Special Episode: How to Save Up for your Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit

Are you thinking about joining Paparazzi Accessories?  Are you a little short on cash?  Let’s talk about some great, easy ways to save up money for you Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit.

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Here are quite a few ideas on how you can save up money for your Paparazzi Starter Kit!  Some of these ideas are easy and some require a little more thought or work.  Remember that however you choose to save for your kit, you need to actually SET ASIDE the money.  If you leave it in your bank account or keep it in your wallet, it will most likely get spent!  Whether you use a separate savings account, an old soup can or an envelope, be sure that your kit money is totally separate from the rest of your money.  (This will be GREAT practice for keeping your business money and personal money separate which is necessary for tax purposes J) We are excited to have you as part of our Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories team!!

Yard sale – Find items around the house that you aren’t using anymore and sell them for CASH!  All proceeds go towards your kit!  You can also try virtual yard sales on Facebook, Craigslist or even Ebay.  Your local newspaper may even have a free online classifieds section.

Bake Sale– Do this in conjunction with your yard sale or separately!  Never underestimate the power of delicious cookies

Cookie dough sales – create an order form with different kinds of cookies.  Some popular ones in our area are pumpkin chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, triple chocolate chip, sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin.  Collect orders from friends and family.  Make large batches of each kind of dough ordered and package them in disposable Tupperware containers with baking instructions written on the lid. We paid $8 for about 2 cups of batter that made 2 dozen cookies and our little neighbor who had this fundraiser had about 90% profit!

Early Gift– Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary – Talk to your loved one about the upcoming gift opportunity and let them know that you would like your Paparazzi Starter Kit for your gift (or early gift).  Your starter kit will be the gift that keeps giving ALL YEAR LONG!

Babysitting/Date Night– choose a Friday or Saturday night and offer to babysit from like 5-10.  Have a movie and some pizza for the kiddos and charge $15 for the night (discounts for families with more than one kid). Advertise to neighbors and friends and after just a few times, you will have enough for your kit!!

After School Care – Watch neighbor kids after school and help with homework.  Charge a weekly rate.

Cash for Gold– A friend found some old jewelry she just had lying around, took it in to a Cash for Gold place and got enough for her starter kit, plus a little extra!

Maid service– Offer friends, family and neighbors your cleaning skills!  Go clean one time a week and charge a monthly rate.

Lessons – Do you have a skill your great at?  Piano, violin, singing, sewing, knitting, math, English, sports, etc.?  Offer tutoring!  Charge per lesson or per month!

Loan – Get a short term loan from a family member or bank.  With the money you earn from Paparazzi, you’ll be able to pay them back in no time!

Mow lawns/Shovel snow – Ask you friends and the would like to have your (or your child) shovel their walks or mow their lawns.  If you have a child help, be sure to pay them for their work J

Cotton Candy/Popcorn/Snow Cones – Talk to a coach or local concession stands about supplying their cotton candy for a sporting event.  Or at Birthday parties, carnivals, fairs, bazaars etc.  Rent equipment and sell items.

Pet Sitting – Watch pets for friends, family and neighbors when they are on vacation.

Save a little at a time! – while this one sounds easy enough, how often do we ACTUALLY do it.  Put all your change in a jar along with $2 or $3 a week.  Combine this method with some of the others on the list to have your kit in no time!

Eat at home –   Choose one night when you usually go out to eat (or get fast food), and eat at home instead.  Remember to take the $ you usually would have spent and set it aside for your kit!

Host a Paparazzi Party – Talk to your consultant about earning cash for your kit instead of hostess credit.  (also a GREAT way to get bookings and potential recruits!)


How to Save Up For Your Kit Handout

Call Challenge:

Choose 2 items from the list we talked about today in the call or come up with a few of your own.  Do 2 of those within 1 week and comment below to let us know how they worked out!  Remember, the money earned goes towards your kit!

Show Notes

How to Save Up for your Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit – Show Notes

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