How to Book Your Calendar Up

A full calendar is a happy calendar and shows that a consultant is busy and growing.  Let’s explore how to book up your calendar for maximum success.

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The above video is a quick summary of what we are talking about today.  Plus, if you are a more visual person (like me!) then, it will help to SEE the calendar I use…..

Schedule dates in advance:

Schedule the dates that you want to work in ADVANCE!  I’m talking like 6 weeks to 2 months in advance.  Simply take your calendar and highlight the dates you want to work.  You can get super fancy if you want to and do one color for home parties, another for online party dates and a 3rd for event dates, but the important thing is that you are CHOOSING when you want to work.

Now that you have the days that you work set aside, choose times too.  In my house, I know Tuesday evenings from 5:30-8 are my party times.  Every week.  I also have the occasional Wednesdays at the same time.  Thursdays, I do online parties because my husband has commitments that night.  I rarely offer daytime parties, so I have to schedule those special if someone wants one.

The important thing is that YOU are choosing WHEN you want to work — and well in advance …

Why is scheduling important

The first reason why scheduling is important is because we all lead BUSY lives!  It is easy to get so booked up with the regular day to day activities that your business falls by the wayside.  Scheduling the days/times that you will be working reserves that time for you to grow your business.

Reason number 2 is because scheduling when you work shows the people around you know that you are serious about your business.  If you were to work a regular job, you would have a schedule.  Whether it is at McDonalds or a corporate office, there are hours you are expected to keep.  These times are WORK times and it’s helpful to have those outlined for the other people in your life so that they know what to expect too.

The third reason is for when you need to schedule a party or show, you know EXACTALY when you can do it.  It is SO much better when someone wants to do a show to offer 2 dates rather than your entire calendar.  Too many choices can be overwhelming and could cause them to not book at all!!

And, as a bonus, it makes your Paparazzi Accessories business look do-able to others too.  When you say, “I only work 3 nights a week” and they can plainly see that on your calendar, it helps them think that they could maybe squeeze that into their schedule too!

Stick to your Schedule

So now that you have your scheduled working times – STICK TO THEM!  I can’t emphasize this enough!  If you come to a day you had scheduled to work and don’t have anything going on, lock yourself in your bedroom or kiss your kids and husband goodbye and go sit in your car or at the local Starbucks and then WORK!   You can use that time to call customers, hostesses and potential team members.  You can even call past hostesses or people who might want to host a party and try filling up empty dates on your calendar.

The important thing is that you STILL work!  It’s easy to grab a bag of chocolate or ice cream and sit home and watch TV, but this won’t grow your business.  Plus, it might send mixed messages to your family when you said you were working and you don’t actually work.

You are only as busy as you want to be

Ultimately, you are in control of your schedule.  If you want to work MORE nights, schedule more nights to work.  If life is crazy with sports or dance or other commitments, you can work less.  The choice is totally yours!

Call Challenge:

Highlight the days you want to work on your calendar for at least the next 6 weeks. Share with us by commenting below when you are done!

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