Booking Your First Home Parties

Booking your first home parties after starting your Paparazzi Accessories business can be intimidating and a little scary.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get those first Paparazzi $5 Jewelry parties on your calendar.

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In our call, Getting Started, I talked about one way that you can book parties with your friends and family before your kit even comes!  This call will talk about another way that is really popular to get those first parties booked.

The best way to Book parties is to HAVE a party.

If you are new, you are probably saying, “yeah, but how do I get parties?”  The answer is simple, throw your OWN party!!  When you have your friends, neighbors, family, etc. over and they see how EASY it is to host a party, they will want to have one too.

A few tips to help make your party a success!

Invite:  You want to invite 40-50 people.  Not sure you know that many people?  Just start writing down names.  Sometimes it helps to think FRANK.  Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Kid Moms (the moms of your kids’ friends).

The best way to invite is through a PERSONAL invitation.  I can’t stress this enough!!  Simply making a Facebook event and inviting everyone on your contact list isn’t going to do the trick.  You need to take a little time and hand deliver or mail our each invitation or give them a quick call on the phone to invite them.  This little personal touch will go a LONG way to getting more guests to your party!

Remind: We are all human and have a TON of things going on.  Don’t forget to send a friendly reminder to your friends the day before your party so that they don’t space it.  Something like a quick phone call or text will do the trick and doesn’t take long.

K.I.S.S – This tips is either the kiss of success or death for most parties.  I call it the Keep It Simple, Sister step.  If you over-complicate things by cleaning for 4 days before, baking all day and overall just make things look really complicated to host a party, your guests are less likely to host a party!  Keep things simple.  Tidy your house.  Serve veggies and water or some snacks.  The best party I ever went to, the hostess served Oreos and milk.  Crazy, right?   Think simple.  It will save you time and energy and make your guests more likely to want to host their own party.

ASK – When your guests are checking out (paying for their items), it a PRIME time to ask if they would want to host their own party.  I say something like, “Hey, ________.  Would you want to get some jewelry for free by hosting your own party?  It’s super simple and lots of fun.” and then LEAVE it at that!  A lot of times it’s easy to keep talking and instead of talking them INto a party, you are actually talking them OUT of it.

When you ask everyone who has come to your party, you may only book 2-4 parties, but that is more than you had BEFORE your own party!!

Bonus Tip: After your party is over, send thank you cards to each guest who took the time to come to your party, buy or book their own show.  This personal touch goes a LONG way!!


50 people in 5 minutes worksheet

Call Challenge:

Print and fill out the 50 people in 5 minutes worksheet.  Mail or deliver invitations to the people on your list for your party!!

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