Paparazzi Jewelry $299 Starter Kit

Want to take a peek inside the Paparazzi Jewelry $299 Starter kit?!  You’ve come to the right place!  Take a look at the awesome $299 Small Home Party kit and see if it will fit your needs.  (PS – I can’t wait to welcome you to my team!!)

The Paparazzi Jewelry $299 Starter Kit has 120 pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories just for you!  Of those pieces, 20 are EXCLUSIVE to ONLY our starter kits.  That means, you are going to have pieces of jewelry to sell that I can’t even get!  They are AMAZING and your friends and family are gonna FLIP!!  

The 120 pieces of jewelry that you get with your kit equal a retail value of $600!  And that doesn’t even include the display items, business building supplies, bags, hooks and much more!!  Even if you JUST sell the jewelry you get in your kit, you can double your money!!  Easy!

Here’s what comes in the Paparazzi Jewelry $299 Starter Kit:

Paparazzi Jewelry $299 Starter Kit

  • 120 pieces of Jewelry and Accessories
  • 3 Style Snapshots
  • 3 Stylist Tip Cards
  • Necklace Bust
  • Ring Display
  • 50 Pink Sales Bags
  • Paparazzi Accessories Business Success Plan
  • 75 Display Hooks
  • Complete Jewelry Tool Kit
  • 50 Party Invitations
  • Vinyl Window Decal
  • 25 Receipts
  • 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms
  • 10 Thank You Cards
  • 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards
  • 5 Compensation Plan brochures


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More about the Paparazzi Jewelry $299 Starter Kit

Silly Paparazzi hairWhen I first started in Paparazzi, this is the starter kit that I joined with.  I couldn’t believe all of the amazing jewelry
that came in my kit!   They were all so sparkly and pretty!  My friends and family thought so to.  In only 4 days, I had sold almost my entire kit and ordered 3 more times!!  My husband (who was reluctant to let me join Paparazzi Jewelry at ALL) asked me why I hadn’t joined with a larger kit!!

I know, it’s a little scary to invest so much money to get going, but honestly – I’ve never looked back!  I’m less worried about money and I can be home with my kids while they are growing up!  AND we have finally been able to take DREAM vacations too!!  All things I NEVER thought would happen in my life.  And all because of $5 Jewelry.

So what are you waiting for?

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*Kit Contents may vary and are subject to change at anytime.