Have you had your big MAC today?!

So you’ve had a party or an event and got some drawing slips.  Now what?!

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A lot of times parties get a little crazy!  People are shopping, asking questions and checking out!  There isn’t as much time as you need to talk to them.  This is where your drawing slips come in so handy!  Give them a pen and drawing slip and ask them to fill it out as you are bagging up their order.  Walla! Now you have their information.

But this is where a lot of people get a little stuck.  What do you do with the drawing slips next?  It’s time for some Big MAC’s.  And no, I’m not talking about those golden arches.  Big MAC stands for Big Morning After Calls.  These calls are the key to creating more of a connection with your customers and the guests you have met at events.

So now you are probably wondering HOW to do Big MAC calls.  Don’t over think it.  Call and thank the guest for visiting your booth or for attend the party!  Thank you goes a long way and is a great way to build a connection and offer GREAT customer service.  So try saying something like:

Hi __________, this is ________________ with Paparazzi from __________’s party last night. (or from ____________ event).  Did I catch you at a bad time?  I just really enjoyed meeting you and wanted to say thanks for stopping by!

It really can be that simple.  Let the conversation progress naturally from there. You can ask a few questions if you feel like you are getting stuck:

  • Can you tell me what your favorite part of the party (or event) was?
  • You seemed to really love all the jewelry I had there last night and one of the ways I love to spoil my party hostesses is by getting them as many free pieces of jewelry as possible.  Would you want to host your own Girls Night Out party to get some of those pieces you didn’t get last night?
  • With all of the fun we had last night, I felt like you may have had some questions I didn’t get a chance to answer.  Was there anything about hosting a party or being a consultant you wanted to ask me?

When you call the day after the party or the event, everyone will still remember you and is excited to hear from you!  They will be happy to give you feedback if you ask!

Now you’re probably wondering how much time these calls are going to take you?  Usually only a minute or two per call.  It’s true!  It doesn’t take very long, but they WILL remember the effort you made!  AND, if you get another hostess or a new team member from those calls, don’t you think it would totally be worth your time?!

I first found Paparazzi about a year before I started.  One of my friends was having a home party and I went to support her.  I was the last one there and they started packing up as I was shopping.  I really, truly fell in love with Paparazzi then and even asked the consultant a lot of questions about her business and Paparazzi.   She never followed up with me!

About a year later, another friend was having a party and I knew 2 things.  1 – I had to get there early to get the best selection and 2- I LOVED the products!!  I went early and the consultant was still setting up.  It was kind of a dark time in my life, so I wanted to get there before anyone else came, so I shopped quickly and left before the rest of the guests arrived.  I chatted with that consultant about hosting a party and told her I would really love to host one for her.  She said she would call…and then she didn’t call either!!

The second consultant just got lucky that I still had her card when I went to join Paparazzi and happened to join under her – but imagine, I could have joined under someone else totally different!  Then we all could have been at convention and run into each other.  How do you think those consultants would have felt?  How would it make you feel if you had a customer sign up under a different consultant?!?  Calling your customers and keeping those lines of communication open will help make sure that if they DO wan t to host a party or join Paparazzi, they will think of you!

This “secret sauce” might be a little different than the kind you get on a hamburger, this secret sauce might be what will help you to set your business apart from the other people in your area AND help your team explode!

Call Challenge:

This week, call at least 3 people you have met at a party or event.  Thank them for their business!

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