Rachel Kirby – Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader interview

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were one of the FIRST people to join Paparazzi?  Today, I chat with the first official Paparazzi consultant, Rachel Kirby.  Come listen in!

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Awnya:  I am so excited todaRachel Kirby - Paparazzi Jewelry Elite LeaderRachel Kirby - Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leadery to welcome to the call Rachel Kirby.

Rachel is a Fashionista in Paparazzi.  She is a stay at home mom so she does all of Paparazzi from her house with her kids around.  I’m sure a lot of you guys are just like that, but it IS possible to make it work.

She wanted me to make sure and tell you that you can live off of just Paparazzi.  They’ve been doing it now for several years and they have a great life.  So it is possible.

Also, Rachel Kirby was THE FIRST Paparazzi consultant.  There has to be a first one and Rachel Kirby was THE FIRST Paparazzi consultant when they opened it up to being a direct sales company.

 A lot of the other awards and achievements that we hear about now in Paparazzi, like the Crown Club and the Life of the party, Rachel hit those before they were even actually a thing.   So, she’s got them under her belt, but it’s not something you are going to see her name popping up on cuz its already done.

Rachel, did I leave anything out?

Rachel:  That sounds great!

What got you started in Paparazzi in the first place?

Rachel:  This is where my story will be different from anybody else’s.  I met and got married to Taylor in December of 2008 and at that time, I just knew Trent and Misty.  She did my wedding.  She was the one that did my wedding.  And, I’m a newlywed and we got pregnant right away and we just needed something to do on the side.

And we just kept hearing about how Trent and Misty kept making all this money by selling jewelry at these shows.  So in February in 2009, we started selling jewelry as well.  And that’s where it all started.  I started just selling the jewelry in 2009 and a couple years later it was turned into a Direct Sales company.

Awnya:  That is SO cool!  It pays to know people in high places, right?!

Rachel: It does.

Awnya: And that is also a little tidbit that people usually don’t hear or don’t know about Misty Kirby is that she used to do weddings before she did Paparazzi.

Rachel:  Yes, and she’s excellent at it!

Awnya: I think Misty is excellent at everything she does!

Rachel:  She is, she is!

What is your Why?

Awnya:  I know when you started, you said it was so you could have a little bit of extra money staying home with your pregnancy and your kids.  Is that still the same today?

Rachel:  It is!  My family is my why.  They are the reason that I keep going.  In every Paparazzi journey, you’ll have hard time.  I think in any journey in life, you’ll have hard times.  But my family is what keeps me going and they are my why.

We’ve lived of off Paparazzi for several years and everything that we do is because of Paparazzi.

Awnya:  I love that!  I can’t wait until that is also our family’s story!  We will get there.

So I’m sure that this next question is going to be a little different than some of the other’s we’ve heard too because you’ve been with Paparazzi before it was what it is today.

What is your worst Paparazzi moment?

Awnya: Draw us a picture, take us to that moment when it was like, sink or swim.

Rachel:  There is a show that is in Colorado and it is a huge, massive show.  The people that had done the show before me, said “it’s an amazing show. You’ll walk away with $15,000 without even trying.  Just make sure you go there, bring enough inventory.”  We always yell out into the aisle, “$5 jewelry, $5 jewelry.”

 And you know, we lived in Utah, so it was just an expense for use to get there.  The show was expensive.  We had 2 10 x 20 booths.  And when we went there that year, that year just happened to be a flop.  We spent all this money to make sure we could make at least $15,000 and it was just a flop.  The show was a flop.

We were suggested to hire people to help us sell because we had these 2 giant booths and one of those people ended up stealing from us.  And then, you know, when you are out of town you have to pay for a place to sleep.  You have to pay for all your food.  And we just, we just lost so much.

It was just a fluke.  It was just a freak show.  Because the next year, it’s been great since then for the girl that does that show.  It was so sad.  It was so disheartening.

What do you want us to learn from this?

The lesson is, you just keep going.  There is going to be hard times.  There are going to be times when a party or a show is going to be a flop, but you just keep going.  You just keep going and you overcome.

Awnya:  I love that. And it’s so true!  Because with anything in life, whether it’s with kids and they’re 2 and they are driving you crazy, and you basically have to get going just because you don’t have any other choice.  Or with other things in life, you just can’t give up.  That’s perfect.

Rachel: Exactly.

What is a habit you have that contributes to your success?

Rachel:  I think a habit I have is just to always be letting people know that I sell Paparazzi.  Every day, there’s somebody that I run into or that I talk to, and here in the heart of Utah, people say that it doesn’t happen in Utah.  But, people just say, “What is Paparazzi?” and they don’t know what it is.

So I think that is what contributes to my success.

And then as a leader, I always try to do a challenge or something throughout the month that tries to get them excited about something.  There are challenges that hit some people and there are challenges that hit others later on down the road.

Awnya:  What a great point on both of those.  I wish that I could add to that, but I can’t because it’s just perfect.

What advice would you give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant just starting out in their business?

Rachel:  Don’t Quit.  I would say, Don’t Quit, Don’t Quit.  I’ll tell you, my first year, I was new to Utah and I invited people.  I had several parties throughout the year, and I’ll tell you what.  Not one person came.  From the moment I started in February until probably like November, I didn’t ever have one person that ever came to a party.  And I just kept doing it.  And I just kept doing it and here I am.  You can’t give up!

Awnya:  Wow!  And for a whole year!  Some people after just 2 months of that would have just given up and quit but you kept with it and look at where you are now!

Rachel: Yes!  Exactly!

If you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who was feeling stuck in their business what would it be?

Rachel: you know, I went to an Elite leadership retreat and there was someone that had a great analogy for me.  It was one of the Dorks.  He had this car and it kept hitting the same wall. Like, you would just wind it up and it would just keep going.  It just hit this wall over and over and over again.

And I felt like that’s exactly where I was.

Then he was able to flip a switch on the bottom of this car so when it hit the wall, it would back up and it would go another way.

So I would say- try something new.  Try something you’ve never tried before.  Try something that other people might think is dumb.  But just try something new.  And just keep trying to think of new things.  There’s always something new that comes out.  There is always something new that you can try.

Awnya: What a great analogy.  I thought we were going to talk about Old Blue or one of the other trucks.  But when you said, “kept hitting that wall”, I was like, “Oh!”

And sometimes I totally do that myself when I just feel like I’m trying the same thing over and over and over and getting the same results.  So, take a step back and try something new.  I love it!

Rachel: Sometimes things that used to work and times change and it’s not as hip or fashionable.  That’s why there’s always something new.  And something that didn’t work before could probably work now.

Awnya:  I think that’s a good reason too, why it’s a good thing to be friends with other Paparazzi consultants and other leaders besides even your upline because you can always share ideas and bounce things off of each other.  Oh I love that!

What is a quote that inspires you in your business?

Rachel:  My life quote, my life motto is: You are more than you think you are.  And sometimes I change it to

Rachel Kirby quote

Throughout my adult life, that’s what keeps me going.  There’s always something that I think I’ve done and something I think I can’t handle.  There have been times I’ve even been curled up in a ball crying and I just hear this little whisper,  “You’re stronger than you think you are.” And that picks me right back up and carries me along until I feel strong enough to do it myself.

Awnya:  What a beautiful quote.  I really love that!

What is a book you’d say is a must read and why?

Rachel: I am currently reading a book.  It’s an international best seller and it’s called “You Were Born Rich.”  It’s by Bob Proctor.

I love it because it is a book that’s meant to be read slowly.  He even says, “Read the first chapter and then read it again before you go on to the second one.  And if it takes you one day to absorb everything on one page, then go that slowly.”

It’s all about changing your mental image of your life.  And I loved that because I grew up super poor.  My dad, I know, bless his heart, he was probably just trying to help me out, but he said, “You’re poor and you’ll always be poor so don’t expect much from life.”

And I grew up that way.  I grew up thinking exactly that way.  After my military experience, I had to go to counseling for the things that I had to go through.  That was one of the things I learned, that you’re not that person.  And that you can always be changing and that you can always be progressing in your own life.  You can overcome those mental blocks that you grew up with or that you were taught or that maybe you just always felt about yourself.

There’s always a better you in there.  And when you find that better you, there’s still a better you yet.  There is always progression.

Awnya: I am going to have to check that one out.  That’s not one I’ve heard of before but I am excited about it.  Sounds like a great book.

Rachel:  Yes!  My only warning is it does, every once in a while, mention a higher power or your God, or Jesus Christ, so if some people get offended by that, then this book isn’t for you.

Awnya:  Yeah, you’ve been warned!

Rachel:  Just laying that out there.

Awnya:  Here on the PapaRockStars Podcast, I like to give a weekly call challenge, so

What is 1 thing you would challenge the listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?

Rachel:  I would say – try something new.  Try something new that you haven’t done before.

Awnya:  There is always something new and different out there.  I think live videos are the thing that scares me right now, but they are HOT and consultants are having awesome success with that right there.

Rachel: Exactly!

Awnya:  Well, Rachel, I sure appreciate you coming on the call today and all you listeners as well, we thank you for listening in today.  Don’t forget to head on over to PapaRockStars.com/Rachel to listen in again, to share it with your team or your friends and to get all of the show notes.  You can print them out!  Thanks again for listening and we’ll catch you next time!

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Crystal Henson Nemeth: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Interview

Today I’m joined by Paparazzi Elite Leader Crystal Henson Nemeth.  Crystal is a positive, uplifiting leader with a lot of great tips and suggestions to help you in your business!  Let’s jump right in!

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Crystal Henson Nemeth: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader quote

Show Transcripts:

Crystal Henson Nemeth: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Interview Crystal Henson Nemeth: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader Interview I’m so excited to welcome to the show today Crystal Henson Nemeth.  She is one of Paparazzi’s Elite Leaders and honestly one of my favorite people and you will see why here in just a minute.  Crystal is an Executive Producer with Paparazzi, that is the Elite level.  They hit that in March of 2016.

She is Life of the Party Bronze and she has been that since Paparazzi introduced that award, that’s 2 years running.  Crystal has reached Crown Club 25 and her team size as of this recording is 711.

In 2015, Crystal won Rock the Runway when we were out in Kentucky so there is a necklace called “The Crystal” in the Zi Collection.  If you are super lucky, they’ll bring it back for one of the upcoming conventions and you can snag it cuz if you weren’t there in 2015, you won’t be able to snag it unless they bring it back.

What got you started with Paparazzi??

Well, I was on Facebook one day and I happened to run across….one of my sisters had actually liked the page, Bling It On and I saw that she liked it and I went and like started reading some success stores from other consultants and so that is how I got started with Paparazzi was by reading other people’s success stories.

Awnya: Perfect! I LOVE that! Now,

What is your Why?

Awnya: You told me in the pre-interview chat that it’s changed a couple of times so maybe, Why did you start Paparazzi and why do you do it now?

Crystal:  When I first started Paparazzi, I was a stay at home wife.  I have always worked for my whole entire life, so this was my first time staying at home.  And let me tell you, it was killing me, not being able to help financially in my household because I’ve always been used to taking care of everything.  And so my husband was working every bit of overtime making $10 an hour and we were barely making ends meet.

So I originally started to help financially.  Pay bills and buy groceries.  Put gas in the car.  Over the years, it has changed multiple times.  Now, it’s to help others find the success that they are looking for and help them be able to put food on the table for their kids.  You know, I have single moms on my team who were having trouble with that at first and so now it’s really just to help others.

Awnya: One of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar is- I think it says something like, “When you help enough other people get what they want, then you’ll get what you want.” And that is exactly what you are just talking about.  Helping others get what they want so that you can get what you want, right?

Crystal: Exactly.  Exactly.

Awnya:  Let’s take a bit of a shift.  This question I’ve gotten a bit of flack from some of the other leaders because it is kinda a downer but I think you know where we are going to go with it here in a moment.

What is your worst Paparazzi moment?

That moment where you just were down in the dumps, everything felt like it was against you and you had to make a choice whether you were going to stay with it or not.  So what is that worst moment?

Crystal: Well, you know, I don’t think we have any worst moments in life period, so that would include Paparazzi.  I think everything is a learning experience.  And there have been times.  And if someone tells you that there haven’t been times that they have contemplated on stopping their business then they’re probably not telling you the truth unless they are just really, really lucky.

But you know, I have a time when I first started Paparazzi, I hit Director within 3 months.  And then it took me a year and a half to hit Premier Director and that was really, really discouraging for me.

And I wasn’t sure that this was something that I wanted to continue doing because I wasn’t seeing the success that I was wanting to see.  So it was a down in my business.  So I would have to say it would be that moment.

Awnya:  Was there a particular moment where you’re like “I’ve just tried so hard for the last 18 months to hit this rank” and it just didn’t feel like it was coming together?

Crystal:  It did.  There was!  I mean there were several.  And It wasn’t just 1 moment in those 18 months.  Every month when you work so hard to do it…In November, my team got within 150 pieces of getting premier director.

That was my 4th month in.  So that was really, really a downer not to hit that.  And then after that, you know, it was like, I just did not progress any.  So, it was a learning experience.

Awnya: Absolutely!

What is the lesson that you want everyone listening to learn from your experience?

Crystal: To believe in yourself and continue to work hard.  I could have utilized more of my upline and I didn’t and that was my fault.  You know.  Beating myself up was not helpful either  I should have found ways around it and it took me 18 months to find those ways and start utilize my upline and asking questions and asking for help.

That is one thing about me is that I have trouble asking for help and I’ve learned that if you want to be successful in your business you’ve got to ask for help.

And so when I started asking for help and got different ideas from different people, I saw a change in my business. And I will tell you, I would not change those 18 months of my Paparazzi business because I was able to learn so much.

After I left that convention after that 18 months, I mean my team came back, hit Premier Director and Executive Director and then the following year in February we turned around and became a Producer team and in November we hit Premier Producer and then in March of this past year 2016 we became an Executive Producer team.

It took me a lot longer than I had anticipated for it to take me but I will tell you those 18 months was a learning lesson the whole 18 months.

Awnya: Now when you say you would have used your upline a little bit better, what ….if somebody is listening and is thinking, “Well, maybe I haven’t used my upline,” what would you tell them to do, like, how would you say to use their upline a little bit more.

Crystal:  I would say to reach out.  Talk to your upline.  Let them know what your goals are in your business.  Ask them for ideas and tips that can help you get to where you want to be within your organization.  And when your upline tells you and gives you a challenge, don’t tell them that you will think about it or I don’t think that I can do that.

You have GOT to take these challenges from your upline because they have been in the exact same spot where you are right now.  We all work through each level exactly the same and so take their challenges and be consistent with what they are telling you to do.  Don’t just take a challenge that they’ve given you and do it that one time.  Apply it to your business as a daily routine or a weekly routine.

Awnya:  Oh!  I love that. Thank you.  That was a great little tidbit!

What is a habit that you have that contributes to your success?

Crystal:  Consistency.  Consistency is huge and believing in yourself. You have got to be consistent with your business.  If you’re not consistent with your business, your customers see that.  If you’re not positive in your business, or making positive posts, your customers see that.  So you have got to be consistent.

Awnya: You are really a shining example of the positivity and consistency.  I see on your Facebook almost every day.  It is so nice to have that positivity and that looking for that silver lining in everything whether a piece sells out too fast and you didn’t get what you wanted.

If you could suggest 1 thing to a consultant who is feeling stuck in their business, what would that be?

Crystal: I would tell them to stop, rethink about what their why is and go back to when they first started.  Go back to when they first started.  Remember that feeling of excitement you got waiting on your starter kit.

Oooh!  I’m getting chills talking about this!  And remember why you started Paparazzi.  Your why you started is…that is your story.  Yes, your why changes over time, but your original why is your Paparazzi story and think about the excitement, the level of excitement.

What were you doing when you first started?  Were you having more parties?  Were you doing more events?  And try to think about what you were doing in the beginning and rejuvenate it.  And I recommend that you do a relaunch party because that really can revamp your business.

Awnya:  I love what you said that about finding that passion, that excitement again.  If you can tap into that, that is naturally contagious and people are going to want to host parties for you, they are going to want to join your business if you can tap into that.

If there’s like an underlying kind of grumpiness, that’s not near as contagious as if you can tap back into that why and that passion, that excitement.  People love that.

What advice would you give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant just getting started in their business?

Crystal:  I would tell them to make a list of everyone and individually message everyone. Let them know that you have started this new amazing $5 jewelry business and you are so excited and ask if they would be willing to help you out and book as many parties as you can.

And just be ready to have fun.  Paparazzi is about having fun and I’m telling you, we offer an incredible product at an incredible price.  And if you have fun at it, you will find the success that you’re looking for in your business.

Awnya:  That is totally perfect.  And it even can be used with the person that’s struggling.  They can go back and make that list again and just tap into those people again.  I do want to highlight one thing that you said just in case our listeners get confused.  She said INDIVIDUAL messages.  Not message group messages, not massive text messages.

Individual messages to your friends and family because that is a lot more personal and you’re going to get a lot better results from that.  Don’t think that we said mass group text message or Facebook message because that’s not what works.  That’s not what brings that personal touch into your business.  Right Crystal?

Crystal: Exactly.  And each message should be a little bit personalize to that person and it can be you going on their Facebook page and saying, “Oh!  I just wanted to sell you I saw that Bryan had all A’s last month.  Congratulations!”  Make your messages personal to that person because I promise you that our business is about building relationships and that will be a huge plus!

Awnya:  And you won’t get thrown in Facebook jail which is an added bonus!

Crystal:  Yes!

What is a quote that inspires you?

Aubrey Hepburn quote

What is a book you’d say is a must read and why?

Crystal:  Ok, so.  I want to be honest with all of you.  I have trouble getting into books.  Books have to capture me and make me feel like I’m a part of the story.  And the book that I have read is called “The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus.”

And this book is absolutely incredible.  Even if you don’t have a team, I would highly recommend reading this because if kinda gives you the insights into why leaders do some of the things they do.  And if you don’t own this book, I would 100% recommend that you get on and find it.  It’s “The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus”.

It will walk you step by step on how your business like – making sure your team understands what’s going on.  Why you’re doing what you’re doing.  I cannot speak highly enough.  It is available in softcover, digital e-book and audio book.  So if you have trouble reading or if you just don’t find the time to read and you’re in your car a lot, the audio book would be really great as well.

Awnya: I’m so jumping on after this interview and getting it because that sounds amazing.

Crystal:  It started from “Build a Wonderful Workshop”.  It is actually Santa Claus talking in this book, yes, I know, Santa Claus.  Then, it’s your commitment letter to Santa Claus at the end.  And in between, “Choose Your Reindeer Wisely”, “Make a List and Check it Twice”, “Listen to the Elves”, “Get Beyond the Red Wagon”, and “Share the Milk and Cookies.”

You are going to find so much great information in this book and I will tell you this is a very short book.  It’s like 90-something pages but not all of that is reading pages.  There are checklists and each chapter has it.

So in Get Beyond the Red Wagon, at the end it says:

-Help everyone accept the reality of change

-Remember the Customer is really in charge.

-Teach the business of the business.

So the book has got so much in it.

Awnya: Good information!  I’m excited!

Crystal:  It’s a very quick read and I will tell you that this book was actually given to Elite before I was Elite.  It was given to the Elite Leaders at one of their Elite Leadership Summits.

Awnya:  There you go!  That’s a little tidbit!  If the Elite are reading it then it’s something that you want to get your hands on, right?

Crystal:  Exactly, Exactly!

What is 1 thing you would challenge the listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?  

Crystal:  I would challenge all of you to find one thing that scares you the most and step out of your comfort zone and do that one thing.  For a lot of my team, it’s live videos.  And that is one thing I’m challenging my team too is doing a live video.

If it’s going up and talking to a random person, then go up and talk to a random stranger.  Give them a piece of jewelry and a business card.  It’s that simple.  So find 1 thing that scares you the most that you need to do for your business and go out and do that!

Awnya: Oh, I’m excited to try this one.  One of my favorite quotes recently is, “Fear means growth” from Grant Cardone, an author of several books.  I was listening to one of his books the other day and when he said that, it hit me like a ton of brick.

When you are fearful of something when you have that fear of something new or something different or just something in general like live videos, that might be exactly what you need in your business.

Let’s do it Rock stars.  Let’s show Crystal how we can take a challenge and excel at it!

Thanks again Crystal for coming to today’s show!  I so appreciate your time!  Thank you everybody else for listening in too!

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Overcoming Frustration

feeling frustrated in your direct sales business? Click here

Have you watched someone who joined Paparazzi maybe at the same time you did or maybe even later, climb up the ranks or start hitting achievements, ranks and recognition before you did?  Maybe you hear some of the Elite interviews and feel frustrated because they’ve been in Paparazzi as long as you have but you have not achieved the same things they have.

You are not alone!  In fact, a lot of consultants I talk to have the exact same feeling and frustration!  Let’s look at a few things you can do to OVERCOME your frustration and put yourself in a better place mentally which will also shift your mindset and possibly your business.

Listen Now or Download:

Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Show Image:

Zig Ziglar quote | Paparazzi team inspiration


Before we jump into the training for today, I just want to add a little disclaimer.  I am not the happiness guru.  I am SO no perfect with any of the things listed in this particular training.  In fact, I’m far from it.  This entire episode actually came about BECAUSE of one of my greatest moments of frustration, so please don’t think that I will judge you for having a low moment.  Don’t think that I am perfect.  These are just a few thing that HAVE helped me in the past and continue to help me today to overcome those moments of frustration, doubt and discouragement.

To understand, let me tell you how this training came about.  November 2016 was a RECORD breaking month for Paparazzi!  We had so many consultants hitting rank, achieving Life of the Party and Crown clubs!  We shattered records and blasted through expectations!  I was watching my team have our BEST month to date but looking at our numbers, we were going to come short of my next rank.  There was 4 days left in the month and although I had a tiny bit of hope, deep down I knew that it wasn’t going to happen for me that month.

I was crushed.  I had cried several times during my day as I tidied up my house and kept myself busy playing with the kids and running errands but I knew that I was almost to a breaking point.  I had to go pick up my son from an after school club and told the others they couldn’t come this time.  I just didn’t want them to see the puddle that I was breaking down into.  I got in the car and chocked back a sob. “I was going to be late if I didn’t go, plus the kids could still see me inside the house” so I pulled out of the driveway and continued down the street.

I was pleading with God, begging him as I drove, “God, I know that you can do ALL things.  You made the earth, you made me.  I KNOW that you can make this happen for me if you want to.  You know how much I want this, how hard I’ve worked for it.  SO many other consultants are reaching goals and shattering records.  I want this so badly! Please!”

By this point I had come to a complete stop at a stop sign and it was there that I lost it.  All my reserves, all my composure.  I was ugly crying and I was glad I was alone.

I don’t remember exactly how it happened but as I continued to drive down the road a simple, gentle peace came into my heart and covered me.  I stopped crying and heard the words in my heart, “Now is not the time.”  The quiet love, the gentle peace stayed me as I picked up my son and returned home.

For weeks, I kept this personal experience to myself.  Partly because I am not a crier so the whole ugly-cry thing didn’t happen if no one else saw it, and partly because I wasn’t sure that NOT reaching my goals was something I wanted to share with others. But about 6 weeks later, I was prompted several times to share my story on Facebook.

I was shocked how many people struggle with the exact same feelings!  Another prompting came just moments after I read several of the comments on my post.  It said to record this episode.

So here we go!


Just like when you are excited, when you are frustrated, your customers, team members and potential team members can FEEL that frustration.  Your social media posts might sound a hint desperate or even just sad.  It’s not a good way to run your business or your life.  Instead, shifting your mindset into a more positive emotion like hope or excitement is something that will be contagious. And with that more positive vibe, will come more positive results.

First – remember that your journey is not someone else’s journey.  God has given you your blessings, trials, accomplishments and setbacks for a reason.  You might not know what that reason is or why you are where you are, but He does.  The struggles and the joy come hand in hand and I don’t want to have the struggles other people have, do you?!  Trust in His timing and in His plan for you and your life.  It will all work out!

Second – What are your goals for your business?  Are they something specific like how many pieces you want to sell each month or are they something more general like “hit Elite”.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a big goal like hitting Elite, but you do need more of a path on how to get there.

One of my favorite books lately has been The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone.  Grant has a way of putting things that just speaks right to my heart and makes me expect the best from myself.  One of the daily habits he talks about in his books is writing his goals out every day, first thing in the morning.  He has a legal pad by his bed and the FIRST thing he does every morning is to write down his goals.  This helps him stay focused on what he wants and makes his days more productive.

For me, when I’m getting discouraged or frustrated, my goals feel more like a reminder of how far I have yet to go, but as I WRITE them down (sometimes several times) I can feel that discouragement and frustration melt away.  Hope gives way and there is a light where before there was almost a sense of despair.

Third – Don’t compare.  If you have listened to the show for a while, you know that one of my favorite quotes is “Compare and Despair” by John Lee Dumas.  This quote means that the only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself from yesterday.  Take steps to better yourself and to progress in your journey daily, but don’t compare your journey to someone else’s journey (like we talked about in the first tip).  Focus on what you can control.  You and your actions.  Become the best version of yourself and also focus on bettering yourself.

Fourth – get outside of your comfort zone.  Shifting what you are thinking about will also shift your mood.  If you are feeling discouraged or frustrated, find someone to give a piece of jewelry to.  Give 5 complements to complete strangers.  Perform a Random Act of Kindness.  It’s impossible to stay in that place of frustration when you are thinking of others.

Fifth – Dance – by getting your body moving, you are releasing energy and changing up the energy that you are focusing on.  Put on some music and get your body moving.  Go for a walk, exercise or just do some jumping jacks.  Changing your physical space works!

Sixth – Count your blessings.  This is something I make my kids do when they are having a bad day.  Name 30 things you are thankful for or spend 5 minutes thinking of EVERYTHING you are thankful for.  Your frustration will melt away when you focus on things that are positive and happy in your life.

Seven – Get to Work – A lot of times when I get frustrated, it’s because I realize that I should have been working MUCH harder than I have been and so I get frustrated with myself and just blame it on others.  Be honest and if this is the kind of frustration you are feeling, get to work!  Take action in your business and see what results you will accomplish if you work your business with consistency and persistence.

Show Challenge:

Try out one of the methods listed above to overcome your frustration.  Have something else that works for you?  Comment below and let us know what it is that YOU do to overcome frustration.

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Dawn Ortiz: Paparazzi Jewelry Elite Leader interview

Today, I had the honor of interviewing Dawn Ortiz, one of Paparazzi’s newest Elite Leaders at the time this episode was recorded.  Dawn is a sweetheart and has some great info and advice to share with you!

Listen Now or Download:

Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

Call Image:

Dawn Ortiz - Paparazzi jewelry elite leader quote


Dawn Ortiz - Paparazzi Jewelry elite leader with The Dawn necklace Dawn Ortiz - Paparazzi Jewelry elite leader Today I’m joined by Dawn Ortiz. Dawn has been with Paparazzi for 4 1/2 years and she is one of our newest executive producers which is elite level.  She is crown club 25 and life of the party gold.  Dawn has 637 team members and 130 of those are personally sponsored.

Dawn has won 1 1/2 trips this year to the Dominican Republic also won the trip last year to Cabo and a cruise in past years.  Dawn has 2 kids ages 22 and 25 and she lives in Virginia.  Dawn also won Rock the Rock the Runway in 2016 so there is a necklace named “The Dawn” it is beautiful and a matching bracelet and it sold out.  It was the first necklace to sell out from the Zi collection.  I cried cuz I didn’t even get one.

 One of the biggest honors, I feel like in Paparazzi to win that, and Dawn did it!  Now 3 months after Dawn joined Paparazzi, her sponsor quit.  So she compressed up to Lisa Ambercrombie who is another Elite leader and who lives only 10 minutes away from dawn.

So Dawn, I’m going to go a little off script here and I’m going to ask you a question I didn’t send you, but I think you will get my point with it. Have you found that it’s difficult being 10 minutes away from another Elite leader?

Dawn: No, I actually absolutely love it.  A lot of people ask that question or have that comment that if they were to sign up to be a Paparazzi consultant there’s too many consultants in the area or the area is saturated and I can 100% attest to that not being a true thing.

Even if you have a ton of consultants in your area cuz the fact that Lisa and I do live 10 minutes from one another in our tiny town, well to me it’s tiny cuz I’m originally from New York.  But, it’s 26,000 people and there’s about 15 consultants in our town including me and Lisa who are in the Elite rankings and we do not compete for business or for events or customers.

 It’s actually a benefit to be so close to one another and have other consultants cuz we’re like a little family and if there’s inventory that we need for a customer that maybe we don’t have, one of our team members maybe has it.

If there’s events that we can’t do we share it with one another.  So we just have this great little family and network so I love being close to Lisa.  She is just awesome so the fact that I’m just 10 minutes from her is the Bomb-diggety.

Awnya: I love it!  I knew that was going to be your answer that’s why I kinda threw that one at you at the last second.

It’s great to have that support system and I feel like it comes down to and abundance mindset vs. a scarcity mindset which is actually a call topic I have coming up on another episode.

But when you are just walking around saying “Oh I have all these problems.  Oh, there’s all these people,” then of course that’s gonna happen in your life but if you’re like, “There’s enough customers for everybody and there’s enough business for everybody and being close to these other consultants is a blessing!”  then that’s what is going to be in your life.  And you definitely live that, both you and Lisa.

Dawn: Absolutely!

Awnya:  Let’s jump into the questions that I actually sent you!

How did you get started with Paparazzi??

Dawn: Well, please forgive me if I cough in between every one.  When I talk, I get out of breath, but when I talk about Paparazzi I get excited too because I love it so much.  I normally get out of breath even without bronchitis, so now with it, makes is doubly tough.

But the way I got started with Paparazzi was at a music festival there was someone with a booth.  Actually Lisa was there with a booth with another consultant.  And I saw this big sign that said 4 for $20 and I was immediately drawn to that.

I was like “How could this jewelry be 4 for $20?!  No way!”  I just started grabbing jewelry and I found out that it was something I could do myself.  And I didn’t even wait for the consultant to call me.  I went home and researched and discovered that this is something that I know that I could do.  And I called that consultant up and asked a few questions that I had and that was it!

And the rest is history.

Awnya:  When you called her, did she answer right away? Did she have to return your phone call?

Dawn:  She pretty much answered me right away and she answered my questions.  I was just really blown away by what I discovered about the company.  Two of my most important questions that I had that I couldn’t really find he answers to when I did the research was 1- Do I have to order jewelry every month even if I don’t need to order jewelry like if I didn’t have any parties going on or anything.

Little did I know that that would never happen!  I always sell a ton of jewelry every month.  But I had been in Direct Sales Companies before.  Two other ones like a long time ago and that was one of the things that I didn’t like about it.  That you had to place orders every month to maintain maybe your discount or just your privileges as a consultant.  And that was a good thing that I learned from her that I didn’t have to do with Paparazzi.

And I can’t remember what the other questions was right now that I asked her.  But maybe it will come up later in the call.

Awnya:  There you go.

What is your why? Why do you do Paparazzi? 

Dawn:  When I originally found it, my job of choice was daycare.  I started a daycare in my home and I was very successful with that.  I was a single mom with my 2 kids.  Even though they were in their teens, my daughter might have been 20, my daughter has a lot of medical issues and she always has since she was 10.  That’s why I ran a daycare in my home cuz I couldn’t have a conventional job where I could go for 9-5 so to speak and be able to go to all these doctors’ appointments and help her with all the needs that she has.

So I had my daycare but I also had my dad who lived with me.  My dad is 90 now and he lives near my brother in Florida.  But at the time when I had my dad, his income also helped me so I was okay with just doing my daycare.

Then my dad went to go move with my brother in Florida and I knew that I needed something else, I needed more income.  Paparazzi just happened to be there right at this time of transition for me, when I knew I needed something.  I knew that that was the thing I needed.

So that became my why.  To just have enough income to be able to continue to stay home and do my daycare and be able to take care of my daughter the way I needed to.  And it very quickly became something that grew more than I could ever imagine, right away when I first started Paparazzi.

So I immediately saw the potential and saw the big picture of what it could be and downsized my daycare even, taking on less children and then eventually to where I am now where I don’t do daycare at all, I just do Paparazzi.

Awnya: Is that still why you do Paparazzi or has your why changed at all since when you first started?

Dawn:  Yes!  So the original why is still there, to make enough money to support my family and my life.  That will always be part of it.  But gradually as I grew in the company and started to have more people on my team, my why got additions to it.  Additional whys, I call them.

I just absolutely love being able to help teach other women, or men, there’s a few men, how to run and start their own successful businesses as well because I know it changed my life.  To be able to be a part of helping other people do the same things is absolutely unbelievably fulfilling to me and it just brings me so much joy.

And so that has become part of my why to help other people to do the same.  And just the overwhelming joy of getting to know so many team members and customers.  I love my customers too.  And so many people who aren’t on my team but are also in the company, like you.  And having such wonderful friends and looking forward to getting together with them.  So it’s all a big, big why.

Awnya: We are going to jump into one of my favorite questions.

What is your worst Paparazzi moment? Take us to that moment in time, draw us a picture of what that moment was for you.

Dawn:  Okay.  Well, I kinda have 2 that I thought of and one is probably one that many people have had happen to them before.  It’s setting up for an event, and you know you do all this prep work and you get your boards ready that you display your jewelry on.  You have all these ideas for your setup and you get to an event and this is an outdoor event and boom!  The wind just knocks everything over.

And this actually was one my first events that I booked on my own, cuz my sponsor helped me book a couple of events or she had events already booked and I had done them.  But this was like my first one.  It was a huge one and it was a lot of people.  My whole setup was destroyed.  I lost so much jewelry and it was just pretty bad.

And pretty bad to happen when I first started, I could have said, “Oh, that’s it. I’m done.” But I didn’t.  And I just kept going with it and I’m glad I didn’t give up because of that.

But the other worst moment, it’s not really a worst moment, it’s just a moment that stands out to me as a moment of feeling defeated and just feeling like,”What else can I do to get to the goal that I’m trying to get to??  If I did all of this, what could I possibly do?  I don’t feel like I could do anymore!”

It was this past year.  Paparazzi has this contest that’s called Rock the Runway, which Awnya told you that I had earned.  And each month 2 consultants earn a spot to get a necklace named after them and walk the runway to model this necklace.  And I so, so wanted that so badly.  I wanted to have a necklace for myself with my name on it.  I didn’t want to model because I’m too shy to do that, but I did wind up doing it.

Every month, I gave it my all.  It’s like, for 4 months the competition runs and they choose 8 people.  They actually choose 10, but they choose 2 each month.  I did everything I possibly could do and I was on that leader’s board in like 3 or 4th place, sometimes 1st or 2nd cuz they updated each week.  And then Boom! At the end of the month they show who the winners were.

Every single month, I just missed it.  I just fell short of getting that runway.  I would feel so defeated.  And just like crawl in a hole and say, “Oh my goodness. I’m never gonna get this.  I’m not gonna do it.”  and I took a day to feel sorry for myself.

And then I was just like “Ok, I gotta do it again.  I gotta try again.”  And I did it again.  I did it for 4 months.  And every month I came in like 3rd or 4th place.  And it was so devastating that last month when I opened up that email to see who the winners were and I was very happy for the winners and excited for them.

I told my boyfriend Earl, “I didn’t do it.  I didn’t make it.”  I was almost about to cry and I scrolled down the email and then I saw that they choose 2 other winners and these were the people who earned the most points throughout the whole 4 months.  And so it’s kinda like my worst moment but also a most wonderful moment cuz then I was like – I said to Earl, “I didn’t do it.” and it took like maybe 5 seconds to scroll down and realize, “But I did do it!” and I was just like screams with joy and I was so happy.

And it turned out that in retrospect, looking back at those 4 months, feeling defeated each and every month, that I actually felt happier about my accomplishment and the win that I did get because it showed that I had consistency and that I didn’t give up even though I had lost it each month.  And so I felt proud of myself because of that very reason.  Does that make sense?

So I was just so excited about that!

Awnya:  With good right!  It’s like I tell my kids sometimes, If I just buy this for you, like a candy bar or something, it’s not going to mean near as much as if you have to work for it and then you get the reward afterwards.  It’s so much more rewarding.  You value things so much more when you have that struggle and you have to work for it.

So what is the lesson you want us to learn from this?

Dawn:  Do not give up.  That’s like one of the number one things in this business is not to give up when things don’t seem to being to going the way you want them to be going or you feel they should be, just realize that it’s an up and down road and not give up because good things are comin’ to those who persist and don’t give up!

What is a habit you have that you feel contributes to your success.

Dawn:  Definitely what I just said about not giving up.  Anytime anything seems hard or tough I have a lot of patience to stick things out and not give up, but one thing that I teach my team that is very, very important and it’s not easy to do and it is a habit.  It’s something that you have to work towards, is being consistent.  Consistency is a major, major key in running your business.

If I was to give you an example of it, a lot of us have Facebook sales groups where we sell jewelry on Facebook.  If you post some jewelry in your group one day and you skip several days and then you post again, people don’t get used to seeing you.  You’re not there.  You’re not like a store out in the public world that’s open every day.  You are just whenever kind of person.  And you’re not going to have great success in selling in a group of that sort.

But if you are consistent and you do the same things all the time, every day, people get used to seeing that, they get used to seeing your business and your right there always in their sights.  So being consistent is major.  Even if it’s not something that you do every day but that you set to do once a week or twice a week, you stick to what you say you are going to do and that will take you a long way when you grow your team and with your sales as well.

Awnya: A lot of times, its’ hard, especially when you don’t see those immediate results.  Like with Rock the Runway like you were just telling us about.  You could have quit after the first month, or the second month, or the third month and said, “You know what? It’s just not happening.” But you stuck it through.

What advice would you give to a brand new Paparazzi consultant?

Dawn: I would most definitely tell them to take in as much knowledge as they can about how to run their business and to listen to those who are teaching them who are above them in their upline because when your upline is telling you different things that have worked or does work, they are telling you from experience.

They’re giving you these guidelines and showing you where to begin even before you get your starter kit.  And so by listening to that and by applying the information they are giving you is so super important cuz that’s what’s going to get you off on the right foot.

Just be eager to learn and apply what you learned and start yourself right off knowing that you need to be consistent and that’s how a business gets off the ground is by someone putting in all this effort and consistency.

Awnya: I love what you said about listening to the voice of experience.  A lot of times, I’m classic, jumping in and I feel like I have to reinvent everything.  So I’ll find like a Bingo and I’m like, “I have to reinvent that”.  And I spend so much time trying to re-invent the wheel that I miss other things.

So listen to the voice of experience.  They’ve been there, they’ve been doing this a lot longer than you have and just do what they say.

Dawn:  Right!  And not that people can’t come up with new and fresh ideas cuz that is always wonderful.  That’s always a great thing.  That’s what keeps our business exciting.  New stuff!

That’s one of the things I love about it is that there’s always something fun and new to try and do.  But the basics.  The basics are the basics.  If you learn those, then you can grow from there and be as creative as you want to be.

Awnya:  I love that!  That is perfect.

What is a quote that inspires you?

Dawn:  I have this quote that I love.  And actually, I think it is a quote that is from somebody somewhere.  I should know who said this but I don’t.  I just know it was in a song.  And its:

Dawn Ortiz - Paparazzi jewelry elite leader favorite quote

And basically if you think about that, it’s true of everything that we do, like, the words that I just said, the words ended and then a new word starts.  It’s just so simple when you break it down.  But in life, when you are doing anything in life, it’s gonna have a beginning and it’s going to have an end.  And even if something doesn’t end the way you want it to end, there’s always a fresh start.  I’m always about fresh starts.

My team knows that I love Mondays.  A lot of people in the secular work world hate Mondays and dread Mondays.  I absolutely love Mondays because I love what I do in my business.  Not that I don’t do things on the weekend for my business but on Mondays new releases come out.  New jewelry!  I love it cuz I can’t wait to see them and post them and share they with my customer and I just can’t wait to get the day started.

I absolutely love New Years’ too.  But I don’t just limit myself to new years and Mondays.  The way I am with that quote is that everything has a new beginning, you can start over.  Something didn’t work right?  Just try something new.  I’m very plan A.  If plan A doesn’t work then go to plan B.  And go all the way to Z and start over again if you need to.  So that’s kinda that!

Awnya:  Such a good quote.

Here on the Papa Rock Stars Podcast, we like to have a weekly call challenge, so what’s 1 thing you would challenge the listeners to do in the next 7 days to take action in their Paparazzi business?

Dawn:  That’s a good question!  I would challenge them to look at their goals and where they want to be.  And not just their long term goals and in the future, like, I want to hit a certain rank or I want to do this or that within in the company but take a look at your short term goals that are going to get you where you want to go and implement a plan on how you are going to do it!

Now thinking about what your goals are and what you want is the easy part, it’s implementing the steps you need to take to get to that that is the harder part.  So I would challenge anyone to sit down and see where it is in their business and what their strengths are and where they have found success before and to go back and to do it again and repeat.

Sometimes we get so far ahead of ourselves and things start to change a little bit and we’re like, “Why isn’t this working or why isn’t that working?” but if you think back to when things were working or look at others and see what’s working for them and you go back to that point and do that again, you will find that it will work again.  Because just like we were talking about with reinventing the wheel we sometimes get so ahead of ourselves and want to try all these different things, it kinda keeps us off our path and our focus off where we want to go.

So I would challenge anyone to figure out what it was in your business or what is working now and continue to do that and expand on that and learn from others and set those goals and reach them because anyone can do this.  It’s just a matter of focus and knowing what you want.

Awnya:  I love that!  Back to the basics.  It’s always a good plan to get back to what works.

I’m a classic, “Shiny object syndrome”. Like, “Oh! This is new and fun!” and “Awe! This is exciting” and then I’m like, “Wait, my sales are down,” or “Wait, I haven’t gotten as many team members this months.”  Do what works.  Get back to those basics.  It’s always good to try new things, but…

Dawn: I think its human nature that we do that because it’s just exciting to try new things and it’s always good to try new things and even if they don’t work out, its ok.  Because you learn from everything.

I always try to find the silver lining in anything.  If I have a bad event or if I didn’t sell as much at an event as I wanted.  I always, always try to say, “Let me try to figure out what was good about this event instead of harping on the negative and the stuff that didn’t go the way it should have went, I try and focus on what was good.  What was the good outcome of this?  And you grow from that.  And you learn from that.  And when you have things that don’t go right, it’s OK because if you know that you’re gonna be a leader, you can now relate to other people who have those same issues come up.  You can say, “Hey, I’ve been there, and I’ve done that and just know that it’s okay and that it’ll get better.”

Awnya:  It’s so true.  And this silver lining and your positive attitude is one of the things I love the most about you.  Because you are so inspiring to be around.  And even if someone is trying to complain, you always find something good about it.  Like when pieces sell out too quickly from the back office.  You’ll say, “Isn’t it so amazing, our products are so in demand!”

That’s just one of the many examples that I can think of right now, but it’s so neat to have such a positive influence in Paparazzi and as one of our top leaders.  It’s such a good example for everybody else.  Not only in Paparazzi, but it’s just a good way to live our life, with all that positivity.

Thank you for coming on the call today and sharing with us! I’ve taken so many notes and I’m sure everyone else has too!

Dawn: Thank you so much for inviting me to do this.  This was fun!  Thank you so much!


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