Fear of Being Pushy

Do you worry that you might be too pushy to your friends, family or customers?  Let’s talk about what it means to be pushy and why you probably aren’t…

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We all have that person in our lives who doesn’t seem to know when they are being pushy.  They might seem a little like a used car salesman.  They ask again and again and again for the same thing. Sometimes they ask in a different way, but if they want something to happen, they will push and shove and do everything in their power to make it happen.

Ick!  Just thinking about that kind of person makes my skin crawl a little bit.  The reality is, that we are in a business that sells products and so being afraid of becoming that pushy sales person is a totally legitimate fear.

Let’s talk about some of the works you would use to describe a “pushy person” with.

  • Disrespectful
  • Doesn’t listen
  • Self absorbed
  • thoughtless
  • insensitive
  • Doesn’t take No for an answer
  • Annoying
  • Rude

Now I want you to think for a minute.  What words would you use to describe yourself?

Now compare the two lists.  Odds are, these aren’t the same.  You want to know why?  Because you care about your friends!  In my mind, it comes down to the fact that you wonder if you are being too pushy!  A pushy person doesn’t do that!  They don’t care about the person they are talking to.  They care about themselves!  By worrying about your customers, family and friends, you are providing customer service which is never pushy.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is

Faith and Fear cannot exist in the same place. 

To me, that means that if you are constantly worrying and being fearful that you are being pushy, then you are not moving forward with positive energy towards your goals and dreams.  You are spending your energy in worry, fear or doubt.  We don’t want that kind of negative energy sucking our positive energy and strength.

So to get rid of that negative energy, those fears, find something to focus on that is positive.

For me, that is customer service.  When I am being of service to my customers, I know that I am not being pushy.  So instead of worrying about being pushy, I focus on being OF SERVICE.  I SHARE instead of tell.  SHOW instead of force.  LISTEN instead of talk.

These things help me feel like I am helping and serving my customers.  It is something that comes from my heart and I feel that shows through in my business.  It is easy to tell when someone is focused on the results that they want and when they have only themselves in mind.

Let me share a quick story with you.  I have a Paparazzi friend (let’s call her Jane) who was struggling sharing the new items she was getting with her customers.  She felt like she was pushing them into buying and because of that, she stopped sharing the new items with her customers.

After a few weeks, one of her friends asked her why she wasn’t seeing anything new.  Jane shared her feelings about being pushy and you know what her customer said?  “We are all big girls.  If we truly don’t want something, we won’t buy it.”  This was a light bulb moment for Jane.  She decided in that moment that she would SHARE the new products, sales, specials and everything with her customers.  They WANTED her to!  And by not sharing, she was actually hurting her business!

One of the things that initially drew me to Paparazzi, as I’m sure it did to some of you too, was the $5 price.  That’s it, $5.  When people see the quality of the jewelry AND the price tag, the jewelry practically flies out the door!  You can literally just stand there and say “Everything is only $5 each” and do really well.

This is totally different from most other companies out there.  Sure, we can talk about how everything is nickel and lead free and how it is budget friendly fashion.  We can mention that such-and-such item is a best seller or the Pantone color of the year if we want to, but the $5 price is totally KILLER and it doesn’t take a lot of convincing (or selling) after they know about that!

So think for a minute, what will you do now that you aren’t afraid of being pushy?  Will you share with your friends about your Paparazzi business?  Will you post your brand new inventory in your Facebook group?  Will you call your old hostesses and ask if they want to have their friends over to see your new spring and summer inventory?  Will you talk to someone who you think would be GREAT at Paparazzi and see if they’ve ever thought about trying something like this out?

Don’t push your self out of greatness and away from your dreams by your fear of being pushy!  The best is yet to come and you are meant for amazing things!  Focus on service, kindness, love and respect and you won’t ever have to worry that you are pushing someone into doing something they don’t want to do.

Call Challenge:

What are some of the words on the list that you made that describe you or your business?  What are some ways that you incorporate those words into your business?

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