What does your Paparazzi Jewelry Report Card Say About Your Business

It is time for Parent Teacher conferences around my house and I couldn’t help but think about how I am doing in my Paparazzi business?  If you were to get graded on your biz, what would your report card look like?  Let’s talk more about that today!

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Paparazzi gets an A+ for fashion


In your business, just like at school, there are different areas that we need to focus on in order to be most successful.  You can think of these areas like the subjects we had in school but instead of English, History, Math and Science, we have things like Sales, Team Growth, Team Support, Organization and Consistency.  Let’s look at our Paparazzi subjects a little more closely and see what grade you are getting on your report card.


How organized are you when it comes to organizing the orders you have coming in and shipping out.  Do you spend precious time every day hunting for an order that you know you bagged up, but can’t find it anywhere so that you can mail it??

Or maybe you have orders sitting in a basket or on a shelf because you haven’t even invoiced your customers yet?

Maybe organization is your strong suit and whenever you have free time to spend on your business, you find yourself making charts and graphics.  Filing paperwork and cleaning off your desktop, but you wonder why your team isn’t growing and your sales aren’t booming.

Both these examples are kind of extreme just to illustrate that too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily good.  Organization is only 1 piece of the Paparazzi Pie so you do need to be organized in your business and in your work space so that you can easily find and pull orders, as well invoice and ship (if that’s how you work your business.)

If you are more into parties and events, how do you have you displays organized?  Do you have your setup streamlined so that it takes you the shortest time possible?  At one point, I had my setup so streamlined, I could go from zero to done in 20 minutes.  It was awesome!

How do you have your back stock organized?  Is it super easy to grab the right color when you need to reload your boards?  Are your earrings and bracelets easy to locate and pull out or are the buried or all tangled?

So now it’s time to give yourself a grade for Organization.

A- I am organized!  I know how where my back stock and current inventory are and can quickly locate what I need when I need it.  My work space is tidy and I have a system in place for pulling orders, invoicing and shipping.

B- I am mostly organized.  My displays are tidy and sorted by color and I know generally where I can find my back stock items.  My workplace needs improvement, but generally works.

C- On the surface I look organized, but behind the scenes, I need some help.

D- My office or work space is a hot mess and my displays show that I’m a little disorganized.  I struggle to find pieces that my customers order or find orders.  My invoicing and shipping systems are nonexistent or need serious help

Do you have your grade in mind?  Let’s keep going to the next subject.


One of the cornerstones of our Paparazzi businesses is Sales.  How are you working sales in your business?  Are you focusing on Live Facebook parties or your VIP group?  Do you mainly focus on home parties and events?  There is no one right way to work your business, you just have to find what works for you and DO it!

If you are doing more in person parties and events – how many per week or per month are you doing?   Are you working as much as you want or does your calendar have spots where you WANT to be working but aren’t?

If you are doing more online sales through Facebook or another social media site – how often do you share new pieces with your customers?  How often do you go live?

Another KEY part of this area is ORDERS.  How often are you ordering?  And how many pieces?  Now I’m not saying that you should be ordering 10,000 PV a month, but if you are only scrimping by with only 50 PV a month, your customers aren’t seeing new items.  When they don’t see new items, its difficult to get them excited about the amazing jewelry you have to offer.

So let’s look at the grading scale

A-Two to Three parties or events per week.  Posting in your VIP group AT LEAST 5 days a week with new inventory and/or going live 2 times a week.  Monthly PV is more than 300.

B- At least 1 party or event a week.  Posts in your VIP group 3-4 days during the week with jewelry they can claim.  Live 1 time a week.  Monthly PV is 200-300.

C- Party or event 2-3 times a month.  Posts in VIP group 2-3 times a week and Live 1-2 times a month.  Monthly PV is 100-200.

D- Parties and events are hit and miss.  Group posts are inconsistent and sparce.  Monthly PV is less than 100.

Team Growth-

Another one of the cornerstones of our businesses is team growth.  Without growing your team and keeping them excited and growing too, you won’t reach the Crown Clubs and ranking up becomes nearly impossible!  So, growing your team is ESSENTIAL to your Paparazzi business.

For more detailed information on Growing your Team, listen out our episode – Grow your Paparazzi Jewelry Team.

For the purposes of your report card though, we are looking at what efforts you are taking to grow your team.  How are you sharing the Paparazzi opportunity with those around you!

Some of the ways you could be sharing is a post every once in a while on your personal timeline or group.  We don’t want to do this too much because we don’t want to bug people, but a post like “I’m so blessed to have such amazing Paparazzi friends all across the country” with a picture of some of your Papa-friends at a meeting or convention is fun, non-pressury and still personal enough to get past the FB jail radars.

Do you have an opportunity night once a month?  You can do this either on FB or in person at your house or a local restaurant or Starbucks.  The important thing is that you are getting together with people who might want to join to answer any questions they might have.

Do you have a sign out at parties and events inviting people to join your team?  What about something on your business cards?  In your online parties and events do you mention that people can sell Paparazzi too?   What about in your Live Shows?

There are a lot of different ways to share about Paparazzi without tackling someone and threatening to give them a wedgie if they don’t join your team.

So let’s see what your grade is for this subject-

A- I hold a monthly Opportunity Meeting for people thinking of joining my team.  I mention the business opportunity on FB in my group and on my Live videos in a non-spammy way, consistently.  I have  one-on-one conversations with people who want to join my team 2-3 times a week or more.

B- I hold an Opportunity Meeting once every other month or so.  I usually remember to mention that people could join my team on Live videos or in my sales group.  I have regular one-on-one conversations with people who want to join my team.

C- I hold occasional Opportunity Meetings and post on FB about my opportunity but it could be considered a little spammy.  I talk to people occasionally who want to join my team.  I have had a few one-on-one meetings with people who want to join my team.

D- I’m pretty spammy when I post about joining my team and/or I forget to share at all.  I might be a little scared to share more information about joining my team or I’m nervous I wouldn’t know what to do with a team if I got one.  I may have talked to a few people about Paparazzi.

Team Support-

Once you have a team, even if it is just 1 or 2 people, it is super important to support and encourage them!  Now, I do want to say that you CAN’T do the work for them.  They are going to have to WANT to grow and work their businesses themselves!

With that being said, I know a LOT of consultants who become “orphans” in their businesses shortly after starting because their upline quits or just won’t respond to their messages, texts or phone calls.  This is TRAGIC!

Let me say, that if this has happened to you, there is SOMEONE in your Upline who IS amazing.  Call Paparazzi and see who is above your sponsor and reach out.  Try to find someone who will support you.  If you don’t find that person, I hope you will find some training and encouragements in these trainings I’ve made available for you.

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  What are you doing to support the team you already have?  Do you text or call them?  Do you check in when they’ve had a party or an event?  Do you offer support and encouragement?  If they have a question, do they know who to turn to?

Support can come in many forms.  A daily post or video on Facebook.  Maybe it’s a structured newsletter or a monthly personal phone call.  Maybe you text everyday.  Or maybe just every week.

The important thing is that you are THERE for your Team.  Sometimes it won’t seem like they are listening or that they are watching, but they are!  I got SUPER discouraged when my team was a little smaller because I would post on FB and I wouldn’t get ANY response.  No comments.  Nothing.  But I have personally talked to several ladies who will say “thanks so much for posting that story or that quote today.  It’s just what I needed”.   So just keep with it!

Ok- grade time –

A- I have a plan in place and I’m working it every day!

B- I have a plan and I work it almost every day.

C- I’m trying to figure out what will work best for me and my team, but I’m trying almost every day.

D- I don’t have a plan but I’m going to work on it and get my grade up!


If you are a regular listener of the Podcast, you will know that I talk about this ALL the time!  It is a critical Cornerstone of our businesses!

Consistent Action = Consistent Results.

And in SO many of our Elite interviews, our TOP leaders share that the #1 habit they have that has lead them to where they are today is Consistency!!

So what are you doing to be consistent.

Answer the following questions and keep track of how many times you aren’t able to answer Yes to help you get your grade.

Are you holding regular parties and events?  What about Facebook Live parties?  How often do you post in your VIP group?  In your team group?  Do you go Live at the same time/day every week so your customers know what to expect?

Do your friends and family even know you sell Paparazzi?  Do you hold a party in your own home to show them the latest styles and trends?

Are you constantly adding people to your sales group?  Are you booking new parties and events every single week?

Are you following up with customers and hostesses to see if they want to buy and/or host again?  Are you consistently checking your back office for new jewelry so that you will have the newest styles for your customers?

Are you finding new people who want to join your team on a regular basis?  Are you adding more people your team every month?

I know, that’s a lot of questions!!  But these are the things that are going to keep your business ROCK solid.  That will keep you growing and breaking records.   Keep you energized and excited about moving forward.

Let’s see your grade for Consistency-

A- I answered YES to all the above questions and work hard every day to grow all areas of my business.

B- I answered Yes to all but 2 of the above questions.

C- I could answer Yes to all but 4 of the above questions

D-I could not answer Yes to as many questions as I wanted but know what I need to work on.

So now that you have your grades in each of our Paparazzi subjects, what is your Paparazzi GPA?  Are you sporting a 4.0 or do you need a little improvement?  I can’t wait to see what your grades look like!

Show Challenge:

Work on raising your GPA!  What action steps are you going to take THIS week in your business?!  Try to raise at least 1 of your grades THIS WEEK!

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Facebook Live reversible numbers (free and printable)

We all know that Facebook LIVEs are HOT and in demand.  They are a great way to show jewelry and your sparkling personality at the same time!!  BUT, finding some numbers to use in my videos has been a PAIN, so I figured you might be in the same boat!!  Here are several styles of FREE, Printable numbers that are reversed so that you can use them in your LIVE videos.

I recommend printing these on cardstock and maybe even laminating them to make them durable and long lasting.

*Please note, at this time, most of the numbers go just past 100.  I will be working on adding additional numbers to the printable files as I have time 🙂  Thanks!

(click on image to open, download and print the files for each style)

Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry black two sided numbers - preview  Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry pink two sided numbers - preview Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry black glitter reverse numbers - preview  Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry pink glitter reverse numbers      Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry reverse numbers with pink border - preview    Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry single side reverse numbers - preview  Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry reverse numbers with border  Facebook live Paparazzi jewelry single side wood background reverse numbers







Before you go, check out this NEW, Amazing resource for your business!!  These are Pin-back REVERSED buttons for you to wear during your Facebook Live videos to help you get more team members!!  These buttons are reversed to you, but look great on your live videos.

Get yours here –>  Facebook LIVE REVERSED Buttons


Paparazzi Basket Parties – A Fun Way to Have a Party on the GO

Do you have a friend who is always WAY busy and just doesn’t have time to do a home party?  Maybe you are just going, going, going and don’t have a window of time for a home party!  Today we’ll talk about the perfect solution!

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host a Paparazzi Jewelry party


Parties on the go, Basket parties, portable parties – these are all the Paparazzi version of a catalog party.  Since we don’t have an actual paper catalog for people to browse and shop from, you can get some jewelry together and check it out to a friend or hostess.  They will then take this with them as they go to work, school, baseball games, dance class and more!  Basket parties work great for the summer time or holiday weekends when their friends might be getting together for a party or BBQ but a formal jewelry party would be a little crazy.

So today, let’s talk about the ins and outs of a basket party.  What you need to know and be aware of and how to have a GREAT basket party!

What do you put in a Paparazzi basket party?

First, you need things to hold your basket party in.  I got a small tote / Tupperware container from the store and that holds everything really nicely.  I believe it is the 5 gallon size.  Next, I got some cheap disposable leftover containers to hold everything except the necklaces.  I also grabbed some binder loops to hold the items.  I put the earrings on one binder loop, the bracelets on another, etc.  This keeps them from getting tangled and makes them easy to grab!

I have found it works best to have the hair clips, hippie headbands and rings in one container, the earrings and bracelets in another and then all the Starlet Shimmer items in a 3rd.  Since the containers I usually get come in a 3 pack, they are all the same size and stack nicely inside the tote.

I do put headbands in with the basket party too, but I usually just slide them in after everything else is in.

For the necklaces, I use a wine bottle holder.  I got these from a craft store called Michaels but you can find them online too.  They are cardboard and sturdy.  I kind of re-purpose them to hold necklaces and I can fit 20 in each.  I put 2 in with my basket parties.  These hold then necklaces nicely and keep them from getting tangled.

I also include a cash bag, business cards, Pink Paparazzi bags for the hostess to give to those who buy and a mirror.  That way they can try things on, see how they look and buy them all from the basket!

I like to put a label on the outside and lid of the tote as well as on the wine bottle holders that says Paparazzi $5 Jewelry Party on the Go (see resources section) so that people recognize what it is or ask about it.

I also put information into a binder that goes into the basket party and usually stays with it.  This includes frequently asked questions, information about hosting a basket party and information about being a consultant too!  This way they have almost everything they need at their finger tips!!

Another thing I include in the binder is some coaching for the current hostess.  I go over this information with her, but it is good to have it written down too so she can refer back to it.

When doing a basket party, there is a lot more your hostess is in charge of.  She has to take the basket with her, show it to her friends and family and help them pick out items.  She is in charge of collecting money and checking them out too.  The bonus to this is she learns what it is like to be a consultant herself and she can party anywhere and anytime she wants!  It helps to remind the hostess ALL the places she CAN and SHOULD take the basket party!  They sky is the limit!

How much jewelry should I put in a Paparazzi jewelry basket party?

This is another area where the exact contents are totally up to you!!  When I first started doing basket parties, I usually had about 60 items total in the basket party because I didn’t have enough stock to put more in there and still do a home party or event.  Now, I’ve built up my inventory and have my show/party boards, back stock, AND 2 basket parties going on.  Just do what works for you.

In my basket parties, I have:

  • 40 necklaces
  • 20 earrings
  • 20 bracelets
  • 20 rings
  • 5 flower clips
  • 5 hippie headbands
  • 5 headbands
    • ————->  115 total adult items
  • 10 Starlet Shimmer rings
  • 20 Starlet Shimmer earrings
  • 20 Starlet Shimmer bracelets
    • ————->  50 total Starlet Shimmer items

One other thing that is super helpful – I put a small colored dot on the tags of all the Starlet Shimmer items.  I don’t want my hostess to have to stress about what items are Starlet Shimmer and what are not and if you have someone that changed their mind on a pair of earrings, you want your hostess to easily know where to put it back or how much to charge when totaling up the customer.  It’s easy, inexpensive and helpful!

Basket Party Agreement

The last thing I want to talk about with a basket party is the Basket Party agreement (again, see the resources section).  This is a page that you record how many items you send in your basket parties, how many were returned and when the basket was checked out.  You record the hostess name and how long she is going to keep the basket party for.  It has a bit of legal jargon too because it is a legal contract.  There is also a place at the bottom for the hostesses name, address, phone number and a credit card number.

No matter how well I know my hostess, I always make sure I get this filled out.  It just keeps everyone honest!  I have heard of some consultants who lost the entire contents of their basket parties because the hostess just never returned it!  Others disagreed about how many items were actually loaned to the hostess and ended up getting shorted on pieces and money.  The basket party agreement just keeps everything written down and recorded.

Another bonus of the basket party agreement is if the hostess fails to return the basket, you can attempt to charge her credit card for the pieces that she hasn’t returned.  Now I’m not trying to cause trouble and I’m not talking about the hostess who wants to keep the party our for another week or 2 and has been communicating with you the whole time.  I’m talking about someone who is dodging your calls, who doesn’t answer the door when you swing by and has just pretty much disappeared.  In extreme circumstances, you can even take the basket agreement to a judge in small claims court and he can order them to pay for the items they never returned.

Have I ever had this happen, no.  I have heard of other consultants who have and I think its best to play it safe on this one!  And your friends, family and customers will understand that you are just covering your bases.

So that is Basket Parties in a nutshell.


Paparazzi basket part agreement

Paparazzi basket party binder pages

Paparazzi basket party tote labels

Basket party pictures

Wine Tube necklace holders

Call Challenge:

Talk to your friends and family.  Book a basket party this week!!  Or check with someone who is thinking of joining your team and see if they want to host a basket party.  It’s great practice for them and might get them more excited about joining your team!

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Selling vs. Sharing

I hear it all the time – “I’m not really good at selling things.”  Let’s talk about how to be a Shares-woman instead of a saleswoman.

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

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When I think of a sales person, I kinda get an icky feeling in my mouth.  Maybe you know what I mean.  The image of that pushy, irritating used car sales person comes to mind.  They could care less about who you are or what is best for you and your budget.  They are ALL about the SALE.

It is no wonder that when we think of sales, we get the heeby-jeebies!  THAT is definitely not the kind of person that I want to be.  So let’s talk about some things that we can do to help us become people who SHARE and CARE instead.

Matching items –

One way that you can give your customers GREAT customer service and show them that you are all about helping them is to share items that match with them.  This sounds harder than it is.  It’s actually quite easy.  If you see them looking at a necklace that has a matching bracelet, walk over and let them know.  Say, I have the CUTEST bracelet to match that necklace while walking over to grab the bracelet and hand it to them (and here is the secret part!), now WALK away!  If you stand there and watch them, it makes them feel more pressured into buying the bracelet and necklace.  Walking away releases that pressure and gives them room to shop.  AND it also lets them know that sometimes you have matching sets so that if they ARE looking for a match a little later on, they will know they can ask you!

Give Compliments –

Whether you are at a party, event or just running errands, if you see someone who is doing something you like or is wearing something you like, let them know!!  You can never hear enough that your outfit or hair is cute!  It is a great way to spread a little love in your life and a great way to strike up a conversation.  If you are at a party or event, this is a great way to break the ice.  Compliments make the giver feel great and the receiver too!

Greeting guests –

When guests arrive in your booth or at a party, walk up and greet them!  Shake hands and ask their name.  This helps to break the ice and then they will know who to look for when they have questions or are ready to check out.   This help you know each of the guests a little better too.  You can strike up a conversation and get to know the guests a little better this way too.

Ask Questions – 

When you are getting to know your customers, there is no better way to find out more about them then asking questions.  Questions are another great way to find out if someone would be interested in hosting a party or joining your team. When you ask questions people feel less like you are forcing an option or opinion on them and more like they have a choice to say no.

Listen –

Its easy to overlook this item because it is so simple.  When you truly listen to what your friends and customers want, you will be able to help them much better!  This is a really easy way to let them know that you care.

Think for a second about telemarketers.  When they call, do they actually listen to what you are saying?  Nope.  Their job is to get a sale.  Regardless of what you say, they are to push through.  They are REQUIRED to get AT LEAST 3 no’s.  At least.  They will keep pushing and pushing until either you hang up or buy.  End of story.  And this is why telemarketers are a classic example of being pushy!  Sales over service.

Put your customers needs and wants above the sale and your business will explode!

Call Challenge:

Make a conscious effort to greet each of the guests at the next party or event you do.  Compliment them.  Strike up a conversation!  Let us know your results.

Show Notes

Sharing vs. Selling Show show notes 

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How to Do a Facebook Party

Is life a little too busy for you to get out of the house for a home party?  Or maybe you just want to be able to expand your business and customer base?  Let’s get this Facebook Party Started!!

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Call Image:

Paparazzi Jewelry Facebook Party


Facebook parties are a great way to party from the comfort of your own home.  Guests love being able to come and go as they need to and not have to worry about dressing up or finding a babysitter.  Hosts love that they don’t really even need to clean their house or make refreshments!  And best of all, I love that I get to meet new people and have a lot of fun without having to leave the house!

While there are a LOT of different ways to do an online party (Back office party, Posting pics from the Back Office on your Facebook event, and posting pictures from your personal inventory are the 3 most common) today, I will be sharing how to do a Facebook party with products and pictures from your personal inventory.

Create the Event

First thing, you need to create the event.  I always do this through my business fanpage on Facebook.  I also always make the party PUBLIC.  I add the date, time and a description so that the guests know exactly what will be going on.  My descriptions usually look something like this:

Are you ready to Par-Tay?!? Come join the fun as we play games, enjoy friends and feature amazing $5 jewelry. :).
Come play LIVE for chances to win free jewelry and the best selection of jewelry!
There is only 1 of each item and to buy, just comment “SOLD” under the picture of the item you want. Remember, a “like” doesn’t buy it!
Shipping is $3.50 for the first item and 25 cents for each additional item.
The party will be open for 24 hours. The first 90 minutes will be “live” where we will be playing games and having fun!! After the party closes, I will send you the pictures of your items (through FB message) and your invoice to your email. Please pay invoices ASAP.
OH! Just FYI- Everything is 100% nickel and lead free and ALL items are ONLY $5!! 🙂

It is short and simple but covers all the details that they need to know.  Be sure to adjust the shipping costs to what you want to use and also the time frame of the party.  I do all my parties for about 24 hours because for about a year I left them open for 2-3 days and I never had a sale past the 24 hour window.  Plus, since parties are only 24 hours, I can book several back to back in the same week.

Next, I will add a cute Event Image. This help the event look a little more professional than leaving one out, plus it is prime real estate for talking about hosting a party, joining your team, or our amazing $5 Jewelry.

Finally, I will invite the hostess to the event and then add the hostess as a co-host to the event.  Facebook will only allow you to add her as a co-host to the event if you are friends, so I always friend request my hostesses.

Invite guests

The next step is to have your hostess invite her guests to the event.  She can use the Facebook invite feature to do this, but I have found that having the hostess personal message her guests and also posting on her personal timeline to remind her guests in the days leading up to the party will help get more people to the party.

Pre-Party Posting

After the guests are invited to the party, its important to remind them and get them excited to come to the party.  The best way to do this is to post in the event.  I post anything from funny graphics, games, inspiration, memes, images inviting them to join the team and also images for hosting their own party.  I like to post 1-2 times a day until 2 days before the party.  I will post 2-4 times the day before the party and then 3 times on the day of the party with trying to spread them out throughout the day.  Then I will post 1 hour before the party starts, 30 minutes before, 15 minutes before and then as the party is starting.

Party Time

When the party starts, you want to have a good mix of games, information and products.  If people are there having fun, they are more likely to shop and they are also more likely to want to host their own parties.  I like to post a game right at the start of the party and then more games about every 10-15 minutes for the 90 minutes that I have the party live.  I will also post 2 images about hosting their own party and 2 about joining the Paparazzi team during the party.  I like to spread them out through the entire party.

The actual images of the jewelry, I will try to post about 1 per minute.  Sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower depending on Facebook.  The trick to posting in Facebook parties without getting put into Facebook Jail is to be sure to type unique descriptions with each picture or group or pictures that you post.  Posting something like “$5” in every description will get you flagged super quick.  You can post the names of each piece of jewelry or a general description of the group of pictures that you are posting, just keep it unique.

Finally, at the end of the live portion of the party, I will thank the guests who come live, and remind them that they can shop for 24 hours.  I will also post a image with “checkout” instructions so they know what to do when they are done shopping and how they will get their invoice.

After the Party

The morning after the party, I will do the party drawing.  I give each guest a drawing for being at the party live, another for participation in each game they played, 3 drawing entries if they booked a party and 10 drawing entries if they joined our Paparazzi team.   I will put all those entries into a hat and draw a winner out.  I will post the name of the winner and tag them in that post.  When the party total is over about $50 I give them a free adult piece of jewelry of their choice and if the party was under $50 I will include a piece or 2 of Starlet Shimmer.

Finally, I like to send each guest a Facebook message with pictures of the items they got.  Sometimes I can up sell a matching bracelet or pair of earrings by mentioning that I have something that will match what they already have, so I like using this method.  I also feel like this helps establish more of a personal relationship with the guests too.

Finally, I will email them a Paypal invoice.  They are able to pay that with a Paypal account or credit card of their choice.  Once the order is paid in full, I will ship items out.  If guests are local to me, they can also come pick up their order at my house.

Thanking the hostess

After the party, I like to also message my hostess and thank her again for an awesome party.  If she has already done her shopping, I will let her know how many free items she got and we will settle up, if she hasn’t already shopped, I have her go grab the items she wants.  I also like to include a thank you card with her order just as an added special touch.


Facebook Party Image library

Call Challenge:

Book an online party either for yourself or with a hostess.  Follow the steps above to help make make your party awesome and super fun!  Comment below and let us know how it goes!

Show Notes

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How to Book Your Calendar Up

A full calendar is a happy calendar and shows that a consultant is busy and growing.  Let’s explore how to book up your calendar for maximum success.

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The above video is a quick summary of what we are talking about today.  Plus, if you are a more visual person (like me!) then, it will help to SEE the calendar I use…..

Schedule dates in advance:

Schedule the dates that you want to work in ADVANCE!  I’m talking like 6 weeks to 2 months in advance.  Simply take your calendar and highlight the dates you want to work.  You can get super fancy if you want to and do one color for home parties, another for online party dates and a 3rd for event dates, but the important thing is that you are CHOOSING when you want to work.

Now that you have the days that you work set aside, choose times too.  In my house, I know Tuesday evenings from 5:30-8 are my party times.  Every week.  I also have the occasional Wednesdays at the same time.  Thursdays, I do online parties because my husband has commitments that night.  I rarely offer daytime parties, so I have to schedule those special if someone wants one.

The important thing is that YOU are choosing WHEN you want to work — and well in advance …

Why is scheduling important

The first reason why scheduling is important is because we all lead BUSY lives!  It is easy to get so booked up with the regular day to day activities that your business falls by the wayside.  Scheduling the days/times that you will be working reserves that time for you to grow your business.

Reason number 2 is because scheduling when you work shows the people around you know that you are serious about your business.  If you were to work a regular job, you would have a schedule.  Whether it is at McDonalds or a corporate office, there are hours you are expected to keep.  These times are WORK times and it’s helpful to have those outlined for the other people in your life so that they know what to expect too.

The third reason is for when you need to schedule a party or show, you know EXACTALY when you can do it.  It is SO much better when someone wants to do a show to offer 2 dates rather than your entire calendar.  Too many choices can be overwhelming and could cause them to not book at all!!

And, as a bonus, it makes your Paparazzi Accessories business look do-able to others too.  When you say, “I only work 3 nights a week” and they can plainly see that on your calendar, it helps them think that they could maybe squeeze that into their schedule too!

Stick to your Schedule

So now that you have your scheduled working times – STICK TO THEM!  I can’t emphasize this enough!  If you come to a day you had scheduled to work and don’t have anything going on, lock yourself in your bedroom or kiss your kids and husband goodbye and go sit in your car or at the local Starbucks and then WORK!   You can use that time to call customers, hostesses and potential team members.  You can even call past hostesses or people who might want to host a party and try filling up empty dates on your calendar.

The important thing is that you STILL work!  It’s easy to grab a bag of chocolate or ice cream and sit home and watch TV, but this won’t grow your business.  Plus, it might send mixed messages to your family when you said you were working and you don’t actually work.

You are only as busy as you want to be

Ultimately, you are in control of your schedule.  If you want to work MORE nights, schedule more nights to work.  If life is crazy with sports or dance or other commitments, you can work less.  The choice is totally yours!

Call Challenge:

Highlight the days you want to work on your calendar for at least the next 6 weeks. Share with us by commenting below when you are done!

Show Notes:

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Booking Your First Home Parties

Booking your first home parties after starting your Paparazzi Accessories business can be intimidating and a little scary.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get those first Paparazzi $5 Jewelry parties on your calendar.

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Call Graphic:

Launch Party.fw


In our call, Getting Started, I talked about one way that you can book parties with your friends and family before your kit even comes!  This call will talk about another way that is really popular to get those first parties booked.

The best way to Book parties is to HAVE a party.

If you are new, you are probably saying, “yeah, but how do I get parties?”  The answer is simple, throw your OWN party!!  When you have your friends, neighbors, family, etc. over and they see how EASY it is to host a party, they will want to have one too.

A few tips to help make your party a success!

Invite:  You want to invite 40-50 people.  Not sure you know that many people?  Just start writing down names.  Sometimes it helps to think FRANK.  Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Kid Moms (the moms of your kids’ friends).

The best way to invite is through a PERSONAL invitation.  I can’t stress this enough!!  Simply making a Facebook event and inviting everyone on your contact list isn’t going to do the trick.  You need to take a little time and hand deliver or mail our each invitation or give them a quick call on the phone to invite them.  This little personal touch will go a LONG way to getting more guests to your party!

Remind: We are all human and have a TON of things going on.  Don’t forget to send a friendly reminder to your friends the day before your party so that they don’t space it.  Something like a quick phone call or text will do the trick and doesn’t take long.

K.I.S.S – This tips is either the kiss of success or death for most parties.  I call it the Keep It Simple, Sister step.  If you over-complicate things by cleaning for 4 days before, baking all day and overall just make things look really complicated to host a party, your guests are less likely to host a party!  Keep things simple.  Tidy your house.  Serve veggies and water or some snacks.  The best party I ever went to, the hostess served Oreos and milk.  Crazy, right?   Think simple.  It will save you time and energy and make your guests more likely to want to host their own party.

ASK – When your guests are checking out (paying for their items), it a PRIME time to ask if they would want to host their own party.  I say something like, “Hey, ________.  Would you want to get some jewelry for free by hosting your own party?  It’s super simple and lots of fun.” and then LEAVE it at that!  A lot of times it’s easy to keep talking and instead of talking them INto a party, you are actually talking them OUT of it.

When you ask everyone who has come to your party, you may only book 2-4 parties, but that is more than you had BEFORE your own party!!

Bonus Tip: After your party is over, send thank you cards to each guest who took the time to come to your party, buy or book their own show.  This personal touch goes a LONG way!!


50 people in 5 minutes worksheet

Call Challenge:

Print and fill out the 50 people in 5 minutes worksheet.  Mail or deliver invitations to the people on your list for your party!!

Show Notes

Booking Your First home Paparazzi Accessories Parties Show Transcripts / Printable version

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Hostess Coaching

Whether your hostess has hosted a million parties or this is her first one, Hostess Coaching is a good way to help your hostess have MAXIMUM success at her party.

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Staying in contact with your hostesses and coaching them in the days before their party can and will make a huge difference in the number of cancellations you get.  Here is my Hostess Coaching formula in 3 steps.

1. Invite:

You want to have your hostess invite 40-50 guests.  Its proven that only about 1/4 of the people your hostess invites will actually come.  While 50 people might sound like a LOT, that means only about 10 guests will show up.

When you hostess is inviting her guests, I HIGHLY recommend inviting MULTIPLE ways.  Why?  Because some ways reach more people but others are more personal.  So, I will send a text, paper invitations, and make a facebook event for the hostess to invite her friends with.  Each of these take only a few seconds to put together, but will make a HUGE difference in the number of guests that show up the night of the party.

If your hostess doesn’t want to do all 3, I feel like the most important is the paper invitations.  It’s easy to ignore a text or not see the Facebook invitation, but a paper invitation either mailed to you or delivered in person is a lot more difficult to ignore.

Reminder:  One last thing that I think makes a HUGE difference is reminding the guests about the party.  Let’s face it, we are ALL super busy and tend to forget things.  I send my hostess a text the day before her party to help remind her guests about the party.  She can then copy/paste that text to her friends or give them a quick phone call to remind them.

As a BONUS, I let her know that if her guests bring a friend to the party that wasn’t already invited, I will give them a free gift!  This gives you a good reason to remind them about the party AND gets more guests at the party.  (The free gift I give is a piece of Starlet Shimmer of their choice).  Here is a copy of the text I usually send out –>

Don’t forget about my Paparazzi $5 Jewelry party
tomorrow night from 6-7:30 at my house.  It is open
house style so you are welcome to come
for 5 minutes or stay the whole time.  Also, if you
bring a friend that wasn’t already invited,
you get a FREE gift!!  See you tomorrow!! 

2.  Bookings:

Your hostess knows her friends better than anyone else.  She knows who is most likely to host a party and who isn’t.  Have her be your advocate!  If a friend can’t make it to your party, have your hostess ask if they would be interested in hosting their own party.   I also let my hostesses know that if they book 2 parties before their party even happens, I will give them a bonus FREE item at their party!   This is a great way to fill up your calendar quickly and have your hostesses doing some of the work for you!

3.  K.I.S.S – Keep it Simple, Sister

I usually tend to over complicate things — like a lot.  Baking all day to impress my guests coming over and cleaning my house for DAYS to make sure that even the craft room downstairs in the basement (that no one will actually even see) is spotless!  Kind of silly, I know, but it makes wanting to host a party an overwhelming task.

I always tell my hostess to Keep It Simple, Sister.  The BEST party I’ve ever been a consultant at, the hostess served Oreos and milk.  IF your hostess wants to serve refreshments, encourage her to KISS it.  🙂  Also, a spotless house isn’t required.  As long as the guests aren’t tripping over toys, they will be happy.  🙂

Another reason that I encourage simplicity with my hostesses is because the guests are looking that the effort she put into hosting that party.  If she spent days or weeks getting ready, they are automatically thinking that hosting a party won’t fit into their schedules.  When your hostess takes the simple approach, it saves her time and energy AND her guests are more likely to want to host as well.

Bonus tip:

I will send my hostess a postcard or thank you card just after she booked a party to say “Thanks for booking your show!  I am so excited to get to party with you and your friends and I appreciate you supporting my business!  This is a night of work for me and I’m excited to share it with you and your friends”.

Then, the day after the party, I will drop a Thank You card in the mail to thank her for the time and energy she put into the party and again, letting her know how much fun I had with her and her friends.  I KNOW that these 2 simple things have been the reason why some of my hostesses never cancel and rarely have to cancel or bump their party dates.

Check the Resources Section below for the Hostess Coaching Packet I use with all my hostesses.  Be sure to fill in YOUR info in the header before you give it to you hostess so she can get a hold of you whenever she needs to.


Hostess Coaching Packet

Call Challenge:

Print out 4 hostess Coaching Packets and get them ready for your next hostesses.  Then try to book 2 parties!

Paparazzi Accessories Hostess Coaching Show Notes / Printable Version

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Hostess Rewards

Hostess Rewards is a great way to reward your hostess for hosting a party with you!!  Today, we explore some different ways to reward your hostess!

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Show Image:

Host a Paparazzi Jewelry party to earn free jewerly


Let me start out this call by saying that Hostess Rewards are totally what you decide you want them to be.  This is what I do for my hostesses regularly.  Sometimes I offer extra or bonus free items as well, but this is my general outline.

Paparazzi Accessories Policies and Procedures are that hostesses receive 10% of party sales in free jewelry for orders over $50 retail.  If you are doing a party through your back office, this is the credit your hostess will receive.

The reward I offer to my hostesses depend on what kind of a party they have, so let’s look at each..

Online Parties –

1 for booking

1 for each 10 items the guests buy (or $50 in sales)

1 for each party booked off their party (redeemable at their friend’s party)

5 if a guest joins my team

(I occasionally will also offer 2 free instead of just 1 for hosting to help book up open dates on my calendar.)

Home Parties

2 free for hosting

1 free for each $50 in sales

1 free when 10 guests are present

2 free pieces when a friend books a party (redeemed at the friends’ party)

5 free if a guest joins my team

Basket Parties

1 free for hosting

1 free for each $50 in sales

1 free if a friend books a party (redeemed at the friends party)

5 free if a friend joins my team

The important thing with your hostess rewards is to let your hostesses know what to expect.  I include a special sheet in with my hostess packets to let them know how many they should expect to get and then if I’m having a special promotion, I can let them know that as well.

I’ve included in the resources section for the call a printable form where you can fill in how many you want to give you hostess for free AND your information.  You can customize your own hostess rewards program for you and your fabulous hostesses.

The important thing to remember is that your hostess is taking time and energy to host a party and introduce you to her friends.  These people are a way to expand and grow your business in a fun and inexpensive way.  If you were doing a show or event, you have the overhead cost of the event that you have to make up before you start to see profit.  With a home party, you are only giving away few pieces to thank your hostess for her efforts.  To me, its a no-brainier to be generous to your hostess!  They are an important part of what we do!


How many FREE do you get for hosting your Paparazzi Accessories Party

Call Challenge:

Take a minute to outline what you want your hostess rewards to look like.  Comment below with what you are going to offer your hostesses for 1 type of party!

Show Notes

Paparazzi Accessories Hostess Rewards Show Notes / Printable Version

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How to Do a Home Party

Parties are the lifeblood of any Paparazzi Accessories business.  Let’s chat about how I do my home parties.

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Call Image:

Its Paparazzi Jewelry Party Time Raise the Roof, time for a Paparazzi Jewelry Party


Home parties are a great way to meet and connect with new friends, customers, future hostesses and future consultants.  They are more personal than an event or expo and a great way to make some real connections.

I absolutely LOVE home parties!  Here is a quick guide to how I do my home parties, what you should remember to bring and how to get more bookings and know if someone is interested in joining your team.

Whether this is your first home party or your kickoff show you can use these guidelines the same.  Just tweak them to fit you and your personality and needs.

Arrive early!  This is a MUST in my book.  Your hostess has probably been cleaning all day and getting ready for her friends to come.  Don’t stress her out by coming at the last minute.  Be sure to communicate with her during your hostess coaching and let her know what time you are planning to be there and if you need anything special like a table, chair, or anything else.  This will help your hostess know what to expect and keep her relaxed and ready to party.

Ask where to set your displays up.  Maybe she wants you in the kitchen or kind of spread out in the front room, just ask!

Get your groove on – I love putting on some music that the guests can enjoy while they are shopping.  This helps communicate the “party” vibe and can help the guests feel comfortable and happy.  Be sure to make it loud enough that they can hear it but quite enough that they can still talk over it.

Greet the guests as they arrive.  Introduce yourself so they know who to talk to when then are done shopping or if they have a question.  This is also a good time to give them a shopping basket.  I like these little baskets that I got at the dollar store. They were 4 for $1.

Paparazzi party shopping baskets

Interact with the guests.  I like to play a few games if things are slow or if I just want to increases the fun level.  Here are some of my favs:

  • I have the hostess go get an outfit (or have one already at the party) that they guests get to accessorize.  Each guest can take turns picking a necklace or accessory to go with the outfit and then guests vote on their favorite.
  • Have all the guests put on a piece of jewelry or an accessory that is outside of their comfort zone.  They have to wear that piece for the remainder of the party!  Sometimes the guests end up buying it because they get so many compliments!
  • Make a set – have the guests choose 4 pieces that they think would make a perfect set.  (if you are displaying fashion fix sets, they can use them for inspiration but not for their set).  Have the guests vote on the best set there.

A few other ways to interact with the party guests are to:

  • show them how to do a hippie headband updo
  • help them accessorize an outfit or find a gift for someone
  • Show them how a ring can be made into a bracelet
  • point out items that match things they are looking or buying (say “Oh!  I have a bracelet that totally matches that necklace.  Get the bracelet, hand it to them, say something like “isn’t this total cute?!” and then walk away)
  • Show the guests how to layer necklaces.

So now the guests are shopping and having fun.  AWESOME!!

When the guests are done and ready to checkout, take them to your checkout area.  In this area you will have drawing slips, pens, and bags.  You should also have your card reader, phone or tablet (used to charge the credit cards) and some cash in case they need change.  I recommend keeping the money and home on you either in your pockets or in an apron.  This way it won’t walk off.

Start out by handing the guest a drawing slip and asking the fill it out while you check them out.  This will get you their information and on the drawing slips there are some questions about if they want to host a party or join your team that they can answer.

While they are filling out the drawing slip, total their order, bag it and get it ready to go.  Be sure to put a business card or flyer into their bag so they can find you to reorder or to book a party later on.  Then they are done filling out the drawing slip, tell them their total and then while they are getting their card or money out, look over their drawing slip.

If they marked that they would be interested in hosting a party or joining your team, you can talk about it. Set a date for their party or ask if they have any questions about being a consultant.  Sometimes people will mark they are interested in one or the other (or both) on a paper where they wouldn’t tell you if you asked them.

IF they didn’t mark anything for those boxes simply ask them “Would you want to host a party or join my team?”  You never know who might be interested!

Be sure to keep track of what you sell so you know what hostess to give to your hostess.  It can be as simple as tallies on a sheet for adult pieces and starlet shimmer pieces.

After the guests have left and your hostess has shopped, be sure to thank her for hosting a party.  I also like to ask if they have thought about joining my team.  Right after the party, they have had a lot of fun, gotten some free jewelry and might be thinking that joining is a good plan!

Another nice touch is to drop a thank you card to the hostess in the mail on your way home from a party.  This gives that little extra personal touch that we love so much.

And that’s how it’s done!  Super simple, right?!

Parties are fun, exciting and a great way to meet new people!  Give it a try!


Paparazzi Accessories Party Essentials Checklist

Call Challenge:

How many parties do you have on the books for this week?  Get on the phone and don’t stop calling people until you have at least 1 party a week for the next month.

Show Notes

How to Do a Home Party printable show notes

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