Checking out your customers – The key to more parties and recruits

When you are checking out a customer at a party or an event, the time when you are bagging their order is a KEY time to get a few minutes with just you and them.  Here’s how to leverage that time!

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So you are doing a party or an event and the people are shopping.  Yay!  Business is GREAT!!  When they are ready to check out, do you just bag their orders and send them on their way? Or do you use that one on one time to build your relationship with them and ask them questions?

Let’s talk for just a minute about how you can leverage that time to make a difference in your business.

1- when the customer tells you they are ready to checkout, take their jewelry and then hand them a drawing slip.  Then say something like, “Awesome!  Will you please fill this out while I bag up your order?”

I have never gotten a complaint, but I DO get their information so that I can follow up with them in the future.  This is a great way to start a customer newsletter, find potential consultants and new party hostesses.  For more details about that, listen in to our show called Drawing Slips – What are they and why you should use them  (linked in the show notes or on the website).

While you are bagging up their jewelry, you can ask them what their favorite piece of jewelry is of the night.  You can ask them if they had fun.  Ask if they have any other fun plans for their night or weekend.  This builds that trust and relationship.  This makes it more likely that they will choose to come back and shop again and again from YOU!

Since you’ve already got her talking, ask if she has would like to host a party!  It can be as simple as:

“Hey Linda, have you thought about having a few friends over like Suzie did tonight?  You could get some free jewelry and Suzie gets a reward at your party too!  What do you think?”

See!  It’s low pressure and highlights the fun time she had that night as well as the fact that she will get free jewelry and that her friend will get a reward too!

Next, regardless of what she said for the first question, ask her if she’s considered joining your team.  It could sound something like,

“You know, I can see that you LOVE our jewelry.  Have you ever thought of just selling it??  You would probably save a fortune on just your personal purchases alone.”

Again, super low pressure.  I love both of these ways to ask because it is easy for me to slide into conversation.  I don’t feel pushy or sneaky and since this is usually a minute I have alone with the guest, its the perfect time.

Do you know why MOST people don’t join your team or host a party?  98% of people polled in a research study by Mary Christensen (a direct selling speaker, trainer and coach) showed that 98% of people who don’t host a party or join your team WERE NEVER ASKED!

This statistic blows me away every time I hear it.  98%!  Can you image how different your business would be if you made it a habit of asking EVERY SINGLE customer checking out if they would host a party or join your team?  Crazy!

Online Parties-

Now, if you are doing a lot of online parties, you are probably trying to figure out how you can make this work in your business.  I have been testing out a new method over the last few months, and I’m loving the results.

When your customers are ready to check out, you can do 1 or 2 things.

1- have them personal message you to open up the Facebook lines of communication.  Then, send the pictures of what they are buying and ask for their email address for the invoice.  Then finally, ask if they would want to host and / or join.  This way is a little bit more back and forth and if they don’t send the first message, FB will filter your message so they may never get it.

2- Google checkout form- post the link in your sales group or event for your google checkout form.  You can set up this form however you would like (there are even some pre-made forms you can use.  I liked the one called “Contact Form” since it had most of the info I would need already in the template).  I have them fill out their email address, mailing address, phone number, and then I have a question that asks if they would like more info on earning free jewelry by hosting a party or if they would like more info about joining the team.

They can check one, both or none of the boxes if they choose.

Neither of these methods are as good as having that face to face interaction with your customers, but it is a close second and makes it so at least the info is being presented to them in some fashion.


Drawing Slips – What are they and why you should use them

Show Challenge:

This week, decide how you are going to work your checkouts.  Practice your in-person check out questions and create a plan of attack for your online parties and events.  Now do it!

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How to Do a Home Party

Parties are the lifeblood of any Paparazzi Accessories business.  Let’s chat about how I do my home parties.

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Its Paparazzi Jewelry Party Time Raise the Roof, time for a Paparazzi Jewelry Party


Home parties are a great way to meet and connect with new friends, customers, future hostesses and future consultants.  They are more personal than an event or expo and a great way to make some real connections.

I absolutely LOVE home parties!  Here is a quick guide to how I do my home parties, what you should remember to bring and how to get more bookings and know if someone is interested in joining your team.

Whether this is your first home party or your kickoff show you can use these guidelines the same.  Just tweak them to fit you and your personality and needs.

Arrive early!  This is a MUST in my book.  Your hostess has probably been cleaning all day and getting ready for her friends to come.  Don’t stress her out by coming at the last minute.  Be sure to communicate with her during your hostess coaching and let her know what time you are planning to be there and if you need anything special like a table, chair, or anything else.  This will help your hostess know what to expect and keep her relaxed and ready to party.

Ask where to set your displays up.  Maybe she wants you in the kitchen or kind of spread out in the front room, just ask!

Get your groove on – I love putting on some music that the guests can enjoy while they are shopping.  This helps communicate the “party” vibe and can help the guests feel comfortable and happy.  Be sure to make it loud enough that they can hear it but quite enough that they can still talk over it.

Greet the guests as they arrive.  Introduce yourself so they know who to talk to when then are done shopping or if they have a question.  This is also a good time to give them a shopping basket.  I like these little baskets that I got at the dollar store. They were 4 for $1.

Paparazzi party shopping baskets

Interact with the guests.  I like to play a few games if things are slow or if I just want to increases the fun level.  Here are some of my favs:

  • I have the hostess go get an outfit (or have one already at the party) that they guests get to accessorize.  Each guest can take turns picking a necklace or accessory to go with the outfit and then guests vote on their favorite.
  • Have all the guests put on a piece of jewelry or an accessory that is outside of their comfort zone.  They have to wear that piece for the remainder of the party!  Sometimes the guests end up buying it because they get so many compliments!
  • Make a set – have the guests choose 4 pieces that they think would make a perfect set.  (if you are displaying fashion fix sets, they can use them for inspiration but not for their set).  Have the guests vote on the best set there.

A few other ways to interact with the party guests are to:

  • show them how to do a hippie headband updo
  • help them accessorize an outfit or find a gift for someone
  • Show them how a ring can be made into a bracelet
  • point out items that match things they are looking or buying (say “Oh!  I have a bracelet that totally matches that necklace.  Get the bracelet, hand it to them, say something like “isn’t this total cute?!” and then walk away)
  • Show the guests how to layer necklaces.

So now the guests are shopping and having fun.  AWESOME!!

When the guests are done and ready to checkout, take them to your checkout area.  In this area you will have drawing slips, pens, and bags.  You should also have your card reader, phone or tablet (used to charge the credit cards) and some cash in case they need change.  I recommend keeping the money and home on you either in your pockets or in an apron.  This way it won’t walk off.

Start out by handing the guest a drawing slip and asking the fill it out while you check them out.  This will get you their information and on the drawing slips there are some questions about if they want to host a party or join your team that they can answer.

While they are filling out the drawing slip, total their order, bag it and get it ready to go.  Be sure to put a business card or flyer into their bag so they can find you to reorder or to book a party later on.  Then they are done filling out the drawing slip, tell them their total and then while they are getting their card or money out, look over their drawing slip.

If they marked that they would be interested in hosting a party or joining your team, you can talk about it. Set a date for their party or ask if they have any questions about being a consultant.  Sometimes people will mark they are interested in one or the other (or both) on a paper where they wouldn’t tell you if you asked them.

IF they didn’t mark anything for those boxes simply ask them “Would you want to host a party or join my team?”  You never know who might be interested!

Be sure to keep track of what you sell so you know what hostess to give to your hostess.  It can be as simple as tallies on a sheet for adult pieces and starlet shimmer pieces.

After the guests have left and your hostess has shopped, be sure to thank her for hosting a party.  I also like to ask if they have thought about joining my team.  Right after the party, they have had a lot of fun, gotten some free jewelry and might be thinking that joining is a good plan!

Another nice touch is to drop a thank you card to the hostess in the mail on your way home from a party.  This gives that little extra personal touch that we love so much.

And that’s how it’s done!  Super simple, right?!

Parties are fun, exciting and a great way to meet new people!  Give it a try!


Paparazzi Accessories Party Essentials Checklist

Call Challenge:

How many parties do you have on the books for this week?  Get on the phone and don’t stop calling people until you have at least 1 party a week for the next month.

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