Top 10 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them in Your Paparazzi Jewelry Business

In the 16 years I’ve been doing direct sales, I’ve seen these 10 mistakes made over and over again.  Let’s chat about what they are and how you can avoid making them.

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Getting past these 10 mistakes most direct sellers make might take some time and effort.  I still find myself reevaluating with several of these to make sure that I’m serving myself and my business in the best way I can.  Just know that some of these are a process and not a one time fix.

1. Not Asking

Your friends and family aren’t mind readers. You need to ASK them if they would be interested in hosting a party, would come to your launch party or join your business. They won’t just make this connection when you let them know that you started your business. Open your mouth and ASK!

2. Afraid of Being Pushy

Make a list of things a “Pushy” person does. (ex. Not taking no for an answer, not listening when you talk, making your buy stuff you don’t want). Are these things that you do? Probably not! Pushy people don’t have any kind of gauge for their pushy-ness, so the fact that you are worried about being pushy means that you are not. Just listen to your friends, family and customers. HELP them and you will never come off as pushy!

3. Working, but not working…

Things like making an image, organizing your office or desk (again) or re-creating a document might be useful, but they aren’t going to make you money. Spend your time on tasks that will help you make money like booking parties, finding and booking events, or talking to people who might want to join your team. This will get you the biggest BANG and help your business SKY-ROCKET!

4. Being a Bother

You will never, ever “bother” me if you have a question. Part of what I LOVE doing is helping you in your business. When you have a question, ASK me! If the kids are screaming in the background or I’m in church or something, I will get back to you as soon as I can, but don’t hesitate to ask!!

 5. Do as I Say, Not as I Do

You are an example for your friends and family. Be sure to have your own party or open house every so often to show them how much fun it can be and your success too. You never know when they are watching you, so set the example. It is FUN and a great reason to hang out and reconnect too!

6. Information Overload

Sometimes when I get nervous or excited, I talk WAY too much! Slow down, share a little and then listen. Whether the person you are talking to is interested in your business, hosting a party, or buying some jewelry, try to say 2-3 sentences and then ASK them a QUESTION. This will keep their interest and not overwhelm them with details.

7. Re-inventing the Wheel

A lot of times when we start something new we get ALL excited to find our own way of doing things. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are others who have been where you have been! Follow the path that they have navigated to get the MOST success most quickly. When you have those basics mastered, feel free to try something new! This is where “If it Aint Broke, Don’t Fix It” comes in handy. While there are a LOT of great ideas out there, I don’t want you to get discouraged if things don’t work out. Once you have mastered the basics and have started making great money, this is when you can experiment and discover new ways to make things work.

8. School’s Out

There are always ways we can tweak what we are doing to make our business, lives or relationships stronger. It is important that you attend trainings and find other ways to continue to grow both personally and professionally. There are SO many great trainers and inspirational thinkers that can help you along the way. If you need some suggestions, Ask! (see #4)

9. No Set Hours

The best way to EXPLODE your business is to decide ahead of time WHEN to work. Choose the days 4-6 weeks in the future that you want to work and highlight those days. Decide what times you will work and then WORK IT BABY!!! If you don’t have a party or an event scheduled and you set that time aside for work, use it to make phone calls to people who might be interested or to past hostesses. This might be a work at home business, but you still have to choose time to WORK!

10. Not Following Up

Believe it or not, people are watching you! The things you post on Facebook, the success and failures you have. I have had friends and neighbors call me after an entire year and tell me they want to join or host a party. Sometimes the timing is wrong and other times people just want to see your success before they jump in too! Be open about your business and follow up with people when they show interest in hosting a party or joining us! You just never know WHEN the time will be right.

Call Challenge:

The challenge for today is to choose ONE of these things you want to work on.  A lot of times, it gets overwhelming to try to fix everything all at once and instead, we never start.  Choose 1 of these 10 things and work on getting better in that area.  When you feel you have accomplished what you want to with that, choose a second.  Post what number you are going to work on in the comments along with your first steps you are taking!

Show Notes

Top 10 mistakes and How to Avoid them in your Paparazzi Jewelry Business

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How to Get Your Husband to Support Your Business

How to get your husband to support your business

Want to get your husband to support you in your Paparazzi Accessories Business?  Here are a few ways I have used to get my hubby to support and even encourage me in my business.

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One of the biggest challenges a lot of consultants have is they have a hubby or significant other who they want to have support them in their business.  Today, we will talk about several ways to get support and encouragement!

1- Feed the Man –

This sage advice is care of Tom Frank, husband to Maven A-Lister, Robin Frank.  He said that above all, men are happy when they are fed.  So if you have a party or event in the evening, have a meal ready to go in the crockpot or something in the oven before you go.  Even if you designate party night as take out or pizza night….as long as there is a plan to keep his tummy happy, he will be a lot happier as well.

2- Speak His Language –

I had been with several other companies before Paparazzi Accessories so to say that my husband was excited when I wanted to start this business would be a stretch.  How did I get him to agree?  I told him that my first $300 profit would go to buy him a gun.  He absolutely LOVES hunting, but buying guns hadn’t been in our budget, so he usually ended up borrowing one from my dad or his dad.  I’m sure he was still a little doubtful, but he agreed with the hope that I would make AT LEAST that much.  Well, I blew it OUT of the WATER!  I ended up handing him $1000 for his gun-fund and left him completely speechless.

Moral from this story – find something your hubby loves and use it!  If he is a sports enthusiast, pay for satellite TV or upgrade to the Premium sports channel during his favorite season.  Fisher?  Buy him a fishing trip.  Does your man love cars?  Give him some cash to upgrade his wheels or rims.  All guys have their hobbies, even if it is just watching TV.  Find something that your man would love and use some of your Paparazzi profits to give that to him.  You will be surprised how much more supportive he gets when he can see the upside of your business too!

3- Stop Complaining –

Our men just want to see us happy, so if you come home from a party or event and tell them everything bad that happened, they are going to naturally become defensive and want you to not do parties or events as much because of the misery it is causing you.  It’s their natural protective instincts kicking in.

Solution?  Talk about the GOOD things that happen when you are doing business!  Even if you have a bad party or event, talk about the up-sides.

For example, if you had an event where you paid $200 and only made $60 over 2 days, don’t come home and complain about the money you lost and the time you wasted.  Tell him:

  • I get to buy new jewelry!  I love re-ordering
  • I have some great leads to follow up with.  That’s where the real money is!
  • I met some great new vendor friends. One might even do a party!
  • I got my name out there

Sometimes it might be a little difficult to look on the bright side, but ALL of us have events and parties that flop.  The trick is to tell hubby the GOOD parts and focus on the positive.  As an added bonus, looking on the bright side will help you stay positive too!  (but don’t forget, if you are discouraged, you can always call your upline and see if there are ways to improve your booth or just prepare for the next party or event so that you can KILL it!)

4- Show Him the Money

Money talks.  Show him how Paparazzi is making your money.  It is amazing how much more supportive they are when they see that green stuff.  The other day, I came home from a party and flashed a little cash to my hubby.  He got this super huge smile on his face and that was all I need to say.  It sure helped that I had about $60 in 1’s so that the wad looked pretty huge!  This kind of comes back to the protective instincts.  Guys just want to make sure that we are happy and not wasting our time.  What better way than showing them the “fruits” of our efforts.

5- Take Him to Paradise

One of the things that has sealed the deal with my hubby and his support in my Paparazzi Accessories business was going on the incentive trip. Something about spending a week kid-free for the first time since we had kids, on sandy, sunny beaches…snorkeling, swimming with sharks, touring the countryside of the Dominican Republic and dancing till 3am- he is SOLD.  Plus, you can earn your trip and his trip for free, which saves money and gets you a great trip. Talk about a win, win!  These trips are always amazing and are sure to put a smile on his face.  If he is on the fence about your business, this is a MUST to help him experience the Joy of Paparazzi!


Men Of Paparazzi Support is an official part of Paparazzi. This group is dedicated to supporting Paparazzi husbands (and male consultants) with ideas, fun activities and male bonding. Some of these husbands are full-time employees of their wives and others are still sitting on the fence.  My hubby has found some really cool guys to hang out with.  It makes being in a company that is mostly female a little more fun.

 Call Challenge:

Think of 3 things that would “speak” to your husband.  Choose 1 and start a plan to get him excited about your business.  Post yours below in the comments section!

Show Notes

How to Get Your Husband to Support Your Business

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