Running your Business with Integrity

What is integrity and how does it relate to your business?  Today we will cover the basics of Integrity and how it can help you in your Paparazzi Jewelry business.

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Let’s first talk about what integrity means.  So integrity means that you have the moral strength to be who you are at all times and a strong adherence to what you believe is right and wrong.  It is related to the word integer which means “whole” or “entire”.  Integrity means that you listen to your moral compass and make good choices no matter if anyone is watching or not.  You do it because it’s the right thing to do.

I also bring up the relation to the word “integer” because I think it’s also important to note that we can’t have integrity party of the time or only in certain situations.  We – our whole person – needs to be practicing integrity all the time.

Let’s talk about a few examples.

As a consultant, would you ignore policy and make some decisions in direct violation of Paparazzi standards if you felt if would give you a slight edge?  Would you risk being suspended or even canceled if you thought you could hit some higher ranks or achievements faster?

Why risk it!  In my 4 years with Paparazzi I have been told a few times by several different ladies that in order to succeed, I would need to bend the rules.  Push the limits.

It was advice that never sat well with me because it wasn’t in harmony with my moral compass.  And its been interesting to watch Karma catch up with them.

We have talked about Attraction Marketing before in several different podcasts, but this is another good time to mention it.  If what you are doing is skirting the rules or even bending or full out breaking policy, what kinds of customers and other people are you wanting to attract to your business?  You are going to attract others who are shady and not quite ethical too.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not the way I want my business to grow!

A few years ago, I was attending a convnetion.  It was highly inspiring and one speaker in particular really resonated with me.  Her message was on being kind and positive in your business as you grow your teams and build your sales.  I had SO many notes from her session!  Just a little while later, we were taking a quick break for lunch and I went to the hotel mini-store.

I grabbed a snack and was waiting in line when a commotion at the cash register caught my attention.  The clerk said, “I’m sorry ma’am.  Hotel policy is that we can’t charge anything to your room without ID”.  The woman at the counter threw a FIT!!  She started cursing and sputtering at him asking for the manager and following all her demands with “Don’t you KNOW who I AM?!”  The clerk was clearly trying to do his job and stood there a little dazed.

It was then that I noticed who she was.  She was the speaker of the session I was just listening to moments earlier.  I stepped up and told the clerk that I could vouch for her identity and he was able to then charge her purchase to her room.  She turned on her heel and huffed out of the store without even a thank you to me or to him.

I was FLABBERGASTED!  Her entire message of kindness and being positive seemed a little less genuine.   More like she was catering to an audience and less like she was sharing a secret truth for happiness for life and business that she had discovered.

Now, in fairness, throughout the rest of the weekend there were several other times I observed her mistreating others and being less than positive.  To this day, I can’t listen to any of her training or read her books without feeling slightly deceived.

She was not living her life in harmony with her message.  She was one person on stage and another person in real life.

If you have ever tuned into one of my Live Facebook videos, I’m kind of a “what you see is what you get” kind of person.  I enjoy laughing and having a good time.  I’m also a little goofy – and all of this comes through in my live videos.  I don’t try to hide who I really am because when I am truly myself, I’m more relate-able to others watching.  And then if they meet me in person, they will know who I am!

So in this example, I feel like I’m showing my integrity to my customers and team members by being the same person on and off camera.  I’m just me.

Another word that is used a lot in our industry is Transparency.  This is another way of saying that you represent yourself in a way that you have nothing to hide.  You are who you are and you aren’t afraid to be you.  You don’t make choices in the hopes that you won’t get caught.

This kind of comes back to the integer part of the definition.  Are you choosing to live ALL areas of your life with integrity?  Do you deal honestly with your customers?  Your family?  At your job?  Do you practice the lessons you are teaching your team and / or kids?

Another great example of this is with ordering.  Are you telling your team to order order order and stock up their inventory and then only ordering the bare minimum yourself?  Or are you challenging them to go out and pass out business cards to people at the grocery story or at the school when they pick up their kids and yet you don’t do the same yourself?

Having integrity in all areas of your life is a good way to life and a great way to run your business!!


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What does your Paparazzi Jewelry Report Card Say About Your Business

It is time for Parent Teacher conferences around my house and I couldn’t help but think about how I am doing in my Paparazzi business?  If you were to get graded on your biz, what would your report card look like?  Let’s talk more about that today!

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Paparazzi gets an A+ for fashion


In your business, just like at school, there are different areas that we need to focus on in order to be most successful.  You can think of these areas like the subjects we had in school but instead of English, History, Math and Science, we have things like Sales, Team Growth, Team Support, Organization and Consistency.  Let’s look at our Paparazzi subjects a little more closely and see what grade you are getting on your report card.


How organized are you when it comes to organizing the orders you have coming in and shipping out.  Do you spend precious time every day hunting for an order that you know you bagged up, but can’t find it anywhere so that you can mail it??

Or maybe you have orders sitting in a basket or on a shelf because you haven’t even invoiced your customers yet?

Maybe organization is your strong suit and whenever you have free time to spend on your business, you find yourself making charts and graphics.  Filing paperwork and cleaning off your desktop, but you wonder why your team isn’t growing and your sales aren’t booming.

Both these examples are kind of extreme just to illustrate that too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily good.  Organization is only 1 piece of the Paparazzi Pie so you do need to be organized in your business and in your work space so that you can easily find and pull orders, as well invoice and ship (if that’s how you work your business.)

If you are more into parties and events, how do you have you displays organized?  Do you have your setup streamlined so that it takes you the shortest time possible?  At one point, I had my setup so streamlined, I could go from zero to done in 20 minutes.  It was awesome!

How do you have your back stock organized?  Is it super easy to grab the right color when you need to reload your boards?  Are your earrings and bracelets easy to locate and pull out or are the buried or all tangled?

So now it’s time to give yourself a grade for Organization.

A- I am organized!  I know how where my back stock and current inventory are and can quickly locate what I need when I need it.  My work space is tidy and I have a system in place for pulling orders, invoicing and shipping.

B- I am mostly organized.  My displays are tidy and sorted by color and I know generally where I can find my back stock items.  My workplace needs improvement, but generally works.

C- On the surface I look organized, but behind the scenes, I need some help.

D- My office or work space is a hot mess and my displays show that I’m a little disorganized.  I struggle to find pieces that my customers order or find orders.  My invoicing and shipping systems are nonexistent or need serious help

Do you have your grade in mind?  Let’s keep going to the next subject.


One of the cornerstones of our Paparazzi businesses is Sales.  How are you working sales in your business?  Are you focusing on Live Facebook parties or your VIP group?  Do you mainly focus on home parties and events?  There is no one right way to work your business, you just have to find what works for you and DO it!

If you are doing more in person parties and events – how many per week or per month are you doing?   Are you working as much as you want or does your calendar have spots where you WANT to be working but aren’t?

If you are doing more online sales through Facebook or another social media site – how often do you share new pieces with your customers?  How often do you go live?

Another KEY part of this area is ORDERS.  How often are you ordering?  And how many pieces?  Now I’m not saying that you should be ordering 10,000 PV a month, but if you are only scrimping by with only 50 PV a month, your customers aren’t seeing new items.  When they don’t see new items, its difficult to get them excited about the amazing jewelry you have to offer.

So let’s look at the grading scale

A-Two to Three parties or events per week.  Posting in your VIP group AT LEAST 5 days a week with new inventory and/or going live 2 times a week.  Monthly PV is more than 300.

B- At least 1 party or event a week.  Posts in your VIP group 3-4 days during the week with jewelry they can claim.  Live 1 time a week.  Monthly PV is 200-300.

C- Party or event 2-3 times a month.  Posts in VIP group 2-3 times a week and Live 1-2 times a month.  Monthly PV is 100-200.

D- Parties and events are hit and miss.  Group posts are inconsistent and sparce.  Monthly PV is less than 100.

Team Growth-

Another one of the cornerstones of our businesses is team growth.  Without growing your team and keeping them excited and growing too, you won’t reach the Crown Clubs and ranking up becomes nearly impossible!  So, growing your team is ESSENTIAL to your Paparazzi business.

For more detailed information on Growing your Team, listen out our episode – Grow your Paparazzi Jewelry Team.

For the purposes of your report card though, we are looking at what efforts you are taking to grow your team.  How are you sharing the Paparazzi opportunity with those around you!

Some of the ways you could be sharing is a post every once in a while on your personal timeline or group.  We don’t want to do this too much because we don’t want to bug people, but a post like “I’m so blessed to have such amazing Paparazzi friends all across the country” with a picture of some of your Papa-friends at a meeting or convention is fun, non-pressury and still personal enough to get past the FB jail radars.

Do you have an opportunity night once a month?  You can do this either on FB or in person at your house or a local restaurant or Starbucks.  The important thing is that you are getting together with people who might want to join to answer any questions they might have.

Do you have a sign out at parties and events inviting people to join your team?  What about something on your business cards?  In your online parties and events do you mention that people can sell Paparazzi too?   What about in your Live Shows?

There are a lot of different ways to share about Paparazzi without tackling someone and threatening to give them a wedgie if they don’t join your team.

So let’s see what your grade is for this subject-

A- I hold a monthly Opportunity Meeting for people thinking of joining my team.  I mention the business opportunity on FB in my group and on my Live videos in a non-spammy way, consistently.  I have  one-on-one conversations with people who want to join my team 2-3 times a week or more.

B- I hold an Opportunity Meeting once every other month or so.  I usually remember to mention that people could join my team on Live videos or in my sales group.  I have regular one-on-one conversations with people who want to join my team.

C- I hold occasional Opportunity Meetings and post on FB about my opportunity but it could be considered a little spammy.  I talk to people occasionally who want to join my team.  I have had a few one-on-one meetings with people who want to join my team.

D- I’m pretty spammy when I post about joining my team and/or I forget to share at all.  I might be a little scared to share more information about joining my team or I’m nervous I wouldn’t know what to do with a team if I got one.  I may have talked to a few people about Paparazzi.

Team Support-

Once you have a team, even if it is just 1 or 2 people, it is super important to support and encourage them!  Now, I do want to say that you CAN’T do the work for them.  They are going to have to WANT to grow and work their businesses themselves!

With that being said, I know a LOT of consultants who become “orphans” in their businesses shortly after starting because their upline quits or just won’t respond to their messages, texts or phone calls.  This is TRAGIC!

Let me say, that if this has happened to you, there is SOMEONE in your Upline who IS amazing.  Call Paparazzi and see who is above your sponsor and reach out.  Try to find someone who will support you.  If you don’t find that person, I hope you will find some training and encouragements in these trainings I’ve made available for you.

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  What are you doing to support the team you already have?  Do you text or call them?  Do you check in when they’ve had a party or an event?  Do you offer support and encouragement?  If they have a question, do they know who to turn to?

Support can come in many forms.  A daily post or video on Facebook.  Maybe it’s a structured newsletter or a monthly personal phone call.  Maybe you text everyday.  Or maybe just every week.

The important thing is that you are THERE for your Team.  Sometimes it won’t seem like they are listening or that they are watching, but they are!  I got SUPER discouraged when my team was a little smaller because I would post on FB and I wouldn’t get ANY response.  No comments.  Nothing.  But I have personally talked to several ladies who will say “thanks so much for posting that story or that quote today.  It’s just what I needed”.   So just keep with it!

Ok- grade time –

A- I have a plan in place and I’m working it every day!

B- I have a plan and I work it almost every day.

C- I’m trying to figure out what will work best for me and my team, but I’m trying almost every day.

D- I don’t have a plan but I’m going to work on it and get my grade up!


If you are a regular listener of the Podcast, you will know that I talk about this ALL the time!  It is a critical Cornerstone of our businesses!

Consistent Action = Consistent Results.

And in SO many of our Elite interviews, our TOP leaders share that the #1 habit they have that has lead them to where they are today is Consistency!!

So what are you doing to be consistent.

Answer the following questions and keep track of how many times you aren’t able to answer Yes to help you get your grade.

Are you holding regular parties and events?  What about Facebook Live parties?  How often do you post in your VIP group?  In your team group?  Do you go Live at the same time/day every week so your customers know what to expect?

Do your friends and family even know you sell Paparazzi?  Do you hold a party in your own home to show them the latest styles and trends?

Are you constantly adding people to your sales group?  Are you booking new parties and events every single week?

Are you following up with customers and hostesses to see if they want to buy and/or host again?  Are you consistently checking your back office for new jewelry so that you will have the newest styles for your customers?

Are you finding new people who want to join your team on a regular basis?  Are you adding more people your team every month?

I know, that’s a lot of questions!!  But these are the things that are going to keep your business ROCK solid.  That will keep you growing and breaking records.   Keep you energized and excited about moving forward.

Let’s see your grade for Consistency-

A- I answered YES to all the above questions and work hard every day to grow all areas of my business.

B- I answered Yes to all but 2 of the above questions.

C- I could answer Yes to all but 4 of the above questions

D-I could not answer Yes to as many questions as I wanted but know what I need to work on.

So now that you have your grades in each of our Paparazzi subjects, what is your Paparazzi GPA?  Are you sporting a 4.0 or do you need a little improvement?  I can’t wait to see what your grades look like!

Show Challenge:

Work on raising your GPA!  What action steps are you going to take THIS week in your business?!  Try to raise at least 1 of your grades THIS WEEK!

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Back to Basics

Did your business start out with a Bang and now its starting to fizzle?  Or maybe you hit your stride  for a month or 2 and now things are less than great?  Let’s talk about what you can do to get back to awesome!

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essentials quote


Athletes are a great example of how the basics can help you to be successful.  Take football for example.  They drill, the rehearse, they practice for hours and hours and hours every day.  Do the drills change?  Not by much.  One day they might work on endurance and the next on footwork.  The next day they might focus on passing and the next day on tackling, but day after day, month after month, they practice.

Maybe football isn’t your thing, let’s try basketball.  After they get to the college level of play, do the coaches say “Well, by now, your dribbling and shooting skills have gotten as good as they are going to get, so let’s just cancel practice.  See you at the game!”  Not at all!  They spend hours on ball-handling and shooting.  They practice and practice and practice so that when the pressure is on, they can perform.

So how does this apply to your business?  Well, what are the basics of your Paparazzi business?  If Paparazzi were a sport like basketball or football, what would our coaches be drilling us on every single day?

Excitement –

When I think basics, I think back to the beginning of my Paparazzi journey.  The excitement I had back then was so contagious!!  It was exciting to get up and work my business every day!  So what are some of the ways you can bring excitement back into your business??

Order new jewelry!  There is NO better way (IMO) to get excited than to order a bunch of really cute, brand new pieces of jewelry!  And then once you’ve hit the Send button on your order, download those pictures and start sharing them with your friends and customers.

The second best way I know of to get excited again is to start selling jewelry!!  This is totally a continuation of my last point, but so true!  Once you’ve ordered jewelry and got it coming in the mail to you, starting to sell it before it even arrives on your doorstep is a great way to keep that excitement growing!  So share, share, share!!  Get your customers excited about your new jewelry coming too!!  Who knows! You might sell the entire order before it even gets to your house!!

Talk to a friend or upline and let them know you are struggling.  Ask what they think you should do to give your business a jump start!  I always feel better after chatting with a friend and coming up with a game plan.  Lean on the strength of your leaders and Paparazzi sisters to help you when you need it.

Listen to some of the Elite Leader Interviews.  Each leader shares a tip to help consultants who are feeling stuck in their Paparazzi businesses and they know what they are talking about!  And as a bonus, you might find a business changing tip as you listen and get inspired!

And last – get moving.  There is something about physically getting up and getting moving that gets you pumped up and energized.  If you are feeling like you are in a slump, do some jumping jacks, go for a walk or jog or do some yoga.  Change positions and get that blood flowing.  This is a sure-fire way to get that negative energy heading for the door.

Think back-

Sometimes it takes a little bit of reflection to see where you might be faltering.  Think back to the time when you were MOST successful.  When you felt you had your Paparazzi mojo.  When you had the MOST sales or were having the MOST fun.  What were you doing?

Was there just less pressure?  Were you doing more parties? More events?

Were you doing a monthly or weekly team newsletter?  Or an opportunity night?

Were you holding a weekly or bi-weekly team meeting or a booking Blitz day?

Any of these things could have a massive impact on your business, but if there was something you WERE doing when you were having amazing success that you stopped doing, maybe you should try starting it up again.  It might be the key to getting your business back on track.

Make something new-

So maybe you haven’t changed what you are doing, but things seem to be tapering off anyways.  Maybe shake things up a little bit and see if that helps.  For example, if you are always just posting jewelry in your VIP group, maybe post a question or a game.

If your FB parties are lacking in sales, maybe change up the Paparazzi Images and Graphics that you are using and see if that helps spice things up a bit.  Sometimes it isn’t a matter of being consistent, its just that things aren’t new anymore, they aren’t as exciting.  Try to bring some of that excitement back by shaking things up a bit!

Find a newbie-

Sometimes one of the best ways you can get back to basics is to help a new consultant get started in her own business.  As she is getting her business off the ground, it can get you energized and excited and help remind you of the things you were doing when your business first started.

So follow up with anyone you’ve talked to about joining Paparazzi and see if they are ready to jump in with you.  If the time is right, it could be perfect!

Work it Daily-

When things are going good it’s easy to want to spend time on your business!  When you aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s easy to want to take a step back or to spend less time working on your biz.

For me, this took some SERIOUS reflection.  Why did I not want to keep going?  What was it that was most uncomfortable?   In my mind, the lack or results or responses to my posts and efforts was kind of a showing of my lack of popularity.   When people weren’t watching my live videos or commenting on them, I was taking that as a direct reflection on myself.

Once I realized this, everything changed for me. In reality, I might have just picked a night when people were all busy!  Or maybe the time of night I was working or posting wasn’t working for people.  There are a hundred reasons why they might not have been responding right away.  Now, when I have an “off night”, I can easily take a step back and regroup and keep pushing forward!

How much time are you spending on your business EVERY day?  And what are you spending your time on?  Here’s my suggested breakdown for how you should be working your biz-

Booking: 1/3 of your time

Sales: 1/3 of your time

Recruiting and Team support: 1/3 of your time

Minimum of 60 minutes a day.

So if you are sticking to the 60 minutes, then that is 20 minutes in each category.  Set the timer and Get To Work!

Choose the category you want to work in and push HARD.  Do as many things as you can during your allotted time.  When the timer goes off, move to the next category!  Simple!

You can choose to work it all at once or in chunks throughout the day, but the important thing is that you are working each area and that you are doing it every day!

The bottom line is, when you get back to what worked for you when you were most successful and/or focus on the fundamentals of your business, you will meet with success.

Show Challenge:

How much time do you spend on your business every single day?  If you don’t have a time already set aside, decide on how much time and WHEN you are going to work your business every day.  This will be a game-changer in your biz!

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Massive Levels of Action

Something that has been on my heart a lot lately is a quote by Grant Cardone.  He says
“There is no goal to big, just an underestimation of how much action is required to attain that goal.”  Let´s talk more about that today!

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massive action quote by Grant Cardone


When a thought has been on my mind and heart a lot like this one has, I know its a message that I NEED to share with all of you!  So here it is.

Have you ever set a goal and then a few weeks or sometimes even days later, you are falling short so you CHANGE the goal?

Or you just convince yourself that you never really wanted it in the first place?

This is a dangerous trap to fall into.  Setting BIG goals is NECESSARY to grow and achieve big things.  If you are only setting ordinary, mediocre goals, you are going to live an average, ordinary, mediocre life.  Is that what you want?

No!  We want the EXTRAORDINARY!

So it is essential that you set big, huge, MASSIVE goals.  And then do everything in your power to achieve them.

Back to that quote from the beginning.  There aren’t goals that are too big, just ACTIONS that are too small.  We naturally underestimate the action necessary to achieve any given task.

Take my basement for example.  After the flood we had last spring, I thought it would take us a good weekend to clean things out and then a second one to get it put back together.  Yeah right!  It took us 3 weeks to gut everything and clean it and get it all dried out and the garbage hauled to the dump.  Then another 3 months to get it all put back together again.  Just the sheet rock alone took me hours and hours and hours for just 1 room.

Complete underestimation.

I know for a fact that I do the same thing in my Paparazzi Jewelry business.  I figured that to become a Director, I would need to talk to 3, maybe 4 people and they would all be thrilled to join my team.  So I thought that within days, I would have ranked up.  It took me 2 years.

Why??  Because I underestimated the necessary efforts.

So what’s the solution?  Take MORE action!  If you find yourself falling short of your goals, jump in with BOTH feet and do 10 times what you were doing.  Exceed everything you THING you need to be doing!  Instead of spending time trying to figure out what your “new goals” should be, get on the phone.  Call your team members.  Do a Flash sale or a impromptu live sale!

START taking MASSIVE levels of action so that you will get them MASSIVE results you want.

Look at people that are at the highest levels of success.  Our top Elite Paparazzi leaders, millionaires, and people who have achieved success well beyond what we have yet to achieve.  They have taken action.  Massive, huge, and consistent levels of action.

And that is why they are where they are today.

Can you say that you are taking massive levels of action in your business?  And if you are, how long have you been taking those massive levels of action?  A day?  A week?

Take a minute to truly evaluate what you are doing to be successful.  Make a plan and now CRUSH it.  Day after day, week after week.  When you are taking huge, massive levels of business building actions day after day, your business will grow and explode!

Let’s take a look at an example.  When I first started cooking, were my meals world class?  Not at all.  I mean, it didn’t take long before I could make a killer bowl of cereal, but it did take a little practice.   When I was in college, I worked at a bakery.  Were my first cakes display worthy?  Not really!  But the more I worked and practiced and tried, the better I got.

I was able to sharpen my skills.  Refine my decorations.  Perfect my cinnamon rolls until I was a pretty good baker.  Did that happen overnight?  As much as I wished it would have, it didn’t.

So as you are growing your business, you are also refining your skills.  Tweaking your abilities to sell jewelry, grow your team and do live parties.  You are learning from every event you do, every party you are a consultant at, every Facebook post you make.  You are growing as a leader, as a consultant and as a business owner.

If you want to grow faster, do more!

There was a story I heard about a pottery class.  The first day of class, the professor announced that he was going to try a different system for grading.  1/2 of the class would be graded on QUANTITY.  At the end of the year, he would bring in a scale and so many pounds of pots would be worth an A, so many pounds would be a B, etc.

For the other half of the class, they would be graded on QUALITY.  They only needed to create 1 perfect pot to get an A in the class.  And so the semester began.  The first half of the class got busy, making pots day in and day out.  The second half theorized and planned and plotted on how to create the perfect pot.

At the end of the semester, an interesting fact emerged.  The pots that were the most perfect were produced by the students who were being graded on quantity.   While the other students were busy planning and talking and strategizing, the others were learning through trial and error.  They were perfecting their craft.  Honing their skills.

So you want to be the BEST?  Get busy!!

Practice, practice, practice.  The more you practice, the better you will be and the FASTER you will GROW your business!!

Show Challenge:

What can you do TODAY to start taking MASSIVE levels of action in your business?  Commit to doing that for at LEAST 6 months and see how it effects your business!

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Take Your Business from Good to GREAT!

Are you tired of having mediocre success in your business?  Let’s talk about what you need to do to move your business from good to GREAT!

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

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The Enemy of Good is Great quote


I’ve been there myself.  Frustrated with my success.  Discouraged by my progress.  It is a tricky trap to fall into because from there it is SUPER easy to feel disappointed and then deciding to move on or try something new.

So how do we avoid getting discouraged?  How do we move from just good to GREAT?

1- Make a plan and stick to it

For instance, Live videos are SO popular right now and are how the top leaders in Paparazzi are continuing to grow and explode their businesses.  Are you going live?  I’ll admit that I was pretty hit or miss with mine.  I did my Lives when I had a free minute and was only showing 5 pieces.

Was this better than nothing.  Yes.  Was it great?  No.  It was mediocre at best.   One of our top leaders shared with me that to make my videos SUPER successful, I needed to set a date and time and STICK TO IT!  This was going to be a commitment to myself, my business and my customers.

Now, I go live 2 times a week.  Am I having amazing, super, rock star levels of success?  Not yet.  But I know that things don’t happen overnight and I’ve committed to myself to keep with it, to keep improving and tweaking things until they ARE successful.

2.  Stick to it!

I know this was part of the last piece of advice, but it is SO critical that I’m saying it again.  STICK to it!!  Whether you are going live, doing parties or events, or focusing on your Facebook sales group for your sales, you have to be consistent and stick with what you are doing.  Good things happen to those who push through discouragement and struggles and just KEEP trying.  That is where the magic happens.
So stay consistent, stay positive and KEEP GOING!

3. Greatness and Excellence

When you hear the work Excellence or Greatness what does it mean to you? Do you think of someone how was taking average levels of action?  Barely scraping by?  Someone who did the bare minimum in order to stay active or to qualify for their team bonus check?

NOPE!  Excellence by definition is above and beyond.  More than anyone else.  Greatness is MORE.  So doesn’t it stand to reason that if YOU want to reach Extraordinary levels of success, you need to be taking extraordinary levels of action?

More Facebook parties, more events, more talking to potential recruits, more posting in your VIP group.  More.

4.  Choose Great

I know when I’ve had a long day running kids around or cleaning and stopping fights, the LAST thing I want to do is go to work, BUT I also want to build my team and grow my business and I want that MORE than I want to sit and binge watch Netflix.

There are times that I have to choose to get less sleep.  I choose to go to an event rather than chill at home on a Saturday.  I choose to build and grow.  I’m choosing things that are helping me build the life I want.

If EVERYONE is doing something you know that you shouldn’t be.  Not everyone is achieving greatness, so if you want great, you need to be doing what everyone else won’t.

How dedicated are you to your success?

I had a friend once tell me that they live like other people won’t, so that in 3 years, they can live like other people can’t.

What are you willing to do now so that you have the live you want in the future?

Show Challenge:

Decide how you are going to choose GREAT in your life and start your plan tomorrow morning!!

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Grow Your Paparazzi Jewelry Team

So you are wanting to grow your team?!  That’s AWESOME!!  Let’s chat about why you should and how you can get started growing your team!

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Join Paparazzi Jewelry Today!

Paparazzi Jewelry Commission checks image


Building a team with Paparazzi is a great way to help other people as well as expanding your business.

Why should I want to build a team?

When you have a team, you can reach greater ranks in Paparazzi, get achievements like the Crown Clubs and you get a downline bonus check every month that will only add to the money you are already getting with your personal sales.

As you are growing leaders in your business, you get to connect with other women who are fun, excited and motivated in their business.  It is really fun to make new friends and get to know people because of Paparazzi.

This is something I talk about a lot because I wasn’t a super popular kid and that is something I didn’t expect when I joined Paparazzi.  I don’t think I would have believed it if someone HAD told me!  Paparazzi has given me friends, great relationships, an increase in our family funds and a way to take amazing vacations with my husband!

While the reasons your friends and customers will want to join can be as various as they are, a lot of times they will also discover that Paparazzi is more than just $5 jewelry.

Another great reason to build your team is because you have the opportunity to help other women too.  You can be the person that helps them get out of debt or helps them find a way to put food on the table.  Or maybe they are able to work less and be with their kids more. Whatever the reason, you can be the person that helps them change their lives!

You are probably thinking, “I don’t know the first thing about being a leader or training someone.”  Not a problem!  This episode will get you started on the right foot!

So now that we’ve covered WHY you SHOULD want to grow your team, let’s cover the HOW.

Whether you’ve been with Paparazzi for several years or are just getting started, sharing the business doesn’t have to be complicated.  Usually I just say something like, “Girl, you just love this jewelry SO much, have you ever thought of just joining?!  Your passion would be contagious and I’m sure your friends would love looking as amazing as you do!”

See, that simple!  I think a lot of times, we over-complicate the process and make it a lot more difficult than it has to be!

Here are a few tricks that I’ve learned that help me out…

Ask questions

Start out by asking them what questions THEY have about Paparazzi.  This may be the only thing that you need to do.  Most people only have a concern or two before they are ready to jump in!  Talk about those and get them started!

There are some people who like numbers, facts and data to look over.  Share with them the Compensation Plan.  Be sure to add your consultant information to the top so that they know who to contact when they are ready to join your team.

Don’t over complicate this!  It really is as easy as talking.  If you get asked a question you don’t know or get stumped, tell them that you don’t know, BUT you can find out and let them know.  You don’t have to have all the answers before you get going! Your potential team member will love that you will look into their question and get back with them!   This shows them that you care and that you WILL find them the answers they need.

Be interested in them!

Learn about their personal life.  Do they have kids?  Family?  Are they married?  Are they new to the area?  Do they stay at home?  Do they work outside the home?  Do they like jewelry?  What is it about Paparazzi that they like most?  How could Paparazzi make the biggest difference in their lives?

These are all great questions that will help you get you get to know that person better.  Be sure to keep things conversational and not like an interview.  You want them to get a feel for who you are at the same time AND not sound scripted.

Listen before you talk

When I get excited or nervous….and sometimes just because I’m awake, I like to talk.   and talk and talk and talk. When you are chatting with someone about joining Paparazzi, the BIGGEST “secret” I can tell you is to LISTEN!  Ask questions, like we talked about a minute ago but you really want to focus on listening more and talking LESS.  When they ask you a questions, answer it and then ask them another question.

This leads me right into my next point…

Speak to what speaks to them

People join Paparazzi for all kinds of reasons.  Sometimes its because they need girl time.  Other times its just for the money.  And still others just want to travel the world with a group of amazing people and see Paparazzi as a way to do just that.  When you are talking about the benefits of joining Paparazzi, you need to focus most on the aspect that is most appealing to them.

If you have someone who wants to be fashionable at all times but is on a tight budget and you talk to her about traveling the whole time, she might walk away confused and unsure if Paparazzi is the right fit for her.  If, on the other hand, you talk about how the styles change all the time and how Paparazzi has the latest colors, fashions and trends, you are speaking right to her heart and she is more likely to jump right in!

My favorite question to figure out what their heart wants is:

“What is it about the Paparazzi business that is most exciting to you?”

This leaves it wide open to see what is in their hearts and what will motivate them more to join.

Walk the Walk

When you are wanting to build a team, the BEST way to attract people to you is to be an amazing example of a Paparazzi consultant.  Wear your jewelry, take it with you while you are out and about.  When you sell a little or a lot, TELL people about it.  You don’t have to brag, but simply sharing those little things will start to get your friends and family thinking that they want to have that kind of success too!  Or maybe they will share what you are doing with the people they know and you will get referrals.  It all starts from those little seeds you sew every day, so be sure you are planting seeds that you want to harvest!

Be consistent with the parties, events, and posting you do.  Work your business consistently over time will be what gets you the results.  I know it can be discouraging when you have been posting and posting and no one seems to be buying, but just keep it up!  Have a party.  Get some new blood in your sales group.  Shake things up a little bit.  But keep with it.  When you push through those difficult times, that’s when you will find the tremendous, amazing, Elite kind of growth that we all want to achieve.


Paparazzi jewelry compensation plan

Paparazzi jewelry compensation plan

Show Challenge:

Do you know someone who might want to join your team?  Talk to them and see if they have any questions about Paparazzi.  You never know, that might be your first team member!

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Treat Your Business Like a Business

Having a home based business can be tricky with balancing your home and family life as well as all the interruptions you can get while working at the kitchen table.  Today we are going to talk about how to work your business LIKE a business!

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Tiffany Peterson quote


The nice thing about a home business is that you can fit it into the cracks and around the life you already have.  You can be snuggling a sick kiddo on the couch while you text team members and post photos from your phone into your sales group.  You can do a live Facebook video in the carpool pickup lane at school and showcase jewelry and get sales while you are waiting or you can run a Facebook party while supervising 8-twelve year olds at a slumber party!

I LOVE that I can be a mom AND run a successful, growing online business.  BUT, one of the things I see SO often is that in the chaos that can sometimes be life, we forget to post.  We forget to connect with our customers and team.  I’m guilty of this exact thing!  So here are a few tips to make sure that you are running your business like a business!

1- Have business hours.  Set up a time each week that customers can drop by, shop and/or grab jewelry that they have ordered.  This makes it so they are working around your schedule and not the other way around.   Plus, its kinda like a set night where they know your jewelry is out so they can shop.  This will increase your sales and make it so you aren’t chasing people all over town to deliver their jewelry.

Have a night where you party.  I’ve shared before that I do online parties on Wednesday evenings.  My husband has a commitment every Wednesday night and so I know I will need to be home with my kiddos.  Instead of taking the night off, I figured I might as well party it up.  Yes, it’s a little crazy with all my littles running around, but I am still taking advantage of the time that I have to work my biz.

If home parties are your thing, decide on days/times that work for you and then mark those out on your calendar – I usually sit down with my hubby and we choose dates together.  That way he knows when he is on deck for all the kid-chauffeuring and I know when he will be there.  I won’t have to stress about finding a sitter and my hostesses have some great dates to choose from!

The biggest thing with these is find what works for you!!  Just know that you NEED to have “business hours”.  This is a business and even if you are working from home, business hours help others know when you are open and you can work it into your schedule.

2- Touch your business every day.  I know how life gets, but if you commit to touch your business everyday, you will find a way to squeeze it in.  I recommend trying to do something in each of the main areas of my business.  For me, that is:

  • My customers
  • My team
  • Potential team members
  • invoices
  • orders out

I know this SEEMS like a lot, but even if I only spend 5 minutes spread out during the day on each of these things, that’s only 25 minutes.  That really isn’t a whole lot of time.

Think of it this way – the things that you focus on and spend time on are going to grow.  They will expand.  They will.  It’s like an unwritten law of the universe.  If you are only spending a few minutes once or twice a week on your business, are you telling the universe you are serious about your business?  Are you sending the message that you want to grow and expand?  That you want to become and Elite leader?

If you have more time to work your business, that’s great, but be sure that you are touching your business a little bit every day.

3- Don’t be a paper pusher.  This is me to a T.  I like to organize, create flow charts and folders.  The school and office supply aisles at Walmart is my happy place.  Seriously.  It took me a long time to realize that the time I thought I was working I was actually shuffling papers around.  Moving things from one place to another.  I felt GREAT when I looked at my accomplishments, but my business wasn’t growing and I couldn’t figure out why.

Finally, at a training meeting, the speaker asked what my “Income Producing Activities” (IPA’s) were.  That stumped me and then sent me into some serious reflection.  The things I was NEEDING to do for my business weren’t the things that I was actually doing.  Is it bad to be organized?  Nope.  Just don’t make the same mistake I did and shuffle papers, create graphics, make charts and tracking forms, etc. and count that as time that you are working your business.  That is organizing.  So make time for that and then WORK your business.

4- Wear your uniform.  When you have a job, there is a dress code or uniform that you need to wear.  Some dress codes are more strict than others but they are there.  Brands, companies and organizations want you to be able to quickly and easily locate and recognize their employees.  Think of Hooters, Walmart, Target, Olive Garden, doctors offices, or McDonalds.  You can pretty quickly tell who works as these places and who does not.

You want that same kind of recognition for you and your business.  YOU are the jewelry lady (or man).  If you aren’t wearing any of what you tell, people might assume you aren’t in business anymore.  You want your friends and customers to know that you are rockin’ your business and that you love your product too!

And, when you are out running errands, if you are wearing your jewelry and someone complements you on it, give them your card and a free piece of jewelry.  You just found a new customer!

So wear your uniform.  Be a walking, talking display case!

5- Be professional but be human. This is a difficult combo to master.  You want people to know that you work from home, but you don’t want to do a live video with your dishes piled high in the sink and your kids beating on each other in the background.  Let your personality shine through in your videos and posts.  Let people get to know you – take a peek into your personal life.  Don’t get on to your sales group and rant about something political or about who made it to the Superbowl.  Keep things professional too.

I add personality into my Live Facebook videos by starting out with a corny joke.  My customers seem to like it and have even started messaging me with jokes I should use!  It keeps things light and makes me laugh (which is never a bad thing).  Share a little about yourself to help them see the person behind the business but remember that this is a glimpse, a taste – not the entire kitchen.

I’m sure I could go on and on about different things that you should do to treat your business more like a business, but to me, these are the most important.


Call Challenge:

Pick one thing from show today that really resonated with you.  Implement it into your business today, right now!

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Finding Balance

Finding the perfect balance between home, business, and personal life is a constant process.  Today we talk about a few things to help you keep things balanced.

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:


Finding Balance


This is a topic that has been near and dear to my heart lately.   If you are a long time listener, you will know that I have 7 kids.  They are 14 years old to 14 months old.  They are active in sports, clubs and with friends.  I am active in our church group as well.  And then on top of that, supporting my growing team and leaders.

I love everything that I do and have evaluated all my activities regularly to make sure that I’m not spending unnecessary time on activities that don’t bring me joy.

Now, I’m constantly trying to find a good balance between home, family, cleaning, business, and personal time and while I’m definitely not an expert on time management, I have found a few tricks along the way to help me get more things done.

#1 – Touch things once.  Let me explain.  If you clean the dishes from the table, don’t just put them in the sink and then come back later to scrub and put them into the dishwasher.  Rinsing them the first time you touch them means that you won’t have to spend time scrubbing them later on.  It means that you will be able to just run water over them and set time in the dishwasher.

I can’t say that I’m the BEST at this particular tip, but when I DO do it, life is MUCH simpler.

Another great example is making my bed.  If I were to get up and immediately make my bed, not only is my room much tidier, but then I don’t have to come back to it later on in the day and make it.

2- Multi-task.  This is probably my BIGGEST secret.  There are things that I have to do everyday and can’t really get around.  One of those things is picking up my kids from school.  But it’s not as simple as just picking them up.  The pick-up lane at the school starts to fill up about 10 minutes before classes let out and if you aren’t parked and waiting before then, it takes you 3 times as long to get you kids loaded up and then maneuver out of the pick up area and away from all the kids, cars and crazed parents.

While I was sitting, waiting for pickup, I used to play on my phone.  Check in on Facebook, call my mom, etc.  Now, I bring something to do while I sit.  Sometimes I brainstorm for ideas for upcoming newsletters, trainings and podcasts.  Other times, I will bring Thank You notes that I need to write or a list of people I need to call.  That way I have something productive to do while I sit.

Soccer games are another prime example of this down time.  We have to be 45 minutes early to the game so they can warm up and then my son usually sits out at least 1 (sometimes 2) quarters.  It’s sometimes fun to just sit and watch the other team, but I feel much more accomplished if I have something I can accomplish while I sit.

3- Find time for you – This is a MUST!!  After 14 years of being a mom where I am constantly giving of my time, energy and sanity, I have finally learned the importance of ME time.  I try to fill these times with some sort of activity that is either extremely relaxing (like a massage or a pedicure) or something that will feed my soul.  Exercising on my elliptical while listening to an audio book is one of my favorites.  Reading a self-improvement type book or listening to a podcast are a few other things I enjoy doing.  Sometimes I can do these while I do something else (driving to visit family is a prime time for me to listen into something for me since the kids are on electronics or watching a DVD) but other times, it is just 5 minutes that you give yourself.

When you give and give and give to others, its easy to feel like you run out of things to give.  You get worn down, drained and tired.  (and this is me speaking from personal experience).  So, go on a date with yourself.  Take 5 minutes to paint your nails or to read a paragraph out of a book.  It might seem like little things but these will TOTALLY help in the long run.

4- be PRESENT with people.  One of my BIGGEST pet-peeves is watching people checking out at the grocery store and hardly even acknowledge the person who is checking them out.  They are talking on their phones or texting.  In my option it is SO rude.  People are more important than electronics and I think that as a society we sometimes forget that!  When you are spending time with your family in the evening or after school while the kids are eating snack, put away your phone or computer and talk with them.  Listen to their day.  It only takes 5 minutes or so, but they will feel heard and loved.  Your relationships will be better because of it.

In your other relationships, find ways to honor the people you are with as well.  Constantly checking text messages when someone is trying to talk to you is rude and makes them feel less important and valued.  Put your phone down, enjoy your conversations and strengthen your relationships.  In the end, this will make a HUGE difference in finding balance in your life.

5 – Delegate.  This is something I still struggle with sometimes.  It is SO much faster for me to put away the dishes or to make dinner than to try to instruct someone else on how to do it.  It is so much easier to just handle all the snacks for the Valentines party at the school instead of delegating it because you don’t have to worry that it won’t get done.

The thing to remember is that it might be faster the FIRST time for you to do it, but think about the second time or the third time, or the 50th time.  If you delegate, you might have to spend a little more time upfront training someone to do a specific task, but in the long run, you will save a TON of time!

A good example of this is when my kids load the dishwasher.  They put things in all kinds of weird places and in ways that it will never get clean.  The FIRST thing I do is to THANK them for trying.  Tell them they did a good job and then offer a suggestion or 2 on how they could do it next time to help the dishwasher clean better.  Then the next time repeat the process.  After 4 or 5 times they will be loading it like a pro!  On the other hand, if you yell and tell them what a horrible job they did, they won’t want to try again, so be positive and encouraging and limit your “tips” to 2.

A few of the tasks I’ve been delegating, matching socks, sweeping the kitchen floor, vacuuming, unloading and loading the dishwasher, making dinner (just a few times a week), and even getting the mail.  They might seem like a little task, but they add up.

As a bonus, delegating tasks will help your kids or husband be more aware of everything you do around the house and they may even be a little more considerate when making messes.

6- Business time.  I know we’ve talked a lot about being respectful of others and their time, but I just had to mention one more thing.  Schedule time for your business.  For me, we know that Wednesdays are online party nights and Thursdays are team meeting nights.  On those nights, its expected that I will do business.  Also, during nap time is when I get a lot of my business things done that I need to do.  Around those times, I’m able to schedule things in and work with my team as they need me.

But, there has to be a time where you also put business away and spend time with your friends.  With your family.  With your kids.  Don’t make them feel that Paparazzi is more important than they are!  Paparazzi is all about family and making your business work around your life, not the other way around.  If someone messages you about joining your team at 3 am…don’t drag yourself out of bed to respond!  They will be excited to hear from you when you wake up!

Don’t skip out of your little girl’s dance recital to answer a question about a necklace or pair of earrings.  It will WAIT but your little girl dancing will not.  There is time every day where I put my phone down and have family time.   And when that time is over (whether it’s 30 minutes or 2 hours…) then I can respond to my texts and messages.  Sometimes “problems” solve themselves!

You might be thinking this tip sounds a little crazy, but if you set up your business so that they second someone messages you or texts you, you respond, that might be great for the first 10 or 15 team members, but as your team continues to grow, as your customer base gets bigger, that will just multiply.  I’m sure there are leaders who are bombarded with messages constantly!  Set those boundaries (spoken or unspoken) early so you can avoid problems later on.

Finding balance doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not something that once you find it, you will always stay in balance.  The trick is to constantly be tweaking and changing what you are doing until you find the best fit for you.  Until you find the ways that you can simplify your life and magnify your efforts for maximum success.

Call Challenge:

Focus on one area that you feel out of balance.  Is it your finances?  Spirituality?  Relationships?  Maybe its your housework or your team training.  Find one of the areas you would like to work on this week and commit to 2 ways help bring that area back into balance in your life.

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Let’s get real

So here we are. Episode 50!  I never thought about what I would say or post or how we would celebrate this episode so I gotta be honest, not much is gonna be different. I AM working on something EPIC for our 100th episode though so you’ll want to be sure to tune in for that!!

Listen Now or Download:

Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Show Image:

don't mind quote


In this episode, we are talking about being REAL and why it’s important to show your personality and human-ness to your customers and team.

So, I think I’ve shared before that I’ve been in Direct Sales for a while now.  I was with several other companies before Paparazzi and was involved with several training and speaking organizations to improve myself and my business.  I learned SO much!

One of the things that I could never quite accept from all of the teachers, speakers, trainers and coaches that I had was that they wanted me to look PROFESSIONAL at ALL times.  In my mind, I was like, “Professional?!  Are you kidding?!  I haven’t had a shower in 3 days and I don’t think I own a shirt that isn’t stained with spit-up or PBJ!”  I really struggled with wanting to present myself in a professional manner but still being a work at home/stay at home mom.

I think this is what also held me back in my business.  The women that I was trying to emulate were professional working mothers.  They had a babysitter or a daycare to watch their kids.  Most of them had an office they would be at from 8-5 and they were able to avoid the PBJ stains.  Don’t get me wrong, these ladies are AMAZING at what they do and highly inspirational, but the entire reason I wanted to be in direct sales was to STAY HOME with my kids.  To BE a mom!

So it took a lot of soul searching and several years, but I finally realized that what had been drilled into my head wasn’t going to work for me in my life.

Now, I’m not saying that you should go live with messy hair, no bra, and no makeup – that’s just not a good way to represent a company that is about fashion and accessorizing.  But what I am saying is that you don’t have to have it ALL together ALL the time either.  People like knowing that you are human.  That you have struggles and challenges too!

So the other day when I was doing a live Facebook video, my daughter burst into the room crying.  I quickly handled the situation (she’s 3 so she usually just needs a Mommy-kiss) and sent her back on her way.  While I was embarrassed, I was able to quickly say something about how lucky I am to be able to work from home with my kids and then I moved on.  I was a moment of real life that was infused into my presentation and my customers LOVED it!

Another morning, we had really had a difficult time getting out the door to school.  I was still in my husband’s t-shirt, ball cap and I’d managed to throw on a pair of jeans.  At a stop light on the way to the school, I grabbed a pair of earrings and a necklace and put them on and was amazed at how quickly my “just out of bed look” became a “dressed down but still cute” look.  So what did I do?  I took a picture!  I shared with my customers that I was just out of bed BUT that anyone in the drop off line at the school or the secretary at the front desk thought my look was on purpose – because of my accessories!

Was I completely perfect looking?  Not by a long shot, but I can guarantee that the other moms out there decided that they need to keep a necklace and pair of earrings handy for JUST such mornings so that THEY can look good too!

Recently, I have a consultant join my team and she shared that she had been looking at several other consultants for quite some time, trying to decide whose team to join.  When I asked why she choose me, she said that I posted about business, but I also posted about my kids.  She was able to get a feel for who I am as a person and knew that I have a life outside of Paparazzi.  She said the others that she had been watching were purely business and she couldn’t get a feel for who they were or if they would be a good leader!

See it pays to show who you are!  To be real.  Genuine.  I had no idea that I was being watched but now I am glad that I post silly pictures of my kids or new and exciting things going on in my life because it really does matter.

So what I’m trying to say is there’s nothing wrong with not looking 100% polished and put together at all times.  It makes what you do seem legit.  Like they can do it too.  It also helps people to believe you a little bit more when you are telling them how awesome your business is or how much money you’ve made with Paparazzi.  They think that if you are willing to be honest about those less than perfect moments in your life, you are also being honest about your success with Paparazzi.  It’s a Win, Win!

I do want to clarify one thing – these aren’t an everyday thing.  You don’t want to portray that your life is a disaster and that you are barely able to brush your teeth every day.  That’s not something they are going to want to sign up for either, but those tiny peeks into your personal like on occasion will go a long way!

Show Challenge:

Post at least 1 thing to your personal Facebook timeline or in your sales group that shows a different side of you.  It could be a collage of silly faces or how you accessorized your top while you were still wearing PJ pants – but none of the other moms as school drop-off knew!  You pick!  Be honest, be genuine!

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Overcoming Frustration

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Have you watched someone who joined Paparazzi maybe at the same time you did or maybe even later, climb up the ranks or start hitting achievements, ranks and recognition before you did?  Maybe you hear some of the Elite interviews and feel frustrated because they’ve been in Paparazzi as long as you have but you have not achieved the same things they have.

You are not alone!  In fact, a lot of consultants I talk to have the exact same feeling and frustration!  Let’s look at a few things you can do to OVERCOME your frustration and put yourself in a better place mentally which will also shift your mindset and possibly your business.

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Before we jump into the training for today, I just want to add a little disclaimer.  I am not the happiness guru.  I am SO no perfect with any of the things listed in this particular training.  In fact, I’m far from it.  This entire episode actually came about BECAUSE of one of my greatest moments of frustration, so please don’t think that I will judge you for having a low moment.  Don’t think that I am perfect.  These are just a few thing that HAVE helped me in the past and continue to help me today to overcome those moments of frustration, doubt and discouragement.

To understand, let me tell you how this training came about.  November 2016 was a RECORD breaking month for Paparazzi!  We had so many consultants hitting rank, achieving Life of the Party and Crown clubs!  We shattered records and blasted through expectations!  I was watching my team have our BEST month to date but looking at our numbers, we were going to come short of my next rank.  There was 4 days left in the month and although I had a tiny bit of hope, deep down I knew that it wasn’t going to happen for me that month.

I was crushed.  I had cried several times during my day as I tidied up my house and kept myself busy playing with the kids and running errands but I knew that I was almost to a breaking point.  I had to go pick up my son from an after school club and told the others they couldn’t come this time.  I just didn’t want them to see the puddle that I was breaking down into.  I got in the car and chocked back a sob. “I was going to be late if I didn’t go, plus the kids could still see me inside the house” so I pulled out of the driveway and continued down the street.

I was pleading with God, begging him as I drove, “God, I know that you can do ALL things.  You made the earth, you made me.  I KNOW that you can make this happen for me if you want to.  You know how much I want this, how hard I’ve worked for it.  SO many other consultants are reaching goals and shattering records.  I want this so badly! Please!”

By this point I had come to a complete stop at a stop sign and it was there that I lost it.  All my reserves, all my composure.  I was ugly crying and I was glad I was alone.

I don’t remember exactly how it happened but as I continued to drive down the road a simple, gentle peace came into my heart and covered me.  I stopped crying and heard the words in my heart, “Now is not the time.”  The quiet love, the gentle peace stayed me as I picked up my son and returned home.

For weeks, I kept this personal experience to myself.  Partly because I am not a crier so the whole ugly-cry thing didn’t happen if no one else saw it, and partly because I wasn’t sure that NOT reaching my goals was something I wanted to share with others. But about 6 weeks later, I was prompted several times to share my story on Facebook.

I was shocked how many people struggle with the exact same feelings!  Another prompting came just moments after I read several of the comments on my post.  It said to record this episode.

So here we go!


Just like when you are excited, when you are frustrated, your customers, team members and potential team members can FEEL that frustration.  Your social media posts might sound a hint desperate or even just sad.  It’s not a good way to run your business or your life.  Instead, shifting your mindset into a more positive emotion like hope or excitement is something that will be contagious. And with that more positive vibe, will come more positive results.

First – remember that your journey is not someone else’s journey.  God has given you your blessings, trials, accomplishments and setbacks for a reason.  You might not know what that reason is or why you are where you are, but He does.  The struggles and the joy come hand in hand and I don’t want to have the struggles other people have, do you?!  Trust in His timing and in His plan for you and your life.  It will all work out!

Second – What are your goals for your business?  Are they something specific like how many pieces you want to sell each month or are they something more general like “hit Elite”.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a big goal like hitting Elite, but you do need more of a path on how to get there.

One of my favorite books lately has been The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone.  Grant has a way of putting things that just speaks right to my heart and makes me expect the best from myself.  One of the daily habits he talks about in his books is writing his goals out every day, first thing in the morning.  He has a legal pad by his bed and the FIRST thing he does every morning is to write down his goals.  This helps him stay focused on what he wants and makes his days more productive.

For me, when I’m getting discouraged or frustrated, my goals feel more like a reminder of how far I have yet to go, but as I WRITE them down (sometimes several times) I can feel that discouragement and frustration melt away.  Hope gives way and there is a light where before there was almost a sense of despair.

Third – Don’t compare.  If you have listened to the show for a while, you know that one of my favorite quotes is “Compare and Despair” by John Lee Dumas.  This quote means that the only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself from yesterday.  Take steps to better yourself and to progress in your journey daily, but don’t compare your journey to someone else’s journey (like we talked about in the first tip).  Focus on what you can control.  You and your actions.  Become the best version of yourself and also focus on bettering yourself.

Fourth – get outside of your comfort zone.  Shifting what you are thinking about will also shift your mood.  If you are feeling discouraged or frustrated, find someone to give a piece of jewelry to.  Give 5 complements to complete strangers.  Perform a Random Act of Kindness.  It’s impossible to stay in that place of frustration when you are thinking of others.

Fifth – Dance – by getting your body moving, you are releasing energy and changing up the energy that you are focusing on.  Put on some music and get your body moving.  Go for a walk, exercise or just do some jumping jacks.  Changing your physical space works!

Sixth – Count your blessings.  This is something I make my kids do when they are having a bad day.  Name 30 things you are thankful for or spend 5 minutes thinking of EVERYTHING you are thankful for.  Your frustration will melt away when you focus on things that are positive and happy in your life.

Seven – Get to Work – A lot of times when I get frustrated, it’s because I realize that I should have been working MUCH harder than I have been and so I get frustrated with myself and just blame it on others.  Be honest and if this is the kind of frustration you are feeling, get to work!  Take action in your business and see what results you will accomplish if you work your business with consistency and persistence.

Show Challenge:

Try out one of the methods listed above to overcome your frustration.  Have something else that works for you?  Comment below and let us know what it is that YOU do to overcome frustration.

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