Getting Started: First 5 Steps to Jump Start your Success

Are you new to Paparazzi Accessories and just getting started or wanting to grow your business faster and bigger?  You are in the right place!  This call talks about the steps you can take to get your Paparazzi Accessories business to Rock Star success!

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First Steps to Success


You’re so Awesome!! Thank you for sharing your fabulous business and making me feel beautiful day after day. Your surprise today, couldn’t have come at a perfect time. Thanks for thinking of ME!!😊😘

-Kari H.


1- Book the date for your kick off show-

Set the date you want to host your own Paparazzi kick off show.  Start letting friends and family know what dates to set aside and get ready to party!  Ideas for partying can be found on the website.

2- Make a list of all your friends and family

…that you think might want to host a party for you.  Number those people 1,2 or 3.  1’s are the people you think are most likely to host a party for your, 2s are maybes and 3 are the “most likely nots”.  Start by calling the 3’s on you list and asking them to host a party for you.  I find something like “Hi Aunt Julia!  This is ____.  I am so excited because I just started to sell Paparazzi $5 jewelry.  It is amazing jewelry and accessories all for $5 or less.  To get through my training period, I need to have 6 parties.  Is there any way you would want to earn free jewelry and could help me out by hosting one of those parties?”

While you don’t actually have an official “training period”, usually by the time you’ve had 6 parties you feel like you have a pretty good handle on all things Paparazzi.

3- Invite others to join you in Paparazzi too!

Now is a great time to be a part of Paparazzi and it is always fun to have a friend or a family member to learn things with as you get started.  If you know someone who might want to join with you, I will be happy to help answer any questions they might have and help you get your first team member!

4- Never open a Box alone

One of the most contagious parts of Paparazzi is the opening of the boxes you get.  True story.  I make it a rule to NEVER, EVER open a box alone!  Call a friend, family member or neighbor over to open it with you.  They will LOVE helping you and they are guaranteed to drool over all the pretty things inside.  I’ve heard of consultants who sold their ENTIRE order to friends and family before the box was even empty!

5- Make a list of other places you can sell.

Nursing homes, at yard sales, flea markets, salons, consignment stores, town fairs, farmers markets, and more are all great places other Paparazzi Accessories consultants have found success.  Be creative!

Call Challenge:

Book your kick-off show!  Comment below with the time/date you will be launching (or re-launching) your business!!!

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