, Facebook will start to see you as spammy and will flag your albums too.  So use your pages as a “gateway” to posting into your groups.  I know it’s slightly a hassle, but SO much better than being unable to post for a week or 2 and loosing out on your sales or even a few parties because you aren’t playing by Facebook’s rules.

6- Yard sale pages – These are a great place to find new customers and potential consultants.  There are a few things to remember as you are posting in yards ale groups.  First, follow the group rules.  Be sure to read the group rules before joining and then check them again from time to time.  If they sound super serious about no MLM’s or no business posting, keep looking for another group to join.

Second, when posting into groups don’t post the same things again and again.  Recently my 5 year old and 3 year old have been telling Knock Knock jokes.  They know 1.  They tell it again and again and again.  And just when you think they are done…they tell it again.  I am SO tied of hearing the same joke that I even tried to teach them another one just to get a little variety.  Did it work?  Nope.

Don’t be like a 5 year old with only 1 knock knock joke.  Keep your posts interesting and vary your content

Third, be respectful of the group and the members in the group.  Don’t post every single day or even every other day.  Remember the knock knock jokes?  Even if my kids knew 5 or 10 different jokes, if they were telling them every day at 10 am, I would get pretty tired of it really quick.  By spacing out your posts, you are reaching more people and showing that you aren’t going to be a pushy salesperson but that instead, you will respect them.  This goes a long ways with people who are seeing you for the first time.

And Fourth, Don’t sell individual items  in yard sale pages.  If someone comments and wants to buy a specific piece, take the conversation out of the group and into a private message.  While selling in yard sale groups isn’t against Facebook policy, it is against Paparazzi policy.

7 – Images and graphics – There are a LOT of great images and graphics available for you to use.  In fact, we have an entire section of our website dedicated to images that are free to use and have been made just for you!!

Be careful about using images that a lot of other consultants are using, especially if you are all posting it around the same time (like we talked about before in the sections about posting in groups and posting on pages)  Make your own image up if you want to share about a special Paparazzi is running!  It is important to be different and keep things fresh so that you don’t look spammy.

Another word of warning, some images that are made by other consultants aren’t made from places that allow the images to be used.  There have been consultants who were sued for using copyright protected images.  Be careful which images you use and where you get them from.  The good new is, all our images are made from Creative Commons Licensed images and modified by yours truly to be simply amazing!  (so in English, that I do my homework and try my best to make sure that my images are safe to use to market your business).

8- Messages – You may have seen Facebook already trying to protect you from people sending you messages.  It is called “filtered messages”.  A lot of times, when you aren’t connected to a person, Facebook with filter the messages and put it in a “special” place.  They figure that if you really needed to message that person, you would just be friends.  It becomes a big problem for you when you need to message party guests or customers who don’t mind buying from you, but don’t want to be friends either.

To avoid this, be super sure that you need to actually contact and that your message is one they won’t mind getting!  Don’t send mass messages or use group messaging to try to book parties, events of find recruits.  Group messages get old really quick and is a fast way to get flagged as spam.

9- Friend requests – just like with sending messages, sending bunch all at once will get you thrown into jail.  Request people you actually know in real life first and then as you want to connect with other consultants or team members, either let them send the request or request only a few people at a time.

Keep in mind that Facebook for your business is more like a marathon and less like a sprint.  Build your business a little bit every day.  Reach out a little bit every day!  The habit of being consistent and working your business slowly but regularly will be what sets you apart from the crowd!


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Show Challenge:

What is 1 way you can tweak what you are doing on Facebook so that you avoid jail time??  Start doing that today!

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Lisa Abercrombie – Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Interview

Lisa is a Rock Star online and an amazing team leader.  She has a lot of insight and tips to share with us in today’s episode…

Listen Now or Download:

Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Show Image:

Lisa Abercrombie - Paparazzi jewelry Elite Leader quote 2


Lisa Abercrombie - Paparazzi jewelry Elite Leader - pic 2 Lisa Abercrombie - Paparazzi jewelry Elite LeaderToday I’m pleased to welcome to the call Lisa Abercrombie.  She is amazing and you guys are gonna learn so much from her!

Let me tell you a little about Lisa before we jump into her training for us.  Lisa is the other of 4 boys and they are age ranges from 6-15.  She has been in Paparazzi for 5 years.  She started the very last day of September in 2011.

Lisa is married and they live over in Virginia.  Now her hubby is able to work from home so that frees up their schedule.  He was able to do that in March of last year.

Lisa has a background of working in a hospital lab.  She did that for a couple of years.

When her oldest started kindergarten, she started to stay home with her kids and started her own video editing business.  She did that for 7 years.  That’s where she gets her awesome graphic design skills and graphic design skills that you’ll see on her website.

Lisa is an Executive Producer with Paparazzi.  She has reached Crown Club 25 and she is Life of the Party with Bronze access.

Lisa is also the brains behind the website HotsyTotsy.com.  And she says to be sure to keep an eye out on that because she has big plans and there’s some amazing things coming to that website very soon.

Lisa, did I miss anything?

Lisa: I think that’s most of it.

Awnya: Awesome.  Awesome.  Well, let’s jump into the very first question.

What got you started with Paparazzi?

Lisa.  This is kind of interesting I think.  My video business was going and then we moved over here to Virginia. I had a baby and I took a year off my video business because I didn’t know anybody.

Then I was ready to start like posting adds on Craigslist to start making video montages again.  My sister called me literally the night before, because I had plans, she called me the night before and she said, “I have to tell you about this thing.  I just went to this jewelry party and it’s called Paparazzi and everything was $5.”

She lives in Utah where it kinda mostly started.  So she told me all about it and for some reason I do everything she tells me, because she’s my older sister, so she’s like, “You should sign up.” so I went online to do a little research.

There wasn’t much to see but I found out kinda what it was and I was really excited and so the next day I called my future sponsor girl, you know, she went and got her name for me.  She was actually doing an event.  She couldn’t talk to me and I told her I wanted to talk to her right now because I wanted to sing up so badly and so she took off from her event and had somebody help her out.

That’s how I signed up and I am really an entrepreneur at heart and so any kind of business challenge is super-duper interesting.  And so that’s why I wanted to do it.  I didn’t even know it was all $5 really.  I didn’t know all the earrings came for free with a necklaces until I opened my packages.  I was a pretty big surprise and I loved it.

Awnya: Your sister told you to join and you joined.  I love that.  I don’t know anybody else who has that same story.  That’s great.

What is your Paparazzi why?

Lisa:  First I did it to be challenged.  Cuz, I don’t know. It’s kinda like, my sponsor did it and she was this girl who was like 10 years younger than me.  And I was like, “Well, I can do that.  You know, I have all this life experience and I’ve been through college already and I know more people probably.”  So it was kind of a challenge to see if I could be as successful as her.  That’s why I first started.

And then I learned more about the creativity part because Paparazzi doesn’t have very many rules, which I love.  And because of that, I’ve been able to come up with ideas and solve problems because they are not telling me every single little thing to do.

For me, that’s really liberating and for me, it gives me a purpose beyond just cleaning my house and watching my kids.  You know what I mean?

Awnya: Oh, totally.  And as a mom, and a stay at home mom, you need that creative outlet and adult conversations.

Now, have you noticed that your why has changed from when you first started to now, where you’re an Elite leader.

Lisa:  A little bit, yeah.  At first, it was about me, you know.  “I wanna hit these goals.  I wanna see if I can do it.”  It was like that. But now…my personal goal, when I heard about Leadership Summit, was to get to Leadership Summit.

And so last year I was able to go.  I hit Executive producer a year and a half ago and I got to go to Leadership.  It was amazing and I loved it.  So it’s not like I dreamed to be a Maven A-lister although that would be great.

But my goal now is to like help other people get there because, for me, that was like the crowning achievement was to get spoiled at Leadership.  So I really, really want other people to go.

And so, I have my first team member, Dawn Ortiz and she gets to go to Leadership this year. So she’s the first one in my downline who gets to go and I’m so excited to see her hit that huge, huge goal cuz I know that was a big one for her.

That’s kinda what it is at this point.  I’m trying to figure out how to teach other people how to progress and not just sell jewelry every day.  So yeah, it’s changed a little, but I still do it in the same way.  I like to be creative and stuff.

Awnya: Oh! We love Dawn!  She was on the Podcast a couple of episodes ago.  So if you want to go back and listen, PapaRockStars.com/Dawn is where her interview will be at.

I love that you want to help more people get to the Elite Leadership Summit because they really do spoil you guys and that is such a really cool goal.  Not just to make a ton of money but to help other people.

So we are going to take a little bit of a shift here to your worst Paparazzi moment.

So draw us a picture take us to that moment in time that was your Worst Moment with Paparazzi.

Lisa:  This is a fun story to tell.  This was right when I started because I didn’t know what I was doing.  You know what, it doesn’t even matter if I knew what I was doing.  It’s just that I saw a lot of potential in this business.

So what it was is when I sighed up, I live in Virginia and I’m about 1 hour and a half from Washington DC.  And so between me and Washington DC there are like the richest houses in the whole country because you have all these executive homes.

So when I signed up, I thought, “Okay!” and I was the ninth person in the state to sign up.  So I was like, “I’m gonna kill it!  I’m gonna get all of northern Virginia under me.”  That was my plan.

So then I went to my friend who was a marketer.  And she said a job fair would be the very best place to find people.  And so I’m like, “Rock on, this is what I’m gonna do”.  I went and found a job fair right in the middle of Washington DC and signed up to sell jewelry at it and to present my business.

It was very expensive.  I think it was $800.  So I went for it.  I signed up for that thing and I was ready to go to DC.  So the day before I was supposed to go I realized that it was DC and I’m not going there alone and I’m not driving in the traffic alone cuz its scary.

So I paid a teenager friend $100 so that she could help me.  That wasn’t a huge mistake. That was fun getting to know her and having her support.  So she came with me.  So then it was $900 is what my point is.  So then we drive to DC.

And the place was like right downtown and we drove around the block probably 7 or 8 times because I couldn’t get into the other lane to get into the hotel and drop off all my stuff.  Anyway we finally did.  It was very scary.  I got in there.

Oh!   Oh I didn’t tell you the other part.  Also the day before they called me and they said, “We just realized you were going to sell your jewelry there and you’re not allowed to sell products at our job fair.  Do you still want to go?”

  So after thinking for just a couple of minutes I’m like, “Yeah.  Yes I do.” because I had in mind that this job fair was going to kill it.  So I went to an event where you can’t even sell stuff and I paid $900 which was insane.

So I didn’t regret it yet.  I went in there and presented and had those drawing slips.  People filled them out and by the end of the day I have 35 people who wanted to sign up for Paparazzi.  Cool right?!

So these 35 people, I get home and I start calling them all.  Every single one of them I leave messages.  Pretty much nobody’s home.  I leave messages, I call the next day.  I’m super excited.  And then I started to actually talk to them.  And I didn’t know this, but I’m telling you guys not to make the same mistake.

Every single one of those people needed a job like today. They needed a McDonald’s job.  They needed cash.  They didn’t need a business opportunity.  It was absolutely the wrong audience.

I felt defeated and I don’t know.  “$900 really?!”  That was more than my kit.  I got the $750 kit at that time.  It kind of kicked my butt and I was very bugged.   But I had signed up for 9 other events.  I signed up for 10 events the day after I signed up for Paparazzi so I was obligated and committed to go to those other 9 events.

So I just kinda brushed it off my shoulders and did everything else anyway and pretended that never happened and moved forward.

What is the lesson you want us to learn from that?

So I kinda learned a little bit of a lesson from that.

And that is, it can get kinda crappy.  You can lose a lot of money but I feel like I planted a seed there because nobody in Virginia had heard of Paparazzi.  Nobody.  And so at least people started knowing what it was.

And because I was active and because I was doing all my stuff, I got quite a few signups from the Zip code finder where people could call Paparazzi and find out who was active in our area and I was the only one and so I had maybe 10 different people in the next couple of months who signed up from adjacent areas to where I live.

So it did pay off.  I didn’t know that it would.  I just kinda thought that one event can’t control the future of my business.  That would be silly.  That’s my lesson that I learned.

Awnya:  I’m gonna highlight a couple other things that you said in there that I loved.  So you said to keep pushing through, even when you have those bad events, spend $900 to get nothing.  You just keep pushing through.

And then the second thing that you said was to be active so that people can find you in the consultant search and that’s a great way to find new people in your area and to build your team, right?!

Lisa:  Yeah, I’ve never been inactive.  I can’t even imagine that.  I don’t think I would be serious about my business if I let that slide.

Awnya: And it’s really not that hard to get 25 pieces a month.  Just join the Fashion Fix and you’ve got that taken care of, right?!

Lisa:  Yeah.  That wasn’t always available so I have had some days before where, you know, the time was getting close but I… actually, just a couple of times, so thank goodness for the fashion fix now.

Awnya: Let’s keep moving right along.

What is a habit you feel contributes to your success?

Lisa:  A habit I have would be, I kinda mentioned it when I talked a second ago.  I obligate myself to something so that I cannot let anybody down.

So I’ll sign up for events 6 months away and then I know I’ll be active in Paparazzi clear through that.  It just keeps the ball rolling.  So I try to sign up for events far away.

Another thing that I do that’s an obligation is that I’ll promise my team something.  Like right now, we are doing a contest where we are getting no’s.  Go for No like they taught at Empower Me Pink.

 And so there’s a contest where our team has to get 30 no’s a week for 2 weeks.  And I put myself in a group with my birthday because we grouped by birthdays. And so I have to do it too.  And so I’m trying to figure out ways that I can do the same thing that they are doing.  I’m trying to get my 30 no’s.

And by obligating myself to that, and I’ve promised prizes and I’ve promised an end date, it just kinda keeps me from being lazy about it and from slacking a little bit.  And I don’t always have a contest going but I try to keep them kind of consistent every month or two so that everybody stays kind of on their toes.

Awnya:  Planning for the future.  Planning for events in the future, planning for your team in the future.  You’re not going day to day or week to week or month to month. You’re looking forwards into the future for your business and for your team, right?

Lisa:  Yeah, it’s smart to do the day to day stuff so you don’t get overwhelmed, but obligating is something.  It works.  It totally works.  I don’t know why I do that or how I figured it out, but it’s kind of my system now and so I’m just gonna do that forever cuz it works for me.

What advice would you give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant just barely getting started in their business?

Lisa:  I would say consistency.  I am not consistent.  I’m a really big procrastinator and sometimes when I finish a project, I’m like, “why wasn’t I doing this every day?” you know?!

In fact, there’s this trick I’ve learned and I haven’t even watched anything about it, I just found out it exists.  It’s called the 90 second rule.  And what it is, it’s called the 90 second rule.  And what it is, is if you have something to do, let’s say you need to clean up the kitchen table after breakfast from your kids.  If you take 90 seconds and put all their dishes in the dishwasher and wash them off, its gonna take you 90 seconds to do it.

If you wait until later, then you have to like soak the dishes, scrub all the stuff off and its gonna take you way, way longer than the 90 seconds it would have taken before.  With consistency, you can totally apply that.

Let’s say for example, you have new jewelry that just came in.  It will just take you a few minutes to go to your website, pull up the pictures and post them on Facebook.  If you wait till later, you may have sold 1/2 of your stuff and then you have to figure out what’s missing and you have to make sure you have everything labeled correctly.

And so consistency and doing small tasks daily.  Seriously, I bet you I would be way higher now if I had been more consistent. I’ve been working on it and so it’s something that I’ve improved, but I would suggest to everybody that they be consistent.

And the other thing about consistency is that your customers are going to see you as something reliable.  Like I know I can go to Walmart today, they’re going to have the stuff I want because they consistently carry their products and stuff.

 And so I’ve been working on consistency with my LIVE sales.  And so my customers, like I do it every single Thursday nights.  And so now my customers know where to find me and where to look for me and it’s cool.

So sometimes if I’m like 2 or 3 minutes late, I have people messaging me, “Where are you?  Why haven’t you started?”  which is great.  It makes you feel pretty good and then you’re able to sell more, of course.  That’s it.  I would say consistency could carry your whole entire business if you do it.

Awnya:  The 90 second rule.  I haven’t heard of that before but I love that! and I’m gonna have to start doing it.  Cuz as we’re speaking, my kids oatmeal bowls from this morning are sitting, drying in my sink and you’re right!  It’s gonna take me so much longer to do those dishes because I didn’t do it the first time.

What is 1 thing you would suggest to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their Paparazzi business.  What would you tell them to do to get things energized again.

Lisa:  You know what?!  This is what I do for my backup.  I call it my backup plan.  Almost anybody on the planet will do fundraiser stuff in one fashion or another.  What I’ve noticed about people, they do not do for themselves, but they’ll do for other people.

In fact, when I have girls trying to hit rank, I tell them to ask their friends if they want to help them hit an rank by buying their jewelry or by ordering or whatever.  Because people will do for other people before themselves.  So with a fundraiser, there’s 2 different ideas.

One is, like let’s say you can’t find any events or let’s say an event got canceled and you need something last minute.  You can often find a local fundraiser that’s already happening and be a part of it.  You can go in and have a table because if you are willing to donate part of your profit, everybody wins.  It’s not going to hurt them or you.  So you can usually get into an event last minute.

Whether it’s a booth or a quarter auction, they have those a lot around here, or something where you donate and raffle off prizes.  Because then you can go there and meet people and network.  So fundraisers and a super, super good backup plan.

The other thing you can do with a fundraiser is, do a live party as a fundraiser.  And this is really interesting.  So I only started doing live parties in…maybe the end of October.

And I decided for New Year’s Eve, I wanted my boys to do something.  For Christmas, we didn’t do an angels tree or a Sub for Santa or anything like that.  And I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity and so we decided to do a fundraiser with the boys and have them sell the jewelry in front of the camera.

We did that.  We set that up for New Years Eve cuz I know a lot of moms would be sitting home anyways. We did okay.  They lasted about 15 minutes and then my husband took over and did it for about 30 minutes and then the phone died.

And so I picked up where they left of the next day and did a live party for like a long time.  Three or 4 hours.  And what I ended up doing is, we picked the Make a Wish foundation and I labeled my live video with that.  “Make a wish fundraiser.”  I donated all the profits because that’s kinda what I wanted my kids to do anyways.  So I wrote this.  “Make a Wish foundation fundraiser.  All profits donated.”  That was my biggest sale I’ve ever had.

It was so cool because I had a lot of people curious because it was not just for me to make money.  And I know that why we’re here, to make money, but you’re gonna learn really fast, it’s not just about that.  And so I was able to sell a whole bunch of jewelry, get rid of a bunch of my stock that I’m tired of and it was just a really good booth.

And from that point it made me pretty motivated to start doing them every Thursday night.  And I have made some customers from that sale that I wouldn’t have made before because they bought to help the Make a Wish fundraiser, not really because they loved jewelry.  That would be my advice.  Just look in the fundraiser arena until you get things going again.

Awnya:  Well, and even thought you didn’t MAKE a ton of money with that, like you said, you cleared out some of your old inventory so then you’re able to buy new things.  So then it’s a win, win for everybody involved.

What is a quote that inspires you?

Lisa:  So I’ve thought about this and I like quotes but I couldn’t think of one from somebody else.  And so I made up one when I first started and I think this is 100% true.  Now it’s not inspiring as far as like motivational, but it is as far as having this business.

Lisa Abercrombie - Paparazzi jewelry Elite Leader quote

It is really, truly like we’ve won the lottery.  And so if you work super hard, your payout is going to be bigger.  And it’s kinda ringing true for me now because I have a consistent paycheck from my team.  Looking back, I couldn’t have imagined having a big paycheck but it’s the coolest thing ever!

Like, we just redid our kitchen.  We’ve been putting that off forever because nobody ever has extra money.  And so we were able to do that and it’s because I kinda look at this business that way, you know.  If I don’t get a big paycheck it’s kinda my fault because I’m not working hard enough.

Awnya:  Oh, that totally makes sense.  It might not be a quote from Vincent Van Gough or something, but it is totally perfect.

Last question.

Here on the PapaRockStars podcast, we like to do a weekly call challenge.  So

What is 1 thing you would challenge the listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?

Lisa:  Going back to what we were talking about, there’s 2 parts to this…

I would say why don’t you jump on the challenge to my 30 no’s in a week.  And that way that works in you need to ask people about their business.  Like you need to straight up got to their face and say,  “You know what?  You know I sell jewelry.  I’ve never asked you.  Is this something you want to be a part of?” or you could say, “Are you interested in buying some of my stuff?”  You know, whatever you want to ask them.

And what you’re doing is, you are going for 30 no’s in 1 week so you can split it up however you want.  In the no’s you’re going to get yesses, obviously. So you’re going to find party bookings, you’re going to find interested recruits and you’re gonna make more jewelry sales.  So I would challenge you to do the 30 no’s in 1 week.

The other half of that is the consistency thing.  So make a goal to make this 30 no’s challenge consistent.  Like maybe you need to make sure you’re running 1 errand everyday so you can talk to 2 or 3 people.  And that will get some of your no’s done.  Or make sure that you block out a time each day like from 10-11 and make a ton of phone calls.

Do something consistent.  Don’t put it off till the end of the week and maybe you’ll also, in doing that, you’ll find something that works well so that you can just start doing that for the rest of your life and start doing that for your business.

Awnya:  So 30 no’s.  And a “maybe” or a “not right now” does not count as a “no”, right Lisa?

Lisa:  Right!  Yeah.  It has to be a straight up “no”.  “No no no”.

Awnya: So I’ve done these challenges before and it gets to the point where when someone says “yes”, you kinda get disappointed.  It flips is on its head a little bit.  So don’t get discouraged.  You’ll get your 30 no’s, you just have to push thought a little bit.

Lisa: Yeah, yeah exactly.  My plan, I’ll tell you really quick.   I’m going to call the retirement centers and the hospitals where I live.   I’ve been wanting to do that since I started.  And then the other one is, I’m finally going to try to do a bingo party in person.  And so I’m just going to message my customers directly and just say “I’m doing a bingo party will you come?”  And then there we go.  So hopefully I’ll get my 30 no’s pretty fast, but it’s a good plan because these are things that I’ve been putting off for forever.

Awnya: And now your forced to do it cuz you’re like, “Man I need my 30 no’s” and your team is counting on you and so now you just gotta do it, right?!

List: Unfortunately yes, but I will be so glad.

Awnya: Lisa, I sure appreciate you coming on the call today.  You have shared some gems and our listeners are going to LOVE it!

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Tyronica Carter – Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Interview

Today I am so excited to welcome to the show Tyronica Carter.   She is one of Paparazzi’s biggest stars and newest Elite Leaders! Hold onto your bling, cuz this show is gonna blow you away!

Listen Now or Download:

Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Show Image:

Tyronica Carter - Paparazzi Jewelry Elite leader - quote


Tyronica Carter - Paparazzi Jewelry Elite leader Tyronica Carter - Paparazzi Jewelry Elite leaderToday I am so excited to welcome to the show Tyronica Carter.   She is one of Paparazzi’s biggest stars and newest Elite Leaders!

Tyronica has reached the rank of Fashionista in Paparazzi.  She is Crown 25 and as of this recording, she has 3004 team members.  Isn’t that amazing?!

Tyronica has been a full time teacher for 15 years and she has also been married for 15 years.  They have 2 boys that are just adorable.  If you see them on Facebook, you will be like, “stay away from my teenage girls, cuz you guys are heartthrobs”.

In 2015 and 2016 she won the Paparazzi incentive trips.  That is where I first met her was on the trip in Cabo.  And also in 2016, Tyronica won Rock the Runway so she has one of the Zi collection necklaces named after her.

Now if you are super lucky in the future, they will bring that back from the Paparazzi time capsule, but odds are that if you weren’t there and you did not snag a Tyronica, you’re not going to get to because it’s that special.  Just available in 2016.

Tyronica did I leave anything out?

Tyronica: I think you did a good job, Awnya.

Awnya: Awesome.  Well let’s just right into the questions for today.

What got you started with Paparazzi??

Tyronica:  I began Paparazzi March 2015.  And 2 years prior to that, I was doing a vending event because I also make and sell handmade candles and air freshener.  And so I was doing an event vending my candles and there was a girl there selling Paparazzi.

This was 2013, and I noticed how everyone was going over to the counter.  I saw $5 jewelry.  So mozied over there myself and I even bought a few pieces.  I spoke with the girl, her name is Lisa Hill.  She is my sponsor now.  And I spoke with her about the opportunity.

She told me about it and I was like “Wow, this is cool but you know, I’m just now starting my candle business, which is my baby, I make them myself.  And I really want to work on my candle business and build it up.  Like you said, I’m a teacher.  I was learning about marketing my candles and I was learning about networking.  I just wasn’t ready to add anything else.  So for 2 years, believe it or not, Lisa and I chatted back and forth.

There were times I called her and I said, “Ok Lisa, I’m ready! I want to start it.”  I left her cold.  I didn’t start.  She would follow up with me every now and then but I just wasn’t’ ready.

Finally, in 2015, I told my husband at the beginning of the year, I’m ready for us to add a new stream of income.  And I said, “I think I want to do the jewelry business.” He said right away…he was supportive and he said, “I think you will do really good at that.  You love costume jewelry and you can work it.”

So I called Lisa and I set up a meeting and I said, “Okay, this time I’m serious.  I wanna do the business.”   My husband and I met with her for lunch.  Little did I know that the starter kit had become $99 because I was prepared to pay the $300 (which I should have done anyway because I sold that much jewelry my first month).  But I joined and from there, as they say, the rest is history.

I’m so excited that I made the decision to do so because it has been awesome since that day.

Awnya:  I love your story.  And another thing that we actually chatted about in the pre-interview chat is that you have a husband and you have 2 boys so you needed some estrogen in your life.  You needed that girl time.   We’re glad to have you.

Tyronica:  I did!  I definitely needed that girl time and to do girly fun stuff.  So that was a good plus as well.

Awnya: Another thing that I just wanted to highlight in what you just said for everybody listening is- you didn’t jump right in right away.  A lot of times, people don’t.  It took you 2 years.  Lisa had to be persistent.  She had to follow up.

If she just would have been like, “This girl’s never gonna do it,” after the first couple times, we wouldn’t have you and several other Elite Leaders that are under you, teams rocking like crazy, if she’d just let it go.

Tyronca:  Right!  I use that story a lot with my team to tell them that because I let them know.  Hey, when someone tells you no or they’re not interested or they just kinda give you the cold shoulder, we know, all the time we say, no means Next Opportunity.  This wasn’t their opportunity to do it so there will be another opportunity.

I gave Lisa the runaround for 2 years.  There were times I called her and said, “I’m ready”. And then I would just not call her back to sign up.  So I was that person for her for 2 years.  But when I finally signed up, she didn’t doubt me or put me off.  She said, “Okay, let’s meet up.”  And from here, I signed up.  I was ready.  That person has to be ready.

Awnya: What a great testament to that follow up and that pushin it, grinding it out until it is the right time for somebody.

What is your why?  Why do you do Paparazzi?

Tyronica:  My why is that as many of you know, educators, we have a hard job and we don’t get paid a lot of money.  I’ve been teaching 15 years with a Master’s degree and even that check was not putting myself and my husband and my family in a financial situation that we felt like we were stable enough to pay our mortgage and pay our car notes.

So as I said, I started my candle business which was good, but again, it was something I was building, my baby, myself up.  So I didn’t know a lot about marketing and networking and stuff so the business was ok, but of course it would have never covered or taken over my income the way now that Paparazzi is beginning to.

So I started Paparazzi because I said, “You know what, let me get at least another $500 a month coming in the house,” not really knowing the business, that was my goal.  “Let me get another $500 additional a month.”

And so I began Paparazzi and the first month, I signed 4 people, made Director and my check was like, “ok!”  It wasn’t $500 but it was more than what I was expecting.  And also knowing what I had made on hand sales that month, I said “Okay, this looks okay!”

And so that was my why.  My why was to make additional income.  And then, another thing I tell my team all the time, is as you begin to hit certain goals in your Paparazzi why, your why changes.  So over these past year and a half, my why has changed a lot.

So then it became, “You know what, this is really cool.  I’m learning a lot”.  A lot of us, we grow up and our parents teach us, go to school, get a job, go to work.  We aren’t always taught Entrepreneurship.

So then my why became to teach my children about owning a business.  Working for themselves.  And I’ve learned so much and then they are seeing me work in my business that they’re learning about it as well.  So that’s one of my whys.

I wanted to get out of the classroom.  That’s another reason as my why begins to change.  This business could actually get me out of the classroom and be home more and spend more time with my boys.  Even though they are getting older and growing up on me, I still haven’t been that mom to them that I want to be or the mom that I expect my student’s parents to be to them.  So my why continues to change.

Now, my goals, a lot of them, I’m meeting them.  So one of my next why’s is to not only get myself out of the classroom but to retire my husband eventually.

Awnya: That’s beautiful.  And you actually even took care of my follow-up question with, “What has your why changed into now?”.  I didn’t send you that one, but it’s so true.  When you start, things are different than when you have 3000 people on your team and you’re a Fashionista.  It has to grow and evolve doesn’t it?

Tyronica:  It definitely does.  And you’re not even in that mind frame when you begin.  You can’t even imagine what your mind frame and what you’re gonna be thinking a year and a half and when you grow and when you reach the rank of Fashionista.

It’s amazing just how you grow as a person and the way you look at things, change.  And that has definitely happened with me with Paparazzi.  And I just can’t’ imagine how else my why can change and grow because I feel like those are my ultimate whys is to retire myself and my husband and to live a lifestyle that we want to live of being able to have our own time and money and have control over that.

Awnya:  Won’t that be amazing?!  I can’t wait to see that Facebook post!

So now we are going to take a bit of a shift because a lot of the consultants out there, myself, I used to be included in this, I’ll admit it.  We believe that the Elite, you guys are super human.  And so this next questions is designed to let everybody know that you guys have bad moments too, some of them worse than what we experience.  And you’ve trudged through them and you’ve kept going despite all of that and you’ve learned from it.

So take us to that moment in time that is your worst Paparazzi moment.

Tyronica:  I believe that my worst Paparazzi moment has to be, and this has happened to me a couple times, where I have had people host Facebook parties for me and I’ve been the only person in the party.

You know, where they have invited several people, I have gone in, no one is interacting.  No one has bought anything and not even the hostess sometimes is interacting.

I remember the first time that happened to me.  And luckily the first time it happened to me wasn’t the first Facebook party I had because I can only image what my reaction would have been then.  It may have been a couple of months in, and I just wanted to stop.  But I didn’t because my prior Facebook parties, I had so much fun.

It was fun interacting with the people and I had kinda had the hope that, “You know what?!  Maybe if these people aren’t here, they’re going to come in later.  They’re busy right now.  They’re doing homework right now with their kids.  They’re cooking dinner, so they can’t come right now.”

So I kept posting and I kept posting.  I don’t wanna say it made me feel any better.  It didn’t.  It was still lonely.  I continued to post the games and play the games.  Like, you know, people were there.  I just continued the party as if people were there.  But then that’s happened to me several times.

What is the lesson that you learned from that?

Tyronica:  The lesson I learned from that was: use those bad experiences as practice.  As I continued to post in the party, I got good practice out of that, cuz, like I said, I didn’t post or continue to post.  I didn’t rush through it as if, “Okay, nobody’s here let me just do this.”  I didn’t do that.

I ran that party the way that I wouldn’t have run that party if there was 50 people in there.  And so I believe that what I learned from that is that I can use that experiences as a practice moment because it may happen again.  Or when I do my next Facebook, “Oh, I did something different in that party that I can use in my next one.”  So that’s what I want people to learn.

When you have any bad experience, and that one is mine, I’ve had the bad experience, of course we’ve all had the bad experience of opening a piece of jewelry and it breaking on you.  Or it didn’t come out right.  So use that experience as a practice moment, you know?! “How can I continue to make that better? Or let me keep going through this difficult moment so if it happens to me again, I’ll know exactly what to do from that.”

Awnya:  I love that you say that you can always learn and you can always continue to grow.  Because that is a constant thing.  No matter what rank you are at in Paparazzi, you can always continue to grow, right?

Tyronica: Yes!

What is a habit you have that contributes to your success?

Tyronica: One habit you I have that I feel contributes to my success is that I always try to outdo myself.  I know its kind a cliche-ish and people say all the time, “You are your biggest competitor.  Look at the person in the mirror, that’s your biggest competition.”  To me, I take that to heart.  That is absolutely true.  That is my habit.  I continue to outdo myself.  I compete with myself.

Trent always says to, “Do better this month than you did the month before.”  I remember the first time that I heard him say that and I was like, “That’s it!  That’s what I do!”

That’s my habit that I am.  I’m always looking at, “Okay.  If I did add 1 consultant this week then next week, I want to try to do 2.”  Or “I did this many last month, how can I do better this month?”.  So that’s my habit that I’m continually challenging myself.

I feel like I definitely hold myself to high standards.  And that’s a notch that I want to reach.  Just imaging the kid that as they continue to grow and practice. There’s a string hanging from their ceiling at home and they go and they’re jumping and they are trying to reach that ceiling.

They don’t necessarily have to always grow taller to reach that string.  They can reach that string by running faster to jump higher, they can reach that string by stretching of by doing whatever they need to to better themselves so as they continue to practice and practice and practice working on their jump, their reach, their aim.  That’s gonna make them reach that string at the top.

So that is definitely something that I practice that I feel like contributes to my success is that I do outdo myself.  I don’t compare myself with other people.

I do see other people in other teams, other people on my team who started asking me, who are doing a great job and I applaud their success.  I don’t compare myself with them.  My path and my destination is my own.  I’m not on this path or road per say with somebody.  I work with my team members – we’re all doing this together, but my path and my destination is my own.

Awnya: One of my all-time favorite quotes, and it comes from someone named John Lee Dumas, he has a podcast that I absolutely adore, but he says, “Compare and despair.” What he means by that is that you shouldn’t be comparing yourself with others.

You should be comparing yourself with the version of yourself yesterday.  And that’s exactly what you are talking about here.  You’re trying to exceed yourself.  The only person you are comparing yourself to is yourself yesterday. Anybody else, it doesn’t matter what they are doing.  You gotta stay in your lane and focus.

Tyronica:  Exactly.  Yes!  Indeed.  And I think a lot of people lose focus when they do that.  When you’re trying to keep up, as that old quote says, “Keep up with the jones'”. You know, it’s nice to look at the Jones’ and it’s nice to say “Congratulations, High 5!”

You know, but a lot of us, and especially as women, we tend to carry envy in our hearts.  And, “Oh!  What are they doing?”  And you can’t do that.  You have to focus on yourself.  And I believe that comes with a lot of self-love and a lot of intrinsic motivation and you have to have that within yourself to do better and to succeed and surpass those things.

Awnya: And everybody’s journey is going to be different whether it’s your Paparazzi journey or your journey in life.  God has a plan for everybody and it’s not all the same just like we are all not the same.  So comparing to somebody else’s journey, it’s just gonna make you unhappy.  Love that!

What is a piece of advice you would give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant just starting out in their business?

Tyronica: When I have my new consultants join, one thing I love to tell them, is you MUST brand yourself!

That’s the number one advice I give anybody who’s beginning Paparazzi.  You have to brand yourself.  You’re the jewelry girl now. So because of that, you need to go out there and show that.  You can’t sell jewelry if no one knows your jewelry girl.

You can’t have people to join your team if they don’t know what they’re joining and you aren’t showing them that.  So brand yourself.  People buy into you.  They don’t necessarily buy into the product.  They aren’t necessarily buying into Paparazzi when they purchase from you.  They’re purchasing from you because you have branded yourself.

When they join you team, they’re joining you as their leader because you have branded yourself and shown yourself approved as the jewelry girl.

Be consistent, especially when you feel like giving up.  A lot of times you hit that road we wanna give up.  That consistency has to be there.  And once you’ve branded yourself that consistency will come.

So brand yourself as a jewelry girl.

Awnya:  And I can attest to the fact that Tyronica, she does this herself.  I see it every day on Facebook and I follow her just because everything is so uplifting and so positive.  And its constant, everyday and I love it.  And it’s not always like, “Hey buy jewelry from me.  Hey join my team.”  Sometimes it’s just a thought, but they’re always positive, they’re always uplifting.  She posts pictures of herself wearing jewelry. If I did not have a jewelry girl, I would know who to go to because she is consistent and she has branded herself.

What would you suggest to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their business?  What is 1 thing you would tell them to do?

Tyronica:  I would tell that consultant to Follow the Leader.  One of the things that I preach and I tell my team all the time on our calls and our videos is to follow the leader.  When I first started Paparazzi and I was stuck because I had not a clue about marketing, business.  I’m a teacher, I don’t’ know those things.

When those emails come out every Wednesday, I look for the top leaders.  I was like, “Who is it that is at the top?  Who is getting the kudos every week?”

And I found those people on Facebook and I befriended them.  And I looked to see.  I didn’t necessarily look to see exactly what they were doing but more or less the style of what they were doing.

I realized a lot of things I needed to change up about how I was putting it out there, so I looked to see what these people were doing and then I tweaked it so that it could be me, you know.  A lot of times we like to share and do things that we see other people doing, which is ok, but you definitely have to make it your own.

When your friends and the people that are following you on social media, they see things, they’ll say, “Okay that must be a scripted something because that doesn’t sound like her.”  However when you put into your own words, into your own passion, then you begin to draw the attention of the people who know you, that are following you.  Being stuck means that you’ve reached your minds peak of imagination.  It doesn’t mean that there’s nowhere else to go.

Sometimes that’s all we know or we don’t know what else to do.  So your imagination has kind of reached its peak, so I would say again, Follow the Leader.  Befriend the top consultants in the company.

I tell my team, another thing I tell them all the time, is, “My Paparazzi and your Paparazzi is the only Paparazzi you see in your timeline, it’s not enough.  Its not enough.  You have to befriend other people.  Even people outside of your team.”  Find other people and befriend them because you need to revamp and refresh your ideas and by surrounding yourself with other Paparazzi consultants that will get you there.

I think, my gosh, I probably befriended in the past year and a half maybe 400-500 Paparazzi consultants.  I did say befriend the top leaders, but there are some people who are Directors and Premier Directors and Executive Directors who are on top of their game, so you want to find those people too.

There’s a lot of people who are on the leaders board who are not always Elite.  They are people who are just maybe starting out.  More people who have just kinda the light bulb clicked and they are starting to build their business too.  So those people who you are seeing always kinda in little Paparazzi circle or just outside the circle, that’s who you want to befriend.  Those people who continue to give you life and vision for your business.  Because that’s gonna help you to get out of that rut that you feel like you are in.

Awnya:  So the thing that I loved about what you just said there is you’re looking for new ideas by networking with other people, you’re looking at what they are doing. Because, I mean, it’s great to have a team, but sometimes you’ll get new fresh ideas from people on another team.  So it’s great to network to get those new ideas, to keep things fresh, but also you want to network UP.

By looking at who’s leading the pack, but looking and who’s on those leader boards, you are seeing who is driven, who is motivated, who is growing.  You don’t necessarily, this is going to sound bad, but you don’t want to reach down when you are networking people.  If you’re reaching down, if you’re reaching to the sides, you are not going to grow as fast or as much as if you reach up.  And you’re making friends with people who are more positive, more driven, more successful.

That goes in life. It goes in Paparazzi.  It goes with whatever you do.  So you want to make sure that you are networking up and reaching.  Because that’s where you want to go, right.

Tyronica:  Or those people that are growing with you.  So definitely reach up, because that is exactly what I did when I first joined.  But you also have those people that are growing with you, so you are riding that ride together.  So if you are the same rank, as long as you guys are growing together and that person is continuing to give you those nuggets and feed you with that positivity.  And you’re seeing that they are making progression as well, then that’s definitely that’s who you want to see in your news feed as well.

Awnya: Absolutely.  Somebody else said, “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with” and I think that, in a greater extent, that’s Facebook too. If you’re spending time with some Debbie-downers or some people that are just complaining all the time, you’re not going to grow and exceed as fast as if you are finding those people who are the movers and the shakers.

Or if the people that you are surrounding are those positive, uplifting examples.

Like when you talked about your husband, in the beginning, he wasn’t like “Girl, you are a full time teacher, you sell candles. What are you doing trying to take on a jewelry business?!”  He was like, “You know what?! Do it!” And that is the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.  Those that are going to lift you up.  I love that.

We could talk about this all night because it is one of my passion subjects!  Let’s keep moving on.

What is a quote that inspires you?

Tyronica:  I love quotes.  I love the fact that…As a matter of fact, when I do my newsletter for my class every week, I google inspirational quotes from parents and I put that at the top of my newsletter every week.  One thing I love is that our founder, Trent Kirby, I love going to his page and looking at his quotes.  And there’s so many there.  But the one that he’s recently posted that gave me an “Ah-ha, I love it, that’s it!” moment, he said,

Steve Jobs Quote

And that quote right there was just like a drop the mic quote for Paparazzi and for any person that’s pursuing a dream.  So many times, we’re saying, “my team is not doing this.” and “I can’t motivate them” and “they’re not doing this” and I tell people all the time, “look, those are grown people.”

We learned at convention that we don’t motivate, we can only inspire you’re team.  When you are working with grown people who want to make their business, you can’t MAKE them do it.  So this quote was just so on point when he said that if they are excited about it and its something that they’re passionate about and that they really want, they don’t have to be pushed.

What is their vision?  What is their why for Paparazzi?  Why are they doing this?  Where is it that they want to be?  I gave my team, and I did this last year too, I told them to make a goal for Dec 31, 2017.  We don’t just do monthly goals.  What is your goal for this whole year?

So that is your vision.  And if that’s your vision straight ahead, they your monthly goals are going to be the stepping stones that we are going to take every week, every month to get to Dec 31.  So that quote right there was just so perfect and on time for what your position as a consultant with Paparazzi should be.

You shouldn’t have to look for your upline to do incentives every month in order for you to be pushed to sign so many consultants.  It shouldn’t be, “Oh!  Whoever signs 5 people this month is going to get…”  That shouldn’t be what’s pushing you, your drive and your vision.

You should say, “Hey, I wanna get out of the classroom.  I don’t care what Lisa is offering.  I’m going to surpass whatever she says anyways because that is my drive.  And what is driving me is that I have a goal and I have something that I’m striving for and I’m not stopping until I get to that finish line.”  So that quote right there I really love and I think it’s perfect for being a Paparazzi consultant.

Awnya:  I completely agree with you.  I love that one

What is a book you’d say is a must read and why?

Tyronica: There’s a book that I read years before I became a consultant, years before I started selling my jewelry.  I don’t even know why my husband and I have this book (I think we may have gotten it at a garage sale) cuz I didn’t have any businesses or anything like that.

But it’s called “Getting Past No, Negotiating in Difficult situation” by William Ury.  And I like this book because it, of course, one of the biggest things that we have in Paparazzi is recruiting and people telling us no or people saying, “Well, when I get paid”, or “this weekend.  We’ll talk this weekend”.  We always have someone that just doesn’t give us that yes.

As a matter of fact there is another book that I plan on reading soon, there’s one he has out that’s called, “Getting to Yes”.

But I love it because in the book, he gives you 5 simple methods for negotiating with anyone.  When you’re thinking (and it’s not just about Paparazzi)… maybe it’s because I read it before I became a consultant, it’s just negotiation period.

When it comes to anything in life that you’re trying to get past no with anyone for.  I would definitely say read this book.  Apply the 5 methods that he speaks of, to your Paparazzi business and how you can “negotiate” getting that person to join your team and getting past no.

Awnya:  Oh!  I’ll have to check that one out!  It’s not one I’ve heard of before but I love new book resources, so I’ll have to check that one out.

Here on the Papa Rock Stars Podcast, I like to give a weekly call challenge.

So what is 1 thing you would challenge the listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?

Tyronica:  I’m glad you asked!  So you say what is 1 thing, so I’m gonna give you 1 thing that’s 4 in 1!

I have… I came up with it early spring last year.  The branding, I spoke of that a few minutes ago. And I said -what can a new consultant…what would I tell them to do.  And I tell them, brand yourself.  That comes with a 4 step process that when I have new consultants, I tell them to brand themselves and I tell them to do their first 7 days in Paparazzi, this is what I tell them to do.

1- Get Noticed.  Post every day.  Begin to wear and model your jewelry every day.  Tag close friends that don’t mind getting tagged.  Like for my husband, he’s getting tagged in everything.  I tag him in almost everything so if you have a friend, sister, someone who doesn’t mind, when you are doing that, you are getting noticed, and you are also bringing in new people that you wouldn’t have been able to reach out before because you are tagging somebody. So you’re reaching out to their friends as well.  So first 7 days, Get Noticed.

2- You have to Build Trust with your social media people.  People don’t trust what they don’t see.  So you are going to start showing people that you are working your business and how your business is working for you.

So in those 7 days, not only are you getting noticed but you are giving them tidbits of how you are working your business.  Carrying your bag around. You are going to show them how, “Oh my gosh, here I am at the gas station and the lady just saw my bag in my car and just asked what it was” or those type.

You wanna post those things.  So, show people how you are working your business. Especially if it’s fitting into your everyday life.  You’re at work and you’re wearing your necklace and your co-worker asks you about it and you say, “oh! I’ve got the same one in my car!” And you pull it out in the office and you make $50.

So post those things.  Okay?!  That’s how you build trust with people.  And you have to consistently do all of these things.

3- Build Loyalty.  I say all the time, “don’t be the next fly by night direct sales consultant.”  I don’t’ want to step on any toes with that one cuz I know a lot of people who are in a lot of other direct sales companies, however, you want to try to build loyalty with the company that you are having an ultimate goal with.

So show and let people know how much you love and believe in Paparazzi.  They have to know you are THE Paparazzi girl.  At this point, I’m just known everywhere as, “Do you have your jewelry?!”  “There’s that jewelry girl over there!”

Family members, I’m the butt of all the jokes about that, but that’s ok, I’ll be that.  They know that I have that loyalty to my company. You know, they aren’t going to catch me in a whole bunch of jewelry that’s not Paparazzi.

4- Build Customers.  Make your 50 PV every month!  Make that 50 PV every month.  When you build customers, you build them by having the newest and up to date inventory.  Keep your stock fresh and with you at all times, so in these next 7 days, make sure you are buying the newest and the latest inventory and that you have your 50PV.

Getting your 50 PV only ensures that you have the newest and up to day inventory.  So keep it fresh.  So I’ll go back real quick.  This week, get noticed, build trust, build loyalty and build your customers.

Awnya: Bam!  What a way to end off the show!  Like seriously.  I’m like, I’ve got my next 7 days covered, I know what I’m doing!!

I love it, well, Tyronica, I have pages of notes!  I just appreciate you coming on the show and sharing these tidbits with us because I know that it will make somebody else just explode their business and I appreciate you.

Tyronica:  Definitely.  I love helping people and you know, like you said, Elite people are just normal people.  I’m a teacher. I say that all the time, like, guys!  I feel like I’m up against other people who are business people.

I’m a teacher, a mom, and this is new to me, but I feel like my success is contributed to because I love it.  And I show it and my enthusiasm with the business and in my posts.  And I just want other people to have that same success and have that same feeling of achievement and accomplishment in this business.

Awnya:  And that passion, it really is contagious.  People they want to be around it.

Thank you again for listening to today’s call to all of our listeners and for Tyronica for joining us.

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Vision boards

What is a vision board, why should you use one and how do you make one?

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Become what you Believe - vision quote


I’ve been hearing about vision boards for a long time.  They can be powerful when used properly.  They are a way to keep your mind focused on the things you want to invite into your life.  The idea is that when you focus on things you want to have in your life, they will manifest (or come to pass).

What is a vision board

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Sounds simple right?  I like using a combination of images and a word or 2 that I can focus on as well.  You can use pictures from a photo album, magazine or pictures that you print from a computer.

How to make a vision board

A vision board can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.  I simply cut a full sized poster board in half and then used washi tape to divide the poster board into 9 sections.  In each section I have a different picture and one word summary (or maybe 2 or 3 words) of a goal I have or something I would like to have in my life.

For example, one of the first things I put on my vision board was a house.  Our family (7 kids plus myself and my husband) had been living in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment for 3 years.  It was crowded but I felt trapped.  Within 3 months of putting a house on my vision board, we were moving into our home.  It stunned and amazed me that something as simple as putting what I wanted on my wall would have any impact, but it did and now everyday, I have proof that vision boards WORK!

The important thing is just to DO it!  Don’t overthink what you want to put on your vision board, just go with the first things to pop into your mind or add something that has special meaning or is a large goal that you want to achieve.  I spent several months trying to make the idea of what I wanted perfect in my mind.  There is an old saying, Done is better than perfect.  And just because you put one thing on your vision board doesn’t mean you can’t every change or add to it.  Plus, once you have achieved some of the things on your vision board, you will have room for more!

When you have made your vision board, post it somewhere you will see it several times a day.  I hung my vision board right over my dresser next to my bed.  I see it when I wake up, go to bed, get dressed and almost anytime I go into my room during the day.  I try to take a few moments to stop and look at each of the items on my vision board and focus on them.

How NOT to do a vision board

I specifically remember the first and last time I watched the show “The Bachelor”.  I was interested to see what everyone else found so fascinating about it.  I remember thinking the man of the hour was pretty handsome and that he might make the show worth watching.  It was the first episode of the season so all the ladies were just arriving at the house to meet him for the first time.  They pulled up in their limos shared about themselves and then went on to meet him.

I don’t remember many more details except for when he was handing out roses.  One young lady in particular looked absolutely STUNNED that she wasn’t chosen to remain.  As she walked out, all she could say over and over again was “but he was on my vision board”.  I laughed and laughed.  Now, in hindsight, it wasn’t the nicest thing I’ve ever done, but I thought that the idea that she could control another human simply by putting it on her vision board was hysterical.

The flaw in her thinking was that she could mystically cause him to choose her.  While vision boards are powerful, they aren’t magic.  They still require work, effort and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.  For example, if you were a single gal who wanted a loving, caring, trusting relationship with a man who had an established career, would you date people who didn’t have any life goals or ambitions?  Or do you think that by sitting home on your couch watching romantic movies on TV that the universe will simply deliver this dream man to your doorstep?

To think this would be foolish and result in more frustration!  BUT, by going on dates with people, meeting single people in the area and putting yourself out there in places to FIND someone to have a relationship with, your dream may come to pass.

Vision boards don’t work unless you do!  In the example of the Bachelor episode, I’m sure that the woman could have done more to appeal to the star of the show instead of just showing up and believing that she would magically be chosen.

Decide what you want and then take needed steps to achieve your dreams!

Why SHOULD I have a vision board?

There are so many reasons, it is kind of difficult to name them all, but here are just a few.

-you know in your heart that you want to do, be or have more

-you are feeling stuck

-you feel like you are lacking focus or direction

-you are happy but want to be extremely happy or (dare I say) exceptionally happy.

-to clarify what direction you want your life to take

Plus so many more.

What have you got to lose?!

Call Challenge:

Create your own vision board and post it where you can see it several times a day.  Get ready to see amazing, crazy, wonderful things happen in your life and do the things that you need to so that they will become a reality.

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Paparazzi Lingo: Do your customers understand what you’re saying??

Do your customers understand what you are saying? - Paparazzi lingo

Do your customers, hostesses and potential team members understand what you are saying?  Here are some things you might want to remember so that important information doesn’t get lost in translation.

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Did I hear someone say $5 Jewelry?!


Did you know that Paparazzi has its own language of its own?  True story!  It is what is traditionally called jargon.  Jargon is special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.

Are you using jargon when you are talking to your customers, hostesses and potential recruits?  It might be confusing and overwhelming!

I completely understand that there are some words that you just can’t get away from, especially when you are talking to potential team members but the trick it to explain things and to keep them super simple.  You should also try to avoid them altogether when talking to friends, family, hostesses and customers.

Be sure to explain things like downline, PV, OV, Director and  upline so that your potential consultant or current team members know what you mean.  A good rule of thumbs is to talk so that a 10 year old would be able to understand what you are saying.   But, if you need to use a term like Empower Me Pink, follow it up with an explanation of what you are talking about.

OR, maybe you are new to Paparazzi yourself and have NO idea what some of the words other consultants are using mean!  Not to worry, I have you covered!!  Here are a few of the most common terms and what they mean, but for a more complete list, click on the Paparazzi Lingo and Definitions pfd printable in the resources section.

Starlet Shimmer:  A business accessory used to pacify the youngest Paparazzi partygoers.  Can be purchased at Wholesale Price and sold at the suggested Retail Price of $1 per piece.  Does not carry PV and does not generate commissions through the Paparazzi Compensation Plan.

Sponsor: The Consultant who introduced you to and enrolled you in Paparazzi.

Star Consultant: A rank in the Paparazzi Compensation Plan.  To qualify, a Consultant must have 50 PV within one calendar month.

Active: A Consultant is considered Active when s/he has accumulated 50 PV or more within one calendar month.  Being active will qualify a Consultant for certain bonuses within the Paparazzi Compensation Plan.

Blockbuster:  One of Paparazzi’s bestselling accessories!

GV:  Group Volume.  The cumulative PV of all Consultants in your downline within one calendar month.  Also known as Organizational Volume (OV).

Trend Blend: A group of accessories perfectly stylized to go together.  These pieces share textures, colors, shapes, and more to pull a complete look together.

Back Office: A Consultant’s virtual dashboard where she or he can place orders for new inventory, run reports on the activity of their new team and access resources to assist them in building their business.

Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid using jargon or what to replace it with so that you are clear and easily understandable.

  • Use an alternative—Leader instead of Upline, Training instead of Empower Me Pink.
  • If you are going to use an abbreviation or acronym, explain it the first time you use it. — Starlet Shimmer (SS), Personal Volume (PV)
  • Use lingo words only if they are convenient for your customers.  For example, calling a party host a hostess is much more simple even if it is one of our jargon words.
  • Convert as many as possible into other words – for example, instead of saying I’m going to Empower Me Pink, I’ll tell my friends and family that I’m going to a Paparazzi training.
  • Avoid as many lingo words as you can, especially when talking to customers or hostesses.  When you are talking to other consultants, lingo words are more acceptable.
  • Use full words—Back Office instead of BO, Personal Volume instead of PV and Organizational Volume instead of OV.

When you remember that people who aren’t in Paparazzi don’t speak our language, its pretty easy to keep the use of jargon words to a minimum.  Keep what you are saying nice and simple!  Your customers will thank you for it!


Paparazzi Lingo and definitions

Call Challenge:

Print and go through the list of Paparazzi’s most common terms and keep the list handy in case you or a friend needs to know what one of those words means.

Show Notes

Paparazzi Lingo printable show notes

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Miss Marilyn Chivetta: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader

I am more than excited to announce my co-host for today, Miss Marilyn.  She is one of the most energetic and loving people that you will ever meet in Paparazzi and you are in for a treat today with her interview.

Listen Now or Download:

Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Call Image:

Miss Marilyn: Paparazzi Jewelry elite leader quote


Marilyn Chivetta: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Marilyn Chivetta: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite LeaderMiss Marilyn is Amazing! She is Crown Club 10 member.  She has a team of Blessed Bombshells that has 666 team members, as of this recording.  She is WAY anxious to get past the number 666 but it will happen.  Miss Marilyn has won Rock the Runway 2 times and Zi Boutique Blitz 2 times.  (this is something that Paparazzi has phased out, but basically she got to go shopping the Zi boutique at convention before anyone else.)

She hit Directory her 1st month, and Producer her 3rd month, and then in her 4th month she won a free trip to the Caribbean. She was on fire, she is currently on fire.  She just goes nuts with Paparazzi.

Now, one of the cool things with Paparazzi and something that is near and dear to my heart is the necklace, The Marilyn.  It is one of the honors bestowed on the Paparazzi Rock the Runway models in 2015.  Marilyn has a necklace named after her.  I’m sure you’ll see a lot of people sporting “The Marilyn” at convention, but it was only available at convention last year.  It’s locked up.  It’s in the vault, but I’m sure you’ll see it because it was a popular necklace.

Miss Marilyn is one of the newest Elite leaders.  She hit Elite in February 2016.  The thing that is super neat to me and is so inspiring is, number one, it was February.  There is only 28 days in February. February is THE hardest month to rank, any rank.  Miss Marilyn and the Bombshells DOUBLE ranked in February.  They went from Producer to Executive Producer – they double ranked, Miss Marilyn actually even knows the day and time – you want to know this?  February 25th at 5pm.  And then the team went on to exceed what they needed for Elite by a lot.

Miss Marilyn thought it was kind of a fluke, even though she got the rank, but they did it again in March and they have been on fire ever since.

Did I leave anything out?

Marilyn:  That was fabulous!

Why did you get started with Paparazzi? 

Marilyn: I did not mean to start with Paparazzi.  It was all a big accident.  So I had no intention of being in Direct Sales or any of it because I hated Network Marketing.  I had a store, which is a much longer story, and I was looking for something to sell because we were thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and my oldest son was missing and my car was broken down.  My little boy was crying about 2 hours a day, screaming and hitting the floor and kicking his legs.  Life was in shambles.  I had $300 left and to be honest with you I was gonna kill myself that night.

And then I found this jewelry that had a tag. I realize that this sounds completely insane now that I know all you sane people.  I know that people like think about things and stuff and they like do research and don’t just go, “Oh, I like the tag.  It has a pink crown and it’s called Paparazzi. My favorite colors are pink and black, so I think I’ll order 100 pieces of jewelry with my last $300.”

Like that’s completely insane. I know that now. At the time it made perfect sense.  It was a leap of faith.  I know that it was the Holy Spirit guiding me. Then I literally would tell people to go away because I was not building a team.  There are girls, my personally sponsored that are still on the team, that will tell you that I told them to go away and that I wasn’t building a team.

So my team just kinda built its self.  I LOVED the jewelry.  I loved jewelry.  So then our founders and you, and all my other really close friends in Paparazzi just kinda loved me through it.  Every time I showed up everyone was happy to see me and really nice and I love the jewelry.

Everybody is so supportive and encouraging.  Then I finally got it.  I’ve always known that this is God’s plan but it kinda like didn’t make any sense because I hate direct sales. I hate network marketing.  The one thing I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever do in my entire life. I would never do direct sales.

Awnya: The thing that I love is you didn’t realize what you were getting into.  The pink crown is cute.  I love the crown on the tag.  I believe God places things in our lives for a reason and at the right time.  I think that he just knew that you needed this when you needed it and he put it right in your life, knowing that the pink crown would speak to you.  And it would be the answer to everything that you needed in your life.

Marilyn:  Isn’t it crazy?!  Crazy meaning like – “What a GREAT thing.  Go GOD!”  Paparazzi saved my life.  Direct sales.  The one thing I didn’t want to do.

What is your Paparazzi Why?

Marilyn:  For me, it has become, and my best friend said this, “This is a ministry.  And you love serving others.  You love doing acts of kindness.  You love helping other people.  That’s what this is!  It’s perfect for you!”  So I thought my why was to save my store, which is really my charity.  Save my charity, which it was and is.  But really, now it has evolved into, I LOVE serving others.  I love nothing more than going to Starbucks and sitting with the Bombshells.  I love just sitting and serving others and helping other people.  I believe that is what my why has turned into.   Its faith based leadership and faith based service.  And that truly is my why.

Although, I love the fact that I get to hang out with Maveric and travel and work from my phone.  Really my why is serving others and seeing the difference it makes in their lives.  You and I both know, there are bombshells whose lives have dramatically changed within 2 months, sometimes 1 month.

Or they’ve changed from being full of depression and anxiety.  Even things as heavy as that.  So to me, I believe that’s my calling now, and that’s why God put this in my life.  I always say, “It has nothing to do with the jewelry.” Of course, it stems from the jewelry but it has nothing to do with the jewelry.  It’s about serving others and changing people’s lives and creating a community.

Awnya: Can you all hear why I love Miss Marilyn so much??!  She is Elite.  She is one of the top 18 people in Paparazzi that is just KILLING it in her business and yet she is so humble and so generous and loving.  She is not sitting here being like, “Okay everybody.  You need to help me with this,” or, “I’m so awesome.”  She is about helping other people. It’s just inspiring.  It’s contagious.

I love Marilyn’s attitude towards life and towards service.  A couple weeks ago I did a call about not being pushy.  We talked about in that call how you have to have that shift in your attitude about talking to people about the jewelry and how you are pushing it on them because that’s not what we are doing with Paparazzi.

We’re sharing.  And it’s the same with the business opportunity.  You’re not pushing something on someone.  All you are doing is OFFERING it to them.  Marilyn totally exemplifies that in all that she does. In everything that she does is that service attitude and that helping people.  I just love that so much.

Marilyn: I love that word.  Offering.  Because that’s what I say.  I’m offering this to you.  Or I’m offering this jewelry to you.  It’s $5.

Awnya:  And that love.  I think people can feel that love.  They can feel that you don’t just want them in your team for numbers.  I mean, maybe other than the 666 to get to the 667, right?!

Marilyn: Right!  We need a 667.  The 666 makes me very uncomfortable.  I was telling Awnya before, when I had 66 personally sponsored I was like, “Auh!  Somebody sign up right now.  I don’t care.  Somebody sign up. I don’t even care if you want to do this business or not, we just need somebody to sign up.” I just do not like those numbers at all.

Awnya:  Let’s take a little bit of a shift. I know that you are a very positive person Miss Marilyn so this question might be a little bit difficult for you, but the reason I ask that is as consultants I think, especially not Elite consultants, people tend to get in their brains too much.  They think, “Oh the Elite, they’ve never had these problems.  They’ve never struggled. Everything has been smooth sailing, they just get there. They wave the magic wand and get to that Elite position.  They don’t know what it is to go through what I’m going through or to grind.”

So the reason that I like to go to this story of your worst Paparazzi moment is to show everybody, the Elite struggle too.  You guys have had your struggles.  You’ve had the worst moments, sometimes even worse than what I’ve had to deal with. You’ve struggled and pushed through and that’s why you are where you are today, because you get through those hard moments.  You don’t quit and you keep going.

So, Marilyn, draw us a picture, take us to that moment in time that was your worst moment in Paparazzi: 

Marilyn: Well, first, I love that you said that because it’s true, and especially right now.  I feel like that weighs really heavy on me.  All the new team members see right now is all the excitement and the fun and that I went to Leadership Summit and was treated like a movie star, spoiled rotten!  And then we will go to convention and I’ll get a crystal necklace and that’s what they are seeing, right?!

They weren’t here when my car didn’t work.  I went to convention my first year with no credit card and couldn’t get into my hotel room.  Even though we were doing great, I was still trying to save my shop, so I bought 3 pieces of the fall collection for $2.75 cuz that’s all I could afford and I was like crying at checkout cuz I couldn’t buy any jewelry.

Awnya: Three pieces?  Like one, two, three.  Three pieces, not thirty?

Marilyn:  Three pieces at 2.75.  Three pieces, that’s all that I got.  It’s been coming up lately because I feel like the new bombshells, when they struggle, they are like, “Well, you are Elite and you have no idea.” I’m like, “Oh honey. I’ve slept on the ground at the flea market.  It was 103 degrees”.

People forget that I had no one.  They see all the pictures now with 200 people in them, right?!  They don’t realize I had no friends, no family. Nobody when I started.  And I went to the flea market and slept on the ground to be around people.  Literally slept on the ground. Michelle Johnny remembers.  I would send her pictures.  She must have been horrified, right?!  I’m sleeping on the ground to get a spot at the flea market with my 4 year old.  It’s literally 103 degrees.

My car would break down, I don’t even know.  One day, Maveric, he’s starting to talk about it now, he’s like, “Do you remember we were at that event and the van, like the bottom of the van fell out and like we couldn’t get home?”

I just found a picture of him with his Handy Many tools trying to repair the car.  It was awful.  We just kept going.  My team always says, “Like Miss Marilyn says, ‘just keep going’.” And I say, “Just keep moving forward in Faith”.  I just didn’t let anything stop me.  Like anything.  I literally was locked out of my shop and it was being repossessed as I left for my first convention.

And nobody knows that.  I’ve never said that publicly, but some of my personally sponsored know.  I bought 3 pieces of jewelry.  I couldn’t afford to eat.  Any sane person wouldn’t have gone to their first convention, but I knew I had to be there and I went and did whatever it took.

So that, now, I remember getting to the desk and I couldn’t check in because I didn’t have a credit card or a debit card or anything.  And I literally could not check in to the hotel.  I remember looking down and seeing some of the Elite and going, “Oh, I should go ask them.  No, I would never.” I was mortified.

But my worst one, I had this little display thing that I had put together.  My first 15 minutes, wind came and the whole… remember I took my last $300, so I’m at the flea market with my last $300 and it’s 103 degrees.  The wind came and it blew it all over.  And everything went flying. All over.

This flea market, there’s thousands of people at the flea market, so probably 100 people were walking by.  For real.  Like this thick, dense group of people.  And this board falls over, the silver pegs go flying and jewelry goes flying all over.  And all over the people step back, like the Red Sea parting.  That’s like the vision I had in my mind after this.  And they all just stare at me and look at the ground and stare at the jewelry and no body helps me.  Every dime I have is laying all over the ground.  In that moment I could have picked everything up, put it in the box and given up, but I didn’t.

And now, I would never be in a situation where I didn’t have help or where I’m not surrounded by kind people.

What is the lesson that you want Paparazzi to take from this? 

Marilyn:  There is no difference between an Elite consultant and a star consultant.  The only thing is we don’t give up, No Matter What.  We don’t give up.  We don’t get stuck in our excuses.  And I’ve got 7000 excuses, all day, every day.  We just keep going.  And that is the lesson from that.

I picked everything up. Hung it back up.  Kept going.  And that’s what you have to do is just keep going and not let anything stop you.  Keep moving forward in faith no matter what.

Awnya: No matter what, that is huge.  I love in your story how there’s so many low points.  Like when you were sleeping on the floor and waiting to check in at the hotel at convention.  Like at convention people.  But she got there.  Can you say that?  Can you say that you would go somewhere where you maybe couldn’t even get into the hotel room?  That would be kinda scary!

Marilyn:  Like, make it happen.  No excuses.  I’m not going to miss this convention, even though I can’t afford to be here.  And I tell my team that when they give me all their excuses.  And I say, “You aren’t really reaching out to me with excuses.  And you think I’m going to live in your comfort zone with you?! Or I’m gonna hang out in your comfort zone with you?  After I slept on the ground?”  This business works!  You just have to keep going.

That’s it.  No excuses.  Don’t quit.  Make it happen.

Awnya:  I love that you touched on comfort zones there.  We could do a whole like 8 calls on comfort zones, but the thing I think about comfort zones is there’s no growth that happens in there.  There’s no fire.  There’s a quote:

comfort zones quote

So if you want to grow, get uncomfortable. Miss Marilyn was totally uncomfortable at the flea market sleeping on the ground with her kid or when the bottom fell out of the bottom of her van.  She kept going because she knew that something amazing was waiting on the other side.  Well, maybe not event that, but ya just knew that you had to push through and you had to keep going.

Cuz, you know, it can only get worse, but it’s not going to get better if you stay where you are at, right?!

Marilyn:  Right!  Yeah.  I didn’t even really understand.  THIS is totally uncomfortable for me.  Doing a podcast on network marketing.  Like who am I to talk about network marketing?  That’s the craziest thing ever.  I’m the person that hated it, which I know seems crazy.  “Ok, you’re an Elite consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.  Why would that be uncomfortable?”  Well, because it’s network marketing.  That’s not my comfort zone.

Which again sounds crazy, but everybody has their own thing going on in their head.  And you just have to keep pushing through it.  It’s mindset.  “I’m an Elite consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.  Who better to do an interview with you?!”  Like why do I not think THAT way. Get out of your comfort zone, change your mindset and watch your blessings blow you away.

Awnya: You know, another thing that totally surprises me by you saying that this is not in your comfort zone, many of you don’t know this about Miss Marilyn, but she was a performer before Paparazzi.  She was a fire-eater, if I’m not mistaken.  Right, Miss Marilyn?

Marilyn: Right.  A magician and a fire eater and an author.  Right. I’ve done some television and radio…

Awnya: So this should be right in your wheelhouse, but it’s totally not.

Marilyn:  Walking the runway was torture for me.  Modeling the Zi collection was torture.  It’s totally different to be yourself than to be a performer on stage.  It’s totally different.  WAY out of my comfort zone, which is an important thing to talk about.

People think, “Miss Marilyn is so comfortable in front of the camera.  Oh, Miss Marilyn can do anything.”  Misty is like, “You have no comfort zone.  You’re so fearless.”  I’m looking at her like, “What is wrong with you?!  Like, you are Cra-cra!  I am freaking out here at leadership summit.”

It’s me getting over myself and getting out of my own way.  Getting out of my comfort zone, and not blocking my blessings.  Changing my mindset, which is a struggle everyday if you are painfully shy, full of anxiety and suffer from depression.  It’s really a challenge.

So, every day I’m like, “God has put these people in my life.  They are my blessings from the box.”  Everybody in the company, not just the Blessed Bombshells.  I have to get out of my own way and serve others and honor Him.  I can’t do that in my comfort zone.

Which my comfort zone is where I am right now.  In my bedroom, probably writing.

What is a habit that you have that contributes to your success?

Marilyn: Don’t give up.  Truly my success does not come from me.  It is the Bombshells and they inspire me.  They don’t give up.  If they’ve got kids and husbands, they are working in the middle of the night and making it happen.  They truly are what is the consistency in my life. Their focus and drive and their inspiration.  And they’re consistent.  They are all of the things that I want to be.

Awnya:  I love that.  Consistency is key. If you are hit and miss, then your customers don’t know to rely on you.  Your team doesn’t know to rely on you.  You have to be consistent and whether your version of consistency is once a week or once a month or whatever, you have to let people know that

1- you are still in business

2- you have new jewelry

3- you have an opportunity for them to make money and have so much fun like you do as well.

You have to do that consistently otherwise people aren’t going to know that you’re in business and they are going to think that you are just trying something out or that it’s a whim.

Marilyn:  My consistency is being available to my team.  And I always wear the jewelry.  I have things that I’m consistent with, but I definitely get my inspiration from my team and they are the ones that have made this happen. They are just amazing.  I call them legends because what they did has never been done before.  And they truly are.  They do everything consistently and they’re coachable.  And that is key.  To be coachable.  The 2 C’s.  Look, we just created a theory.  Coachable and Consistent, is what I would say.

Awnya: You have to be open to new ideas.  If you are not coachable then that’s when pride comes in. We talked about this earlier in the call.  You have to have that humility.  It’s attractive.  People like that.

If you are out there like, “I’m the best thing since sliced bread,” people aren’t attracted to that because it’s not cool.  I don’t want to be around someone who thinks they are the coolest thing ever.  I want to be around somebody who is going to lift me up.  That comes from humility and from being coachable still.

I know a little a bit about you Miss Marilyn.  I’m going to throw you a little bit under the bus here.  Miss Marilyn had some really colorful displays.  I want to say it was last year that Misty, one of the founders, said, “Miss Marilyn, the jewelry needs to be the star of your displays, you need to go with black and white.”  And Marilyn was like, “No zebra print?!”

Marilyn: Right!  I about died.

Awnya:  Even though she was a little bit sad about losing that zebra print, she listened to Misty, cuz Misty knows what she’s talking about.  She was coachable and she changed things up.  And look at her now!  I mean, I can’t say that this one thing has changed her business, but it couldn’t hurt.

Marilyn: And I was shocked.  I’m looking at her, and I’m like, “What?!”  You know, all black??  How boring is that!  Like, what?!”

 So they have hashtags, Chani is sweet and Misty is sassy.  Chani is my security blanket and Misty pushes me out of my comfort zone.  And I don’t know how she knew I was coachable to tell me that.  Do you remember that I would post pictures and would be like, “Oh, I’m getting rid of the zebras.  Kill me now.”  Then I did my first event in April in 2015.  All black.  My mom went with me to that event and my mom is like Italian, over the top as well.  She’s like, “All black?” And I remember it was all morning….All black.  No hot pink.  No zebra.  Has everybody lost their minds?!  WE live for pink and zebra!

The only pink there was my feather boa.  Misty’s words are, “The jewelry should be the focal point.”  I changed it to the “star of the stage”  to wrap my head around it.  There’s a stage and the jewelry’s gonna star on it.  It makes total sense now, but at the time….

People just rebel and miss that because it goes back to that whole coachable thing.

What advice would you give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant?

Marilyn:  Wear the jewelry.  Take all of your costume jewelry and all your real jewelry, unless it’s sentimental.  Now I’m not saying to take the ring your grandmother gave you and put it away or the necklace that your husband gave you and put it away.
Awnya: Or your wedding ring.

Marilyn:  Right!  Or your wedding ring.  You are blessed to have a husband, rock that wedding ring.  BUT, other than that, take ALL your costume jewelry and only wear Paparazzi.  And watch your life completely change.

Awnya:  Now how many pieces do you tell people to wear regularly?  Robin says 5, try to wear 5.  How many do you suggest every day.

Marilyn.  I say 5 too, cuz 5 is my lucky number.  But I also say that you should wear 4 pieces and a hair accessory.  And if you don’t want to rock Hippie Headbands across your forehead, cuz we all went to convention last year and got everybody started wearing them. So I understand if that’s way outta people’s comfort zones.  Then take a flower, put it on your hat put it on your purse, put it on your shirt.

Oh!  I’ve put them on baseball hats, on Paparazzi hats.  I’m completely obsessed with Paparazzi, so I wouldn’t not wear a hair accessory at this point.  I’ve never worn anything but Paparazzi since the very first day I’ve opened that box, ever. You can go look at every single picture, ever.  And I always put a hair accessory somewhere.

Awnya: It’s so true too.  If you aren’t wearing the jewelry, how are people even supposed to know that you even have a jewelry business?  And how often do we hear of consultants selling necklaces right off their body? Or a bracelet?

I sold my favorite bracelet the other day.  I am still very sad about it because it’s not one I can buy again. I should know better than wearing my favorite things out in public, but I was buying my drink and the owner of the place said, “Oh my gosh, I love your bracelet.”  And I was like, “I sell it.  It’s $5.”  And she was like, “I need that in my life.” I was like, “Please no.   Don’t take my bracelet.” Then she says to me, “When can you come set up and sell you jewelry here in my shop?”  So I thought to myself, “selling jewelry in her shop and meeting all these people vs. $5 bracelet? Just give her the dang bracelet.”  But still, my heart broke.

Marilyn: I know!  It’s funny.  I try to wear blockbusters a lot.  Especially when I’m going somewhere new.  Like I have all these rules about how I’m going to wear all the jewelry.  Well, not really rules, but they are just kinda funny.  Same thing, you know.  “Oh, I’ll have to sell it off me. Ok, what am I going to wear today?  Cuz I don’t know these people” And I’m not going to say to somebody new, “No you can’t have it.” So how many of this bracelet do I have?  Can I put them in my purse and sell them out of my purse if everyone likes it?

Oh the struggle is real.  First world problems right?!

If you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their business, what would you tell them?

Marilyn: Put on some jewelry and go.  Just like what we just said, go where there’s some people.  And put on the BIGGEST piece of Paparazzi that you own.  Don’t like put a coat or a sweater over it.  Just go walk around and people will compliment you.

Awnya: You have to be where there’s people.  I mean, if you are sitting in your house, wearing you jewelry, you aren’t going to have those conversations.  You gotta get your butt out there and get working it.

Marilyn:  Make it happen. There is no reason to be stuck in this business or to be struggling.  If I can do this, for real, anybody can do this.  I have a head injury. I don’t even know what day it is most of the time.  If I can do this, anybody can do this.  The secret is to wear the jewelry and keep going.  Don’t get stuck in your excuses.

Awnya: I love what you said right there.  I’m gonna say it again.  Don’t get stuck in your excuses.

Marilyn: It’s truly the easiest business in the whole world.  The price point is fabulous.  And we get to party for a living.  And then Paparazzi spoils us.  Like, it’s crazy cool.  If you are stuck, you are in your own way.  Which is kinda cruel, but you know that I believe in this more than anything I’ve ever done in my entire life.

I eat breath, sleep, drink, walk, talk Paparazzi.  Like I live this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  There isn’t a moment I’m not thinking about Paparazzi, working on Paparazzi, thinking about my team, thinking about my friends in Paparazzi.  I LOVE this business, so when you tell me that it’s not working for you, I get so convicted.  It will work!  Get out of your way.

What is a quote you have that inspires you?

Marilyn:  That would be my mantra which is, “Claim Your Cleavage,” which also means, to claim your faith and it means:

believe in your dreams

It really is what gets me going every day and I say a Cleavage Creed to myself.  It truly inspires me to keep going and to star in my life because if you don’t star in your own life, who’s going to star in it for you?  You really just have to get out of your way. Claim your Cleavage.  Own who you are.  Believe in your dreams and make it happen.

What is a book you say is a must read and why?

Marilyn: The Bible.  The instructions are in there and my favorite quote from there is, “I can do all things with God who strengthen me.” because some days I’m like, “I do not know how to have a team with 666 people on it.  I do not know what to say to anybody.  I don’t even know what I’m doing.  I have no clue”.  You know?!  Then I just pray about it and I say that to myself, “I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me,” and I read from the bible and I just keep going.

Awnya: So now, here on the Papa Rock Stars Podcast, I like to give everybody a call challenge.  This week, I’m going to leave that up to you.

What is the 1 thing you would like for he listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?

Marilyn:  I want you to go out, and no judgement or anything, find 2 people this week and give them a piece of jewelry.  Take a picture of you with that person and tag Awnya and I on Facebook.  My wall is public you can tag yourself and anyone else.  Awnya’s is public too.  You can tag us, you should have no issues!

I want to see over 100 pictures of this act of kindness!  I believe that the more kindness you put out in the world, the more it comes back to you – that’s in the Cleavage Creed as well.  Be kind to all you meet and see.

2 pieces.  You can give out more if you want to, I try and do 5 a week. I know when I started, giving away 5 pieces of jewelry would have been a lot, so 2 pieces this week.  It doesn’t have to be to somebody that you think deserves it, it’s just something nice.  Just 2 people and just make their day by giving them a piece of Paparazzi.  And you change the world!

Awnya:  That is such a neat challenge.  I know I will be doing it!  I know Miss Marilyn, you do it every week.  Let’s see those pictures!!  And Rock it on!

Marilyn: Tag us on Facebook! Let’s get the kindness going!! For me, I call them dares. Bombshells do dares because we think we are sexy.  So I’m daring you to go give away 2 pieces of Paparazzi as an act of kindness so you are changing the world through kindness.  That is what our mission statement is all about, changing the world $5 at a time.

And tag Awnya and I on Facebook and let’s flood Facebook with kindness

Awnya:  I can’t wait to see it!  Thanks for listening in today!

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No Excuses

Do you have a mindset of a victim?  Are you limiting your own success?  Today we talk about how to get out of your own way to your path of success!

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adjust my crown - Paparazzi jewelry inspirational quote noexcuses - Trent Kirby quote


You might be thinking that this episode is really similar to the one about Limiting Beliefs that we talked about last week, and its true that the two are really similar.  It’s all about mindset and the thoughts that you are thinking.  Last week we discussed how something someone told you or even that you thought yourself could be causing you to doubt that you can reach the levels of success that you want.  This week, we are talking about another state of mind that can cause negative results in your life instead of positive ones.

It is having a victim mindset.  I just want to clarify before we start that we are talking about a MINDSET.  So now, let’s break it down.  Having a victim mindset means that things have happened to you and that’s why you are how you are.

One of the key factors in the victim mentality is feeling powerless.  Because they don’t feel in control of a situation or a result, the victim tends to place the cause onto something or someone else.  BLAME is a key word in this kind of mentality.  They haven’t reached this goal or that rank because of this, that or the other.

It is true that certain situations have consequences that we don’t see coming or that the results of someone else’s actions will leave us in a less than ideal position.  Can you change their actions?  Can you change what happened? This is exactly what causes the victim mindset.

The truth is, the victim is so busy thinking about how they have been wronged and what has happened to them that they aren’t looking for the opportunities or for a solution to the problem.  They wallow.  “It’s not my fault because…”  is a really common statement from someone with a victim mentality.

Does this sound like someone you know?  Does it sound like you?   I mean, crap happens to everyone, right?  Bad things happen to good people.  It’s what you DO after it though that makes the difference.  You CAN change how you react to any situation or event.  YOU have that choice!

For example, I’ve shared before about the hard times that my family experienced back in 2008-2009.  When the housing market crashed and my husband’s job wasn’t enough to support us, I went back to work full time.  Soon after, we found out I was pregnant (surprise!) and just a few weeks later I tore my placenta and when I was only 9 weeks pregnant, I got put on bed-rest.  No more working for me!!  We ended up short-selling our house (which is like a pre-foreclosure sale).  It was a crazy time and one gut-punch after another after another kept happening.

We ended up with a pile of debt, ruined credit and lots of broken promises from the realtor and mortgage companies that effected us for YEARS after!  Did we curl up in a corner and shout about how wronged we were?  Did we quit trying and just give up, go on welfare and declare that we were taking what we were owed because of what had happened?

Nope!!  We fought!  It took us 3 years to crawl out from the pile of debt we had accumulated trying to keep our heads above water and another 3 years after that to repair our credit.  It was hard.  We scrimped and saved and went without things. But we did it!!  And now we are better for it!  It gave us a determination.  A firm resolve.  It showed us that if we worked hard and fought for what we believed in, anything was possible.

You bring about the things in you life that you think about, talk about and dwell on.  If you are talking about wrongs and situations where you felt helpless, you will find more of that in your life.  If, instead, you focus on what you learned from a situation or how you can take POSITIVE action despite the situation, you will bring more positive into your life!

There is a powerful activity I’ve seen performed on stage at a major convention.  A member of the audience was chosen from the audience and brought on stage.  She was asked to say “I can’t.” three times with her arms held out to her side.  After saying it, the speaker was able to push her arms down easily.  Then he asked her to say “I can and I will” three times also with her arms held out to her sides.

After she did, the speaker tried to push her arms down.  he then tried a little harder.  And a third time.  The words that she stated actually caused her body to physically react in a stronger or weaker way!  How powerful is that?!  The words you say have power – more than you know!

One of the best and most powerful things I took home from Paparazzi Accessories convention in 2015 was the No Excuses motto.  It doesn’t leave room for the victim mindset!  You just do it.  Forget the past.  Forget what people say or expect.  You just DO it!

Trend Kirby, one of the 4 founders of Paparazzi sent out some of these tweets:

Can you see how having a “I can and I will” attitude can totally rock your business?!  Especially if you have the #noexcuses mindset to go along with it?!

The BEST thing that can happen to someone who is feeling like a victim is to take action.  Make a plan, get out of your own mind.  And then FOCUS!  Focus on your goals and what you can do to achieve them NO MATTER WHAT!!

Bad things might happen.  People might break promises or make things more difficult, but just take a step to the side, adjust your crown and make it happen!

Call Challenge:

This week, go book 3 parties!  Do it!!  If you already have some on the calendar, go book 3 more!  You can do it!!  #noexcuses

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