Paparazzi Basket Parties – A Fun Way to Have a Party on the GO

Do you have a friend who is always WAY busy and just doesn’t have time to do a home party?  Maybe you are just going, going, going and don’t have a window of time for a home party!  Today we’ll talk about the perfect solution!

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host a Paparazzi Jewelry party


Parties on the go, Basket parties, portable parties – these are all the Paparazzi version of a catalog party.  Since we don’t have an actual paper catalog for people to browse and shop from, you can get some jewelry together and check it out to a friend or hostess.  They will then take this with them as they go to work, school, baseball games, dance class and more!  Basket parties work great for the summer time or holiday weekends when their friends might be getting together for a party or BBQ but a formal jewelry party would be a little crazy.

So today, let’s talk about the ins and outs of a basket party.  What you need to know and be aware of and how to have a GREAT basket party!

What do you put in a Paparazzi basket party?

First, you need things to hold your basket party in.  I got a small tote / Tupperware container from the store and that holds everything really nicely.  I believe it is the 5 gallon size.  Next, I got some cheap disposable leftover containers to hold everything except the necklaces.  I also grabbed some binder loops to hold the items.  I put the earrings on one binder loop, the bracelets on another, etc.  This keeps them from getting tangled and makes them easy to grab!

I have found it works best to have the hair clips, hippie headbands and rings in one container, the earrings and bracelets in another and then all the Starlet Shimmer items in a 3rd.  Since the containers I usually get come in a 3 pack, they are all the same size and stack nicely inside the tote.

I do put headbands in with the basket party too, but I usually just slide them in after everything else is in.

For the necklaces, I use a wine bottle holder.  I got these from a craft store called Michaels but you can find them online too.  They are cardboard and sturdy.  I kind of re-purpose them to hold necklaces and I can fit 20 in each.  I put 2 in with my basket parties.  These hold then necklaces nicely and keep them from getting tangled.

I also include a cash bag, business cards, Pink Paparazzi bags for the hostess to give to those who buy and a mirror.  That way they can try things on, see how they look and buy them all from the basket!

I like to put a label on the outside and lid of the tote as well as on the wine bottle holders that says Paparazzi $5 Jewelry Party on the Go (see resources section) so that people recognize what it is or ask about it.

I also put information into a binder that goes into the basket party and usually stays with it.  This includes frequently asked questions, information about hosting a basket party and information about being a consultant too!  This way they have almost everything they need at their finger tips!!

Another thing I include in the binder is some coaching for the current hostess.  I go over this information with her, but it is good to have it written down too so she can refer back to it.

When doing a basket party, there is a lot more your hostess is in charge of.  She has to take the basket with her, show it to her friends and family and help them pick out items.  She is in charge of collecting money and checking them out too.  The bonus to this is she learns what it is like to be a consultant herself and she can party anywhere and anytime she wants!  It helps to remind the hostess ALL the places she CAN and SHOULD take the basket party!  They sky is the limit!

How much jewelry should I put in a Paparazzi jewelry basket party?

This is another area where the exact contents are totally up to you!!  When I first started doing basket parties, I usually had about 60 items total in the basket party because I didn’t have enough stock to put more in there and still do a home party or event.  Now, I’ve built up my inventory and have my show/party boards, back stock, AND 2 basket parties going on.  Just do what works for you.

In my basket parties, I have:

  • 40 necklaces
  • 20 earrings
  • 20 bracelets
  • 20 rings
  • 5 flower clips
  • 5 hippie headbands
  • 5 headbands
    • ————->  115 total adult items
  • 10 Starlet Shimmer rings
  • 20 Starlet Shimmer earrings
  • 20 Starlet Shimmer bracelets
    • ————->  50 total Starlet Shimmer items

One other thing that is super helpful – I put a small colored dot on the tags of all the Starlet Shimmer items.  I don’t want my hostess to have to stress about what items are Starlet Shimmer and what are not and if you have someone that changed their mind on a pair of earrings, you want your hostess to easily know where to put it back or how much to charge when totaling up the customer.  It’s easy, inexpensive and helpful!

Basket Party Agreement

The last thing I want to talk about with a basket party is the Basket Party agreement (again, see the resources section).  This is a page that you record how many items you send in your basket parties, how many were returned and when the basket was checked out.  You record the hostess name and how long she is going to keep the basket party for.  It has a bit of legal jargon too because it is a legal contract.  There is also a place at the bottom for the hostesses name, address, phone number and a credit card number.

No matter how well I know my hostess, I always make sure I get this filled out.  It just keeps everyone honest!  I have heard of some consultants who lost the entire contents of their basket parties because the hostess just never returned it!  Others disagreed about how many items were actually loaned to the hostess and ended up getting shorted on pieces and money.  The basket party agreement just keeps everything written down and recorded.

Another bonus of the basket party agreement is if the hostess fails to return the basket, you can attempt to charge her credit card for the pieces that she hasn’t returned.  Now I’m not trying to cause trouble and I’m not talking about the hostess who wants to keep the party our for another week or 2 and has been communicating with you the whole time.  I’m talking about someone who is dodging your calls, who doesn’t answer the door when you swing by and has just pretty much disappeared.  In extreme circumstances, you can even take the basket agreement to a judge in small claims court and he can order them to pay for the items they never returned.

Have I ever had this happen, no.  I have heard of other consultants who have and I think its best to play it safe on this one!  And your friends, family and customers will understand that you are just covering your bases.

So that is Basket Parties in a nutshell.


Paparazzi basket part agreement

Paparazzi basket party binder pages

Paparazzi basket party tote labels

Basket party pictures

Wine Tube necklace holders

Call Challenge:

Talk to your friends and family.  Book a basket party this week!!  Or check with someone who is thinking of joining your team and see if they want to host a basket party.  It’s great practice for them and might get them more excited about joining your team!

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Clear out the Clutter

If you could make 1 time adjustment to your day and get MORE done in LESS time, would you do it?  Let’s talk about what you can do to get more done in your day!

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clutter quote


Ok ladies.  Let’s get real.  It can be a little tricky to get everything done that needs to get done, right?  Dishes, laundry, feeding the kids, taking care of the house….phew!  I’m tired just THINKING about it!!  If there was something that could help you get MORE done in LESS time, wouldn’t that be worth it?  I totally think it would.  In fact, until I discovered this little trick, I felt like I was going a little crazy!!

I’m sure you are thinking, “little trick”?!  Yeah right!

Well, its true!  It only takes a few minutes every day and it’s making a HUGE difference to me!!

Are you ready to hear what it is?!  Ok.  Clear out the clutter!  Sounds like spring cleaning or a massive cleaning effort doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  It is a lot smaller and a lot more manageable.

I first heard about this idea a few years ago from the guy who wrote the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Jack Canfield.  He suggested writing a list of everything that is causing you stress in your life.  Do you have a drawer that needs organized?  Or maybe the clothes in your closet need to be sorted.  Maybe it is your dishes or the unfolded socks that need mated.  Whatever it is, write it down!  Make a huge list if you have to!

Now comes the fun part!  I know you are going to want to attack this whole list (or if you are like me, you might just want to go take a nap!) but choose 1 thing from the list.  Organize or clean it.  Once you are done, get back to life.  Choose 1 of these things each day to do.  You can add to the list if you need to, but the rule is you can only choose 1 thing per day.

Now this might sound a little crazy, but there is an energy that will come when you accomplish just 1!  It won’t take too much time AND with that little burst of energy, you will be able to do more of what you already do more quickly!  Makes total sense right?!

Just the other day I was really struggling with a few things that I needed to get done at my house.  Laundry was piling up, dishes weren’t done and those pesky socks needed mated.  They were driving me nuts but I had so many other things demanding my attention.  Finally I paid my son $2 to fold them for me.  He did an AMAZING job and after he was done I felt like this HUGE weight was lifted of my shoulders!  Not only was I able to delegate that job, now its not driving me crazy anymore and my 13 year old is really excited to have a little extra money!

Our minds are pretty amazing and thy kind of keep an ongoing list of the things we need to do or the things we haven’t done.  If something is annoying to us or needs attention, our mind is going to hold onto that. Even if it isn’t our main focus, there is still energy being used on that thing!  Once you complete that task, the energy you were using on that (even if it was just a little bit) is freed up!  You then have that much MORE energy to use on other things.

Plus, then you have little accomplishments to celebrate everyday!!

As a bonus resource today, I want to tell you about The Fly Lady. She is an amazing resource for helping you to get organized and help get things cleaned up!  She has tips and challenges to help you everyday!  Check out her Facebook page (linked in the show notes).


Call Challenge:

Sit down and make a list of the things in your life that are annoying, unorganized or just plain driving you crazy!  Pick one and get it done!!

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The Fashion Fix: What it is and why you should be on it

Have you heard of the Fashion Fix yet?  If not, this is THE show for you!!  Let’s talk about why the Fashion Fix is something you DON’T want to miss!!

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Listen now or download this week’s episode to listen later here:

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Paparazzi Fashion Fix


Let’s talk Fashion Fix.  Have you heard about it?  Well, it is an AMAZING set of pieces that YOU as a consultant can get every month.  Let’s talk about WHY you should get the Fashion Fix.

1- The Fashion Fix makes you “active” each month for the rank of Executive Director or lower.  The 25 pieces (50PV) that are in the Fashion Fix make it so that you will be eligible for your downline commission check for the month!  It’s a set-it-and-forget-it.  Once you are on the Fashion Fix you will never have to worry if you have ordered enough each month to be active!

If you are growing a team, the Fashion Fix is a great way to get them to be active each month too!  This means that you are more likely to hit your rank each month AND hit the Crown Club achievements! Be sure to talk to them about the importance of joining the Fashion Fix shortly after they join Paparazzi.  If you haven’t talked to them about the Fashion Fix, there is no better time than now!!

2- The Fashion Fix is a box of jewelry that will arrive at your doorstep every month just like clock work.  The pieces in the Fashion Fix aren’t released yet, so you are getting a kind of sneak peek before anyone else!  The Fashion Fix ships out on the 20th of the each month and then on the 5th of the following month, the pieces are released exclusively for the people on the Fashion Fix and their customers to order!  This means that YOU will have jewelry that not everyone has!  You will get the latest and BEST fashions for you and your customers.

These pieces may or may not be released to the rest of Paparazzi.  If an item is still available on 15 days after it is released for purchase to Fashion Fixers, then it will be released to the rest of Paparazzi and their customers too.  To be honest though, in the 2 years that I’ve been on the Fashion Fix there has only been a few items that haven’t sold out before then, and some items sell out in the first 12 hours!

3- Paparazzi knows how to SPOIL us!  They always have THE most AMAZING sets in the Fashion Fix!  They are stunning, hip and SUPER popular!  So to get your hands on the BEST and most AMAZING pieces, the Fashion Fix is definitely the way to go!

4- The jewelry you get in the fashion fix are stylized sets.  That means that they are coordinated to match.  They are also grouped into the 5 different style trends so that there is something for everyone in each box.

5- You can take pre-orders for these pieces so that you know what to order when they are released for purchase.  Sell them as a complete set or as individual pieces.  The choice is up to you!

6- The next reason why you should be on the Fashion Fix is because of the consultant EXCLUSIVE pieces!  With each order of the Fashion Fix, there are 5 (!!) pieces of exclusive jewelry that won’t ever be released for purchase in the same colors or styles.  You can keep these, sell them, or use them to help book parties!  Totally up to you, but I absolutely LOVE the consultant exclusives and can’t wait each month to see what they are.

7- The final reason I recommend being on the Fashion Fix is because normally when you order, you get 1 free piece of jewelry (Hostess Exclusive) for each 10 items you get.  That would mean for the 25 pieces in the Fashion Fix, you would usually get 2 free pieces.  Because Paparazzi LOVES us so much, you get DOUBLE the free items!!  That means 4 FREE pieces come with your Fashion Fix!

The Fashion Fix is so amazing that there is currently a waiting list to even BE on it!  From what I hear, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or two to get on it.  To get put on the list, call Paparazzi Customer service today at 855-697-2727 and the friendly, helpful people on the other end can help you get added to the waiting list.  Another thing I should mention is when you get ON the list, its best to do anything you can to stay ON it.  I’ve heard of some consultants who canceled their Fashion Fix and have been back on the waiting list for over a year!

You don’t want to miss out on these amazing pieces PLUS all the free and exclusive items!

Call Challenge:

This week, I challenge you to call and get yourself added to the Paparazzi Fashion Fix waiting list. If you are ALREADY on the waiting list, hang in there!! And if you are already receiving the Fashion Fix, post about it in your group or on a social media account.

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