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Hostess Rewards is a great way to reward your hostess for hosting a party with you!!  Today, we explore some different ways to reward your hostess!

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Host a Paparazzi Jewelry party to earn free jewerly


Let me start out this call by saying that Hostess Rewards are totally what you decide you want them to be.  This is what I do for my hostesses regularly.  Sometimes I offer extra or bonus free items as well, but this is my general outline.

Paparazzi Accessories Policies and Procedures are that hostesses receive 10% of party sales in free jewelry for orders over $50 retail.  If you are doing a party through your back office, this is the credit your hostess will receive.

The reward I offer to my hostesses depend on what kind of a party they have, so let’s look at each..

Online Parties –

1 for booking

1 for each 10 items the guests buy (or $50 in sales)

1 for each party booked off their party (redeemable at their friend’s party)

5 if a guest joins my team

(I occasionally will also offer 2 free instead of just 1 for hosting to help book up open dates on my calendar.)

Home Parties

2 free for hosting

1 free for each $50 in sales

1 free when 10 guests are present

2 free pieces when a friend books a party (redeemed at the friends’ party)

5 free if a guest joins my team

Basket Parties

1 free for hosting

1 free for each $50 in sales

1 free if a friend books a party (redeemed at the friends party)

5 free if a friend joins my team

The important thing with your hostess rewards is to let your hostesses know what to expect.  I include a special sheet in with my hostess packets to let them know how many they should expect to get and then if I’m having a special promotion, I can let them know that as well.

I’ve included in the resources section for the call a printable form where you can fill in how many you want to give you hostess for free AND your information.  You can customize your own hostess rewards program for you and your fabulous hostesses.

The important thing to remember is that your hostess is taking time and energy to host a party and introduce you to her friends.  These people are a way to expand and grow your business in a fun and inexpensive way.  If you were doing a show or event, you have the overhead cost of the event that you have to make up before you start to see profit.  With a home party, you are only giving away few pieces to thank your hostess for her efforts.  To me, its a no-brainier to be generous to your hostess!  They are an important part of what we do!


How many FREE do you get for hosting your Paparazzi Accessories Party

Call Challenge:

Take a minute to outline what you want your hostess rewards to look like.  Comment below with what you are going to offer your hostesses for 1 type of party!

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