You Never Know Unless You Ask

How would it be to have a friend or family member book a party with another consultant or join someone else’s team?  Pretty crummy, right?!  You never know what people want unless you ask!

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That call image is just perfect for the call today.  I could probably just repeat that information and finish this training podcast because it covers it pretty well, right?!

One of the biggest things you can do for your business is to ASK questions.  Questions are a powerful way to find out what people around you are thinking and feeling and to get them talking too!  People love talking about themselves and questions help get the conversation started.

There are 2 different types of questions and one kind is better for this than the other.

#1- Close ended questions – Close ended questions can be answered with 1 word, usually a yes or no.  These questions are like:

  •  Is it raining outside?
  • Do you want to host a party?
  • Do you like Chinese food?
  • Or hey, how are you?

The second type of questions are open-ended questions.  Open ended questions require more than a one word answer and usually open up the conversion and get people talking.  Some examples of these types of questions are:

  • What is your favorite desert?
  • What is your favorite thing about fall?
  • Who do you think will win the Superbowl?
  • Where is your favorite place to take a vacation?

Do you see the difference?

Questions for your business that are open ended questions are some like:

  •  If you could wave a magic wand and change 1 thing about your life right now, what would that be?
  • What would and extra $100 a week do for your family?
  • If you could earn 2 pieces of jewelry for FREE, which ones would you choose?
  • Who do you know who might be interested in having some friends over and getting free jewelry?
  • What is your favorite kind of accessory?
  • What is your favorite color?

So like I mentioned in the very beginning, how would you feel if a friend or family member that decided to host a party for someone else or even join their team!?  I actually had this happen.  I have been in business for 2 years with and had thought that I’d shared with my friends and family, but called to catch up with a friend one day and found out she had just hosted a KILLER party (like $1600 in sales) with a different consultant.  Then she told me that she was thinking about joining the company under that consultant too.  I was speechless!  I thought I had done a really good job letting people know about my business, but when I later looked back, I had initially mentioned it (probably in passing) and then had been to shy to ask her if she wanted to host a party.  I was crushed!  And all it would have taken was opening my mouth instead of assuming that she wasn’t interested.

One of my favorite speaker/trainers in Direct Sales, Mary Christensen, asks “What is the number ONE reason people don’t host a party?”  Think about that for a minute.  What do you think the number one reason is?  She continues, “The number ONE reason people don’t host a party is because they are NEVER ASKED.”  WOW!  Think about how many opportunities you are missing simply because you don’t ASK!

For your business, you can ask questions like the ones we talked about before.  You can ask questions to get to know people and to build those personal relationships that are SO important.  Talk to the people you meet and ask them if they would host a party!  Or even join your team.  This doesn’t have to be a super scary thing.  I usually say something like, “Hey Katie, ya know, I just love hanging out with you and think you are so much fun.  Would you want to have some friends over and have a jewelry open house for me?  You get free jewelry and a chance to catch up with your friends.  Whadda think?”  Or to ask them if they want to join your team, something like “Melissa, you are seriously my BEST customer.  Have you ever thought about just selling it?  You would probably save a fortune!”

See?!  Easy!  Both of those examples are super casual and low-pressure so that you and your friend can feel comfortable AND you are still asking.

Just like the example from the Show Image, stop assuming you know what people want, or pre-answer for them.  Ask the question!  You might be surprised by the answer!


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