Vision boards

What is a vision board, why should you use one and how do you make one?

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I’ve been hearing about vision boards for a long time.  They can be powerful when used properly.  They are a way to keep your mind focused on the things you want to invite into your life.  The idea is that when you focus on things you want to have in your life, they will manifest (or come to pass).

What is a vision board

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Sounds simple right?  I like using a combination of images and a word or 2 that I can focus on as well.  You can use pictures from a photo album, magazine or pictures that you print from a computer.

How to make a vision board

A vision board can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.  I simply cut a full sized poster board in half and then used washi tape to divide the poster board into 9 sections.  In each section I have a different picture and one word summary (or maybe 2 or 3 words) of a goal I have or something I would like to have in my life.

For example, one of the first things I put on my vision board was a house.  Our family (7 kids plus myself and my husband) had been living in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment for 3 years.  It was crowded but I felt trapped.  Within 3 months of putting a house on my vision board, we were moving into our home.  It stunned and amazed me that something as simple as putting what I wanted on my wall would have any impact, but it did and now everyday, I have proof that vision boards WORK!

The important thing is just to DO it!  Don’t overthink what you want to put on your vision board, just go with the first things to pop into your mind or add something that has special meaning or is a large goal that you want to achieve.  I spent several months trying to make the idea of what I wanted perfect in my mind.  There is an old saying, Done is better than perfect.  And just because you put one thing on your vision board doesn’t mean you can’t every change or add to it.  Plus, once you have achieved some of the things on your vision board, you will have room for more!

When you have made your vision board, post it somewhere you will see it several times a day.  I hung my vision board right over my dresser next to my bed.  I see it when I wake up, go to bed, get dressed and almost anytime I go into my room during the day.  I try to take a few moments to stop and look at each of the items on my vision board and focus on them.

How NOT to do a vision board

I specifically remember the first and last time I watched the show “The Bachelor”.  I was interested to see what everyone else found so fascinating about it.  I remember thinking the man of the hour was pretty handsome and that he might make the show worth watching.  It was the first episode of the season so all the ladies were just arriving at the house to meet him for the first time.  They pulled up in their limos shared about themselves and then went on to meet him.

I don’t remember many more details except for when he was handing out roses.  One young lady in particular looked absolutely STUNNED that she wasn’t chosen to remain.  As she walked out, all she could say over and over again was “but he was on my vision board”.  I laughed and laughed.  Now, in hindsight, it wasn’t the nicest thing I’ve ever done, but I thought that the idea that she could control another human simply by putting it on her vision board was hysterical.

The flaw in her thinking was that she could mystically cause him to choose her.  While vision boards are powerful, they aren’t magic.  They still require work, effort and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.  For example, if you were a single gal who wanted a loving, caring, trusting relationship with a man who had an established career, would you date people who didn’t have any life goals or ambitions?  Or do you think that by sitting home on your couch watching romantic movies on TV that the universe will simply deliver this dream man to your doorstep?

To think this would be foolish and result in more frustration!  BUT, by going on dates with people, meeting single people in the area and putting yourself out there in places to FIND someone to have a relationship with, your dream may come to pass.

Vision boards don’t work unless you do!  In the example of the Bachelor episode, I’m sure that the woman could have done more to appeal to the star of the show instead of just showing up and believing that she would magically be chosen.

Decide what you want and then take needed steps to achieve your dreams!

Why SHOULD I have a vision board?

There are so many reasons, it is kind of difficult to name them all, but here are just a few.

-you know in your heart that you want to do, be or have more

-you are feeling stuck

-you feel like you are lacking focus or direction

-you are happy but want to be extremely happy or (dare I say) exceptionally happy.

-to clarify what direction you want your life to take

Plus so many more.

What have you got to lose?!

Call Challenge:

Create your own vision board and post it where you can see it several times a day.  Get ready to see amazing, crazy, wonderful things happen in your life and do the things that you need to so that they will become a reality.

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Paparazzi Lingo: Do your customers understand what you’re saying??

Do your customers understand what you are saying? - Paparazzi lingo

Do your customers, hostesses and potential team members understand what you are saying?  Here are some things you might want to remember so that important information doesn’t get lost in translation.

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Did I hear someone say $5 Jewelry?!


Did you know that Paparazzi has its own language of its own?  True story!  It is what is traditionally called jargon.  Jargon is special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.

Are you using jargon when you are talking to your customers, hostesses and potential recruits?  It might be confusing and overwhelming!

I completely understand that there are some words that you just can’t get away from, especially when you are talking to potential team members but the trick it to explain things and to keep them super simple.  You should also try to avoid them altogether when talking to friends, family, hostesses and customers.

Be sure to explain things like downline, PV, OV, Director and  upline so that your potential consultant or current team members know what you mean.  A good rule of thumbs is to talk so that a 10 year old would be able to understand what you are saying.   But, if you need to use a term like Empower Me Pink, follow it up with an explanation of what you are talking about.

OR, maybe you are new to Paparazzi yourself and have NO idea what some of the words other consultants are using mean!  Not to worry, I have you covered!!  Here are a few of the most common terms and what they mean, but for a more complete list, click on the Paparazzi Lingo and Definitions pfd printable in the resources section.

Starlet Shimmer:  A business accessory used to pacify the youngest Paparazzi partygoers.  Can be purchased at Wholesale Price and sold at the suggested Retail Price of $1 per piece.  Does not carry PV and does not generate commissions through the Paparazzi Compensation Plan.

Sponsor: The Consultant who introduced you to and enrolled you in Paparazzi.

Star Consultant: A rank in the Paparazzi Compensation Plan.  To qualify, a Consultant must have 50 PV within one calendar month.

Active: A Consultant is considered Active when s/he has accumulated 50 PV or more within one calendar month.  Being active will qualify a Consultant for certain bonuses within the Paparazzi Compensation Plan.

Blockbuster:  One of Paparazzi’s bestselling accessories!

GV:  Group Volume.  The cumulative PV of all Consultants in your downline within one calendar month.  Also known as Organizational Volume (OV).

Trend Blend: A group of accessories perfectly stylized to go together.  These pieces share textures, colors, shapes, and more to pull a complete look together.

Back Office: A Consultant’s virtual dashboard where she or he can place orders for new inventory, run reports on the activity of their new team and access resources to assist them in building their business.

Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid using jargon or what to replace it with so that you are clear and easily understandable.

  • Use an alternative—Leader instead of Upline, Training instead of Empower Me Pink.
  • If you are going to use an abbreviation or acronym, explain it the first time you use it. — Starlet Shimmer (SS), Personal Volume (PV)
  • Use lingo words only if they are convenient for your customers.  For example, calling a party host a hostess is much more simple even if it is one of our jargon words.
  • Convert as many as possible into other words – for example, instead of saying I’m going to Empower Me Pink, I’ll tell my friends and family that I’m going to a Paparazzi training.
  • Avoid as many lingo words as you can, especially when talking to customers or hostesses.  When you are talking to other consultants, lingo words are more acceptable.
  • Use full words—Back Office instead of BO, Personal Volume instead of PV and Organizational Volume instead of OV.

When you remember that people who aren’t in Paparazzi don’t speak our language, its pretty easy to keep the use of jargon words to a minimum.  Keep what you are saying nice and simple!  Your customers will thank you for it!


Paparazzi Lingo and definitions

Call Challenge:

Print and go through the list of Paparazzi’s most common terms and keep the list handy in case you or a friend needs to know what one of those words means.

Show Notes

Paparazzi Lingo printable show notes

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