Paparazzi Compensation Plan

Let’s talk about the Paparazzi Compensation plan.  If you are a numbers person and like data, charts and numbers, this is the place for you!  If you aren’t into so much of the numbers and charts, watch the video.  It will explain things in a slightly less tech-y way.

This video outlines the ranks of Star Consultant, Director and Premier Director (the first 3 ranks in the Paparazzi compensation plan).  More videos coming soon to outline the higher ranks!

The Paparazzi Accessories Compensation plan is…

The Paparazzi Accessories compensation plans is one of the best plans I’ve seen.  EVERY consultant from Day 1 gets 45% of their personal sales as PURE profit.  And that is CASH in hand.  No waiting for a check the following month or quotas to meet.  45%!

And if that wasn’t enough, with the Paparazzi Compensation plan, you earn 5% – 10% of your team sales too!  It’s that simple!  Sell jewelry yourself and get a great profit and then build a team and earn even more money.  (for a more in depth look at the Paparazzi Compensation Plan see the latest official chart of all the Paparazzi ranks and percentages below.  Click to view it in a larger format. )

paparazzi compensation plan

Ready to Join Paparazzi Accessories?

If you are ready to Join Paparazzi Accessories but still have questions, Let me know!  I’m here to help you!