5 Questions Customers Ask Paparazzi Accessories Consultants

As a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant, I tend to get asked several questions by my customers over and over.  Here are those questions and the answers too!

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If you have been a Paparazzi Accessories consultant for a while, these questions are probably some that you hear quite frequently as well.  If you are a new consultant, hopefully these can get you the answers you need so that when people as YOU, you will know the answers!

Question 1- Is everything REALLY only $5?

Answer: It really, truly is only $5!  I know it’s hard to believe, right!  But it really is ALL only $5 and it is nickel and lead free, so you shouldn’t get any funky skin reactions.  AND Paparazzi Jewelry is always super stylish and trendy so that you can look great without spending a fortune.

Question 2- Is Paparazzi Jewelry hypoallergenic?

Answer:  Paparazzi Jewelry is BETTER than hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic jewelry can still contain nickel and lead, but Paparazzi Accessories are 100% nickel and lead free!  These 2 metals are what most people are allergic to.  Our jewelry and accessories are made out of a blend of metals, but mostly aluminum and steel.

Question 3- Do you have a Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog?

Answer: Our jewelry and accessories are so incredible and the demand is so high that we go through items too quickly.  The printers couldn’t keep up with us!!  While we don’t have a catalog, we do have cash and carry items that are constantly changing and an online Paparazzi Jewelry Store where you can shop whenever you would like and it will always have the latest and greatest Paparazzi Accessories.

Question 4- How often do you get new jewelry?

Answer: CONSTANTLY!!  My online website is updating all day long, adding new items for you to choose from!  Recently, some of the New Release items are selling out in as little as 10 minutes! This means that there are TONS of great styles and items for you to choose from everyday!  Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories are in HIGH DEMAND and are FLYING off the shelves!

Question 5-  Where does Paparazzi Jewelry come from?

Answer:  All our Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories are designed in Hurricane, Utah by our fabulous design team. The items are manufactured and assembled in China.  Online orders and orders being shipped to consultants ship out of our manufacturing warehouse in Hurricane Utah as well.

Do you have other questions that your customers are constantly asking?  Post them below and you might see your questions featured on an upcoming episode!

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5 most common questions your Paparazzi Accessories customers will ask

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