Massive Levels of Action

Something that has been on my heart a lot lately is a quote by Grant Cardone.  He says
“There is no goal to big, just an underestimation of how much action is required to attain that goal.”  Let´s talk more about that today!

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massive action quote by Grant Cardone


When a thought has been on my mind and heart a lot like this one has, I know its a message that I NEED to share with all of you!  So here it is.

Have you ever set a goal and then a few weeks or sometimes even days later, you are falling short so you CHANGE the goal?

Or you just convince yourself that you never really wanted it in the first place?

This is a dangerous trap to fall into.  Setting BIG goals is NECESSARY to grow and achieve big things.  If you are only setting ordinary, mediocre goals, you are going to live an average, ordinary, mediocre life.  Is that what you want?

No!  We want the EXTRAORDINARY!

So it is essential that you set big, huge, MASSIVE goals.  And then do everything in your power to achieve them.

Back to that quote from the beginning.  There aren’t goals that are too big, just ACTIONS that are too small.  We naturally underestimate the action necessary to achieve any given task.

Take my basement for example.  After the flood we had last spring, I thought it would take us a good weekend to clean things out and then a second one to get it put back together.  Yeah right!  It took us 3 weeks to gut everything and clean it and get it all dried out and the garbage hauled to the dump.  Then another 3 months to get it all put back together again.  Just the sheet rock alone took me hours and hours and hours for just 1 room.

Complete underestimation.

I know for a fact that I do the same thing in my Paparazzi Jewelry business.  I figured that to become a Director, I would need to talk to 3, maybe 4 people and they would all be thrilled to join my team.  So I thought that within days, I would have ranked up.  It took me 2 years.

Why??  Because I underestimated the necessary efforts.

So what’s the solution?  Take MORE action!  If you find yourself falling short of your goals, jump in with BOTH feet and do 10 times what you were doing.  Exceed everything you THING you need to be doing!  Instead of spending time trying to figure out what your “new goals” should be, get on the phone.  Call your team members.  Do a Flash sale or a impromptu live sale!

START taking MASSIVE levels of action so that you will get them MASSIVE results you want.

Look at people that are at the highest levels of success.  Our top Elite Paparazzi leaders, millionaires, and people who have achieved success well beyond what we have yet to achieve.  They have taken action.  Massive, huge, and consistent levels of action.

And that is why they are where they are today.

Can you say that you are taking massive levels of action in your business?  And if you are, how long have you been taking those massive levels of action?  A day?  A week?

Take a minute to truly evaluate what you are doing to be successful.  Make a plan and now CRUSH it.  Day after day, week after week.  When you are taking huge, massive levels of business building actions day after day, your business will grow and explode!

Let’s take a look at an example.  When I first started cooking, were my meals world class?  Not at all.  I mean, it didn’t take long before I could make a killer bowl of cereal, but it did take a little practice.   When I was in college, I worked at a bakery.  Were my first cakes display worthy?  Not really!  But the more I worked and practiced and tried, the better I got.

I was able to sharpen my skills.  Refine my decorations.  Perfect my cinnamon rolls until I was a pretty good baker.  Did that happen overnight?  As much as I wished it would have, it didn’t.

So as you are growing your business, you are also refining your skills.  Tweaking your abilities to sell jewelry, grow your team and do live parties.  You are learning from every event you do, every party you are a consultant at, every Facebook post you make.  You are growing as a leader, as a consultant and as a business owner.

If you want to grow faster, do more!

There was a story I heard about a pottery class.  The first day of class, the professor announced that he was going to try a different system for grading.  1/2 of the class would be graded on QUANTITY.  At the end of the year, he would bring in a scale and so many pounds of pots would be worth an A, so many pounds would be a B, etc.

For the other half of the class, they would be graded on QUALITY.  They only needed to create 1 perfect pot to get an A in the class.  And so the semester began.  The first half of the class got busy, making pots day in and day out.  The second half theorized and planned and plotted on how to create the perfect pot.

At the end of the semester, an interesting fact emerged.  The pots that were the most perfect were produced by the students who were being graded on quantity.   While the other students were busy planning and talking and strategizing, the others were learning through trial and error.  They were perfecting their craft.  Honing their skills.

So you want to be the BEST?  Get busy!!

Practice, practice, practice.  The more you practice, the better you will be and the FASTER you will GROW your business!!

Show Challenge:

What can you do TODAY to start taking MASSIVE levels of action in your business?  Commit to doing that for at LEAST 6 months and see how it effects your business!

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Take Your Business from Good to GREAT!

Are you tired of having mediocre success in your business?  Let’s talk about what you need to do to move your business from good to GREAT!

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The Enemy of Good is Great quote


I’ve been there myself.  Frustrated with my success.  Discouraged by my progress.  It is a tricky trap to fall into because from there it is SUPER easy to feel disappointed and then deciding to move on or try something new.

So how do we avoid getting discouraged?  How do we move from just good to GREAT?

1- Make a plan and stick to it

For instance, Live videos are SO popular right now and are how the top leaders in Paparazzi are continuing to grow and explode their businesses.  Are you going live?  I’ll admit that I was pretty hit or miss with mine.  I did my Lives when I had a free minute and was only showing 5 pieces.

Was this better than nothing.  Yes.  Was it great?  No.  It was mediocre at best.   One of our top leaders shared with me that to make my videos SUPER successful, I needed to set a date and time and STICK TO IT!  This was going to be a commitment to myself, my business and my customers.

Now, I go live 2 times a week.  Am I having amazing, super, rock star levels of success?  Not yet.  But I know that things don’t happen overnight and I’ve committed to myself to keep with it, to keep improving and tweaking things until they ARE successful.

2.  Stick to it!

I know this was part of the last piece of advice, but it is SO critical that I’m saying it again.  STICK to it!!  Whether you are going live, doing parties or events, or focusing on your Facebook sales group for your sales, you have to be consistent and stick with what you are doing.  Good things happen to those who push through discouragement and struggles and just KEEP trying.  That is where the magic happens.
So stay consistent, stay positive and KEEP GOING!

3. Greatness and Excellence

When you hear the work Excellence or Greatness what does it mean to you? Do you think of someone how was taking average levels of action?  Barely scraping by?  Someone who did the bare minimum in order to stay active or to qualify for their team bonus check?

NOPE!  Excellence by definition is above and beyond.  More than anyone else.  Greatness is MORE.  So doesn’t it stand to reason that if YOU want to reach Extraordinary levels of success, you need to be taking extraordinary levels of action?

More Facebook parties, more events, more talking to potential recruits, more posting in your VIP group.  More.

4.  Choose Great

I know when I’ve had a long day running kids around or cleaning and stopping fights, the LAST thing I want to do is go to work, BUT I also want to build my team and grow my business and I want that MORE than I want to sit and binge watch Netflix.

There are times that I have to choose to get less sleep.  I choose to go to an event rather than chill at home on a Saturday.  I choose to build and grow.  I’m choosing things that are helping me build the life I want.

If EVERYONE is doing something you know that you shouldn’t be.  Not everyone is achieving greatness, so if you want great, you need to be doing what everyone else won’t.

How dedicated are you to your success?

I had a friend once tell me that they live like other people won’t, so that in 3 years, they can live like other people can’t.

What are you willing to do now so that you have the live you want in the future?

Show Challenge:

Decide how you are going to choose GREAT in your life and start your plan tomorrow morning!!

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