The Fashion Fix: What it is and why you should be on it

Have you heard of the Fashion Fix yet?  If not, this is THE show for you!!  Let’s talk about why the Fashion Fix is something you DON’T want to miss!!

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Paparazzi Fashion Fix


Let’s talk Fashion Fix.  Have you heard about it?  Well, it is an AMAZING set of pieces that YOU as a consultant can get every month.  Let’s talk about WHY you should get the Fashion Fix.

1- The Fashion Fix makes you “active” each month for the rank of Executive Director or lower.  The 25 pieces (50PV) that are in the Fashion Fix make it so that you will be eligible for your downline commission check for the month!  It’s a set-it-and-forget-it.  Once you are on the Fashion Fix you will never have to worry if you have ordered enough each month to be active!

If you are growing a team, the Fashion Fix is a great way to get them to be active each month too!  This means that you are more likely to hit your rank each month AND hit the Crown Club achievements! Be sure to talk to them about the importance of joining the Fashion Fix shortly after they join Paparazzi.  If you haven’t talked to them about the Fashion Fix, there is no better time than now!!

2- The Fashion Fix is a box of jewelry that will arrive at your doorstep every month just like clock work.  The pieces in the Fashion Fix aren’t released yet, so you are getting a kind of sneak peek before anyone else!  The Fashion Fix ships out on the 20th of the each month and then on the 5th of the following month, the pieces are released exclusively for the people on the Fashion Fix and their customers to order!  This means that YOU will have jewelry that not everyone has!  You will get the latest and BEST fashions for you and your customers.

These pieces may or may not be released to the rest of Paparazzi.  If an item is still available on 15 days after it is released for purchase to Fashion Fixers, then it will be released to the rest of Paparazzi and their customers too.  To be honest though, in the 2 years that I’ve been on the Fashion Fix there has only been a few items that haven’t sold out before then, and some items sell out in the first 12 hours!

3- Paparazzi knows how to SPOIL us!  They always have THE most AMAZING sets in the Fashion Fix!  They are stunning, hip and SUPER popular!  So to get your hands on the BEST and most AMAZING pieces, the Fashion Fix is definitely the way to go!

4- The jewelry you get in the fashion fix are stylized sets.  That means that they are coordinated to match.  They are also grouped into the 5 different style trends so that there is something for everyone in each box.

5- You can take pre-orders for these pieces so that you know what to order when they are released for purchase.  Sell them as a complete set or as individual pieces.  The choice is up to you!

6- The next reason why you should be on the Fashion Fix is because of the consultant EXCLUSIVE pieces!  With each order of the Fashion Fix, there are 5 (!!) pieces of exclusive jewelry that won’t ever be released for purchase in the same colors or styles.  You can keep these, sell them, or use them to help book parties!  Totally up to you, but I absolutely LOVE the consultant exclusives and can’t wait each month to see what they are.

7- The final reason I recommend being on the Fashion Fix is because normally when you order, you get 1 free piece of jewelry (Hostess Exclusive) for each 10 items you get.  That would mean for the 25 pieces in the Fashion Fix, you would usually get 2 free pieces.  Because Paparazzi LOVES us so much, you get DOUBLE the free items!!  That means 4 FREE pieces come with your Fashion Fix!

The Fashion Fix is so amazing that there is currently a waiting list to even BE on it!  From what I hear, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or two to get on it.  To get put on the list, call Paparazzi Customer service today at 855-697-2727 and the friendly, helpful people on the other end can help you get added to the waiting list.  Another thing I should mention is when you get ON the list, its best to do anything you can to stay ON it.  I’ve heard of some consultants who canceled their Fashion Fix and have been back on the waiting list for over a year!

You don’t want to miss out on these amazing pieces PLUS all the free and exclusive items!

Call Challenge:

This week, I challenge you to call and get yourself added to the Paparazzi Fashion Fix waiting list. If you are ALREADY on the waiting list, hang in there!! And if you are already receiving the Fashion Fix, post about it in your group or on a social media account.

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