Paparazzi Jewelry Displays | Peg Board Display Case

One of my favorite ways to display and safely store and transport my Paparazzi jewelry is in a Paparazzi Jewelry peg board Display case.

They are functional, cute and they work to protect your jewelry as you go from your home to parties and events and then back again.  Plus, since your jewelry is already set up inside of the cases, it makes set up time a lot faster too!

Supplies needed:

  • pegboard sheets
  • 1 x 2 inch boards
  • piano hinge (1 per case)
  • latch (1 per case)
  • spray paint
  • screws (see below)
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Polypro Belting
  • washers

How to make your Paparazzi Jewelry Pegboard display case

So to make the display cases, you will need some pegboard.  I like getting mine from Home Depot in a 6 foot by 8 foot sheet.  I have the friendly associates cut the sheet of pegboard into 8- 3 foot-ish by 2 foot-ish boards.  This will be enough for 4 display cases for you!

Once you have the pieces of pegboard cut, you need to measure the boards.  This is the part that I totally messed up on the first time I made my boards, so even if you think you know the sizes, measure anyways.  🙂 img_1922

Measure twice, cut once is what my husband likes to say.

My boards ended up measuring 24″ by 32″.   So next you need measure your 1 x 2 boards.  These will make a frame around the pegboard.  This will protect the jewelry and make it so you can can close and latch your boards.  for the top and bottom of the frame, you need the 1 x 2 board to be the same length as the pegboard (so of mine, they were 24″).


for the sides of the board frame, if the actual pegboard measures 32 inches, you will need to cut your frame sides slightly smaller so that they frame fits the pegboard.

Something I didn’t know is that 1 x 2 is not actually 1 inch by 2 inches.  Who knew!  The boards they CALL 1 x 2 is actually 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inches.  This is important, because you need the width of the board times 2 LESS from the boards on the side so that your frame will sit on the edge of your boards.

So if the sides of your pegboards measure 32″, your 1 x 2 board needs to measure 30 1/3 inches.  I know, its a little confusing, but just trust me.  🙂

img_1923   img_1930

If you are a little handy with a power tool, then cutting your boards yourself isn’t much of a problem (thank you jr. high shop class).  If you aren’t sure about how to use a saw, enlist a friend, husband, or your local Home Depot worker to help you cut your boards to the correct length.


The next step is the KEY to making your boards beautiful.  If you simply try to drill the screws into the boards, they will most likely crack.


Not cute, right?!  And it weakens the boards, so they are less secure too.  The secret is to PRE-DRILL your boards.  This means taking a drill bit and making a hole in the board BEFORE trying to put a screw into it.  img_1936

Once you have pre-drilled the holes, then you are ready to assemble your frames!  The screws I like to use are these coarse thread drywall screw that are 1″ x 8 GA.  They are black and hold the boards really well.

So, back to the boards.

img_1934  img_9227


Now that you have your frames made, it’s time to screw them to your pegboards.  img_9228

Again, I like to pre-drill the holes in the frame for these just to be sure the frames don’t crack when you drill in the screws.

img_9230  img_9229

I usually do 3 screws along the top and bottom of the board and then 4 on the sides of the board.  This has kept my boards snug against the pegboard.

The next step is to paint your boards.  I really like using a darker grey color.  I have tried to use white, black and grey boards and my personal fav is the grey.  The black boards kind of suck in all the black jewelry making it so they are difficult to see.  The white boards did the same to the white jewelry.  The grey is a neutral color that lets the jewelry shine as the star of your booth or party!

Paparazzi Display board - hinge Some consultants have tried pink boards, zebra print, or a variety of colors.  Do what works for you, but remember that you want your jewelry to shine, so don’t make your displays too flashy or crazy colors cuz they might distract from the jewelry itself.

Now that your boards are dried, it’s time to add the hinge.  I like using a 24″ piano hinge because I feel like it makes the box sturdy and the hinge helps support the board.  I have heard of others using a few other smaller hinges, so just do what you are comfortable with.

And once you are done with that, flip the board over and add a latch.  I like the kind in this picture cuz it holds the boards securely closed.  I tried a different kind of latch or 2 and the boards would still come open.


The last step it totally optional, but I LOVE having handles on my boards.  This makes it so I can carry 2 at a time or lift them in and out of my car or storage closet easily.

To make this handle, you need about 18-24 inches of Polypro belting.  I like using the kind that’s made of plastic because it seems a little more durable, but there is a cotton version too.  You can add 2 handles for each board, but 2 works just fine.

Fold over the ends so that the edge is on the inside and won’t fray.  Then secure in place with a screw.  After a bit of trial and error, I found that a washer between the belting and the screw keeps it from pulling through.  Do this on both ends and wallah!  Handles!

Paparazzi Jewelry Pegboard displays - indoors

When you set up at a party or an event, you can set these on tables or double stack them to make an awesome 6 foot tall display.  🙂  At home parties and events, I stack them like this picture above and zip-tie them together to keep them from falling off of each other.  I’ve also heard of consultants who use velcro to attach them together.

Paparazzi Jewelry Pegboard displays

For outdoor events, I set my racks up on clothes racks and then zip-tie them to the racks.  Then I weigh down the back of the racks with cases of water.  That way my displays are really secure and they are up off the ground so that the boards don’t warp from any moisture the grass might have in it.

I hope this helps you make your Paparazzi display boards!