Treat Your Business Like a Business

Having a home based business can be tricky with balancing your home and family life as well as all the interruptions you can get while working at the kitchen table.  Today we are going to talk about how to work your business LIKE a business!

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The nice thing about a home business is that you can fit it into the cracks and around the life you already have.  You can be snuggling a sick kiddo on the couch while you text team members and post photos from your phone into your sales group.  You can do a live Facebook video in the carpool pickup lane at school and showcase jewelry and get sales while you are waiting or you can run a Facebook party while supervising 8-twelve year olds at a slumber party!

I LOVE that I can be a mom AND run a successful, growing online business.  BUT, one of the things I see SO often is that in the chaos that can sometimes be life, we forget to post.  We forget to connect with our customers and team.  I’m guilty of this exact thing!  So here are a few tips to make sure that you are running your business like a business!

1- Have business hours.  Set up a time each week that customers can drop by, shop and/or grab jewelry that they have ordered.  This makes it so they are working around your schedule and not the other way around.   Plus, its kinda like a set night where they know your jewelry is out so they can shop.  This will increase your sales and make it so you aren’t chasing people all over town to deliver their jewelry.

Have a night where you party.  I’ve shared before that I do online parties on Wednesday evenings.  My husband has a commitment every Wednesday night and so I know I will need to be home with my kiddos.  Instead of taking the night off, I figured I might as well party it up.  Yes, it’s a little crazy with all my littles running around, but I am still taking advantage of the time that I have to work my biz.

If home parties are your thing, decide on days/times that work for you and then mark those out on your calendar – I usually sit down with my hubby and we choose dates together.  That way he knows when he is on deck for all the kid-chauffeuring and I know when he will be there.  I won’t have to stress about finding a sitter and my hostesses have some great dates to choose from!

The biggest thing with these is find what works for you!!  Just know that you NEED to have “business hours”.  This is a business and even if you are working from home, business hours help others know when you are open and you can work it into your schedule.

2- Touch your business every day.  I know how life gets, but if you commit to touch your business everyday, you will find a way to squeeze it in.  I recommend trying to do something in each of the main areas of my business.  For me, that is:

  • My customers
  • My team
  • Potential team members
  • invoices
  • orders out

I know this SEEMS like a lot, but even if I only spend 5 minutes spread out during the day on each of these things, that’s only 25 minutes.  That really isn’t a whole lot of time.

Think of it this way – the things that you focus on and spend time on are going to grow.  They will expand.  They will.  It’s like an unwritten law of the universe.  If you are only spending a few minutes once or twice a week on your business, are you telling the universe you are serious about your business?  Are you sending the message that you want to grow and expand?  That you want to become and Elite leader?

If you have more time to work your business, that’s great, but be sure that you are touching your business a little bit every day.

3- Don’t be a paper pusher.  This is me to a T.  I like to organize, create flow charts and folders.  The school and office supply aisles at Walmart is my happy place.  Seriously.  It took me a long time to realize that the time I thought I was working I was actually shuffling papers around.  Moving things from one place to another.  I felt GREAT when I looked at my accomplishments, but my business wasn’t growing and I couldn’t figure out why.

Finally, at a training meeting, the speaker asked what my “Income Producing Activities” (IPA’s) were.  That stumped me and then sent me into some serious reflection.  The things I was NEEDING to do for my business weren’t the things that I was actually doing.  Is it bad to be organized?  Nope.  Just don’t make the same mistake I did and shuffle papers, create graphics, make charts and tracking forms, etc. and count that as time that you are working your business.  That is organizing.  So make time for that and then WORK your business.

4- Wear your uniform.  When you have a job, there is a dress code or uniform that you need to wear.  Some dress codes are more strict than others but they are there.  Brands, companies and organizations want you to be able to quickly and easily locate and recognize their employees.  Think of Hooters, Walmart, Target, Olive Garden, doctors offices, or McDonalds.  You can pretty quickly tell who works as these places and who does not.

You want that same kind of recognition for you and your business.  YOU are the jewelry lady (or man).  If you aren’t wearing any of what you tell, people might assume you aren’t in business anymore.  You want your friends and customers to know that you are rockin’ your business and that you love your product too!

And, when you are out running errands, if you are wearing your jewelry and someone complements you on it, give them your card and a free piece of jewelry.  You just found a new customer!

So wear your uniform.  Be a walking, talking display case!

5- Be professional but be human. This is a difficult combo to master.  You want people to know that you work from home, but you don’t want to do a live video with your dishes piled high in the sink and your kids beating on each other in the background.  Let your personality shine through in your videos and posts.  Let people get to know you – take a peek into your personal life.  Don’t get on to your sales group and rant about something political or about who made it to the Superbowl.  Keep things professional too.

I add personality into my Live Facebook videos by starting out with a corny joke.  My customers seem to like it and have even started messaging me with jokes I should use!  It keeps things light and makes me laugh (which is never a bad thing).  Share a little about yourself to help them see the person behind the business but remember that this is a glimpse, a taste – not the entire kitchen.

I’m sure I could go on and on about different things that you should do to treat your business more like a business, but to me, these are the most important.


Call Challenge:

Pick one thing from show today that really resonated with you.  Implement it into your business today, right now!

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Checking out your customers – The key to more parties and recruits

When you are checking out a customer at a party or an event, the time when you are bagging their order is a KEY time to get a few minutes with just you and them.  Here’s how to leverage that time!

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So you are doing a party or an event and the people are shopping.  Yay!  Business is GREAT!!  When they are ready to check out, do you just bag their orders and send them on their way? Or do you use that one on one time to build your relationship with them and ask them questions?

Let’s talk for just a minute about how you can leverage that time to make a difference in your business.

1- when the customer tells you they are ready to checkout, take their jewelry and then hand them a drawing slip.  Then say something like, “Awesome!  Will you please fill this out while I bag up your order?”

I have never gotten a complaint, but I DO get their information so that I can follow up with them in the future.  This is a great way to start a customer newsletter, find potential consultants and new party hostesses.  For more details about that, listen in to our show called Drawing Slips – What are they and why you should use them  (linked in the show notes or on the website).

While you are bagging up their jewelry, you can ask them what their favorite piece of jewelry is of the night.  You can ask them if they had fun.  Ask if they have any other fun plans for their night or weekend.  This builds that trust and relationship.  This makes it more likely that they will choose to come back and shop again and again from YOU!

Since you’ve already got her talking, ask if she has would like to host a party!  It can be as simple as:

“Hey Linda, have you thought about having a few friends over like Suzie did tonight?  You could get some free jewelry and Suzie gets a reward at your party too!  What do you think?”

See!  It’s low pressure and highlights the fun time she had that night as well as the fact that she will get free jewelry and that her friend will get a reward too!

Next, regardless of what she said for the first question, ask her if she’s considered joining your team.  It could sound something like,

“You know, I can see that you LOVE our jewelry.  Have you ever thought of just selling it??  You would probably save a fortune on just your personal purchases alone.”

Again, super low pressure.  I love both of these ways to ask because it is easy for me to slide into conversation.  I don’t feel pushy or sneaky and since this is usually a minute I have alone with the guest, its the perfect time.

Do you know why MOST people don’t join your team or host a party?  98% of people polled in a research study by Mary Christensen (a direct selling speaker, trainer and coach) showed that 98% of people who don’t host a party or join your team WERE NEVER ASKED!

This statistic blows me away every time I hear it.  98%!  Can you image how different your business would be if you made it a habit of asking EVERY SINGLE customer checking out if they would host a party or join your team?  Crazy!

Online Parties-

Now, if you are doing a lot of online parties, you are probably trying to figure out how you can make this work in your business.  I have been testing out a new method over the last few months, and I’m loving the results.

When your customers are ready to check out, you can do 1 or 2 things.

1- have them personal message you to open up the Facebook lines of communication.  Then, send the pictures of what they are buying and ask for their email address for the invoice.  Then finally, ask if they would want to host and / or join.  This way is a little bit more back and forth and if they don’t send the first message, FB will filter your message so they may never get it.

2- Google checkout form- post the link in your sales group or event for your google checkout form.  You can set up this form however you would like (there are even some pre-made forms you can use.  I liked the one called “Contact Form” since it had most of the info I would need already in the template).  I have them fill out their email address, mailing address, phone number, and then I have a question that asks if they would like more info on earning free jewelry by hosting a party or if they would like more info about joining the team.

They can check one, both or none of the boxes if they choose.

Neither of these methods are as good as having that face to face interaction with your customers, but it is a close second and makes it so at least the info is being presented to them in some fashion.


Drawing Slips – What are they and why you should use them

Show Challenge:

This week, decide how you are going to work your checkouts.  Practice your in-person check out questions and create a plan of attack for your online parties and events.  Now do it!

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Drawing Slips – How to use them and why

Drawing Slips: How to use them and why

So you are doing parties and events to meet more people.  AWESOME!! Now what?!  Let’s talk about what drawing slips can do for you and your Paparazzi business!

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

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Enter to Win image


When you are at parties and events, chances are, you will be too busy to ask everyone if they are interested in having a party or joining your team.  OR, sometimes, a guest might be a little nervous to tell you, but doesn’t mind writing in down for you to see later.

Drawing slips are a MUST have!!  But how do you best use them so that you get the most out of them?

First – when your party guests are ready to check out, before you grab their shopping basket and start to bag and count their items, hand then a drawing slip and a pen and simply say “could you fill this out for me please?”  This does a few things:

1- gets you the guests information including address, phone number

2- let’s you easily see if they want to host a party or join you team

3- collects their information for future sales and contact (builds your customer base)

Now, sometimes guests will fill out the top part and leave the questions at the bottom empty.  You can simply look at this and then ask them the questions and mark the card yourself.

Then you can use the drawing slips for an actual drawing for a free item or just use them for information purposes.

As an added layer of Customer Service, you can send a thank you card to the guests who attended the party and helped support their friend.  Since you have their address, you might as well use it!!


Future Clientele Box - Paparazzi Accessories event drawing slips box

At events, it’s helpful to have the Drawing Box that is available in your back office for $7.99.

Set this on the outside of your booth, near the isle where it will attract the attention of the people passing by.  I like to attach a sign saying “Enter to Win a $20 gift card” or something like that people want to enter their information and fill out the drawing slip.  Having pens and a pile or pad of drawing slips is really helpful too.

At events, it is easy to get busy with helping guests pick out jewelry, checking people out and talking to customers, so that you don’t have time to visit with everyone.  Drawing slips are a great way to get the information for more people than you can talk to.

After the party or event is when you can make use your Big MAC calls to grow and explode your business!

A few things that I like to have on my drawing slips are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • phone number
  • email
  • Would you like to earn free jewelry by hosting a party?
  • Would you like more information about joining my team?
  • Sometimes having an “Are you over the age of 18?” question is a good idea too so you will know if a kid filled out the drawing slip.

One of the things that I think is GENIUS on a few of these drawing slips is the “I could be BRIBED” option.  Some people need a little encouragement to book a party or they like to buy jewelry when there is a special sale or incentive.  That’s ok!  It’s good to know that these people aren’t a solid “no”, they just need a little extra boost.  These are the people that you want to be sure to talk to on months where you offer double hostess rewards or when Paparazzi does a customer appreciation sale and offers your customers a bonus offer (like a free piece of jewelry with purchases of $35 or more or free shipping on orders of $30 or more).


 Get your system for drawing slips planned, set up and ready to go for your next party or event! Easy right?!  Now do it!!


Here are a few drawing slips you can use.  Just print, copy, cut and bam! You are set!

Paparazzi Accessories event drawing slips 1

Paparazzi Accessories event drawing slips 2

Paparazzi Accessories event drawing slips 3

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Fear of Being Pushy

Do you worry that you might be too pushy to your friends, family or customers?  Let’s talk about what it means to be pushy and why you probably aren’t…

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We all have that person in our lives who doesn’t seem to know when they are being pushy.  They might seem a little like a used car salesman.  They ask again and again and again for the same thing. Sometimes they ask in a different way, but if they want something to happen, they will push and shove and do everything in their power to make it happen.

Ick!  Just thinking about that kind of person makes my skin crawl a little bit.  The reality is, that we are in a business that sells products and so being afraid of becoming that pushy sales person is a totally legitimate fear.

Let’s talk about some of the works you would use to describe a “pushy person” with.

  • Disrespectful
  • Doesn’t listen
  • Self absorbed
  • thoughtless
  • insensitive
  • Doesn’t take No for an answer
  • Annoying
  • Rude

Now I want you to think for a minute.  What words would you use to describe yourself?

Now compare the two lists.  Odds are, these aren’t the same.  You want to know why?  Because you care about your friends!  In my mind, it comes down to the fact that you wonder if you are being too pushy!  A pushy person doesn’t do that!  They don’t care about the person they are talking to.  They care about themselves!  By worrying about your customers, family and friends, you are providing customer service which is never pushy.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is

Faith and Fear cannot exist in the same place. 

To me, that means that if you are constantly worrying and being fearful that you are being pushy, then you are not moving forward with positive energy towards your goals and dreams.  You are spending your energy in worry, fear or doubt.  We don’t want that kind of negative energy sucking our positive energy and strength.

So to get rid of that negative energy, those fears, find something to focus on that is positive.

For me, that is customer service.  When I am being of service to my customers, I know that I am not being pushy.  So instead of worrying about being pushy, I focus on being OF SERVICE.  I SHARE instead of tell.  SHOW instead of force.  LISTEN instead of talk.

These things help me feel like I am helping and serving my customers.  It is something that comes from my heart and I feel that shows through in my business.  It is easy to tell when someone is focused on the results that they want and when they have only themselves in mind.

Let me share a quick story with you.  I have a Paparazzi friend (let’s call her Jane) who was struggling sharing the new items she was getting with her customers.  She felt like she was pushing them into buying and because of that, she stopped sharing the new items with her customers.

After a few weeks, one of her friends asked her why she wasn’t seeing anything new.  Jane shared her feelings about being pushy and you know what her customer said?  “We are all big girls.  If we truly don’t want something, we won’t buy it.”  This was a light bulb moment for Jane.  She decided in that moment that she would SHARE the new products, sales, specials and everything with her customers.  They WANTED her to!  And by not sharing, she was actually hurting her business!

One of the things that initially drew me to Paparazzi, as I’m sure it did to some of you too, was the $5 price.  That’s it, $5.  When people see the quality of the jewelry AND the price tag, the jewelry practically flies out the door!  You can literally just stand there and say “Everything is only $5 each” and do really well.

This is totally different from most other companies out there.  Sure, we can talk about how everything is nickel and lead free and how it is budget friendly fashion.  We can mention that such-and-such item is a best seller or the Pantone color of the year if we want to, but the $5 price is totally KILLER and it doesn’t take a lot of convincing (or selling) after they know about that!

So think for a minute, what will you do now that you aren’t afraid of being pushy?  Will you share with your friends about your Paparazzi business?  Will you post your brand new inventory in your Facebook group?  Will you call your old hostesses and ask if they want to have their friends over to see your new spring and summer inventory?  Will you talk to someone who you think would be GREAT at Paparazzi and see if they’ve ever thought about trying something like this out?

Don’t push your self out of greatness and away from your dreams by your fear of being pushy!  The best is yet to come and you are meant for amazing things!  Focus on service, kindness, love and respect and you won’t ever have to worry that you are pushing someone into doing something they don’t want to do.

Call Challenge:

What are some of the words on the list that you made that describe you or your business?  What are some ways that you incorporate those words into your business?

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Create Life-long customers with GREAT Customer Service

Do you ever wonder how to set yourself apart from the other consultants out there? Here’s how!

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customer-service - Paparazzi jewelry


What is it that will keep your customers coming back time and time again to shop from YOU when there are so many other consultants or stores they can shop from?  Well, its kind of up to you.

Story Time!  A few months ago I got a message from a new customer (let’s call her Mary) out in New York.  Since I’m in Northern Nevada, I was excited to help her out.  She wanted a bracelet and I happened to have the one she wanted in stock (yay!)  I asked her if there was anything else I could help her out with and she paused – almost shocked and it took her a few moments to reply.

When Mary did speak, she told me how she found Paparazzi.  Her best friend had JUST had a party online and she fell in love with the bracelet that I had for her.  She “bought” it at the online party she was attending along with several other items.  After the party, the consultant (let’s call her Suzie) sent her the invoice and when she went to pay she was concerned with the security of the service that Suzie was using.  Mary sent a message to Suzie asking if her credit card information would be secure.  Now this is where it gets interesting!

Rather than responding to Mary and talking about her concerns or even offering a different method of payment (like taking her card info over the phone or another service that Mary was familiar with), Suzie canceled her order and blocked her on Facebook.  But she didn’t stop there!  Suzie went on to block Mary’s friend (the hostess of the party) as well.  And then 2 days later, Suzie charged the hostess the FULL amount of the jewelry that she had wanted at the party and didn’t give her any credit for being the hostess.

To say the least, Mary was LIVID.  I don’t blame her. I would have been too.  Now, I am only hearing 1 side of the story and Suzie might have a totally different story to tell.  The part that I want you to take note of though is that Mary had a concern.  She was concerned about the security of her credit card information.  Its a valid concern.  Had Suzie addressed that issue and tried to work with Mary, I never would have heard this story!!

I listened to Mary, told her how sorry I was that she had that awful experience and told her I would mail out her bracelet as soon as I could.  She bought 3 more items from me and then says, “Ya know, it’s too bad.  I wanted to do an online party too…”

Happy dance!!!  I was thrilled!  I set up her online party and we had a blast!!  I have had at least 3 parties AND a girl join my team from this 1 person.  And all of that never would have happened had I not listened to her and helped her out.

So how can you stand out from the other consultants that are around both in Paparazzi and with other companies?  It comes down to providing excellent customer service.  Making them feel special.  Talking about their concerns. Helping when they have a problem.

When you put your customers first, you don’t ONLY have customers.  You create RAVING fans!  And when you have raving fans, they are going to tell everyone they know about how awesome you are!!  This means more parties, sales, and possible consultants for YOU!

Here are some statistics that show the importance of customer service:

  • According to NewVoiceMedia, an estimated $41 billion is lost by U.S. companies alone each year due to poor customer service.
  • 97% of global consumers say that customer service is very important or somewhat important in their choice of and loyalty to a brand.
  • 62% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a brand or organization due to a poor customer service experience
  • 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them.

Kinda scary right?!  It doesn’t have to be!  And this is why it will be SO easy to set yourself apart from other consultants if you make Customer Service a priority in your business!

I have another story for you!  I met a lady (let’s call her Beth) at an expo.  She had bought some Paparazzi from an online party and when she got her items, she didn’t like them at all.  They weren’t her style an she was disappointed.  4 items that she bought and had been sitting on her dresser for about a year, tags on an everything.  I told her to bring them and trade them for what she wanted.

She was shocked.  It took a little convincing but she came by my house a few days later and traded in her items.  The look on her face was priceless.  Now she is a regular customer!  And what did it cost me? Just a little bit of my time.

So how do you provide excellent customer service?  Here are a few ways:

  • Ship orders quickly
  • write thank you notes for hostesses
  • THANK each party guest or customer for choosing you
  • handle complaints / broken items quickly and with a smile
  • SMILE!  – it’s contagious
  • talk to your customers.  Get to know them, their likes and style

When you do just a little something extra to set yourself out from the crowd, your customers will notice!  They will appreciate the extra effort and become loyal, raving fans!


Stats from:

Call Challenge:

1. Decide on 1 thing you can do this week to make your customer service even better!  Put your plan into action right away!

2.  Write a thank you note to 2 people in your business that you are thankful for.  Let them know how much you care!

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Never Open a Box Alone

It is JUST like Christmas!  When the mailman or the FedEx person drops off that box the first thing you want to do is OPEN it!!  Right?!?  Here are a few reasons why you should wait…

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

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pop a paparazzi Jewelry box with me


1.  Didn’t your Mama teach you to share?

One of the most FUN things to do with a new box of jewelry is to have people come to open it with you!!  The excitement is contagious and ESPECIALLY if they like Paparazzi jewelry too, it is something they are not going to want to miss!!

All those pretty, sparkly items are just CALLING to them, AND they have a chance to get first dibs on anything in there.  It is a great way to help spread the word AND get your friends and customers excited about coming to open the box with you!!

2.  New, new, NEW

Along with getting amazing new pieces of jewelry to sell and show to your customers and friends, when you invite others to join you in opening a box, they see how much fun it is to “play” with your Paparazzi and they might want to host a party!  Or better yet, join your team!!  A lot of times, people don’t believe how EASY our job is as a Paparazzi Accessories consultant but when they come and see firsthand that our businesses are fun, easy and profitable, then they will get excited too!!

3.  Sell more jewelry

One of the fun things I’ve started doing lately is a Box opening!  Customers and friends “buy” a box opening for $10 or $15 depending on the order size.  This guarantees them 2 or 3 of the pieces in the box or from my current inventory AND they get dibs on the box to open and go through it.  It is kind of like they are buying a Christmas morning whenever they want to!   They get really excited and can even bring a friend too, but they usually opt to come alone so they don’t have to share the jewelry with anyone else!

I’m sure that right now you are wondering if this would make a difference in your business at all.  I mean, it sounds SO simple.  Truly!  BUT, what if it does?!  What if this ONE thing got you a new team member?  Or 10?  What if opening a box with different customers or with your friends increased your sales every month?  What if you never try?  Will you know?

I can’t say that I even know the answer to all those questions.  I DO know that if you don’t try, you won’t know for sure either way.  AND I know that no 2 customer bases are the same so what works for your customers doesn’t always work for mine and visa-versa.

Let’s look at this a different way.  If it were Christmas morning, would you want to see the faces of the people you love as they open gifts?  Do you want to sit outside, all by yourself and miss out on the fun?  Of course not!  By inviting your friends to join in the fun, you are sharing excitement and joy.  Jewelry Joy.  Asking them to help you with a box opening is a small thing, but it might mean a lot to them.  AND the look on their face is SO much fun to watch!  I love it!

Call Challenge:

Invite someone to join you in opening your next 2 Paparazzi orders!  Share the results you have with us!

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Have you had your big MAC today?!

So you’ve had a party or an event and got some drawing slips.  Now what?!

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missed the Paparazzi jewelry party - order online anytime


A lot of times parties get a little crazy!  People are shopping, asking questions and checking out!  There isn’t as much time as you need to talk to them.  This is where your drawing slips come in so handy!  Give them a pen and drawing slip and ask them to fill it out as you are bagging up their order.  Walla! Now you have their information.

But this is where a lot of people get a little stuck.  What do you do with the drawing slips next?  It’s time for some Big MAC’s.  And no, I’m not talking about those golden arches.  Big MAC stands for Big Morning After Calls.  These calls are the key to creating more of a connection with your customers and the guests you have met at events.

So now you are probably wondering HOW to do Big MAC calls.  Don’t over think it.  Call and thank the guest for visiting your booth or for attend the party!  Thank you goes a long way and is a great way to build a connection and offer GREAT customer service.  So try saying something like:

Hi __________, this is ________________ with Paparazzi from __________’s party last night. (or from ____________ event).  Did I catch you at a bad time?  I just really enjoyed meeting you and wanted to say thanks for stopping by!

It really can be that simple.  Let the conversation progress naturally from there. You can ask a few questions if you feel like you are getting stuck:

  • Can you tell me what your favorite part of the party (or event) was?
  • You seemed to really love all the jewelry I had there last night and one of the ways I love to spoil my party hostesses is by getting them as many free pieces of jewelry as possible.  Would you want to host your own Girls Night Out party to get some of those pieces you didn’t get last night?
  • With all of the fun we had last night, I felt like you may have had some questions I didn’t get a chance to answer.  Was there anything about hosting a party or being a consultant you wanted to ask me?

When you call the day after the party or the event, everyone will still remember you and is excited to hear from you!  They will be happy to give you feedback if you ask!

Now you’re probably wondering how much time these calls are going to take you?  Usually only a minute or two per call.  It’s true!  It doesn’t take very long, but they WILL remember the effort you made!  AND, if you get another hostess or a new team member from those calls, don’t you think it would totally be worth your time?!

I first found Paparazzi about a year before I started.  One of my friends was having a home party and I went to support her.  I was the last one there and they started packing up as I was shopping.  I really, truly fell in love with Paparazzi then and even asked the consultant a lot of questions about her business and Paparazzi.   She never followed up with me!

About a year later, another friend was having a party and I knew 2 things.  1 – I had to get there early to get the best selection and 2- I LOVED the products!!  I went early and the consultant was still setting up.  It was kind of a dark time in my life, so I wanted to get there before anyone else came, so I shopped quickly and left before the rest of the guests arrived.  I chatted with that consultant about hosting a party and told her I would really love to host one for her.  She said she would call…and then she didn’t call either!!

The second consultant just got lucky that I still had her card when I went to join Paparazzi and happened to join under her – but imagine, I could have joined under someone else totally different!  Then we all could have been at convention and run into each other.  How do you think those consultants would have felt?  How would it make you feel if you had a customer sign up under a different consultant?!?  Calling your customers and keeping those lines of communication open will help make sure that if they DO wan t to host a party or join Paparazzi, they will think of you!

This “secret sauce” might be a little different than the kind you get on a hamburger, this secret sauce might be what will help you to set your business apart from the other people in your area AND help your team explode!

Call Challenge:

This week, call at least 3 people you have met at a party or event.  Thank them for their business!

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Selling vs. Sharing

I hear it all the time – “I’m not really good at selling things.”  Let’s talk about how to be a Shares-woman instead of a saleswoman.

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Call Image:



When I think of a sales person, I kinda get an icky feeling in my mouth.  Maybe you know what I mean.  The image of that pushy, irritating used car sales person comes to mind.  They could care less about who you are or what is best for you and your budget.  They are ALL about the SALE.

It is no wonder that when we think of sales, we get the heeby-jeebies!  THAT is definitely not the kind of person that I want to be.  So let’s talk about some things that we can do to help us become people who SHARE and CARE instead.

Matching items –

One way that you can give your customers GREAT customer service and show them that you are all about helping them is to share items that match with them.  This sounds harder than it is.  It’s actually quite easy.  If you see them looking at a necklace that has a matching bracelet, walk over and let them know.  Say, I have the CUTEST bracelet to match that necklace while walking over to grab the bracelet and hand it to them (and here is the secret part!), now WALK away!  If you stand there and watch them, it makes them feel more pressured into buying the bracelet and necklace.  Walking away releases that pressure and gives them room to shop.  AND it also lets them know that sometimes you have matching sets so that if they ARE looking for a match a little later on, they will know they can ask you!

Give Compliments –

Whether you are at a party, event or just running errands, if you see someone who is doing something you like or is wearing something you like, let them know!!  You can never hear enough that your outfit or hair is cute!  It is a great way to spread a little love in your life and a great way to strike up a conversation.  If you are at a party or event, this is a great way to break the ice.  Compliments make the giver feel great and the receiver too!

Greeting guests –

When guests arrive in your booth or at a party, walk up and greet them!  Shake hands and ask their name.  This helps to break the ice and then they will know who to look for when they have questions or are ready to check out.   This help you know each of the guests a little better too.  You can strike up a conversation and get to know the guests a little better this way too.

Ask Questions – 

When you are getting to know your customers, there is no better way to find out more about them then asking questions.  Questions are another great way to find out if someone would be interested in hosting a party or joining your team. When you ask questions people feel less like you are forcing an option or opinion on them and more like they have a choice to say no.

Listen –

Its easy to overlook this item because it is so simple.  When you truly listen to what your friends and customers want, you will be able to help them much better!  This is a really easy way to let them know that you care.

Think for a second about telemarketers.  When they call, do they actually listen to what you are saying?  Nope.  Their job is to get a sale.  Regardless of what you say, they are to push through.  They are REQUIRED to get AT LEAST 3 no’s.  At least.  They will keep pushing and pushing until either you hang up or buy.  End of story.  And this is why telemarketers are a classic example of being pushy!  Sales over service.

Put your customers needs and wants above the sale and your business will explode!

Call Challenge:

Make a conscious effort to greet each of the guests at the next party or event you do.  Compliment them.  Strike up a conversation!  Let us know your results.

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Sharing vs. Selling Show show notes 

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Special Episode: How to Save Up for your Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit

Are you thinking about joining Paparazzi Accessories?  Are you a little short on cash?  Let’s talk about some great, easy ways to save up money for you Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit.

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paparazzi Jewelry business meme


Here are quite a few ideas on how you can save up money for your Paparazzi Starter Kit!  Some of these ideas are easy and some require a little more thought or work.  Remember that however you choose to save for your kit, you need to actually SET ASIDE the money.  If you leave it in your bank account or keep it in your wallet, it will most likely get spent!  Whether you use a separate savings account, an old soup can or an envelope, be sure that your kit money is totally separate from the rest of your money.  (This will be GREAT practice for keeping your business money and personal money separate which is necessary for tax purposes J) We are excited to have you as part of our Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories team!!

Yard sale – Find items around the house that you aren’t using anymore and sell them for CASH!  All proceeds go towards your kit!  You can also try virtual yard sales on Facebook, Craigslist or even Ebay.  Your local newspaper may even have a free online classifieds section.

Bake Sale– Do this in conjunction with your yard sale or separately!  Never underestimate the power of delicious cookies

Cookie dough sales – create an order form with different kinds of cookies.  Some popular ones in our area are pumpkin chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, triple chocolate chip, sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin.  Collect orders from friends and family.  Make large batches of each kind of dough ordered and package them in disposable Tupperware containers with baking instructions written on the lid. We paid $8 for about 2 cups of batter that made 2 dozen cookies and our little neighbor who had this fundraiser had about 90% profit!

Early Gift– Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary – Talk to your loved one about the upcoming gift opportunity and let them know that you would like your Paparazzi Starter Kit for your gift (or early gift).  Your starter kit will be the gift that keeps giving ALL YEAR LONG!

Babysitting/Date Night– choose a Friday or Saturday night and offer to babysit from like 5-10.  Have a movie and some pizza for the kiddos and charge $15 for the night (discounts for families with more than one kid). Advertise to neighbors and friends and after just a few times, you will have enough for your kit!!

After School Care – Watch neighbor kids after school and help with homework.  Charge a weekly rate.

Cash for Gold– A friend found some old jewelry she just had lying around, took it in to a Cash for Gold place and got enough for her starter kit, plus a little extra!

Maid service– Offer friends, family and neighbors your cleaning skills!  Go clean one time a week and charge a monthly rate.

Lessons – Do you have a skill your great at?  Piano, violin, singing, sewing, knitting, math, English, sports, etc.?  Offer tutoring!  Charge per lesson or per month!

Loan – Get a short term loan from a family member or bank.  With the money you earn from Paparazzi, you’ll be able to pay them back in no time!

Mow lawns/Shovel snow – Ask you friends and the would like to have your (or your child) shovel their walks or mow their lawns.  If you have a child help, be sure to pay them for their work J

Cotton Candy/Popcorn/Snow Cones – Talk to a coach or local concession stands about supplying their cotton candy for a sporting event.  Or at Birthday parties, carnivals, fairs, bazaars etc.  Rent equipment and sell items.

Pet Sitting – Watch pets for friends, family and neighbors when they are on vacation.

Save a little at a time! – while this one sounds easy enough, how often do we ACTUALLY do it.  Put all your change in a jar along with $2 or $3 a week.  Combine this method with some of the others on the list to have your kit in no time!

Eat at home –   Choose one night when you usually go out to eat (or get fast food), and eat at home instead.  Remember to take the $ you usually would have spent and set it aside for your kit!

Host a Paparazzi Party – Talk to your consultant about earning cash for your kit instead of hostess credit.  (also a GREAT way to get bookings and potential recruits!)


How to Save Up For Your Kit Handout

Call Challenge:

Choose 2 items from the list we talked about today in the call or come up with a few of your own.  Do 2 of those within 1 week and comment below to let us know how they worked out!  Remember, the money earned goes towards your kit!

Show Notes

How to Save Up for your Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit – Show Notes

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Top 10 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them in Your Paparazzi Jewelry Business

In the 16 years I’ve been doing direct sales, I’ve seen these 10 mistakes made over and over again.  Let’s chat about what they are and how you can avoid making them.

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:


inspirational quote


Getting past these 10 mistakes most direct sellers make might take some time and effort.  I still find myself reevaluating with several of these to make sure that I’m serving myself and my business in the best way I can.  Just know that some of these are a process and not a one time fix.

1. Not Asking

Your friends and family aren’t mind readers. You need to ASK them if they would be interested in hosting a party, would come to your launch party or join your business. They won’t just make this connection when you let them know that you started your business. Open your mouth and ASK!

2. Afraid of Being Pushy

Make a list of things a “Pushy” person does. (ex. Not taking no for an answer, not listening when you talk, making your buy stuff you don’t want). Are these things that you do? Probably not! Pushy people don’t have any kind of gauge for their pushy-ness, so the fact that you are worried about being pushy means that you are not. Just listen to your friends, family and customers. HELP them and you will never come off as pushy!

3. Working, but not working…

Things like making an image, organizing your office or desk (again) or re-creating a document might be useful, but they aren’t going to make you money. Spend your time on tasks that will help you make money like booking parties, finding and booking events, or talking to people who might want to join your team. This will get you the biggest BANG and help your business SKY-ROCKET!

4. Being a Bother

You will never, ever “bother” me if you have a question. Part of what I LOVE doing is helping you in your business. When you have a question, ASK me! If the kids are screaming in the background or I’m in church or something, I will get back to you as soon as I can, but don’t hesitate to ask!!

 5. Do as I Say, Not as I Do

You are an example for your friends and family. Be sure to have your own party or open house every so often to show them how much fun it can be and your success too. You never know when they are watching you, so set the example. It is FUN and a great reason to hang out and reconnect too!

6. Information Overload

Sometimes when I get nervous or excited, I talk WAY too much! Slow down, share a little and then listen. Whether the person you are talking to is interested in your business, hosting a party, or buying some jewelry, try to say 2-3 sentences and then ASK them a QUESTION. This will keep their interest and not overwhelm them with details.

7. Re-inventing the Wheel

A lot of times when we start something new we get ALL excited to find our own way of doing things. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are others who have been where you have been! Follow the path that they have navigated to get the MOST success most quickly. When you have those basics mastered, feel free to try something new! This is where “If it Aint Broke, Don’t Fix It” comes in handy. While there are a LOT of great ideas out there, I don’t want you to get discouraged if things don’t work out. Once you have mastered the basics and have started making great money, this is when you can experiment and discover new ways to make things work.

8. School’s Out

There are always ways we can tweak what we are doing to make our business, lives or relationships stronger. It is important that you attend trainings and find other ways to continue to grow both personally and professionally. There are SO many great trainers and inspirational thinkers that can help you along the way. If you need some suggestions, Ask! (see #4)

9. No Set Hours

The best way to EXPLODE your business is to decide ahead of time WHEN to work. Choose the days 4-6 weeks in the future that you want to work and highlight those days. Decide what times you will work and then WORK IT BABY!!! If you don’t have a party or an event scheduled and you set that time aside for work, use it to make phone calls to people who might be interested or to past hostesses. This might be a work at home business, but you still have to choose time to WORK!

10. Not Following Up

Believe it or not, people are watching you! The things you post on Facebook, the success and failures you have. I have had friends and neighbors call me after an entire year and tell me they want to join or host a party. Sometimes the timing is wrong and other times people just want to see your success before they jump in too! Be open about your business and follow up with people when they show interest in hosting a party or joining us! You just never know WHEN the time will be right.

Call Challenge:

The challenge for today is to choose ONE of these things you want to work on.  A lot of times, it gets overwhelming to try to fix everything all at once and instead, we never start.  Choose 1 of these 10 things and work on getting better in that area.  When you feel you have accomplished what you want to with that, choose a second.  Post what number you are going to work on in the comments along with your first steps you are taking!

Show Notes

Top 10 mistakes and How to Avoid them in your Paparazzi Jewelry Business

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