Paparazzi Accessories Elite Leader Robin Frank

Today we chat with Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader, Robin Frank. Robin is an amazing leader, grandmother and friend.  She is a cancer survivor and one of the most positive and uplifting people I know.  She loves sharing and training other consultants and has some amazing stories and advise to share with you!

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I love my life - Robin Frank


Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Robin Frank  Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Robin Frank

Today we have on the show Robin Frank.  Robin is married to Tom and the mother of 4 boys and 1 girl.
Her daughter is Brittany and she is Robin’s best friend and business partner. Robin has 12 ½ grand kids, including 2 sets of twins, and all are under the age of 7!

Robin is a Maven A-lister in Paparazzi and has a Channel purse!!  She ROCKS that purse!  You will see her sporting it around convention this year (don’t miss it!!)

Robin Started Paparazzi Sept 26, 2010 and has consultant number 1028.  The Consultant numbers started out at 1000, so Robin was one of the first 28 people to join Paparazzi.  Robin lives in Draper Utah which is in the Salt Lake City area.

What is your Paparazzi Why?

Robin:  My husband is a realtor, Tom is a realtor.  We were flipping homes and Brittany, our daughter was our assistant. Life was going well for us and we were doing well and then 2008-2009 the real estate market crashed.  We lost 7 properties to foreclosure and short sales.  As many of you know, when finances come up you kind – when you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, it weighs on you.  I gained weight and didn’t want to be around anyone and I just felt horrible.

One day, Brittany hauled me to a show at a convention center called What a Woman Wants.  We went in there and walked around and just looked at stuff.  We found a five dollar jewelry booth.  We went in there and we though “this is cool” and I figured I could buy a necklace for five bucks.  That was really all I could afford cuz I had no income.

Brittany and Misty and Rachel Kirby talked me into wearing a headband.  At this time I was 55.  I mean, I wore a headband when I was 12. So that was the beginning.   And they told me “You wear a headband and wear it around this show and if you don’t like that, you bring it back.”  I do that all the time now!  I tell people, “you buy this headband and you wear it around and if you don’t like it, you can bring it back, you don’t have to keep it!”

So I walked around and it was ok but nothing wonderful happened.  They next day was Sunday and I wore it to church.  And for several months I’d felt like this big fat looser.  When I went to church, 3 or 4 people stopped me and told me I looked really nice.  They didn’t say “oh, you have a really cool headband”, they just noticed that I looked really nice that day.  It changed my life.

We had Misty’s card so we called her the next day.  When we had been at the event the day before, we sat and watched the booth and they were always busy and there were tons of people walking around with these little pink bags.  And we needed a job.  So the next day we called and then drove down to Hurricane Utah which was 4 hours away and purchased jewelry (which I had no money to buy). And then drove home.   I don’t’ know about any of you that have started. But when you get your first kit or get so excited and jump into in and then on the way home I had this remorse and I thought “what have I done.  I’m a looser, I have no money.”

But we came home and jumped in and went 90 miles an hour.  And we put every penny right back into our business.  We bought 1000 pieces to start with for $3000.  We did shows and 2 and 3 home parties a day.  I would do one and Brittany would do one that same night.  This was September.  We didn’t pull one penny out of our business.  We soaked every penny back into our business .  All we did was buy more jewelry and pay our credit card minimum payment which was $25 a month.

We just went to town. We loved selling jewelry.  That is my biggest why.  I know we can change a woman’s life by putting a $5 item on her and I’m not asking her to break he bank.  I don’t’ know what her financial situation is, I don’t know what she has at home.  All I know is that I can put a piece of jewelry on someone and they stand a little taller and they’ll smile. And someone will tell them they look beautiful .  And that’s why I do Paparazzi.

That was the beginning.  WE just got going and thing were wonderful.  We’d never been in direct sales before.  Brittany is my best friend and business partner and things were going along just great and then Brittany got pregnant with twins.  She had her 2 babies at 25 weeks.  Little 2 pound boys.  They were there for 2 ½ months.  As mom and grandma we kinda checked out for a while.

Ya never know what happens in life.  We went through the financial thing and paparazzi pulled us through.  And then we went through the medical thing and our Paparazzi sisters were there for us and pulled us through.   If we needed some extra money we could go out on the weekend and sell!  And then I ended up with cancer and almost died!  The last Why of my life is all these sweet Paparazzi sisters who have become my sisters who have prayed me better and lifted me up when I didn’t want to live anymore.

I love selling jewelry and I love the relationships I have.  And that’s why I love selling jewelry.

What is your worst Paparazzi moment?

Robin: I love, love, love doing large events.  WE do everything we can find.  Fights, races, dance competitions, fights, gun shows.  Anything we can think of where we will find a woman or some women.  So we found this fight – it was a boxing match or ultimate fighting.  It was a $50 booth fee and from 6pm till midnight.  It was a last minute thing cuz I just found it.  When I got there, I didn’t have any bags.  I really wasn’t prepared!   How do you go to a show and not have bags to put your jewelry in?!  My niece was with me and ran and found some clear plastic bags for us, so we were all set up and ready to go.

 They were starting to come in for the fight.  It was in October and at this fight a lot of people came dressed up.  It was near Halloween.  Again, I’d only been doing Paparazzi for about a month.  I wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing. But they came in, hundreds and hundreds of women.  They set us up in the foyer where they bought their tickets and then everyone went in to find their seats in the fight in the arena.  And we’re out there with some t-shirt people and some food people.

Ladies would come along and I’d talk to them and show them the jewelry and they’d say “Yeah, that’s great.  I’ll come back later”.  Well as the night progressed, everyone got drunk.  You’d think that would be a good night.  Because they are drinking and they will come and spend more money.  Well, very few people even came to my booth.  I did sell one bracelet in 6 hours and the booth fee was $5.  I sold one bracelet.  There were some girls who came over right near my booth she threw up all over the floor.  It was awful.  “Oh, I kept thinking why did I do this?”  Why, why, why???  And we do that!  We get in to these boutiques and events and we don’t make enough money, we go in the hole, we are thrown up upon and I thought “I will never do a fight again.”

But we learned.  And the one thing I did learn was I met a photographer there who taught us and trained us in taking pictures.  At the time we didn’t have stock photos that we could use with Paparazzi and three people picked up my card, well, several did but 3 called me back, and I got 3 parties off of that.

And I learned a lot about fighting that night!  Then when it was over because so many people had been drinking a lot, the underdog won, the gentleman that was next to me selling t-shirts said “you girls better get out of here” so we packed up and left.  So do every event, everything you can and learn from it and go forward and you never go in the hole.

 I believe, I truly believe, that God puts us in places as stepping stones to learn for the next thing.  He taught me a lot of lessons there that I will never forget and it doesn’t matter what I do, I will always learn something!  So look for the things you are learning, the little gifts you are given to learn from in every instance you are at.  It’s not always about the money,  it’s about the relationships and the next thing that he is leading you to.

Awnya:  Another thing that I kinda want to bring out just a little bit more is that after wards, you only sold one bracelet, but afterwards people called you!  You thought it was a horrible event and you still got things afterwards.  So ladies, even if you are doing an event and you are totally bombin, hand out those cards, talk to people, talk to the other vendors there.  See what other relationships you can build.  You  never know, you might have someone call you in a week and say  “Hey, I want to join your business.” Or “hey I wanna do a party for you”.  You just never know.

Robin: The photographer did join as a matter of fact.  She really did.  And one of the people called me, it was about 6 or 8 months later.   And she said, “I had your card and I say you at a fight” and I was like “Where did you see me?”  I had really kinda tried to put that out of my head.  But, yeah!  It was good.

A: What habit do you have that contributes to your success, Robin?

Robin:  The one think that I feel like I would like to suggest to everyone or what I love to do is I love to smile and I love people.  My life has been so touched by people that love me that I feel like that if I can just reach into anyone’s little heart because there’s a lot of people out there that are having sad days.  And if you can send them just a little bit of love, and I always talk about Paparazzi everywhere I go.

I always wear a headband.  I always wear bracelets and a necklace because it’s a conversation starter.  And I’m Paparazzi’s advertisement,  I’m the billboard.  I feel that people look and me and know that my jewelry makes me happy!  It does!  So always smile and love the people around you.  I think that’s been my best success habit.

What advice would you give to a brand new consultant just starting out?

Robin:  Just exactly what we just talked about.  Number one, have information, have a business card, a flyer, carry it with you everywhere!  But BE the advertisement.  LIVE Paparazzi and smile and love the people around you.  If you go out and open your mouth.  I’m telling you there are some consultants out there who have grown so quickly just because they love the product and they talk about it.

When I first started, at my first party I stood in the back corner and somebody said “well, who do I pay?” and I raised my hand “over here, over here.”  And now, I know that I just have to get out there.  You may not  know this but I was kind of a shy person.  Remember, I was the kind the looser and I’d  gained weight.  I don’t’ care what your personality is.  If you just smiel and just share with people why you started, it will change your business.  It will!  And make sure you give them your information.  Ya know, the jewelry sells itself.  So just share it with people.  Just open your mouth and talk about it everywhere you go.

Awnya:  I love it!  I love how SIMPLE that is.  You don’t need $400 to and buy business cards or to advertise on a billboard.  You have your smile all the time if you just wear it

Robin: and if you will smile when you are on the phone, I promise you people will feel that.  I mean, I can feel your smile, Awnya. You’re always smiling, you’re so sweet.  Awnya’s always happy, bless her heart.  And you feel that, you feel their smile even on the phone or whenever you talk to them.

If you could give one piece of advice to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their business, what would that be?

Robin:  bnI would tell them to call their downline.  Call their team.  Call their friends.  If they are just starting out and don’t’ know where to get started, call someone in Paparazzi.  But if you have a little team going and you haven’t made contact with them, Oh my gosh!  Then all you have to do is call them and let them know that you love ‘um and care about ‘um.  And that is something that has really opened my eyes that I’ve tried to start doing in the last little bit.  Misty pushes that a lot.  Make a phone call.  We’re all texters or we message a lot but that personal contact means the world and it changes your life.

It does!  Whenever I’m feeling down all I have to do is talk to a couple people and I just live my life.  So pick up the telephone . That’s the best.

What is a quote that inspires you?

Robin:  My favorite quote is Love your Life.  Because I didn’t love my life for a long time.  Sometimes you don’t love who you are or how you look, how you feel or how much money you have or what your weight is.  But with every step you take every day if you think “I love my life, I love my life, I love my life.”   It’ll change your life.  It has changed mine!   6 months ago, I wasn’t where I am today.  A year ago I wasn’t where I am today.  But I’m so blessed and I love the life that God has given to me.

Awnya:  And you do, you embrace life.  That’s one of my favorite things about you.  No matter what stage you are in.  Even when you had your cancer and were at convention and you had lost all of your hair you were wearing a darling pink wig, you had given them out to everyone who was there that year.  And you got up on stage and you threw your wig out into the audience and you had the biggest smile on your face!  You just embrace loving your life, whatever stage you’re in.  It’s truly who you are!  I love that!

What book would you say is a must read and why?

Robin:  My very, very favorite book is The Secret.  I don’t care where I’m at with it.  When I’m feeling down.  And it’s all about “If you believe it, it will happen”.

I believe in vision boards and I believe in affirmations and that’s what The Secret is about.  If you believe it, and you declare it, it will happen.  I don’t care what it is.  You want a million dollars?  It will happen if you believe is and you put it on a vision board and you say it, it will happen.  You wanna be Maven A-lister and carry around a Channel Purse?  It will happen if you declare it!

Awnya: I have to tell you a story around that.  After Empower Me Pink this year, we came to your house for training afterwards.  Robin and Tom were talking about vision boards.   And so on the way home I was thinking about it – it’s about a4 hour drive for me.  So on the way home, I was thinking “Ok, what would I put in my vision board?  What are some things I want changed in my life?”   At the time – I’m gonna start crying now, Robin – we’d been living in an apartment.

The financial market that Robin was talking about, it hit us hard too.  We just had our house and we ended up having to short sale that.  And we were told we couldn’t buy a house for 7 years.  And so we were in the middle of that 7 years just waiting for time.  WE have 7 kids and then my husband and I and we were squished in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment.  We didn’t have a yard, we didn’t have even a garage.  We had a parking space that sometimes the neighbors would steal.

So on the way home, one of the first things I put on the list was a house.  I wanted a house so bad.   From what we’d been told several times we had to wait that full 7 years.  We had to wait.  So I put it on my vision board thinking, eventually, someday we’ll get into a house.  Well, this is June, so we are talking 3 months later.   And I’m talking to you today from my house!  YAY!!

We have a yard, garage, we have 4 bedrooms.  With 9 people its still a little squished, but it’s a house and it’s ours.  And it was on my vision board!

So even this thing that I never thought would be able to happen because of the past and everything, it totally happened, and in 3 months, Robin!!

Robin:  See?  See??  I’m telling you, Awnya!  It’s so Amazing!  I’ve known Awnya  for 3 years and I tell you, if there’s anything I can teach, anything, is that if you put it out there, all you have to do is ask.  And put it out there and believe!  Three months for you.  A HOUSE!!

Ok, last question, Robin!  What is a parting piece of guidance for us?

Robin:  Just love yourself and love your sisters. And to believe that you’re beautiful.  You make a difference in people’s lives!   I so believe that God gives us things.  I don’t believe in chance. I don’t think you just get things cuz you’re lucky.  I think God puts you in situations to learn and to grow and to help other people.

And it just makes me sad that so many people don’t believe their beautiful.  And it doesn’t matter how much money you have. I doesn’t matter what you need and what you want.  If you believe in yourself you can get it.

And this is a little saying I have that says:

believe and dream quote


Frank Divas Group – Robin’s Facebook with all kinds of resources and information – Robin’s training website with all kinds of goodies and resources for you

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